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  1. Could a Non-CV mode be feasible, from MM point of view?

    If it were I'd welcome it just so CV HATERS WOULD SHUT UP ALREADY!!!! Image result for sam kinison screaming

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    2. Jim_Byrnes


      Couldn't agree more! Sam's ability to tell it like it is was legendary! His Jim Baker riff still tears me up! 

      Side note: Great Ultraman stuff your posting I liked the ONS anime so far especially the Ultra7 shoutouts :cap_like:

    3. vonKaiser


      Hey Tirpitz if you don't like being picked apart by my Graf Zeppelin AP bombers, then don't sit stationary behind an island all by yourself! 



    4. Atomic_Manatee





      You know I can see your name on the left column, right?