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  1. Need tips on how to properly type up a ship suggestion for the appropriate forum.

    One ship I'd want to see in-game is the famous Russian pre-dreadnought battleship POTEMKIN. It would sit at Tier 2, obviously, thus giving MIKASA some needed companionship.

    Another ship I'd like to see is actually more of an NPC: Those of you who have played scenarios know about the repair ship CIMARRON. My suggestion is to also implement the Japanese repair ship AKASHI. Make it appear instead of CIMARRON, either randomly or, on particular scenarios.

    So, what do you think?

    1. Estimated_Prophet


      Need a Neosho to escort, one with a huge dispersal bonus, since it was bombed to death but still didn't sink. Or for that matter, an Ohio (the tanker that saved Malta.)

    2. Chobittsu


      Potemkin would be a huge sell in Russia, I can guarantee that. As for other PvE ships, that in my opinion would be based more on what sort of PvE is going on. Perhaps as part of a LARGE map, like WoT's 30v30 battles they have now, Akashi and other repair ships could be hanging around for you to repair and get back into the fight

    3. Estimated_Prophet



      I think there’s 2-3 of them running around actually, she seems quite popular.