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  1. How Karma Works by @Snargfargle

    1. Say something constructively critical in chat -- reported for being "verbally abusive"
    2. Don't say anything in chat -- reported for being uncommunicative
    3. Have an easily-remembered name - reported because I'm mad at someone and yours is the only name I can remember
    4. Come in at the top of the team -- reported because I'm jealous of you
    5. Come in anywhere not in the top third of the team -- reported for not being good enough
    6. Get a Kraken -- reported as a killstealer
    7. Get less than a Kraken -- reported for not contributing enough
    8. Refuse to run into a cap and smoke where there are five radar cruisers within 9 km -- reported for cowardice
    9. Try to cap because the team demands it and then be deleted by said radar cruisers -- reported for yoloing
    10. Sniping at long distance for a Confederate and High Caliber -- reported for not tanking damage for the team
    11. Following the team in close, getting three Close Quarters kills before sinking to a torpedo spread -- reported for yoloing
    12. Making a teammate alter course slightly to avoid your torpedoes, which then sink a BB -- reported for attempted teamkilling
    13. I just am having a bad day, how dare other people be having fun -- reported!
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    2. Chobittsu


      14. Using any language other than English on NA -- 报告!

    3. Atomic_Manatee


      @Landsraad came up with another one: 15. Play a CV - Reported for existing

    4. Jim_Byrnes


      A testy bunch this morning lol :Smile_Default: