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  1. I lost my wallet. 

    Already deactivated my bank card and applied for a new one. Won't get it til next week.
    Same with Social Security card.

    However, I will have to go thru the hell on earth that is the Dept. of Motor Vehicles to get a new Driver's License. (In Texas you can only renew or change address on the DL online. If you lose it/gets stolen you have to apply in person)

    So, in conclusion:


    1. vonKaiser


      Sounds to me like you need a chain wallet


    2. Chobittsu


      At your age is it possible you misplaced it?

    3. Jim_Byrnes


      Man what a bummer! Losing mine especially on the road would be a disaster! On a brighter note I read Black Lagoon manga will resume in spring hoping the anime will resume as well.