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  1. Happy to be able to listen again to "Balalaika-sama". :Smile_Default:

    I have the wild fan theory that Operation Narai is actually a cover by Balalaika: while all the warship action happens in the center of the map, the crew of the Black Lagoon is quietly smuggling out precious metals/gems/weapons and munitions, etc.,  in the top left corner of the map.


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    2. vonKaiser


      Sure they're not ramping their boats into enemy Helicopters?  I mean, we never see them in game because they're always taking them out before anyone else can even see them. 

    3. Atomic_Manatee
    4. Chobittsu


      That is one rare thing that War Thunder's lil boats has over WoWS, in the couple test battles I played I was able to ramp over the hulk of a sinking ship, something I wish WoWS would have too