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  1. Finally got Nelson! 

    However I did it the lazy way and spent $$$ to convert all the accumulated XP I had into Free XP. 

    So, yeah, basically I cheated....:Smile_hiding:

    Obviously, all the XP I had to research tech tree ships vanished, so now I have to grind them again! 



    So, now I play about 3 battles each weeknight, starting with the tech tree ship with the least XP to go. On weekends, when I have more time, I play nothing but my premiums (13 in total, not counting Mikasa, which I only take out on Japanese holidays).

    Speaking of premiums, maybe I should invest in Premium time.:cap_hmm:

    1. Estimated_Prophet


      Speaking of Premiums MkII...

      After 15,000 games, today was the first time I actually used a Premium (The Grass,) to avoid penalties to retrain a captian, (JJ Honure, out of Bouganville.)