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  1. Finally finished grinding Myōkō, but instead of directly going to Mogami, I purchased Atago. (I'm saving all my XP for Nelson).

    To celebrate I changed my avatar to my fave Takao-class shipgirl: bright, beautiful Takao-chan (Kancolle version) herself.

    Now I have a proper premium cruiser to train my IJN cruiser skippers. Katori is just too slow.

    Ah, Takao. So pretty. Is that onyx hair. I have a weakness for brunettes. I wish she was the one wearing glasses instead of Chokai. Then she'd be perfect.

    1. Jim_Byrnes


      Katori is a fun row boat with torps but your gonna love Atago! Hopefully you've got a high point captain in her but don't overlook Mogami those 155s with IFHE or DE are nasty! Smooth sailing!

    2. Estimated_Prophet


      Lovely Atago... I win with it, but never seem to do any significant damage with it...

      Training? Sold Myoko after 10 games and never bothered getting the next ship; that was over a year ago.

      I just use it as my IJN T8. Booted the original captain out (useless idiot,) and put Kongo in. She sucked in Kongo, but seems to be doing better in Atago.

    3. Atomic_Manatee


      Oh, I want to go all the way to 10, I'm gonna get Mogami, and Ibuki and Zao eventually.

      (and, still later , the other IJN cruisers that still have to be implemented in WOWS)