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  1. God, I hate whiners!


    We start a battle, one teammate start giving instructions. 
    "Don't go south of E line. Let them come to us so we can focus fire. "
    Good Instructions to follow. No problem.

    Then a DD and a CL decide to sneak south of the E line, and the teammate who was giving instructions TOTALLY LOSES HIS/HER SH1T!

    Starts an insult match with another teammate, and even tells the enemy team to "enjoy your win".

    Got so bad that at one point I had to intervene and tell him/her that, even though I was in agreement at the beginning he/she was now overreacting.

    This all on the ALL chat channel.


    Angry team mate keeps quiet. I proceed to sink a stalking DD with fire from a few well placed shells, not without eating a couple of the DD's torpedoes, though. My Bellerophon's turrets are glacially slow. 

    The DD/CL duo that was sneaking south? They sank the enemy carrier.

    We eventually WON THE BATTLE, and right before it ended, the angry teammate comes back whining again on chat.

    End Result? I complimented the enemy DD I sank as a Worthy Adversary, and I reported the whiner for misbehavior in chat and unsupporting behavior.


    1. Silver_kun


      That player might just have had a bad day :p, Maybe on a losing streak or something alike.

      But the All char channel incident was taking it a bit too far.

    2. Atomic_Manatee