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  1. Updating this as Tosa was replaced by Kii.

    My WOWS Wish List (in no particular order)
    USN: Brooklyn and Worcester class cruisers, 
    Alaska class large cruiser,
    Lexington class battlecruiser

    IJN: Sendai, Agano and Tone class cruisers,
    Akagi and Shinano class carriers, Tosa class battleship

    Royal Navy Carriers and Destroyers
    Marine Nationale Battleships and Destroyers (and carriers, too?)
    Regia Marina EVERYTHING

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    2. Estimated_Prophet


      Marine Nationale Battleships and Destroyers (and carriers, too?)


      Only one I'm aware of that would be relevant to the game was interned, and is a runner-up to the Red October for 'ship hit the most times with an ugly stick.'

    3. Chobittsu


      If you mean Bearn, she's no uglier than a pocket-sized Lexington, I have some footage of her here

      We could also see the Bois Belleau, in French service from 53 to 60, she was to be a Cleveland-class but they finished her as a carrier

      And theres also the Arromanches, a British Colossus light-carrier, acquired in 46, decommissioned 74

      I could see these all as premiums ranging from V to VII

    4. Atomic_Manatee


      Ran out of upvotes so I give you :Smile_honoring::Smile_medal: