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  1. 35B12085-B2EE-436E-AEE5-2778D5BDC9B7.thumb.jpeg.c9f4cea7f7faad57ea82dcc26cb11c0b.jpeg

    1. Estimated_Prophet


      Yeah, a friend at my comic store told me...

      Who's left now besides Shatner?

      George Takei, I think?

  2. My UPDATED WOWS Wish List (28 July 2022)

    Northampton class heavy cruiser (Tier VII) - I'm rooting for Louisville, but ChicagoHouston or Augusta would be fine.
    Independence class light carrier (Tier VI) - no preference.
    Essex class carrier (Tier VIII)  - Intrepid in her WW2 configuration.

    Sendai class cruiser (Tier IV)
    Hiryu/Soryu class carrier (Tier VII), 

    Royal Navy:
    HMS Malta class carrier (Tier X) 

    Premium Ships to eventually get (hopefully):
    Texas, Okhotnik, Ise, Béarn, Dunkerque, Perth, Aquila, Constellation, Hornet, Tone, Haida, Oklahoma.


    NAS Norfolk • Boston Harbor • St. Augustine Inlet showing both St. Augustine Lighthouse & Castillo San Marcos •  Houston Ship Channel (with San Jacinto Monument in the background) • San Francisco Golden Gate • San Diego • Halifax • Panama Canal • Rio de Janeiro • Rio de la Plata/River Plate estuary • Liverpool • Scapa Flow • Napoli (with Mt. Vesuvius in the background) • Truk Lagoon • Rabaul • Darwin, Australia • Sydney, Australia


  3. I already had a substantial stash of doubloons, credits & XP left over from when I quit WOWS in December 2020.

    I sold a few ships, researched, and purchased the entry-tier Italian DD & BB, played a couple of battles on the Tier I Dutch cruiser, then leap-frogged to the Tier III, Java, (my ultimate goal regarding the Dutch line is DeRuyter) and researched-purchased the WW1-era German battlecruiser Moltke.

    Still, I won't be able to play as much as before. In fact, 2 of the aforementioned battles ended in game crashes. My Mac Mini isn't up to snuff. Thing is, although It's already paid off I'm not planning to upgrade to a better Mac Mini til next year. What I want for Christmas 2022 is an iPad Air.

    So, I'll just be logging in to claim the daily bonuses.

  4. What did they do to the camos?
    Previously, the 3 basic camo schemes added an advantage, like improved concealment, and so on, but now they seem to be only for decoration :Smile_sceptic:

    1. Estimated_Prophet


      Most of that is now baked in to the ships.

      Military Month Contrib Flag gives an additional bonus. Clan bonuses as well.

      Also some of the other flags that are extremely rare give bonuses.

      Missouri's credit bonus is now a part of her baked in bonuses.

      All camo and most signal bonuses were separated from the visual componenets, and converted to strictly bonuses.

      These can be added to a ship individually through the new 'Economics' drop down in ship info under the captain.

      Perma camo bonuses still exist, they are now baked into individual ships, and displayed in the far left box in the eco drop down UI.

      Don't sweat it, there are some arguments about how everything works now, but the conversion to the bonuses was respectably good.

      If you hate your camo, you can sell (most of) them now; though I'm personally keeping mine.

    2. Chobittsu


      It's confusing at first, but honestly it's a pretty good change, since now you're not forced to dress up your ship like a christmas tree just to get certain buffs

    3. Atomic_Manatee


      Hot Diggity Dog.


  5. Atomic_Manatee

    Forum Game - Word Association

    Cat Nights
  6. Well, I installed a preview of Paralells on my Mac so I could access the game again. 
    I don't think I'll stay around to play like I used to do before (the Paralells preview lasts 2 weeks), but I may join a battle here and there. 

    This is mainly to do some maintenance on my mothballed fleet. 

    So, aye, I'm back... for now.

    1. Talleyrand


      Great to see you again on the high seas.

  7. Atomic_Manatee

    One of the Original Anime was about Ships(space)

    Both Candy and Mazinger Z were BIIIIG in Puerto Rico back in the day. As for Urusei Yatsura, you do know a remake is in the works to premiere this October, right?
  8. Atomic_Manatee

    Forum Game - Word Association

    The War Song
  9. Atomic_Manatee

    Forum game - The worst battle in history

    Some years ago, in a Ranked Battle, I was in a Nagato running away like a chicken from a pursuing Bismarck.
  10. Atomic_Manatee

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Failed Asuka Shikinami Langley cosplay...
  11. Atomic_Manatee

    One of the Original Anime was about Ships(space)

    Thanks for posting this.
  12. :Smile_hiding:

    Hi there! How have you been?

    Just popping out to check on the status of the game. I've seen that many of the ships on my wish list have been implemented during my absence. Makes me want to go back to playing the game. Can anyone show me the Tech Trees as they look today?  Or, in lieu of that, a link to the tech trees. 

    Also, have any of the ports shown below in green been implemented as well? How about new maps?
    (Haven't checked the forums or news page. TL; DWR)

    That's all for now. Hope you all are doing OK.

    My WOWS Wish Lists (even if I don't play anymore) :Smile_bajan2:

    ShipsUSN: Northampton class heavy cruiser (Tier VI), Independence class light carrier (Tier VI), Essex class carrier (Tier VIII) IJN: Sendai class cruiser (Tier V), Zuiho/Shoho class carrier (Tier VI), Hiryu/Soryu class carrier (Tier VIII), Taiho (Tier X) & Submarines Royal Navy HMS Malta class carrier (Tier X) •  Regia Marina Aquila (Tier VIII WIP) •  Marine Nationale: COMPLETE

    Ports: NAS Norfolk  Boston Harbor  St. Augustine Inlet showing both St. Augustine Lighthouse & Castillo San Marcos •  Houston Ship Channel (with San Jacinto Monument in the background)  San Francisco Golden Gate • San Diego • Halifax • Panama Canal • Rio de Janeiro  Rio de la Plata/River Plate estuary  Liverpool  Scapa Flow  Napoli (with Mt. Vesuvius in the background)  Truk Lagoon  Rabaul  Darwin, Australia  Sydney, Australia


    1. Estimated_Prophet


      I think there’s going to be a Rio port in 0.11.7?

      Here’s the dev blog link.

    2. Atomic_Manatee
  13. Even though I'm not playing anymore I went and updated my wish list (in the About Me tab)
    Basically, I removed all the ships that have already been implemented that I wanted. (If I still played....)

    1. Delicious_Flat_Chest


      I wish I could cut this game cold turkey. But I still have so many good memories that I just wanna continue.

  14. By the looks of things it seems that I quit playing right in the nick of time.


  15. Well, I just got a brand new Mac mini. I went to download and install the game only to find out there not a Mac version anymore. Did Codeweavers quit or what?


    1. Navalpride33


      You're about 6 patches to late to the party... Mac was discontinued right at patch 10

    2. Atomic_Manatee


      Yeah, I just read the Forum.

      Well, until I get Parallels to run Windows OS, I'll be retiring from the WOWS community.

      I will still show up here for any important updates.

      Greetings from Sunny, yet Rainy, Florida