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  1. Pzkpfw_Panther

    submarines on off

    Please get rid of the subs that visually spot you deep underwater equipped with remote guided missiles. Thank you
  2. I only really have one thing to say... It's really balanced and fun when a sub is spotting you while underwater. So the bridge, periscope, and radio mast are all underwater and I'm lead to believe that this submarine is providing near exact positional data to a battleship 20km away. You can't use radar (they're underwater) and they can see you from beyond hydro range. 26m underwater they're visually spotting you without a periscope. Without even a periscope! And they're communicating to the team underwater! How?!?
  3. The German "heavy destroyers" need to be re-balanced, specifically the tier IX and X. I'm not going to critique the VII and VIII, they're implemented fairly well. But the Schultz and Elbing seriously need to be tweaked for three major reasons: 1. High powered 150mm guns (part of design) 2. Destroyer traits such as low detection (much better than any cruiser), smoke, and torpedoes (part of design) 3. High health and no citadel (because it's a.... destroyer) Each fact on its own is not game breaking, however the way Wargaming has combined all these aspects into one historically unfinished design is ludicrous. Let me explain why a ship that combines all of these traits together is completely broken in this arcade style game. Just to make it clear before hand, this won't be a critique of realism, but simply how these ships fit in so far. 1. High powered guns. Unlike the previous tiers, the Elbing and Schultz both carry 6x150mm/60 SK C/25, the most powerful "6 inch" guns ever used by the Kriegsmarine. They also have a respectable 7.4/7.1 second reload time. With a muzzle velocity of 960m/s in-game and armour penetration of around 300mm+ point blank, 195mm at 8km, and 127mm at 14km the gun is a fairly big danger to most cruisers at the ships' battle ranges and increasingly lethal to all cruisers once entering the 8km zone and closer. Nevermind that catching any battleship broadside can quickly lead to tens of thousands of hit-points being chipped away through their extended belts or bow/aft sections. Now combine that with the fact that: 2. They have destroyer traits. They have a base detection of 8.1/8.3 km, bad for "destroyers" but you can understand since their so large (~5,800t standard or more, same as a Dido CL) and it can out gun most other destroyers fairly comfortably. It can also use a smoke consumable and find somewhere comfortable to pound big ships as if it was a British* cruiser (well it is a destroyer after all). It's also got torpedoes which are fast reloading but pretty slow, nothing to complain about just another weapon they have. 3. They have high survivability. These two ships also have the most hit points at their tier, tied with Paolo in IX and #1 of all DDs in X. This makes them very challenging to destroy through anything but continuous radar-guided gunfire (or if they get outplayed and torped somehow). They also have no citadel, meaning they can happily destroy British and American cruisers caught anything but nose-on looking for them and give a very hard time to most others while taking much less severe damage. And good luck if you want to aggro anything that has a lot of torpedoes in a big battleship. All together you can see why such a heavily built vessel with all these game privileges reserved for the weaker, smaller normal destroyers can be very devastating in all situations. I'm sure many players can relate to times when they had to stay away from capture zones when a Spähkreuzer is lingering about or have been ruthlessly mauled for getting too close or even farmed from a border wall while in the midst of a separate fight. Unless you have an obvious antidote like a Riga/Petro or a useful CV for example, it's very tough to deal with them in game. To cut to the chase: My solutions are one (and only one) of the following: -Remove the smoke consumable like the Swedish and many other large destroyers, OR -Completely mitigate smoke concealment during gunfire, OR -Add a citadel (you don't have to classify it as cruiser, but this at the least makes sense), OR -Sizeable reduction of hit points and perhaps a +1km detection increase, OR -Remove AP (harsh) like an "inverse" British cruiser If there's some big thing overlooked here that evens out all these strengths, I'm open to hear it. Disclaimer: This is by no means a personal attack against those who use this ship, and far to many times people overreact when it's their favourite thing under scrutiny. I don't like to wholly blame players for using objectively good gear. If there's a strong weapon in a game it's the developers fault for screwing up the game balance for others. Therefore, this is a message to Wargaming and also an open debate. Be nice.
  4. Pzkpfw_Panther

    Map Border Suggestions

    Well here's the problem, you want an arcade game that's the same as every other godamned multi-player game nowadays. There's literally nothing else out there in this genre other than [edited] (they censored out the game-that-shall-not-be-named), and that place already has enough problems. So excuuuse me for wanting some standards and giving suggestions, but treating warships as rubber tinky-toys doesn't make sense. They should leave all this magical [edited] in somewhere like WoWS legends. If you want an arcade game go play Star-Wars or something.
  5. Pzkpfw_Panther

    Map Border Suggestions

    Ships would not have to spend an eternity trying to kill someone whose speed and heading are abnormal. Trying to leave the battlefield could be allowed, but doing crazy one-off maneuvers without the team should be punished. Hitting the border is in fact, an attempt to try and get away from the enemies. That was a suggestion if you'd like to go back and read it again. It's a solid magical border, if you'd like to keep it running into it at 30+ knots should be punished. (Although I would prefer a hard bounce-back over damage since WG doesn't hurt you for running aground anyway). How is this "bloodthirsty"? These aren't insta-kill devastating strike punishments. So unless you want some weird CoD style gameplay (Call of Destroyers), this should be a beneficial change.
  6. Pzkpfw_Panther

    Map Border Suggestions

    I understand, but keep in mind that you would still be attempting to abandon the battlefield. Maybe some sort of "escape" mechanic could work (reduced xp and coins, but maintenance cost goes down because you weren't destroyed), but that sounds a bit outlandish. Y'know the ability to retreat would probably be a good idea...
  7. Pzkpfw_Panther

    CV Rocket Planes Useless

    Thank God other people are saying this too. This game is already massively sculpted to make destroyers actually important in an engagement filled with bigger ships. Of course, this is fine and throwing away realism (destroyers having no citadels, not being able to spot a >100m ship billowing smoke from 7km, etc.) to make a fun arcadeish game is a good idea. But at this point it's getting ridiculous, now they are hands down the most important class in the game, and the only ships that have a hope of fighting them in an advantageous position 1v1 are radar cruisers. Carriers as a whole keep getting mutilated and warped so they can fit some weird role in this game while still being balanced. But after the rework and all this meddling with aiming means they are awkward to play and have diminishing game impact. I won't claim to know the best way to implement them but a return to the pre-rework state with permanent de-planening would be a start. This whole argument of them being untouchable and easy is bull as planes were going to be a part of this game no matter what, unless you want to plug your ears and imagine a "Ultimate Admiral" world where CVs and planes don't exist, and believe these ships were totally designed without aircraft in mind. At this point it should be clear that this flight simulator, one squadron at a time gameplay never made sense, and is wholly incompatible with the game design choices WG have made for the rest of the ships. There is no way WG is ever going to pull CVs from this game which should be obvious, but some kind of re-design is sorely needed.
  8. A couple suggestions to improve the way the world border works: 1. World Border Warning: Small quality of life improvement; make an option for a little warning alarm akin to the terrain collision one to tell you if you're about to hit the border. 2. Harsher/Different Penalty: Border humping is a pretty viable tactic to abuse in game (which is probably not intended in this "realistic" game), especially for little nimble ships which are already hard enough to hit as it is. A few ideas (these are independent, not all combined): Have the border "bounce back" ships (turn them around hard) like it does with planes. Take away health at about the rate of a single fire with a 30% speed reduction instead of [50%]? Allow ships to leave the area, but after 1 or 1 an a half minutes they abandon the match (aka "destroyed"). The time limit lowers every time you leave the border.
  9. Pzkpfw_Panther


    When you see a goddamn PR 200 Gnei at Bronze Rank 2, meanwhile you can barely hold rank 5 with 3000PR. I don't give a [edited] if it's stat shaming, somethings wrong here. Playing this game makes me want to hang myself with my own entrails sometimes... I've lost my [edited]voice
  10. Pzkpfw_Panther

    Are there low HP buffs?

    When ships are at let's say 10% health or less, it's always a chore to finish them off. Does WG have hidden modifiers like +Dispersion? Seems like it happens all the time. Real or confirmation bias? Also what's the deal with "full penetrations" that do overpen level damage? Thanks for the answers guys
  11. Pzkpfw_Panther

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Bro same. The "shiny futuristic look" is a bit erm, surprising but it's interesting. Have yall ever seen this design? That's more like what I expected. Thank God Jersey's not a loli.
  12. *Ahem* Top of the tier HP pool (65,000) Distributed armour scheme means shells wont pen most angles, HE likes to shatter without damage. Like Gneisenau it has bow armour so it can't be [easily] overmatched. Top of the tier firepower (9x16" guns, only matched by premiums) -> Penetrates so hard it can citadel a KGV from 13km at 30 degrees. Good AA Good speed and concealment (for T7). Obligatory statement of: Wargaming has yet again created a Russian ship that never existed but outperforms all tried and tested real world veterans. Only downside: 1.5 sigma and 17km range. However it doesn't matter much when you get full pens and cits on every hit. What should change? Don't include stupid designs everyone except Russians and fake Gopniks hate. For real though: Lower hp to 50,000 to compensate for the armour and firepower. Lower AA to something more comparable to KGV and up detection to ~16km (it's a big ship ~43,000 tonnes). Either reduce the above belt 100mm or remove the fore and aft armour (although that's messing with "historical design"). In return: Up range to 18 or 19km and Sigma to 1.6. Basically the ship would become guns and speed in exchange for slightly below par survivability. Right now it can fairly easily 1v1 any BB in T7. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Extra notes: Sinop is actually one of the more well designed and completed Russian ships. Perhaps with a refit and other such improvements you could justify such a design in T8 instead. However considering the fact that it exists freely fighting other ships constrained to a 35,000 tonne treaty makes little sense. It would be like having Iowa in T8, you probably wouldn't complain much until you now have to fight it out with a factually superior design. Basically make it like a "T7 Slava" or a very well modernized super dreadnought.
  13. Can we please get rid of this gamemode? Like all I want is a goddamned toggle. Like some people come to this game because they want a "somewhat historical" experience, and besides the fact that we have to play with islands and mountains forming one off in the middle of the ocean, ships suck at this "king of the hill" style gameplay. It makes no goddamned sense, why the hell are we forced to hold an arbitrary circle in the middle of nowhere, this isn't Call of Duty ffs. Who genuinely likes this gamemode anyway? Nobody except coked-out DDs ever enjoys suffering in this miserable garbage.
  14. Pzkpfw_Panther

    Do Something About Smolensk

    I use none actually, I personally don't care for the Soviet navy. Look I didn't mean to make this personal, I just want something to be done in game to improve it, I'm going after the ship. I was originally going to write a multi-pager on Russian bias but instead I'm at least trying one piece at a time. No I do not have the replay, but maybe you would have a highlight reel that could prove much better how unbalanced the ship is. The unattainable dream is that maybe just maybe the community can do something. That opening bit was satire (which did happen), not evidence. You want to keep an advantage that now nobody else can get.
  15. Pzkpfw_Panther

    Do Something About Smolensk

    Skip to the bottom if you are someone else who got "bored" and can't be asked to read. (Why tf are you on the forums then?) @Charon2018 I know I shouldn't need to ask but, did you even read the review? "Still, even with this minor disparity, this is one more thing Smolensk is hella-good at. She's got the firepower. She's got the stealth. She's got the smoke. She's got the speed. She even has the durability despite being worth 0.9 VU. Her AA power is excellent (specifically when you also account for her aerial detection). And now, with this, she's super agile too. She's hard to hit in the hands of a good player. It's bad enough that she's a small target and one that's hard to dig out of smoke. With her great range improvements, she can play the open water game and Just Dodge™ her way to victory when islands and smoke aren't an option." "I bloody hate this ship. I've hated working on this review all month. I've rewritten this damn thing so many times, never happy with the tone, never happy with the message. Even now I'm not sure I've properly communicated how frustrating it is to face off against a well-played version of this thing." "I am someone who can stomach playing against carriers. I enjoy my troll-ships. However, even I have my limits. I don't like playing Smolensk. It feels grossly unfair. It feels the same way as playing Belfast, Kutuzov or Flint. She has all of the advantages and few match-ups are unfavourable." This is the review that should prove Smolensk is balanced? That there's some magical counter I've never heard of before? Oh here they are, cons Super squishy with a tiny hit point pool, pathetic armour and zero anti-torpedo protection. Speaking of squish, her citadel is exposed over the waterline and just begging to be groped by AP shells. When things go wrong, they go wrong quickly. But right before; Troll armour scheme, with 30mm hull amidships, 50mm citadel roof and a thin armoured belt which prompts frequent AP ricochets and over-penetrations. And after Smolensk, like all tier X cruisers, has access to a Repair Party consumable. There's nothing out of the ordinary with her having one, but given the frustrations of landing hits on this ship (and good quality hits at that), it's presence is noteworthy. Oh wait I left out some; Short ranged guns and torpedoes. But you can fix the former and you don't necessarily need the latter (nice as they are to have). Poor HE and AP penetration for a tier X cruiser (not that this matters, really, but someone would complain if I didn't put it here). It's Soviet, so it's not allowed to be good. Uhhhh, do I need to counter these? Now then, lets see the pros she outlined: Troll armour scheme, with 30mm hull amidships, 50mm citadel roof and a thin armoured belt which prompts frequent AP ricochets and over-penetrations. Armed with sixteen (!) rapid-fire Soviet 130mm guns that upgrade well with commander skills. Has the ability to make players give up on life and/or rage quit simply by bringing them under fire. Speaking of fire, she's good at setting it. Good accuracy and shell ballistics for a light cruiser. Downright trollish protection scheme. Excellent concealment. It's so good that she can hide her over-performance from spreadsheets. Fast and agile. Good anti-aircraft firepower. Has access to a Smoke Generator. TLDR: Look I don't want to completely take away the MG42 you use to massacre everyone else here, all I want is a nerf. You shouldn't be allowed to have an armament that wouldn't work at all, with smoke, torps, def AA or hydro, and then the maneuverability and like Mouse says troll amour scheme. Btw I find it funny that you said "cheap shots". I'm not the one here using the most easy to play and abusive ship in the game.