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  1. Looking for teams from all leagues to scrim against on Tuesday, Thursday or weekend evenings. Please contact Rev_Humpjoy, Valkyrie417, Redfro or myself in game, on the team site https://www.team-sf.com/ or forums. Thanks
  2. Team Battles

    What about trying the 7-52 format for some team battles or squad battles. I think this format will bring the most diversity to a team an let some ships that aren't viable for the 9 ships tier 8 format that is used right now. It's just boring seeing pretty much the same ships time after time with little variation to a battle. The Latin American NA community is ahead of the curve on this one with holding a tournament with this format. What do you guys think ?
  3. Rank Battles Poll

    This season blows, to many Belfast's an Atlanta on 1 team while the other team has none, wthkind of match making is that.
  4. Team Battles

    When we will we see team battles being introduced. This will be the biggest draw for people that want to really play competitive ships just as it is in tanks. Whether playing with your clan or friends I love this mode. Actual communication an team work at it's best not just people going all over the place an doing whatever floats there boat like in pubs. The 3 man division is ok but I want the 7vs7 ,thanks