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  1. blackbird_521

    Jet planes on carriers

    the only thing i can't understand is why btd destroyer is on midway like tier x and skyraider like tier ix they should fix it. btd-1 destroyer: 30 units produced a1 skyraider: 3,180 units produced
  2. blackbird_521

    Essex vs Midway

    sorry i did a quick poll my english no and 100% i preferred the essex, midway did not participate in the second war and their planes are not historically certain so there was about 30 btds and the skyraider had a bigger bomb load than the btd
  3. blackbird_521

    Essex vs Midway

    which would you prefer Essex or midway?
  4. blackbird_521

    camouflage alabama ms12

    I prefer the MS12 camouflage in the most beautiful and historic Alabama.
  5. blackbird_521

    new mexico

    yes it would be very interesting the camouflage of 44 in it
  6. blackbird_521

    new mexico

    I think the new Mexico should have a hull and leave the same as the 1944 model
  7. blackbird_521

    pennsylvania and nevada

    it would be nice to have both with the 1943 configuration
  8. blackbird_521

    pennsylvania and nevada

    at some point could war gaming bring Pennsylvania or Nevada to the game? pennsylvania on the first photo and snowfall on the second
  9. blackbird_521

    uss saint louis cl 49

    st louis cl 49 was transferred to brazil and the name became tamandare
  10. blackbird_521

    uss saint louis cl 49

    wargaming could bring the Saint Louis at some point because in the same way as Boise survived the war and went to Argentina Saint Louis survived the war and went to Brazil could he come as the second Latin American ship?
  11. blackbird_521


    the second line of aircraft carriers could be very well AP bombs for Americans and Hé for Japanese would do it right
  12. although it had a tragic destiny would still be a great aircraft carrier to see in the game
  13. blackbird_521


    maybe they can bring the essex was the ship that caught my attention the most
  14. blackbird_521


    a good question would not interfere
  15. blackbird_521


    I was very sad when I learned that the essex was removed from the game if they brought him with only defense planes to other ships loses grace