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  1. Battleship
  2. We could have won if we had killed the NC early but sadly their score reached the winning point with her remaining 200 HP left. Dammit Edit: I forgot to put it on spoiler
  3. Was just visiting the port of London and all of a sudden Not from the PT Server, this occurred at the main server I just had a thought, it would be cool if this is the ocean port :D
  4. Tier 4-5 CVs have their manual firing disabled.
  5. Got all the requirements but one. Dont have a Mic Well, good luck recruiting
  6. I'll keep that in my watch later.
  7. I rather say I loved Anime's than saying I like them. Love is more powaful than Like in my perspective
  8. Mostly the modern ones these days. But I did watched the whole Initial D seasons, Good Ol Doraemon's and much more before Until I moved to modern ones
  9. I've been a Otaku since 2013 until now and a Brony at 2014-2015 Not to mention, I already watched 2000+ episodes ( I looked up my status in the website where I watch animu's ) Edit: Surely enough you watched anime's before you were kid ( aka those old Pokemon TV series etc... ) and you liked it not realizing its anime but knowing it as Cartoon back in the old days I still have this Brony Name which it does offend other people ( Mostly In-game ) who hates ponies...
  10. My eyes! It burnz!
  11. They are quite the comedian for a Naval Officers P.S. I laughed so hard at the part where they ordered food from the waitress
  12. Not me. I have mine fully working Probably your game perhaps?
  13. Rocket guided bombs especially AP... Such Overkill, Much Wow
  14. Yeah, probably I would get Disqualified