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  1. Holy shiz! Must... Watch...
  2. Dope, cant wait for you to do the IJN Yamato or the USS Iowa
  3. (facepalm)

    Did you somehow changed your screen resolution? (maybe the aspect ratio?)
  4. The 100 Club

    Ill just do my top 3 too... Iowa: 629 Atago: 470 Graf Zeppelin: 238
  5. Ooooffff, oh you did not just do that... Naming and Shaming... Edit the screenshots above (although we already seen the guy so... yeah...) just like this Or remove the screenshot...
  6. Adrenaline Rush on Battleships

    I have AR in Monty, with the help of MBM3 (Main Battery Modification 3) plus AR and on critical point of HP in her, I feel like Scharnhorst. The farthest I have gotten is a 22 second reload on Montana with it Getting SE makes AR more reliable ( I know I know, SE on BBs is nuts but I've tested it that it also affects AR )
  7. More High School Fleet!!!!

    Hopefully this (new) collection/mission will not be that hard as the DoY...
  8. My Luck last hour(s) ago

    Twas the night I am enjoying Shokaku to a tier 6-8 match, launch planes and spot for the team... It's going pretty well until... Sound and game start to freeze, couple of seconds later, I got this... Just... My... Luck... And so, my Shokaku is just a floating ship in there without its captain...
  9. Not just illegal, its against the rules too...
  10. Arp Takeo

    I can't find the ARP skins for Kongo (although I do know some ARP skin creators in Facebook) but I do have a link for the Atago (or ARP Takao) skin Takao Blue https://sea-group.org/?p=1982&lang=en Takao Red https://sea-group.org/?p=1974&lang=en Credits to Sea-Group.org
  11. I kinda like the Doggo Profile Pic but since I didnt have a Discord Nitro (to use a GIF Profile) so that I can match it as well in my Discord Profile... I just change it to where it suits it...

    Also my location... It was kinda dark to be honest

  12. Its not Impossible to be honest... They are just bloody hard (almost Impossible) to do...
  13. Super Containers

    i just got 2 of em yesterday from the Advent Calendar. I got 1k doubloons as well and a 50 Gamescom Camo
  14. New Contest: Museum Hunt

    I currently living on Canada which is the closest one to NY though buying a plane ticket to NYC costs in around 600 bucks and if taken by road it would take 17 hours to go there so... Yeah... Definitely not worth the prize (for me) lol
  15. Anime and Warships?

    Yes I did... I also recently changed my Location as well...