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  1. Sinking British scout boats... Secondary and Air Superiority captain and modules I recommend not going near it if you dont want getting end up giving me free secondary flags Especially if your in a Destroyer trying to sneak up on it
  2. Graf Zeppelin - Whenever I see a CV while on GZ, I know that I'm fudge up when I see 2 or 3 fighter squadrons on the map Ranger - Whenever I see a CV while on this hell carrier, I know that I can do this unless if I ended up on Tier 9 battle or battling against Kaga
  3. She's a good one. Though i could do better if the Lex was Strike as well
  4. Currently on battle que with this ship, I hope it does do good damage
  5. If I remember, they also updated the incoming planes sounds ( stuka's I think )
  6. If you get black screen/printout... go to window mode, and make your resolution big enough to your screen, that should do the trick... also saves you by doing alt+tab if you ever want to go in desktop. Keep in mind though, you have to paste the Image to paint and save it... I don't know if it works when you see the screenshot from within the game's folder An example I play on Big HDTV screen... this looks big on this TV/Monitor I am currently using.
  7. I already did that...Thanks Though I am curious that something in Aslain mods can messed up your game... I have done doing Integrity Check like 3 times and still work... I don't know what mod that caused this but I listed it above on the mod I have installed
  8. CVs

    IJN for sure... But if you feel like wanting to get Clear Sky... go to USN CVs but please, don't get the strike ones
  9. I got this error while installing a mod from Aslain. At first, It was working legitimately but since I chosen the wrong mod, I made a re-installation of the mod again and as I open my game thru WGC... This happens What I have done trying to fix this Removal of all mods Launched game in Safe Mode PC Restart (Discord fwiend says so) And still didn't worked, the only option now is that I have to re-install the game again... But since someone said I have to make a thread here and probably you guys can help me fix this Keep In Mind, I have not used anything that modifies the game folder, only mods from Aslain CRASH file https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/261822705475649536/368785299733610496/WorldOfWarships-2017-10-14_11-35-41.crash If this problem of mine haven't yet answered, I think its best for me to re-install the game again I'm not good at waiting answers though, gonna do a re-install about in an hour
  10. holy crap... that DPS though on the modified Chapayev
  11. I did play Tanks back before but I got bored... and someone also in discord showed me how this little tank's HE shells Ricochets from Maus... Made me more "nononono, Im not playing this game anymore"
  12. Dang that looks more detailed in the first image... I am using a TV as my monitor so I have an option to adjust the sharpen if I want XD But it doesn't apply if I took screenshots and show it to someone ;-;
  13. Nevah! 3 months
  14. I also never had made an Introduction myself... But I believe everyone or most of them knows me now so I don't think introducing myself would not be necessary Anyways, Welcome and Hello
  15. Looks like Ill keep it until i log off then :D