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  1. Ayanami_Kai

    After 5 years and 27,000 battles

    Naisu! For me, it's Mutsu but that was long ago like a year.
  2. Ayanami_Kai

    [ALL] ModStation

    Orbital Station needs a fix.
  3. I used 2500 doubloons to buy 1 AL container, and of course, as it is a gacha container, I didn't get the commander that I want (Shoukaku and/or JB) but I got Littorio instead.
  4. Ayanami_Kai

    Prime example

    Strange, when did bots get a buff aim while using an Aircraft Carrier in a co-op?
  5. Ayanami_Kai

    Thank you WeeGee for the free ship.

    Same here. She's a great ship. Literally my first battle on her.
  6. Ayanami_Kai

    Windows 10 - What Browser you using?

    Still using Google Chrome because of reasons like bookmarks, passwords, and extensions that I've saved. This is the first time I've heard of Vivaldi btw... so I have no comment on it...
  7. Ayanami_Kai

    Have you taken a break yet?

    I don't think I've had a long break since I began in 2015. Only like 1-3 days of not playing.
  8. On a rare occasion, a DD can eat more than 10 torpedoes and still lives.
  9. Ayanami_Kai

    gift to friend

    Mine's working, did you probably not know you can click those boxes below (visa, PayPal, etc... boxes) or is this after this screenshot?
  10. Ayanami_Kai

    FPS locked at 30

    If PC, maybe check what hertz are you using...
  11. Ayanami_Kai

    What is a good graphic setting for Submarines?

    My old Intel Pentium with Integrated GPU would be having a hard time even if all settings are low and at 720p Anyways, I think there's probably no graphic setting advantage over this (though not sure. But I think someone will find some eventually?) but rather just gameplay advantage just changing your depth slightly to avoid being damaged by incoming shells or have an ultra-widescreen monitor to have a wider horizontal perspective (would probably lag on lower ends)... Don't quote on me if by any chance you find something on the graphic settings that give an advantage, I like playing on high settings...
  12. Ayanami_Kai

    Commanders with special voiceovers

    don't think so also, I think the cat captain (Isoroku) can be heard as well.
  13. Ayanami_Kai

    What is ur fav ship?

    In terms of concept design of the ship, definitely the Yamato for me. Also Venezia...
  14. Ayanami_Kai

    Roma yes or no

    Hmm, all I can say is that she's in between yes or no... Yes because of fast turret traverse, good concealment range, and penetrates armored BBs at medium range No because of always (or most of the time) over penetrating cruisers, bad AAs, may end up in tier 10 match with CVs. I still bought her since she's beautiful.
  15. Ayanami_Kai

    NEVER GIVE UP!!!!!!!

    My team gave up...