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  1. Ayanami_Kai

    So the Schliefen.... kind of sucks.

    Not me, but the guy on my team did quite... let's say... extraordinaire with the ship
  2. I'm sure that I am definitely buying that MVR camo, cause it has F-15s in it
  3. I can't tell if this is an April Fools or is a legit suggestion.
  4. Ayanami_Kai

    Is WoWs the slowest loading game on the market?

    Mine loaded for 50 seconds. My game is installed to Hitachi 1TB HDD but connected to a SATA 3 port. The only time that my game loaded long like that as you mentioned is I have it connected to a SATA 2 port from my old PC (same drive, just moved it to my new PC).
  5. Ayanami_Kai

    What was your best money spent premium?

    Jean Bart with the 30% coupon.
  6. Ayanami_Kai

    Planes aren’t shown on launch

    Noticed it a couple of days ago too.
  7. Ayanami_Kai

    What is happiness?...

    Detonating someone else in the game. Doing more than 5k damage to DDs with rocket planes. All torpedoes hit the enemy ship from your Torpedo Bombers. Doing 2-3 fires/citadel from your Dive Bombers that deals more than 10k damage to ships with vulnerable decks. Getting a Pommern from the last resort doubloons that you have obtained from 3 Black Friday Containers that didn't give you a ship but doubloons, camos, and FXPs.
  8. that's why you gotta earn them, play well, but I can see some people will struggle to get this, but the reward will be worth it.
  9. You have a lot of time to play in random matches, even if you fail the campaign won't go away so you have time to play on random matches at any time you want, plus if you obtain Yamamoto and play him in random and get a Kraken Unleashed on your ship, it's going to be a lot of fun having a reload buff, aircraft restoration, torpedo reload and that HP restoration (even if the ship he's in has no repair party it will still restore your HP) and not to mention, you can't get these if you just play on co-op
  10. Ayanami_Kai

    After 5 years and 27,000 battles

    Naisu! For me, it's Mutsu but that was long ago like a year.
  11. Ayanami_Kai

    [ALL] ModStation

    Orbital Station needs a fix.
  12. I used 2500 doubloons to buy 1 AL container, and of course, as it is a gacha container, I didn't get the commander that I want (Shoukaku and/or JB) but I got Littorio instead.