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  1. Oh, Come On, Team!

    Trust the gray line they said... I also see Widespread...
  2. [] Hakabase Modpack Installer ver.01 [3-20-2018]

    Will do but for now... I'll try to avoid using mods for/in the meantime
  3. [] Hakabase Modpack Installer ver.01 [3-20-2018]

    I already uninstalled all the game files (including the ones you mentioned) As I said from the above again, I tried running the game in safe mode even did the Integrity check... Note: as I mean I uninstalled your mods, I completely deleted the res_mods (Edit: I mean I deleted the folder called inside res_mods) and also did the uninstaller too Edit: Also when I was installing your mods (or using your installer), all of my previous mods were deleted "manually" as you can see in my recycle bin... So its a complete installation of your installer without any interference by any means (like another mod that was not in your installer) The ones I tested only are your installer #1 and #2... both said the same thing that I needed a newer version of the installer Edit 2:
  4. [] Hakabase Modpack Installer ver.01 [3-20-2018]

    Hello, this is my first time that I have used your installer... And it went a little bit... rough... at my end... My game now continuously crash followed by the "Critical Error Occurred" pop up... Running the game in safe mode and doing the Integrity check seems did not solve the problem... I also uninstalled your mods too and still same results... I also encountered this that even when you have the latest version, it will show a pop up saying that there is a newer version... So I downloaded it again but this time, its the other one... and still... same result... it will still show a pop up that I needed a newer version but... in my stupidity... Ignored it because I used the latest one (aka the newer version as the pop up said) Not much of a proof though but it shows I downloaded a second one just in case because the pop up said that I needed a newer one... I can't tell all the mods I have used since I didn't captured any or taken a screenshot... *Hopefully this re-installation will fix it* Edit: Don't be fret. its my fault. so... yeah... Now I think about it, probably the installer #1 and #2 doesn't work... I haven't tried #3 and #4
  5. Bonus code one week premiun

    Already tried it...
  6. I believe its on September 2018 (accurate end for the HSF Collaboration too) They will give you automatically 15k credits for 1 duplicate.... If you have 10 duplicates, you get 150k credits If the event is finish, I believe you won't get the portraits of those cute girls portraits on the daily containers anymore, unless you have some extra HSF containers that you haven't yet opened and got their portrait again, but it'll turn to credits still if you collected them all already, and unless again if you didn't complete the collection, they will just be duplicates and won't turn to credits... ( Not sure if this is correct... )
  7. "kids say the darndest things"

    That "Yamoto" thing made me laugh lmbo (I doubt it will say "lmbo" once I comment it... Edit: Dingleberries it did...)
  8. I too have the same problem... as I am queuing in-game and gotten into a match and then suddenly, I got send back to the login screen... Sometimes it won't even let me get into the battle even if I re login and I have to restart the game...
  9. Lag issues since 7.2

    FPS lag or Ping?
  10. The Lucky Shot...

    We'll... its a game... like my buddy in Discord says, it's not a simulator :shrugs:
  11. Updated Water Looks Horrible

    I like it although aside that it made my game having FPS lag spike
  12. Y U heff to do this, WG?

    I have that installed in my Monty...
  13. PC issues

    Not sure... But I talked one of my buddies in discord that they have 70+ FPS once back in the old patches, and now that this new patch came in, they get 50 FPS or so I heard/see Although did you try updating your graphics card? I saw a comment in a thread before that it fixes the FPS issue if you update it...