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  1. Amatsukaze_KaiNi

    I will quit!

  2. Amatsukaze_KaiNi

    Full Broadside

    USS Iowa firing a full broadside
  3. Amatsukaze_KaiNi

    memory leak

    Doesn't lag for me, maybe it's your PC's end?
  4. Amatsukaze_KaiNi

    Can you explain this?

    Last time I saw a DD that survived with 10 torp hits on her bow, the first one did a lot of damage and the next 9 was mitigated... If this was real, that would have broken the ship into 2 pieces...
  5. Amatsukaze_KaiNi

    Carrier frustration BOTH ways

    let me say this again, your planes are being spotted by an unspotted ENEMY ship
  6. Amatsukaze_KaiNi

    Carrier frustration BOTH ways

    Maybe because your planes are being spotted by an unspotted ship? If you have concealment expert skill, he could have not spotted your planes, but let's assume he's still spotting your planes with CE skill, use that detection circle and plot that when your planes got first spotted on your map and search for that area, it works when you know where he's spotting your planes, unless if he's not spotted the whole time or no last seen locations, it may take a while to find the little guy, and when they are spotted, they usually turn away or smoke. Also Furious is a good carrier at her tier (aside from speed that is), and if she ended up at tier 8 or huge maps, I recommend attacking ships that are alone and don't have good Anti-Air and spot for the enemy team outside their Anti-Air range for your team to engage, it keeps players to know where they are last spotted and can be aware of it. As mentioned above too, it's helpful as well.
  7. Amatsukaze_KaiNi


    I just came here to give the guy a "Funny" reaction. also, I have 107 Kraken Unleashed.
  8. Amatsukaze_KaiNi

    New Tier 10 German Battleship?

    H-Class Battleships fo sure if they plan on adding super battleships for the German Tech/Premium Tree
  9. Amatsukaze_KaiNi

    A CV proposal (Rocket Planes as a Consumable)

    I'll just give a funny reaction to this post...
  10. Amatsukaze_KaiNi

    An unexpected visitor

    Had to play the game in low settings while maintaining 1080p resolution Watch till the end. Also I don't know if this is the right topic...
  11. Amatsukaze_KaiNi

    Graphics bug on the F4U Corsair

    For me, it looks fully modeled (into 2D or something but could just be how the propeller works in-game) and the plane in the background of that propeller just making it look like it was incomplete...
  12. Amatsukaze_KaiNi


    There's a drop-down when you click those... and chose "This PC" you should know where to navigate at that point... and if you don't know, find your game directory on where you installed WoWs...
  13. Amatsukaze_KaiNi


    My head hurts just by reading the title...
  14. Amatsukaze_KaiNi

    My "ranking" of best 1v1 ships.

    Aye, yes GZ deserves that numbah 1 spot... But I use Manual Secondaries, AFT and BFT and didn't get IFHE, the fire chance takes care of that for me... But beware that there are some people who will be mad at you for using it...
  15. Amatsukaze_KaiNi

    1v1 Memorable Games

    2 of my memorable battles (in-game chat)