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  1. Amatsukaze_KaiNi

    Kyoto Animation set on fire by sick [edited]

    Can we get a sad reaction to this forum!? I don't want giving thumbs up on a sad post...
  2. Amatsukaze_KaiNi

    Still waiting on Graf Zeppelin to get better WG

    I hate to say this but... I kinda miss that old AP bomb drop on GZ back when the CV rework began...
  3. Amatsukaze_KaiNi

    Illegal Mods

    WOW? Did you mean World of Warcraft? Well, as mentioned above, pretty sure there are... Edit: the Abbreviation of World of Warships is "WoWs"
  4. Amatsukaze_KaiNi

    ST: New Type of Shells

    Hopefully, it costs like the original HE and AP shells... I don't wanna be using 50 000 credits per shell...
  5. Amatsukaze_KaiNi

    How about some love for the Gearing?

    Just grind for the legendary mod and it'll feel like Fletcher Torpedoes... Edit: oh wait, wrong info, but still, it's a good upgrade. Although aside from torpedoes, Gearing needs a ship model rework.
  6. Amatsukaze_KaiNi

    THE RAPTORS DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Not a fan of sports but, yay! After that, my mother kept slapping me at my back.
  7. World of Tanks did... I was hoping this wasn't being mentioned in here or being suggested to this game. Also, IIRC, if the guy that you reported gets a lot of reports (Misbehavior in Chat), they can be chat banned (as mentioned above) I also want to note that you mustn't fight back in chat as this is what he wanted to happen, ignore it and move on.
  8. Amatsukaze_KaiNi

    Sinop... I just don't get you.

    last time I detonated a Buffalo with Sinop with only HE shells...
  9. Amatsukaze_KaiNi

    Aegis operation annoyance

    Hopefully that those guys in your team, while you were in Aegis, will see this...
  10. Amatsukaze_KaiNi

    Anime wallpaper

    I liked this one better because it's a jojo reference :D
  11. Noticed it when I was in the battle at Rank Match because I had to use my horn in order to warn that allied rental ship that is about to ram me...
  12. Amatsukaze_KaiNi

    Rental's in ranked are beyond frustrating

    What if though that you're still rank 15 and stuck teaming on players with their rental ships? I've been in on a loop for quite a while now at rank 15, win then lose then win then lose then lose then lose then lose then win and then lose, the good side is, you won't lose this rank but the bad side is, you mostly ending up on a losing team. I had enuff being on the ranked match today, seen enuff players with rental ships (mostly BBs, not frustrated though if it's a Conqueror) that fire HEs to a broadside cruiser or sometimes they don't even have flags equipped... I'm not mad, it's just that Wargaming is being nice to tier 8 players so that they can play rank at tier 10 with rental ships and I'm okay with that but, my only problem is that some of these players with rental ships just don't have any idea on how they use the ship that they've given into and sometimes they drag us down...
  13. I don't feel the speed anymore on GZs Torpedo and Dive bombers anymore... Not to mention that horrible Dive bomber drop...
  14. Amatsukaze_KaiNi

    Soon (TM) (Japanese Destroyer tease)

    It's obviously a DD using smoke, we just need to wait until that smoke dissipates XD
  15. Amatsukaze_KaiNi

    Just got worcester and its.....meh

    Pretty sure she's a good ship, well, it was a lot better when she had the 9.9km radar back in the day and because you can make her concealment lesser than the radar range (which is 9.5km) and DDs tend to have a hard time fleeing against her... Although, I do admit that you have to be mostly hidden at all times...