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  1. Fun Fact: You Can Type Ship Icons In Chat

    Ahh, seen my buddy done this before, I was curious how he was doing it... Now I know his little secret... Or I forgot to ask how he did it since I was focus of sinking him in-game lol Thanks!
  2. Buying new ships with slots question and help

    Did you try changing this? It should go with "Without Slot" by default...
  3. People complaining on the forums

    I've known the basics back before I only had below 1000 battles... I'm pretty sure (maybe... ) that guy may perhaps bought an account and didn't know the basic mechanics...
  4. Just curious... if you use your account in the PC version thru the steam by deleting the specified file... can you still get the steam bundles? If it was said from above... sorry... I was too lazy to read them...
  5. HSF Harekaze Containers Mission Disappeared

    sorry lol, I didnt saw it XD Try restarting your client or your game
  6. HSF Harekaze Containers Mission Disappeared

    The mission ended once the 0.7.5 update came... (I believe) Sorry pal...
  7. Arp ships possible?

    They won't be returning anymore, their contract has ended ages ago...
  8. What line would be good?

    First of all... Why do you want to sail alone? You should not sail alone, being alone is a complete suicidal without anyone's help... also communicating to your team will also help (unless if they don't want to listen that is) *cough* Anyways, for starters, you should try playing all lines and try to play them if you see them or feel comfortable playing that ship/line. (although I don't recommend going to CV line with that battles of yours)
  9. The Ship You Love to Hate

    I would agree to those who says/include GZ... Not to mention I once Detonated a Musashi on GZ with AP Bombs...
  10. Game won't even open

  11. Spill it...your most played ships

    Battleship: Iowa - 738 Yamato - 275 Montana - 151 Aircraft Carrier Graf Zeppelin (Vanilla/Unfinished) - 340 (<.< ) -(don't ask) Hiryu - 42 Shokaku - 34 Cruiser Atago - 518 Myoko - 127 Aoba/Molotov - 70 Destroyers Benson - 92 Mahan - 41 Fletcher - 36
  12. 3 - 5 FPS for an entire match

    Close Google Chrome... Lower your resolution too... I put mine in 1280x720 and in full screen and it looks like I'm still playing at 1080p (Note: this monitor I'm using is a HDTV)
  13. Oh, Come On, Team!

    Trust the gray line they said... I also see Widespread...
  14. [] Hakabase Modpack Installer ver.02 [5-15-2018]

    Will do but for now... I'll try to avoid using mods for/in the meantime
  15. [] Hakabase Modpack Installer ver.02 [5-15-2018]

    I already uninstalled all the game files (including the ones you mentioned) As I said from the above again, I tried running the game in safe mode even did the Integrity check... Note: as I mean I uninstalled your mods, I completely deleted the res_mods (Edit: I mean I deleted the folder called inside res_mods) and also did the uninstaller too Edit: Also when I was installing your mods (or using your installer), all of my previous mods were deleted "manually" as you can see in my recycle bin... So its a complete installation of your installer without any interference by any means (like another mod that was not in your installer) The ones I tested only are your installer #1 and #2... both said the same thing that I needed a newer version of the installer Edit 2: