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  1. Amatsukaze_KaiNi

    [PTS] AA Zone Control

    Not entirely an advantage since they (us CV players) lost our power to control multiple squadrons...
  2. Amatsukaze_KaiNi

    [PTS] AA Zone Control

    TBH, in my opinion, it's just best if you leave it being a balance, making one side have more AA firepower is good but it takes time, and then the planes are coming into your other side with lesser firepower then you have to move the AA zone to the other side but with a delay is just horrible... Side note: I also tried making an AA Wooster and she barely shoots down any planes on PTS, even with Def AA active... But overall, I don't like it as you do too...
  3. Amatsukaze_KaiNi

    Any of you read Russian? (Carrier selling info...)

    I used Yandex (Image Translator)
  4. Amatsukaze_KaiNi

    Suggestion about premium ship: Roma

    I second this XD She's a fine bote when RNG loves you...
  5. Amatsukaze_KaiNi

    server blow up????

    Aye, me too... Tried logging in for the 7th time and I'm still getting the same error/pop up.
  6. Amatsukaze_KaiNi

    New Kobayashi Camo coming for Yamato?

    I and LWM in Discord were curious back in the day when they teased Kii's Kobayashi's camo having Yamato with Kobayashi camo in the background and I thought when we'll we get that too on Yamato... Finally! my curiosity ends... This was in the background
  7. Amatsukaze_KaiNi

    PSA about P.E. Friedrich AA

    Tested it on GZ
  8. Amatsukaze_KaiNi

    Do any of you have a "Cursed" Ship?

    Yeah, my Graf Zeppelin Every time I keep saying "I need to lay low using this ship" makes me more want to use the ship... Edit: Nah, it's Cossack, I keep losing despite I am carrying my tier 9 and 10 allied ships...
  9. Amatsukaze_KaiNi

    Salem or Jean Bart?

    Both of them are very good at combat, I have them both and I know how to use them. JB, on one hand, she has absurd gun reloading with the MBRB consumable, play it the same as Richelieu and you'll be going to be fine. On the other hand, Salem still plays like a Des Moines (but lesser in other stuff like AAs and such) But the gimmick on this one when he gets damaged by HE shells (and flood), she can get heal/repair those damages back like it was nothing And in my conclusion, they both worth their coal but you can still keep that coal and wait for another premium ships that are going to be in the arsenal
  10. Amatsukaze_KaiNi


    Already redeemed mine when I got notified early and got the flags :D
  11. Amatsukaze_KaiNi

    If you are belong to this type of player, please stop

    I usually am one of these but when I do, I will do my best to cripple the bots and kill 1-3 of them before I die...
  12. Amatsukaze_KaiNi

    A fear I have with World Of Warship Legends

    My PC can't handle WoT PC at 4k (or rather even at 1080p) hence I don't expect any graphical details being good at low settings, but when I tried WoT on the console at 4k, It was definitely better for me. If I have a better PC, I might reconsider...
  13. Amatsukaze_KaiNi

    A fear I have with World Of Warship Legends

    I played WoT on PS4 Pro in 4k and dang it looks so much better... Now I wonder that too in WoWs Legends
  14. Amatsukaze_KaiNi

    PSA - Use Your Ship Coupon!

    I used it on Salem like a couple of months already. So I'm just waiting to get another coupon :D
  15. Amatsukaze_KaiNi

    Aircraft Carriers we need in game

    She's totally fine