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  1. Revenge1916

    Italian Cruisers: Branch Review

    How on earth do you have 1700 posts but only 72 battles?
  2. Revenge1916

    Italian Cruisers: Branch Review

    After enjoying my games in my Guilio Caesar I was really excited about this ship line. Then I actually played it. I have the tiers 5,6, and 7 "CAs" they are complete garbage. They absolutely cannot take a hit, their angle of fire makes it hard to fire over islands, their long reload makes using their smoke to be aggressive will never work since you just spend your time reloading in the smoke not to mention the reload will make a player not shoot at DDs. The Tier 7 Zara seems to be ok, its reload is decent but it slow, and extremely slow to turn. all these problems aside, the SAP shells are terrible. To summarize you get boats that have purpose but lack the means to achieve it. The "PREMIUM" Genova is a complete turd and if you paid for it(I got mine out of the random bundles) I am truly sorry and I hope that WG makes it right for you, and lastly Epstein didnt kill himself.
  3. Revenge1916

    Raid of the Filth : Truce Mode

    pfft in the last month alone they have dumped Italian Cruiser containers, Halloween containers, and now these extremely overpriced camos. all of this stuff they are selling is so freaking expensive. Makes me wonder if they are hurting for money. getting enough filth is going to be a heck of grind, and thats with a good team and truces most games.