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  1. Don't forget the Asashio has superior concealment. When all the BB's are gone it can spot everything else to the teams contentment. And you can totally make those guns work for you against other DD's. I've out-brawled all sorts of DD"s in my Gallant and that is considered a poor gunbote.
  2. Roma Goes for the Hug

    My compliments. In true fashion with the Roma's current balance state, you used the ultimate overpen to take out the DD.
  3. Smallest Team Ever!

    2 Patches ago I queued up and landed in a 2vs2 game. Two t10 cvs, a Monty, and I was in Canceror. You can guess how it went.
  4. Working on my 24th 19 pointer. Some ships, like the Roma, I actually have two dedicated 19 point captains for. Once you have three or four 19 point captains, raking in the elite XP becomes very easy and fast. I can easily pull in several hundred thousand elitexp on a weekend
  5. While Roma's guns were balanced against data from unicum players, I strongly suspect they balanced every other aspect of the ship that way also. I have two 19 point Roma captains now, one for maximum survivability and another for increased AA (if MM is CV-heavy). I can't honestly say I'm seeing that big of a difference between the two. The ship really needs a strength that can accompany its concealment (its only good aspect). It's a one-trick pony that actually has no tricks. What good is that concealment if you can't actually do anything with it?
  6. Lyon secondary build?

    Not recommended at all. Definitely focus on AA/survivability. Keep other ships away at you with 16 other objects at your disposal. The Lyon just doesn't have the armor for brawling. Even when well angled you are still going to take a severe beating from any battleship that shoots at you. That superstructure is just so large.
  7. Premium Ship Review: Roma

    Besides DD's that are able to citadel you, I have found one other thing about Roma that defies explanation. Several times now I've gotten into extreme close range to Minotaurs', usually completely broadside. And am able to outright delete them and score 2 or three citadels at once, from ranges like 4km. HOW??? Of all cruisers, I fully expected to completely overpen these. All other cruisers I've gone up against will just completely overpen, no matter the angle.
  8. Okhotnik, point blank range, for the ultimate deer-in-headlights. Every time I fire them I can only picture the creepy laugh of Hugo Weaving...
  9. Premium Ship Review: Roma

    Rng Overpen Miss Autobounce
  10. Premium Ship Review: Roma

    BTW that stat for average damage only looks higher than the other ships because Roma doesn't really have any other choice but to farm damage on BB's. Try to play Roma like a regular BB, shooting at DD's and cruisers will net you around 30k avg damage per battle. Most volleys on dd's and cruisers will amount to 1200 avg damage.
  11. Premium Ship Review: Roma

    The ship can only tank bow on. Show just a little too much angle and Roma can frequently be one-shotted by any competent BB player. I actually had a Leander go through about 80% of my hp and killing me within less than a minute. He was broadside at 6km, pretty much an impervious spot for any cruiser because there is nothing the Roma can do about it. Even DD's can score citadels for days on Roma. I wonder how the new french battleships handle close range combat like this? They have similarly fast shells. Don't see any of these problems on the CC vids for them. Don't think any of them have the Roma's ridiculous citadel either. And its not because I am a 'bad' player.
  12. Premium Ship Review: Roma

    Made it to 100 games in this ship. Roma is, definitively, Jack of NO Trades, Master of None. In every single situation where in any other BB you could have confidence in your ship performance (like punishing an exposed broadside), in this ship you are entirely at the mercy of RNG. In 100 games I have had one 'perfect' salvo, at 8km to a broadside Montana, oneshotting him. And at the time my expectations were so low that I expected to miss or overpen entirely. I have also only once successfully defended myself against a cruiser that was rushing me. This is more than just at the mercy of RNG, this is like winning the lottery. In practice, this ship has no capability from defending itself. Which means that smart captains are generally playing this game at its max range of 18km. I'm sure that WG did not intend for such good concealment on this ship for that kind of playstyle. I won't deny I have had fun with this ship, but I would say that it is tied for the worse spot for battleships at this tier. Tied with the Kii, which actually has useful traits.
  13. Premium Ship Review: Roma

    I'm at 96 battles. Damage has tapered off to 30-50k damage per match, with the rare exception when some BB shows a broadside. Also noting a sharp decrease in potential damage. At first I was averaging 2mil + (record 4.3mil), but now tank 1 mil or less. Much more frequently while angling against the BB's, nearby cruisers and DD's (who are impervious to Roma at less than 10km), take advantage that even the DD's can citadel you. The fact that ROMA can be easily citadelled by a DD seems utterly broken to me.
  14. Roma needs BUFF

    With numerous reports of DD's being able to citadel Roma at 7km+ ranges I sincerely hope WG will be looking into that. I would also like to see the 1.9 sigma back, or at least have them fix the vertical dispersion. I realize that the AP is useless against cruisers at ranges less than 12km, and do not mind having to switch to HE to deal with them, but watching every shell miss at ranges like 4km is garbage.
  15. Premium Ship Review: Roma

    Regardless of the tier those strikes will get through. If its tier 6 or 7 you might take down some of their planes when they do. Tier 8 (your tier) or higher, forget shooting down more than 4 planes. You will be facing those tiers most. If you max into AA you'll get maximum 5.7km range but you are going to sacrifice everything else. Not using Aiming mod 1 means you most likely won't even hit battleships at this point. You will also make 'defending' yourself against any other targets like DD's and cruisers a moot point. So next you either give up fire prevention (and trust me, getting close enough to the enemy means you will be set on fire a lot), or concealment.