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  1. For me, uptiering is pretty frequent, but usually doesn't stop me from being on the top of the scoreboard (win or loss lol). On matches with CV's I tend to keep aa and secondaries off as long as possible. I'm always surprised how fast she can facemelt the likes of Gadjah Madha. I'd probably say the worst dd threat I've faced has always been the IJN dd's. Simply because just one of those torpedos will result in instant death.
  2. I want a refund for Roma!

    Since its release, multiple people have posted videos and screenshots of dd's scoring multiple citadel hits from as far as 8km away. 300+ games in Roma, 60+% WR
  3. I want a refund for Roma!

    WG: Let's give this ship the greatest penetration for hitting targets at range, but then lets give it the shortest range of all bb's! And we'll give it lousy dispersion so that you can only score hits at medium or close range! And lets make most of those hits all glorious overpens! WG has clearly shown that despite the original intention that the Italian line be known for good AP (back when D'Aosta was being developed), the national trait will instead be frustration. I really, really want to love this ship. But unfortunately, it is so trollish that most battles are just an exercise in frustration.
  4. I've played somewhere between 40-50 matches now with Haida, and despite the radar-heavy meta, I have only experienced one single battle where I was stuck in a position where I was powerless to assist the team. We still won that match too, and I still ended up on the top of the scoreboard, even with only 30k damage (I'm usually getting well over 90-100k damage per match lately). Even on losses I'm top of the scoreboard so its not a matter of not being able to contribute. Yes, the ship take a lot of work. You have to be very vigilant with your minimap and knowing where the enemy radar is. You have to be careful when and how you use your consumables. FYI I rarely ambush destroyers using my creeping smoke. I almost always ambush them full speed and blap the hell out of them. I'll pop the smoke during the fight, but I usually won't even slow down until the other DD has either smoked up or is dead. At which point I'll use the entire time in smoke to rain fire on anything else in range. Kobra Chicken gets Krakens
  5. GC was the only Italian ship that got everything 'right'. It is reasonably consistent and reliable guns and penetration. Such a shame that because this ship did so well, all other Italian ships had to be garbage by comparison.
  6. Can't say I've noticed any difference dealing with radar while in Haida compared to any other DD. Not sure why people are having problems with charging bb's either. If there are radar cruisers you treat the cap the same way you would as any dd. Every time I go into the cap I am making preparations to bait radar (unless I know where they all are, then I just go in Full-On Cobra Chicken) Charging BB's are fairly easy to kill. I'll usually fire off one or two torpedos when they are about 4 or 5km out. Just one bow hit and they will completely stop charging. If they don't, give em two more and a permaflood to finish them off. Torps on cooldown? I've easily evaded bb's that have charged within 3km. Haida does have a speed boost. This is a good time to use it. Angle towards your spawn, keep your guns silent. Even though you are outrunning your smoke, 99% of the time the smoke between you and the charging bb is more than enough to keep you concealed while you easily reach 5.7km.
  7. ...and yet WG was kind enough to give players steel retroactively for all past ranked seasons. This gives a pretty clear indication of how future ranked and clan battle rewards will operate. Also with 10k plus games you'd think it was obvious that ranked and clan battle seasons come and go. You should check the contents of that sock because I'm guessing its full.
  8. Welcome Comrade Kronstadt

    I love this cruiser, but what I am truly waiting for Tovarisch is KRONSHTODTNIK. Obviously, this is the natural evolution of the best destroyer to ever have existed comrades.
  9. "Pronounced 'Wooster'"

    We literally lost a clan battle last night because I got stuck for 10 minutes trying to order my team to 'primary the Woo...woo...whaddava" Honestly the name adds more to its tankyness than the actual armor plating.
  10. Clans were gaming the system to remove opponent clans points and standings even when this feature wasn't around. At least the rest of the clans now have a training environment so they can get some real experience with clan wars. Before this, competitive clans would restrict CW to just their best players, but now, our clans can still move up in the ranks, even if we want to throw a few matches in Bravo by fielding all Memotaurs.
  11. There is just no pleasing some people. Clan rewards are meant to be exactly that...clan rewards! Everyone should count themselves lucky they now have an additional opportunity to obtain CLAN REWARDS by also playing Ranked. Got an issue? Here's a tissue.
  12. Thank you for the excellent review mouse! Makes us Canadians proud! I've had the opportunity now to play a little over 30 games in Haida so far and have enjoyed a near 80% winrate. This is probably the first destroyer I can recall taking all three caps in multiple games. Fear the Canuck Cobra Chicken!!!!
  13. Played enough matches to start getting Krakens. I went with BFT over superintendant, however I am also still on the fence about this. As it stands, for almost all matches I've had, I have certainly used every consumable, but it has been exactly enough. Instead of Expert marksman I will invest my last two points into adrenaline rush. The advantage will stack with BFT, but for me it will also shave a few precious seconds off the torpedo reload, which for me will be quite meaningful. Despite its short range the hydro is extremely powerful, more so if you have invested in the upgrade. Countless times I have approached smoked dd's in caps (both with and without smoke running) and annihilated them. Sometimes I have even used speed boost to close the gap faster. Just make sure you know where their radars are before you begin your attack! And if a DD is actually smart enough to predict your attack and they see your smoke approaching, you can exploit this! I always fire my 4 torpedos at the back of their smoke, the furthest point away from where I am approaching. Killed many dd's this way too. The creeping smoke also provides you with another defensive measure. The majority of the torps fired at your smoke will miss entirely, even just from coasting along at 1/4 speed. DD's have a hard time predicting your slow moving smoke. Also I'm going to coin a new Haida phrase here....surprise Bootsecks!
  14. WG its not too late to slot Abruzzi for Tier5.
  15. Duca d'Aosta

    Duca has a very high skill ceiling. IFHE is a must on this ship or you will just shatter everywhere. She excels at killing dd's. She can wreck broadside cruisers with her AP. She's not very good at engaging BB's though. Yes, you can get a nice 4k volley with the IFHE hitting BB superstructure and the AP does nice damage too, but you will usually draw the ire of the bb captain who will respond in kind with AP shells that are not so kind. Priority target helps greatly here. The railguns also are poor for shooting over cover, and they seriously lack the range, and damage, of their competition. It is absolutely an underdog. However I've always liked playing the underdog and trying to do well with it. Most of the time I do. If I can avoid getting one-shotted by a BB.