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  1. WG its not too late to slot Abruzzi for Tier5.
  2. Duca d'Aosta

    Duca has a very high skill ceiling. IFHE is a must on this ship or you will just shatter everywhere. She excels at killing dd's. She can wreck broadside cruisers with her AP. She's not very good at engaging BB's though. Yes, you can get a nice 4k volley with the IFHE hitting BB superstructure and the AP does nice damage too, but you will usually draw the ire of the bb captain who will respond in kind with AP shells that are not so kind. Priority target helps greatly here. The railguns also are poor for shooting over cover, and they seriously lack the range, and damage, of their competition. It is absolutely an underdog. However I've always liked playing the underdog and trying to do well with it. Most of the time I do. If I can avoid getting one-shotted by a BB.
  3. Premium Ship Review: Asashio

    Have you watched any of the community contributors who have fielded the final version of Asashio? WASD never helped any of those BB's, even the ones that seemed to be using it correctly. How does a BB dodge a wall of 16 torps moving at 72 knots (with TA). Battleships that were playing objectives suffered devastating strikes, not the occasional one or two torp hits someone gets when firing torps at max range. You can't treat this ship like any other pan asian destroyer. Unless you are treating her like 2 of them that have a HUGE range advantage.
  4. Premium Ship Review: Asashio

    I'm in the camp where I agree this ship will very potentially ruin good (aggressive) bb play. I WILL pick this ship up and make an effort to do exactly this. Not because I have a grudge against camping BB's (it takes some really blatant stupidity to rile me up). Just because if we all think this mechanic is broken, its our responsibility to reinforce this point with WG.
  5. Asashio Incoming!

    Even with max commander skills and probably even with hydro, you will stand next to no chance in dodging DWT fired by Asashio. Even less if they are using TA. But hey, if you are out spotting torps so that bb's several km behind you will have a meager chance to dodge, all the power to you...
  6. Premium Ship Review: Asashio

    Just one Asashio on a team will be bad news for their enemy. How is it going to have a problem cap contesting when it outspots everything? I've carried ranked (2) matches unspotted in Gallant before, and its considered to have very crappy firepower. Won with 0 damage (Yes I often used torps to flush enemies out of smoke, where they got blapped by my team)
  7. Ranked season = tier X! yay!

    Definitely don't sell Republique short. I'm convinced it will be the meta for next clan wars as well. The shells wreck cruisers at all ranges (lol cits on kiting hindenbergs). If you are in any bb say goodbye to 30/40k every 21 seconds you say broadside to that monster. Republique is a bad karma farmer thanks to how salty the enemy team gets.
  8. I had the fortune of detonating a kurfurst at the beginning of a clanwar match a few weeks back (before the detonation patch). Our comms went ballistic. Good times.
  9. The decreased dispersion on Musashi is also not entirely a curse. Despite Yamato having more accurate guns, if you aim badly, more of your shells are bound to miss. Whereas with Musashi...your bad aim may be countered by the weaker dispersion, granting you some hits.
  10. 8000 Gold Paintjobs - Acceptable?

    I'll take my chances with "luck" until the last minute...then I'll decide if I really want that Republique space camo....
  11. If you think that map borders should be removed and that any ship that passes over their former location should fall into the abyss of infinity, well, this may be the clan you want. Other than that, we are a buch of cool dudes just working our way up to Hurricane (in Typhoon currently), so we are mostly interested in good players who can commit to some Clan Wars fun and are not poor or terribad. Discord is a must, and you must be able to tolerate TASH as we are buds and they like to spam our discord. Other than that, you will find our comms, especially in clan battles, to be amazingly chill in comparison to many other competitive clans.
  12. Was this wrong?

    I had pizza arrive once when I was yoloing up the channel in two brothers in a buddy. I intentionally beached, and came back three minutes later, to see torpedos just miss me. I was undetected, so I backed up, steamed forward out of the channel and within the next two minutes destroyed two cruisers and a battleship (had to give the bb both sides of torpedoes).
  13. Ship Suggestion

    Hindenberg is about it. At close range if you are broadside to most bb's they will just overpen you, and you have a bit of a turtleback. You have great torps, and a lot of fast firing guns. Just prepare to get focused to oblivion. That often happens with any ship that tries to brawl.
  14. With the lackluster quality of the latest premium releases, and the fact that so many older popular premiums were on the tech tree this probably created a scenario where people were spending less money on the new bad ships and more doubloons on quality ships in the tech tree. The obvious business choice is to tilt the market into spending more new money.
  15. Republique and the Belt Armor Hole

    Just to clarify, I was the Republique, and the Minotaur reduced me to a wreck before I could fire twice.