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  1. The prices for ships are nothing short of ludicrous. If they cut the prices in half, they sell 5x as many.
  2. That's OK, most of what you post is tripe. You fail to read the content of a post. I said kills add nothing to your score. Fact. Do kills add to the TEAM SCORE DURING A GAME? Duh. Everyone but you seems to have understood what I meant. Go sink 4 ships with a total of 45K damage, and you'll be easily outscored by the guy who took the other 200K hit points off them without a kill. It's not rocket surgery.
  3. You need to read before you post. Nowhere did I say not to kill a ship when you can. What I SAID was kills mean sh*t for score. Can't argue that; it is a proven fact. Aside from my having done the math, go look at the results of 10 games and tell me the individual kills of the top 3 ships and the kills of the 9 under them. Accounting for DAMAGE, even Stevie Wonder could see that kills mean nothing scorewise.
  4. Fine and dandy, but when you go into Random, you are part of a team, and should be playing as such. If someone isn't prepared to do so, they belong in co-op. Since WoWs doesn't reward or even promote team play, it is usually incumbent on the players to figure this out.
  5. This one is easy. A BBs job is to heavily damage/finish off ships from start to finish, and push in and tank damage midgame. By then the fool dds/cas that rushed in are usually dead, and the bbs can push out the leftovers with the threat of close-range main guns, secondaries, and AA. But let me answer your question more succintly. A BBs job is to pair up with a cruiser and/or another BB. People get in a Bismarck or Montana and think they are unkillable, so they Rambo off and whine when they get pinched. I still run into scrub BBs who think surviving a battle lowers their service costs. Circle of life: BBs kill CAs and tank, CAs kill DDs and provide AA/cover duty, DDs kill BBs and spot. CVs that do their job properly perform the primary and secondary functions of all 3, which is why it is the hardest class to play and the most important to play properly. Communication is critical. Ultimately, it doesn't matter if you do 140K damage and get 4 kills if you lose. Your score will still suck. Hence why teams with multiple divisions are far more likely to win statistically. This game is so simplistic in format that it boggles my mind how many people can't seem to grasp the concept. It's not rocket surgery.
  6. Clan Battles didn't even hold a candle to T5-6 Team Battles. Not even close.
  7. Their reasoning for pushing T10's is godawfully simple. They are trying to get players to spend money to race to the top. Premium time, XP conversion, etc etc. It IS a business, after all.
  8. Only an idiot rushes to cap in a dd. If I had a buck for every time I've bagged a FB in one of my CVs because a dd decided to paint a target on his [edited], I'd be able to buy every preemie in the game. For some reason, people get the impression a dd's job is to cap. It is NOT. It is to stay undetected, position properly, and strike from a place they least expect you. If you're a gunboat, you keep moving and lite the enemy. BBs and cas engage them and when the enemy is focused on your capital ships you fire. A BBs job is to finish off low HP ships, pinch cas, and around midgame start pushing in and tanking damage to allow the lighter ships to go where they are needed. It is NOT to go rushing in right off the bat. Heck, I killed a full HP Nelson today in my Kami who thought rushing in and capping was a good idea. As far as AP, 90% of players don't even know when to use it. If you have a cv in your game, you're an idiot for sitting back and trying for freaking citadels. Your job is to be HEing the hell out of their heavies so the cv can murder them. The real problem with this game is that people have this misconception that getting kills means something. It does not. In any way. They add NOTHING to your score. Damage and multiple targets is what matters. Dying means nothing as well; you pay the same price regardless. So if you need to suicide run to win, you do it, plain and simple. I've won hundreds of games in cvs by showing myself to the enemy and watching the idiots come after me like dogs in heat, only to lose while my team either punches them under or caps and wins. This is not rocket science. Unfortunately, the average IQ nowadays seems to be in the double digits at best when it comes to this game.
  9. Carriers : a high value target.

    I can't count how many times I've lured a dd out of our cap with my cv for the win. Not to mention how many times I've managed to bag a CQE when some fool dd closes in unnecessarily. Then there's the tactic of charging in and drawing fire so the team can punch enemy ships under. Done that hundreds of times as well. They get cv fever, turn broadside to your fleet, and it's easy from thereon in. I play a lot of AS cvs, and invariably I hear teamies ask me to "spot" right off the bat. I deny them, and have to endure loads of whining from newbies. Just so you're informed, an AS cv who shows the enemy the position of his fighters is an idiot. It is akin to a dd rushing into the nearest cap, blowing smoke, launching torps and eventually being driven out or killed. It is lemming play, i.e. playing a ship based on what a misinformed forum says is the best way. If you rush into the cap with a dd in a game where I have a cv, you're dead. Manual bombing in smoke is easy, and torping is even easier. That being said, I quit cvs a while back when they screwed US cvs and lied about the reason. I run them occasionally now, but the next time they screw them (which historically will be in the next patch), I'm done. I'll probably quit WoWs entirely. They are trying to remove cvs from the game and doing a terrible job of managing it. Remember the excuse used for the US cv screwing, that they wanted to make them "more versatile"? Here's a line from the Enterprise wiki: Does not have the option to mount other flight control modules. Yep, ships are more versatile when you remove options from them............
  10. So These CV Boats

    I basically quit CVs after they ruined the US line for no reason. Now I understand they are intending to get rid of CS and make 2 achievements; one for non-CVs and one for CVs. The CV one will require shooting down 55 planes. That is LUDICROUS; it basically means unless you are in a T7-10 match, you aren't going to have a prayer, and even then you'll have to be hyper-aggressive with fighters to get it. Given the fact that 3/4 of ships have 10,000 AA rating, Def AA (stupidest thing in the game), dual fighter planes and whatnot, it is obvious they are trying to make CV play a thing of the past. If that happens, I'm done with this game. I've been in the IT field as a career since 1994 and gaming online since before that, and I've never seen a game that changes things and ignores its customer base's wishes more than this one. Bar none.
  11. CV Balance, my proposal.

    The nerfing of US cvs was ludicrous, and is the result of a few whiny IJN cv players who are unskilled and cannot handle an AS opponent. Sooner or later the BBabies will get their way and IJN cvs will be nerfed too. Personally, I retired all of my US cvs after the nerf and I barely ever use my IJN ones. I invested a hell of a lot of time and effort into becoming a top-notch AS player, and it was all for naught. I am done with this nerfing crap. I'll run a few games now and then with friends, but I'm on to a better game that doesn't feel the need to make major changes every month and doesn't ignore their customer base.
  12. When Will Enough be Enough?

    Quit while you're ahead and maybe you can salvage some shred of dignity.
  13. When Will Enough be Enough?

    Nothing of substance here, just another bad player whining about his lack of skill.
  14. It's a POS now. Can't even compare to Hak.