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  1. Threads from whiners really need to be deleted by mods in short order. He gave it away when he said "every DD driver and HE spammer"
  2. So I AM nicknamed Tanker! I knew it!
  3. We had a division of 3 guys TK two other players and them TK themselves right off the bat. Obviously it cost us any chance of winning, and several of OUR division had tons of flags and camo running. I submit a screenie, replay and ticket. The response: Ray Adams September 16, 2017 3:19 AM Dear Tanker, Thank you for contacting World of Warships support regarding this matter. We have an automated system in place for violation tracking (i.e. team damage, team killing), as such all mentioned offenses will be addressed by the automation only. Once a player has reached a threshold set by the automation for team kills/damage, they are banned; no questions asked. In addition, they are forced to pay a portion of the damage caused and forfeit some experience to their victim. We allow for some team damage to occur before that takes place, and we feel we're pretty generous with the amount allowed, but once it crosses over that line, the sanction is imposed. The first offense is a minor 1 hour ban, but habitual violations have an escalating punishment. Because of this, we highly advise that you do not take matters into your own hands as we will be unable to change any actions taken by the automated violation tracker. We truly do appreciate your interest in World of Warships and your contribution to our community. We can only hope that you understand that we must be fair and treat all friendly fire cases the same, regardless of the motives. Please feel free to visit this link for any further inquiries you may have:Frequently Asked Questions Have a nice day! Best Regards, Ray Adams Wargaming America Support So, now the questions: 1. Who the hell is Tanker? Did someone nickname me without my realizing it? 2. These guys registered their accounts on 8/26. None has over 200 games. Obviously they are scrubs. Why haven't they been permabanned yet? 3. How did these scrubs end up with 59, 59 and 69 points respectively for their games? I have seen players get a score of 0 for not doing anything, but rewarding team kills? What stops someone from running a low-tier and damaging but not killing teamies in order to generate credits and xp? 4. If issues like this aren't investigated, why is it a category in the ticketing system with a bunch of attendant questions and disclaimers? 5. You "hope I can understand that you must be fair and treat all friendly fire cases the same, regardless of motives"? Is it me or is that the most inane statement of 2017? Two battles after this fiasco, a teamie torped me. Completely unintentional, lack of communication in the heat of battle, and we laughed about it. How is that in any way similar to three guys divving up and getting 5 TKs within the first minute? 6. Why aren't TICKETED cases at least read to see what the issue is? Not making enough money to pay live technical support?
  4. Wait, so people are flinging HE at the "wrong time"? If HE works well, when is the "right time"? Sounds suspiciously like BBaby whining to me............
  5. I believe the bug is that any T10 that was taken this morning BEFORE the containers went live got flagged as being "used" today, and therefore doesn't get a container. I took Khabbie earlier and then later got no container, and a clannie had the same thing happen on his Des Moines.
  6. This game is ludicrously simple. You camp, sit back, be passive and you lose. You work together, focus fire on a ship at a time, STAY together and you win. It's godawfully simple, I could teach my dog to do it. Unfortunately, there are too many Rambos and people who do not belong in mid-high tier ships due to the ease with which you can get to high tiers now. I can't count how many times I've seen a ship at low HP that is unavoidably going to burn to death, and multiple ships continue to shoot at it to get a kill. Kills mean NOTHING for your score, it is damage that gets stars. And no matter how many kills you get, a loss means you get dogcrap for creds and score.
  7. Yup.
  8. It's obviously ludicrous that ships can fire AA in smoke, as much so as radar/sonar lighting a ship for the entire team as opposed to just the person using it. The CV "rework" will, give the trend of the game, be a nerf to CVs as a whole. Pretty much every "update" for a year has nerfed CVs. When they silently upped the AA on every ship it was ridiculous; I knew exactly what they did when I shot down two planes in my Aurora (yes, AURORA). There is a use for the speed boost, but as _V12 said it cannot be discussed. The First Rule of +5% Speed Club is: You do not talk about +5% Speed Club.
  9. A 7 day ban is a complete joke. If there is evidence of cheating or illegal mods, permanent ban. Nothing short of that will change things. It's not rocket surgery.
  10. Freemium games are nothing new; that being said, this one really screwed the pooch when they nerfed premium ships that they ADVERTISED for the ability they stripped away. They lied about their reasoning, and lied about the ability to NOT nerf premiums (notice the Saipan doesn't lose a fighter if it disengages them). Their constant tweaking and changing is driving people away. It's pretty simple: some ships are going to be better than others. At this stage in the game, having to nerf ANYTHING shows a serious lack of foresight, planning and testing. Any decent CEO would have fired several decision-making employees by now. And yes, they'd sell twice as many premium ships if they cut the price by 2/5ths, which would make them more money than they do now.
  11. Watching a Kagero and Bismarck leave the UNDEFENDED enemy cap to chase a cv and costing us the win. Random is a complete joke. People, get the concept: Sinking a cv is no more points than any other ship, and sinking a ship isn't what gets points, it is damage. And a WIN. I'm completely amazed at the idiots in the game now. I'm down to maybe 1 or 2 matches a day, and mostly stick to co-op or scenarios. I'm all done with trying to impress the importance of TEAM PLAY in a TEAM-BASED GAME. WoWs does nothing to promote team play and winning; in fact, they do just the opposite by awarding things like Kraken and Confederate. Try this on for size: The losing team gets NO awards; no credits, stars, flags, nothing. Also, repairing a ship should cost nothing at all, aside from premium consumables. Another free idea: TEAM BATTLES. Everyone wants them, and, unlike the line of [edited]about "hearing the feedback" about invisifire, you are well aware of what players really want and still refuse to implement it.
  12. Ryujo or Indy is fine, though the drunken Indy bombers haven't improved. I usually use my Indy for daily CS with 2/1 fighters in Random, but since the enemy planes are bots the Ryu is probably better suited for Scenarios. If you can get even 5 people together in a division it's a cakewalk with teamwork. We 5 starred the first run. It's really just Co-op with awards. Stagger attackers and have frontliners fall back and heal while others fill the gap. Heck, you could take the old version of the Gnevny and do fine. Well, maybe not the old Gnevny.......
  13. The fact of the matter is that Random Battles suck, plain and simple. There is no realistic reason why team battles can't be a permanent thing, nor is there a realistic reason why there is a 2 tier difference in battles. Nor is there a realistic reason why the reward system can't be reworked to promote team play as opposed to Ramboism. Nor is there................ never mind. I don't have all day to list everything. The game has devolved badly, and is eventually going to be supplanted by one which actually listens to and implements what the CUSTOMERS want.
  14. If an enemy cv kills you, you suck at cvs. In 1,700 + cv runs I have never once been killed by a sniper. It is a complete waste of time and irresponsible on the cv's part. I know AR works on the secondaries, which makes it viable. I've killed many a ship with seconds, most notably a Kurfurst. Midway can lay out 9 per side and they are 127 mm HE's. The reason I asked about planes is that if it does work, not only would the secondaries benefit, but so would striker AND fighter reload. I prefer to take skills that have multiple benefits. Before they broke captain skills, BFT/AFT were standard on pretty much every ship I had. Which leads to another question: Does AR benefit AA if you have dual-purpose guns? By the description it should benefit ALL AA guns.
  15. Simple question: Does it affect the planes' load time?