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  1. CV Balance, my proposal.

    The nerfing of US cvs was ludicrous, and is the result of a few whiny IJN cv players who are unskilled and cannot handle an AS opponent. Sooner or later the BBabies will get their way and IJN cvs will be nerfed too. Personally, I retired all of my US cvs after the nerf and I barely ever use my IJN ones. I invested a hell of a lot of time and effort into becoming a top-notch AS player, and it was all for naught. I am done with this nerfing crap. I'll run a few games now and then with friends, but I'm on to a better game that doesn't feel the need to make major changes every month and doesn't ignore their customer base.
  2. When Will Enough be Enough?

    Quit while you're ahead and maybe you can salvage some shred of dignity.
  3. When Will Enough be Enough?

    Nothing of substance here, just another bad player whining about his lack of skill.
  4. It's a POS now. Can't even compare to Hak.
  5. For the whiners who complain that an AS US cv is O/P: As usual, you are wrong. All you are thinking about is how; if used properly, it can take out a lot of enemy cv planes. This is mitigated by its greatly reduced strike ability, hence the term AIR superiority. Anyone who complains about AS being O/P is just a typical unskilled whiner. What is far worse than the actual nerf itself is WOWS complete disregard, yet again, of community opinion. Personally I'm done with it. My US cvs are parked, and since I enjoyed them the most, I'm playing around 1/8 the number of games I normally would. Nor will I invest a dime in any part of a game whose developers could care less about giving customers what they WANT. Plenty of other games out there who don't make massive changes regularly and who plan ahead as opposed t rushing to pump out premium after premium.
  6. The answer to his question is summed up quite easily: After today, there is no reason whatsoever to use a US cv. Every IJN counterpart has it outclassed hands-down. I've never in my long life seen a game with so many nerfs on a constant basis. If you haven't figured out what should and shouldn't be developed two years into a game, you are an idiot.
  7. USN CVs

    US cvs will be a joke. Most of the cvers I know (including myself) are quitting due to the US screw and yet another global AA buff.
  8. The Bly is back

    The simple fact of the matter with Blys/preemies and stealth fire is that they ignored the general populace (A first, right?) and did it anyways. The bullcrap about it being a "global" nerf and them not being able to exclude preemies is more bullcrap; they implemented a global change so that cv fighters could disengage and lose a plane EXCEPT FOR THE SAIPAN. Now they nerf American cvs as opposed to making the change the community has asked for going on a year now, and have the balls to call it "versatility". Hang on; you take away my options and it is MORE VERSATILE? The real reason is quite clear: they intend to nerf cvs each patch, except for the preemies, in order to force preemie sales. Only an idiot would buy a preemie at this juncture, since they have shown a complete disregard for the community's wishes and broken their rule about preemie nerfing.
  9. Breaking News: Subs in WOWS

    My ex said that too.
  10. Ah, ISSM took his nose out of WoWS brown onion long enough to post! Yeah, you're right, I suppose I'm misinformed. I mean, it's not like IT has been my career since 1995 or anything. I said nothing about which offered MORE choices, hammerhead. Read again. Get a clue, scrub. The thread is about cvs, and I made an example using a reference that anyone with an ounce of knowledge understood. Sorry, I should have made it 1/4 ounce so you'd get it too.
  11. If this gets implemented, I am done with WoWS. Once again they ignored the wishes of the players and did their own thing. We asked for at least ONE fighter squad in the strike loadouts that have none. Instead, they are limiting US cvs to ONE LOADOUT? Moronic. Give me a single reason not to take an IJN cv over a US one. Once again, WoWs does the Microsoft thing and TELLS us what we want, as opposed to doing the Apple thing and giving us what we want. What idiot would pay money to a company that refuses to produce what they are asking for?
  12. Wargaming is now endorsing cheating.

    What a shocker, out of the 2,400 battles Yukon has, 1,300 are in bbs. Another BBaby.
  13. Graf Spee Sale...

    Any ship is good in the hands of a good player. Spee is no different than any other ship in that respect.
  14. Wargaming is now endorsing cheating.

    Threads from whiners really need to be deleted by mods in short order. He gave it away when he said "every DD driver and HE spammer"
  15. So I AM nicknamed Tanker! I knew it!