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  1. War_Maggot

    Should WG Rein In Players Like This?

    My 9 year old uses my account, and he's better than at least 40% of the Random players out there. Since I quit the game in disgust, he'll be the solo payer from hereon in. I get this guy's frustration; you guys are seriously misinterpreting what he is getting at. He is basically saying that players that appear to be botting are rife in the game (true) and should be punished (true). Cheating has become rampant. Welcome to the post-server migration world. It was that event, which brought over a flood of Asian server players, that initiated the botting and cheating spree.
  2. Square 1: If you don't make a product OTHER PEOPLE want to pay for, you sell nothing. They can have whatever pie-in-the-sky vision they like, and sit there playing their game 24x7. That isn't going to make people open their wallets. Allowing employees to play the game in a non-developer mode encourages them to make and implement changes based on what they like, which brings us right back to square 1. Only an idiot hands over cash for something they don't like or don't want. Subs? Let me quote: "You will never, ever see submarines in WOWS". Want to take a guess at who said that? Your successful business step #1 isn't even close. Step #1 is Find a void and fill it. How do I know? Because I did just that when I started my own business. Anyone who owns a successful business will advise you never to try to make a living at doing what you like. When you do, it no longer becomes a hobby. You have to do what the customer wants, otherwise your business tanks. why? Right back to square 1. Go ahead and do what you enjoy. Expect people to pay for it and it's a whole different ballgame. And the whole "who cares as long as it's free" line doesn't fly. The minute they start selling ANYTHING it is not free. Selling something and subsequently changing the product is shady business practice at best, and is illegal in some countries. Your lack of business knowledge is evident, as is your lack of reading comprehension. As I said in the post, the points I made are not even debatable. They are what the CUSTOMER has been asking for, plain and simple. If you're stupid enough to have the "it's their game, they can do what they want" attitude after having spent money on it, you're the dream customer of every business. In fact, I have a bridge you might be interested in........... Answer this, Z9: Which hamburger table would YOU go to? Are you claiming you are different from the herd? That has to be the most egotistical, self-centered thing I've heard in these forums yet, and is an insult to pretty much everyone. His concept that more people will show up to pay for hamburgers than will show up for free hamburgers is, well, idiotic. He is attempting to reference a very old business philosophy, which didn't work before the Internet came to be, and sure as shizzle doesn't fly now. You sell a widget online for $1 when there are 3 other sites selling it for 5 cents, guess how many you're going to sell? Neither of you have argued that the changes I listed weren't going to benefit the game. You both tried to come after me with the same old lame old crap; you merely enjoy hate posting and have nothing worthwhile to contribute. You'd benefit immensely from writing your posts and then reading them with an objective eye before you hit "submit reply". I'm not going to bother checking replies to this thread. I merely put into words what 90% of the player base thinks. I have no desire to get in a contest of wits with either of you; you're unarmed, and I believe in fair play.
  3. Exactly. Most players know the reason for the game's downfall. Apparently WG doesn't seem to care enough to address it. I didn't post these as fodder for a discussion, Arlskandr. And what sneakydevil and Headsplit posted just reiterates that the changes I listed are necessary. The game as it stands caters to and encourages meatheads who rush from game to game yoloing and never learning how to play. The changes I listed prevent that from happening. Here's the skinny: The players that are willing to pay to play this game are not the "rush in, die, rinse and repeat" crowd, who are mostly composed of kids. They are the adult crowd, who for the most part DO want to learn how to play and DO invest time and money. Out of those two demos, who do you think even HAS the money to spend? It is the latter. The people that are complaining about the current state of the game? Again, the latter. If this game continues to devolve into one where the kiddies are the dominant player base, it is doomed. They're not the ones paying the bills. One thing I left out: Cheating has to be cracked down on, HARD. They used to do that, and lately they not only don't bother, they actually condone it. They've known about people reskinning ships to show citadels for a long time, and instead of addressing it they actually say "it's only a small percentage". In other words, as long as only a few people (in their minds) are cheating, it's OK to cheat. How stupid can a company be? Aimbots, in-depth cheat programs and the like are becoming commonplace, to the point where some clans brag about their cheats being outed and that they'll have a new one in place within a month. This started on the Asian sever (shocker, I know) and was pretty much limited to there. Then WG came up with the brilliant and as-yet unexplained (as far as reasoning) idea to allow accounts to transfer to other servers. If you give it any thought, it's obvious that this was pushed by Asian server players. Go look at the metrics: how many NA players migrated to the Asian server? How many migrated from Asian to NA? Any idiot could figure out the motives, and I make a living doing just that.
  4. You obviously didn't listen to the stream. He makes it clear they are quitting due to their inability to field a good team. Your ability to put a spin on "news" rivals that of Yahoo.
  5. This is so ridiculous I'm angry at myself for taking the time to post how ridiculous it is.
  6. War_Maggot

    For those that still have the Moskva

    So if you have it, what happens to the ship? Answer: They take it away, credit you for the ship price, and drop the modules in inventory, which you then mount on your shiny new preemie version. The ship price is roughly 16M, so they'll credit you the 16 million you originally spent. There would be an enormous uproar if they credited you 1/2 price. Sell it, and you get 1/2 that, and half the module price, unless you spend 150 doubloons to demount them. Then you spend the full price to buy back the modules. So let me reiterate: Foolish question.
  7. I just posted about this and many other problems with the game. No one cares if some clan quit playing CBs because they were crybabies about CVs being brought into CB. What the issue really comes down to is the constant, sweeping changes made to every aspect of the game, mostly without player knowledge or support. That is one of the core reasons WoWS is sinking like a stone (no pun intended). There are always going to be entitled, lazy, unskilled whiners who refuse to learn or adapt. The issue a VERY small percentage of players had with pre-nerf CVs was never about them being OP; it was about their frustration with being attacked by a ship that they couldn't directly fire back at. almost invariably these were BBabies who saw no issues with their being able to delete a CA or DD who was unable to fire back due to range limitations. They are all hypocritical kids who are incapable of/unwilling to do anything besides line up crosshairs and fire. No loss to the game when they quit. Considering the fact that clan members are limited to 50, it is a foolish move on WG's part to make the teams 7 on 7. This is why so many people show up for Clan Battle Sprints but not CBs. There is no reason not to make regular CBs 4v4; it would allow many more people to play simultaneously, and incidentally make more money for WG. To me it's a no-brainer, which means they will never do it.
  8. We've all watched WoWS degrade over the last 3 years from an outstanding game to the travesty it is today. This is due to a bunch of factors, however, the vast majority of them can be fixed with some very simple changes. Below is a partial list. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ We all know how bad the player base has become with the complete lack of player skill at high tiers and the lack of teamwork/people doing their jobs. This is so easily solved it disgusts me that it hasn't been done. 1. Change the scoring base to 250 XP for the losers, 2,500 for the winners. Add in camo/flags after that for a final score. This code already exists in Clan Battles; no one can successfully argue that it isn't fair. 2. No score or credit additions for achievements. They already give flag rewards; rewarding them with score/creds makes it too tempting to say "screw the team". This one is optional, but implementing it can only do good. 3. The losing team gets no achievements. This is a no-brainer. We've all seen dozens if not hundreds of games where a player threw away a win to try for HC, Kraken or Confederate. This prevents that. 4. Voluntary team-based in-game chat. One of the core reasons why Randoms are so frustrating to play is the lack of communication, but we all know how messy it would get if everyone had to type, which is exactly why people don't communicate. I constantly hear "Player X lost the game for us because he did (X) or didn't do (X)". You can't expect a player to read minds; if you don't tell people what YOU plan on doing, it's on YOU, not the other players. I always do so, every game. Sure, you get the occasional idiot who calls you an armchair admiral, but those are the people who aren't team players to begin with, and they'd change their tune quickly with this system. And obviously anyone who doesn't get in chat will quickly develop a reputation. While this won't stop them from hopping in games and yoloing, there are other ways to penalize those players. They could, for example, get a red flag for not being in chat. Enough red flags and you are pinked. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The current pinky system sucks, plain and simple. We've all been penalized for damaging a teamie, and while there SHOULD be a penalty for TKing, it should never be automatic. Solving that problem is so simple it is ridiculous. 1. You are not pinked for damaging a bot. Bots are stupid, albeit less so than most Random players. 2. If you damage a teamie, you are not automatically pinked. The damaged player has the option to report you via right-click for TKing. THEN you are pinked, with the appropriate penalty. The mechanism for that is already in place, and would just need a few lines of code to make it happen. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ As far as the utter lack of skill for most players, another easy solution. Players aren't allowed into Random Battles for higher tiers until they have achieved a certain number of Randoms in lower tiers. Here's a model: A. T6 ships require 350 Random games or 230 Random wins. B. T7 requires 500 or 330 wins. C. T8 requires 700 or 460 wins. D. T9 requires 850 or 560 wins. E. T10 requires 1,000 or 660 wins. Alternately, the model can be changed by removing the minimum game criteria and just basing it on wins, i.e. 230 lets you play T6, 330 lets you play T7 etc. I'd even entertain the idea of setting the bar to include double the number of Co-op battles, either as a replacement for Randoms or as an alternate requirement. Since their goal is to manipulate players into spending real money/doubloons to get to high tiers, if players are foolish enough to hop on the grinding hamster wheel, most will spend money to get tons of flags and camo to better their odds of a win, as well as buying premium ships to have an edge (even though premium ships rarely give much of an edge, which makes one wonder why people buy them). By the time they are able to play T10's, they'll have enough skill at playing that they won't impact the play and score of players who DO know what they're doing. Another way of doing it would be to allow tier play based on Random WR. I don't favor this system, but it is better than nothing. If this was the criteria, it would be better to have MM based on WR. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Everyone hates the 2 tier spread for Randoms. It has been brought up thousands of times, with no response from WG. Their lame excuse of "it promotes diversity" is a baldfaced lie, plain and simple. There is no legitimate reason for it; no one wants it. Get rid of it. One tier is fine, two is ridiculous and has caused some players to quit the game entirely. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Start listening to the player base again. This used to be the case, and when they implemented the stealth fire nerf, despite 90% of the player base not wanting it done, it kicked the ball downhill and it has been rolling ever since. Every successful business model in the world is based on giving the customer what they want. Most UNSUCCESSFUL ones are due to the company either ignoring their customer base's desires or basing their product on what THEY want. It is a surefire way to kill a company. A great example is Apple Inc. Steve Jobs was known for finding out what customers wanted and making it happen. Apple did well when he was with them, then they ousted him and nearly died off. They brought him back, and before he croaked he made them into what they are today. Roboresponses to tickets are a horrid idea. Over and over again the world has proved that automated responses to customers is a terrible business idea. People want to know that their questions and concerns are being addressed by something with lungs, a heart, a humanoid physique and a functioning brain, something that they can identify with. This is why so many companies suffered revenue loss when they outsourced their tech support to a well-known country whose tech support consists of reading questions off a scorecard and having little or no knowledge of the product or potential/actual issues. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Get rid of the idiotic "first place loser in Ranked saves a star". Another mechanic that no one wants. Again, there has never been an explanation for why this exists, or why the player base has been ignored and it hasn't been removed. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ FIX THE PT SYSTEM. The current system is an utter joke. Nothing is really "tested" on the PT servers. Allowing "supertesters" to bring unreleased ships into Random games is grossly unfair to the players, and accomplishes nothing. If you want to test ships properly, pick random players to test them and reward them accordingly. You'll get a truly reliable test, because it is these very players who will end up using/buying the ships. And for God's sake do not allow employees to play the game. Not only does that leave a huge opening for people to accuse a company of developing product for their own desires, it looks super-shady. It's a downright horrible policy. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Bring down the prices of products. Pricing a mid-tier ship at the cost of 2-3 entire PC games is crazy. Only a fool would pay $40 for a Duke of York when he can buy three or more games on Steam for that price, especially when the premium ships are purposefully weakened in order to achieve "balance". If I were to pay $40 for a ship, I would and should expect it to be much better than a tech tree ship. Otherwise, what's the point of buying it? To make extra credits? I can do that by spending money on premium time, which allows me to play ANY ship and get the same rewards. And get rid of the bundles, dress-up commanders with no perks, and other overpriced crap that no one even wants and that is just there for the occasional fish to nibble at. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Stop thinking you are smarter than the player base. When you lie to the players, you WILL be outed, plain and simple. This policy has caused thousands of players to quit. The lies aren't even good ones; for example, when stealth fire was nerfed, several premium ships, which players paid for, were nerfed. Hell, Blyskawica was SOLD base don stealth fire, it was in the description in the premium shop. It could have been exempted from the nerf, but the lie was "it is a blanket nerf, so it can't be exempted". Complete bullcrap, as evidenced by the implementation of CV fighters being penalized by losing a plane if they broke off a dogfight EXCEPT for the Saipan. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Implement these things and overnight the game changes. There is no way anyone can successfully argue that these system aren't better than the current ones. WG had a goose that laid golden eggs, and has systematically stripped its feathers, decapitated it, stuffed it and is about to shove it in the oven. Make these changes and maybe one of the eggs will hatch into another goose. Fail to do so and you'll have a cooked goose. You'll eat well for a while, but in the end you'll have a pile of bones and no more eggs.
  9. War_Maggot

    For those that still have the Moskva

    This is a foolish question. Why would you sell it when it is going to become a special ship?
  10. They've already stated that there WILL BE 3 T8 ships per T10 match. Don't argue with it, they know what is best for us and that what we SAY we want isn't what we REALLY want. Just ask them
  11. War_Maggot

    mmm vs XVM

    I never said you had to do those things. Just don't complain if you win half the time :)
  12. War_Maggot

    IFHE All Night Long

    A friend and I went on a dual Nosferatu (Vampire) run a couple days ago. Pretty much the same captain skills except that I had forgotten to reset my captain after CB ( I always reset all 300) so he had IFHE. I ended up with more damage and pens by far.
  13. Without knowing the vertical dispersion values, any attempt at formulating values is pointless. Like I said, the only viable reason for not releasing the info is that they want the ability to change things without player knowledge. The bullcrap about players being confused by it is not only idiotic, it is insulting. Honestly, the game would be a lot better if the lies we are fed were at least decent. About as much time is put into coming up with good lies as is put into ship and mechanic testing. Next to none.
  14. An old topic, but one I can answer in a single sentence. The reason the values aren't posted is that it gives WG the ability to change them without player knowledge, which has been done many, many times. The lie of "it would be too complicated for most players" is just that, an insulting attempt to divert attention away.
  15. War_Maggot

    Why is WG forcing CVs on Clan Battles? (updated)

    Stop questioning WG's decisions. Time and time again they have proved that they are excellent listeners when it comes to the player base, and THEY know what we want, not us. Personally I salute them for changing the format yet again in an effort to force the OP CV class into every aspect of the game. Now, true, they have almost admitted that the CV nerf was a royal screwup, but I see no reason for them to change it back to the way it was, even though everyone was happy with the old system aside from Rambos, who are the same ones whining now. CVs have not had a major impact on CB Sprints, and I see no reason why they will have a major impact on 7v7. It will force a slight change to the usual "charge into cap, slug it out and win or die" mentality, but that's about it. And every new DD coming out has crazy AA (to compensate for them being CV fodder) so again, no real issue. Personally I'd take a BB over a CV in CB any day. Cruisers aren't concerned with planes as much as a BB deleting them from outside their firing range.