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  1. Dave_1974

    Lets talk about this openly

    Yah it would be nice to have a 'World of Warships - Classic' I'd jump servers in a heartbeat
  2. Is there any old ( superior ) server clients floating around out there? The game really really needs this.
  3. Dave_1974

    OLD UI

    Port and Equipment tabs on the old UI was much easier and faster to use. But yes, I found the original UI much more intuitive to use.
  4. Dave_1974

    OLD UI

    Are there any mods or methods to get the old UI back? This new one kinda sucks :\
  5. Dave_1974

    Some interesting data on the Puerto Rico

    I am one of those suckers. I bought the 3 boosters based on what I did on the PTS thinking I could wait untill my Christmas holidays and grind out the rest. Needless to say I couldn't let that much go to waste :\ Lesson learned.... Lesson learned...
  6. Dave_1974

    Does anyone know why this is this way?

    yah long story short... they fckd the cv rework bigtime.
  7. Dave_1974

    Possible Solution to Radar

    To make things more interesting, why not make Radar, Hydrophones and Smoke generators damageable?
  8. Dave_1974

    Captain Skills for Massachusetts and IFHE

    Full secondaries build with IFHE , with context in what it was hitting. It is a very very good brawler.