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  1. with secondary accuracy nerf from 60% to 35%. There we go again with completely stupid ideas. This whole game starts to be joke.
  2. If you think people are not fed up with all this latter [edited]. Not just you can't even balance MM, you put T10 ships into hands of new players with 3 games played. To have players like this on team just makes me angry. Not his fault thou. It is your fault. People should learn how to play before they reach T10. Evidently money is more important to you guys than community of core base. Nothing is balanced, submarines will bring just anger and people not having fun, i have no clue who makes the decisions there but that person or people should go.
  3. and you know what...im complaining about it for year or more. I did not buy premium anymore...that's like first time in years, i also play just one game a day, some days not even that. From being on every day, 10-20 battles. This will have consequences. I'm tired of writing about it forever. There are players which don't care, same players who will buy Yamato for $130. But there is base of players who do care and you will lose that ones on time. Up to you. Last time i'm posting about it.
  4. amoncz

    ARP Yamato Bundles

    No bigger guns Yamato have...let's made Shikishima, NO submarines in game...WG is testing submarines to introduce them into game, NO T10 will be sold...we got YAMATO for around $130. Etc, etc. Who will trust you anymore? You lost reputation and trust. That is not easy to rebuild and as i can see you not trying to do that at all. BTW how is $130 even reasonable price? I see people getting it. It's their choice. Anyhow for that money i can get AC Valhalla together with Cyberpunk. Two AAA titles, full games.
  5. Why i have to play again and again in teams which are or much better or much worse? Last battle in my team no one except myself have above 50% WR when oposing team did not have even ONE player bellow 50%. The different in "skill" was probably around 12%. Game ended in 7:36 min. Why is so hard for you to balance teams? Or is there some kind of "special" to get unicums all together against weak players? I start to think there is something fishy.
  6. you know what, i have like 13 loses again in row with one win. I'm done. I got better things to do with my life and spend too much time already with this. On other hand Baldurs gate 3 and Crusader Kings 3 is out as well so why to get angry here at this nonsense. We discussing things here like we are some captains lol. This is just game and not even good one. We are not captains. Majority of us know nothing about how to sail etc. We are just bunch of addicts looking to be good at something.
  7. MM in general. I DON'T use monitor. I look at stats after game is done. Just right click and look at WR. Again, last game i played my team was off 7-8% on AVG. We lost of course. I got TAT 60%, ARTIA 64%, AE86 57%, XODUS 54%, MS-BR 55%, GKB 57% against my team with WR highest O_O 56% and second KANGO and myself with 50%, rest were bellow 48%. People who re saying it's balanced need to check stats after game. It's definitely NOT.
  8. but that's not fun. When you get run over in 8 minutes because your team have weak players. I have nothing against them. Not everyone can be good or great. But make it fair. Ths is just ridiculous and is going on for years.
  9. just played in team of AVG WR around 48% against team with AVG WR above 55%. How is this balanced game? I'm asking again. Why we have to play like this? When you will finally fix this and make both teams even in skill? This is actually violations of some agreement i would say against everyone who pays you guys. We pay you money but you are not able to provide fair game for us. I don't want to face division of 3 superunicums with bellow average team. I'm just a average players as well. Why you can't fix it and make this game fair for everyone?
  10. im not saying the same. It was nerfed from 60 to 52. Actually watch Flamu post on youtube about Odin. at least somebody who agrees.
  11. Yes. So that makes you what? You know there is a number of battles under avatar...? Just saying
  12. Odin can be wrecking ball. But not in match against T9-10. Odin depends more than others on MM actually.
  13. if you post some spread sheet please do it correctly. This is just a mess of nubers.
  14. you do. Exactly point...Siegfried is a cruiser. Why would have to get same slow turrets as BB? Her guns reload is BB guns reload. Without skill 26 seconds. Russian bias is there. Definitely. None of the ships even existed. I bow tank with Petro and laughing at Yamato.
  15. Come on...i want Siegfried to be buffed! Reload 20 sec, turret traverse 25, ice breaker. That's all.