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  1. MM is unbalanced and Wg completely ignores that. Why not to have one team with 45% WR against team with 55% WR. That's so balanced. So much i want to just quit
  2. so you will have on team IOWA guy with 130 battles and WR 38, Alaska guy with 330 battles and WR 42 against SCCC and K. wth i even play this anymore?
  3. Players with 38% WR are simply burden to any team. Make some WR cut and thats it. Like 48% or something. It's ridiculous how many bad players i have to see.
  4. Team wiht 48% avg WR definitely have no chance against team with WR 60%. WTH is wrong with this people? Why they don't fix it?
  5. I'm avg player, but for sure getting into team with players hom have 100 battles and WR 38% is not help full. Why...why...why WG can't balance the team selection? And why people are getting into worse teams for 2 weeks straith? This crap is rigged.
  6. just shows me they are not interested about game as much. So many times i have team full of superunicum player against team with average. Even in ranks it's messed up. It is so obvious even blind would see it. No wonder they will keep status when they can hardly ever fight each other. This is simply [edited].
  7. if i get in team 5 players with WR bellow 47% and just 2 at 50 and team i play against have 3 players 60% plus how is this balanced? i guess same balance as everything in this game.
  8. i have off today, played whole day from 8 and just finished T1. Now i have to qualify for silver. I have to go sleep. Going to work. I bet people who worked today and started 8-9 hours after me will not have time even to reach Rank 1. It's too short of time period. This need to be split in 3 days i would say. Two days to reach Rank 1 and 3th day for qualification.
  9. yes it was i know, that's why i was so naive thinking they may fix this with new ranked system
  10. 100 steel. On WG introduction page to new ranked is posted rewards will increase as you get into higher league. I don't see any increase.
  11. can't you manage even that? It's enough when i have to play randoms like this. First game and i got on my team one guy with 32 games and 26.6 WR and second guy 9 games all together with 36% WR. Against high skill team. You call this fun???
  12. amoncz

    Is NA server down

    I'm off today as well, have to work Saturday but off next week 3 days from Fri till Sun.
  13. dude, you talk nonsense. When the whole line is build around them it means they will be DOT. On German BB's they are must because of bad main dispersion and shooting range.
  14. same as i can have opinion about them when they post it. If something is so obviously wrong and still there are people who will try to defend it it makes me wonder. You just other smart one trying to score. This is not about some flame war. This is for WG to know how they mismanage the whole game lately. Same with Santa crates etc. One bad decision after other. Sick and tired of it. I use to play every day couple hours. Now just every 3-4 2-3 battles. Half of the players in my clan are simply out for weeks. Never happen like this before. It was always cuople i can replace. Now is like mass exodus.
  15. amoncz

    Quitting Due to Secondary Nerf ( excessive )

    Yes Flamu tested it....it's Flamu. I trust his views. Who are you to judge him?