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  1. Update 21/07/17: Updated Historical Naval Ensign and Signal flags, fixed small texture issue Added Town-class Cruiser (1910) skin to post #5: HMS Falmouth, 1st Light Cruiser Squadron, 1914. Added G-class Destroyer skin to post #5: HMS Gallant, 1st Destroyer Flotilla, Mediterranean, 1930s.
  2. Update 20/07/17: Updated Historical Naval Ensign and Signal flags for
  3. I can give you a lower res version of the flags file if you want but it will have hardly any effect on performance or anything, get back to me if you still want it and I'll sort it out for you but I don't think it'll make much of a difference between the current file for you
  4. No, the Nicholas we have here in World of Warships is a paper ship, there's no two ways about it, other ships of the same name don't come in to the matter. The WoWS Nicholas is the planned design dating from 1919 of a 2,200 tonne Destroyer Leader.
  5. Update 13/07/17: Updated Historical Naval Ensign and Signal flags for
  6. And she should keep that, along with the Arkansas. There's no need for Wargaming to release these ships for sale, there are plenty of other candidates for tier IV IJN light cruiser and USN battleship premiums. Wargaming should keep the Iwaki and Arkansas exclusive to Alpha and Beta testers as far as I'm concerned, just like they did in WoT with the Pz. V/IV and M4A2E4.
  7. If you click my signature, the first spoiler contains my historical flags mod, I try to get it updated on the day of a patch release (for the EU server)
  8. There are no differences aside from the main camouflages that they come with and even then the bonuses are the same i.e the Kamikaze, Fujin and Kamikaze R camouflages all have the same effect
  9. As it currently stands, Graf Zeppelin has no dive bombers at all
  10. Oh please, Warspite easily qualifies.
  11. Yeah, there are a few Duke of York paint schemes I will do
  12. Yes, I'll be doing as many RN BB skins as I can
  13. Update 29/06/17: Updated Historical Naval Ensign and Signal flags for