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  1. You're thinking of Portsmouth, not Plymouth however Plymouth would still make for a great port ingame. Devonport is the largest naval base in Western Europe. Not just a major Royal Navy hub.
  2. It is what it is, not much we can do about that
  3. You know where to download it if you want it. Though I need to check if it's still working for the current update first.
  4. No, as far as I'm aware Gallant was never even camouflaged. The camouflage she carries in game is that of HMS Grenade, specifically in 1940. That particular camouflage is also not an 'official' scheme, the paint used to create it was simply what was to hand at the time. There weren't really any guidelines like that for warship camouflage in the Royal Navy and it was more down to the captain of the individual ship as to how exactly it was painted. This isn't always the case but it did happen.
  5. Ship skins

    I'll have a look at my stuff tomorrow when the patch goes live on the EU server.
  6. HMS Agincourt is one of the ships I would like to see most.
  7. That's what I was going to suggest, I picked up a 1943-44 edition recently
  8. From top left; HMS Furious, HMS Audacious, HMS Implacable, HMS Indomitable, HMS Hermes
  9. I personally think Puush is one of the best tools for image and general file hosting
  10. Update 27/08/18: All mods are now updated and working for Update both here and on my subreddit
  11. I know, I can't update that yet because I am not at home right now
  12. Update 22/08/18: Skins are working for Update both here and on my subreddit as far as I'm aware, will check properly when I get home from my holiday
  13. Please help me Identify this ship

    If I remember correctly, Repulse was in refit from December 1918 and was only recommissioned in 1921 so it can't possibly be Repulse.
  14. New French tier X cruiser spotted 'Brennus'

    It's nothing special, just a Henri IV for testing the new Main Battery Reload Booster consumable
  15. Update 26/07/18: All mods updated and working for Update both here and on my subreddit