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  1. Update 21/09/17: Updated Historical Naval Ensign and Signal flags for
  2. No problem, I'm glad you like my work!
  3. Currently, no
  4. No problem, enjoy
  5. Update 17/09/17: Updated Historical Signal Flags and Naval Ensign mod Added Nelson-class Battleship skin to post #5: HMS Nelson, flagship of the Home Fleet, weathered MS4a scheme, 1940-1941.
  6. Additional; I have also just updated the Orion-class Battleship skin file to include the optional textures for HMS Iron Duke so that she matches the colour of the gun turrets. Re-download the file if you wish to have these textures, install instructions also updated if you have any issues.
  7. Update 14/09/17: Updated Historical Naval Ensign and Signal flags for Everything else is working fine
  8. Heyo, yeah I've been asked about the Iowa before. I really can't say when I'll get to her, I still need to finish off a lot of things that I've had planned for some time before I'll get to there I'm afraid. I've never really liked the Iowa-class so it's not been particularly high on my list of priorities. I will get to her at some point, I just don't know when
  9. TFW no pin ;~; Though I'd never ask for it
  10. Lancasters with Tallboys taking off from an Aircraft Carrier
  11. One issue that was discovered with the Dunkerque-class was that the gun barrels were so close together due to their mounting configuration in each turret of 2x2 meant that the guns would interfere with the trajectory of the shell of the gun next to it when fired together which played hell with accuracy. As for the Nelson-class, it was originally feared that they would not be able to fire a full broadside without causing structural damage to the ship, this was proved untrue when Rodney engaged Bismarck however it did rip up some of the teak decking, destroy plumbing, toilet bowls and almost all light bulbs in the forward end of the ship.
  12. I'd join in with my own, I don't find many American Battleships particularly good looking at all aside from the Pennsylvania and New Mexico-classes. Not much of a fan of the camouflage measures either.
  13. I'll have a work on something then put a link here and probably include it with the Orion skin
  14. Thanks! I'm really pleased with how they turned out