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  1. The blue scheme isn't even close to her wartime colours. Between June 1939 and early 1941 she carried a dark grey scheme of 507A, looking like this - The lighter grey is closer to her historical colours, namely the one she carried between 1920 and 1936 and then again for the Battle of the Denmark Strait in May 1941, 507B where she looked like this - As for the roundel, it appears to be mostly correct, there are very few photos but it seems she carried it between 1936 and 1941.
  2. Agincourt, Exeter, Devonshire
  3. I'm away from home at the moment. Should be back in a couple of days
  4. Yeah, it's also not allowed any more. Using mods that makes changes to the scripts.zip file is against the rules as of last week.
  5. I haven't it's a screenshot from one of Wargaming's videos.
  6. Update 21/12/17: Updated Historical Signal Flags and Naval Ensign mod Added King George V-class Battleship skin to post #6: HMS Duke of York, Battle of North Cape, December 1943. HMS Duke of York, late 1944.
  7. Good to see you're still around!
  8. In all likelihood it has been banned because in order for it to work it modifies the scripts.zip file which Wargaming has decided to disallow because modifying this file makes it possible for actual cheats/hacks to work. It's easier to disallow all mods that work through the scripts file than actively monitoring a select few. This is exactly the same case with Monstro Markers.
  9. Much the same can be said for Haida on any server that isn't NA. Cossack has a interesting history with both the Altmark Incident and engaging the Bismarck the night before she was sunk which makes her inclusion in the game perfectly acceptable. The vast majority of crying about Haida is all coming from this server, elsewhere there is very little so don't speak for the whole WoWS community.
  10. Just a quick update to say that I've not forgotten about making skins. Soon™
  11. Update 14/12/17: Everything working fine for, no need to reinstall anything, just move files to new folder
  12. It's pretty good, one of Wargaming's better ones, some of the colours are a bit off iirc but it's quite close.