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  1. zFireWyvern

    Who Would You Like to See?

    Captain Stephen Beattie VC
  2. zFireWyvern

    Need a premium RN cruiser

    No, @Slimeball91 is right, some of the Town-class had their X turret removed and replaced with additional AA guns, HMS Newcastle for example.
  3. For me (with totally no bias), Hood in her 507c paint scheme from 1936-39, Operation Cerberus Scharnhorst and 1943 Warspite are close behind though.
  4. zFireWyvern

    Duke of York Missing an Anchor?

    Here you go, this isn't a wartime photograph however, this is from 1958 where she's waiting to be scrapped in Faslane.
  5. zFireWyvern

    A proposal for HMS Agincourt

    At tier IV with the upper end of 40k HP is going to take an awful lot of destroyer citadels to whittle her down.
  6. zFireWyvern

    A proposal for HMS Agincourt

    You're putting too much weight on the amount of rifles, it's only two more than Wyoming. It's really not going to be that much of a gamechanger in that regard. The tradeoffs have already been discussed above. Agincourt is a big ship, over 100ft longer than Wyoming and given the amount of turrets, her citadel is going to travel along a large part of the ship. Couple that with generally weaker armour and potentially awkward firing angles and you have a ship that is capable of being balanced for the game with factors to offset her raw main battery firepower.
  7. zFireWyvern

    A proposal for HMS Agincourt

    No thankyou, Premium ships should be represented as they were at some point in their existence if they were real. I'm not a huge fan of ahistorical refits anyway, especially when they're not really needed i.e. Iron Duke. Also the easy solution to the 14 gun HE salvo is simple, give her useable AP and reduce the potency of the HE, I don't think many people would mind.
  8. zFireWyvern

    A proposal for HMS Agincourt

    Agincourt has barely any AA to speak of, at most two 3" guns which is one of the reasons why she doesn't fit at a tier any higher than IV. She'd be a free meal for any CV.
  9. zFireWyvern

    Question About Steam

    It doesn't link anything, it just bypasses the Steam login so you can log into the server using your normal account details. It doesn't do anything to solve the 'issue' of wanting to use money on Steam to buy something for your WoWS account.
  10. zFireWyvern

    Question About Steam

    No it isn't. Steam WoWS and regular WoWS accounts are completely separate and cannot be linked.
  11. zFireWyvern

    [] Wyvern's Historical Skin Workshop

    The camouflages.xml has no effect on the Black ships as they have their own unique textures. @JervisBay this only just occurred to me but try going into your port filter and under the special ships tab click the eye on the decorative option. I think this will turn off the Black ship camouflages and give them the appearance of the regular ships, also applying whatever skins you have installed for the regular ships to those too.
  12. zFireWyvern

    Imperator Nikolai

    She was only overpriced as she was bundled with Doubloons and Premium time. You couldn't pick up the ship on its own, that was just how it was back then for new ships.
  13. zFireWyvern

    What are the current test ships?

    The most recent ships added for testing on the live server are: Viribus Unitis Yahagi Leone Neustrashimy Azuma