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  1. zFireWyvern

    If you haven't seen it yet - the KittyPurfurst Flag

    If you like your historical flags, check out my subreddit (there's a link in my skins thread) where I keep and updated historical flags mod. No, lots of the flags move around, especially the signal flags when new ones are added to the texture file. It's a nightmare keeping my flags mod updated.
  2. zFireWyvern

    If you haven't seen it yet - the KittyPurfurst Flag

    Looking at the aspect ratio of the White Ensign in your original picture, you're probably using an outdated flags mod.
  3. Even though WG did exactly the same thing with HMS Hood (unless you wanted to spend £100 on her). HMS Gallant doesn't have the correct paint scheme on her either, she has HMS Grenade's camouflage.
  4. zFireWyvern

    [] Wyvern's Historical Skin Workshop

    Yes but I don't have any free time to make skins at the moment so I'm not sure when I'll be creating again. I've got a dissertation to write first
  5. zFireWyvern

    [] Wyvern's Historical Skin Workshop

    Update 18/10/18: All mods are now updated and working for Update both here and on my subreddit
  6. zFireWyvern

    What is your "Dream Boat"?

    Agincourt really doesn't fit anywhere above tier IV. She has two more rifles than Wyoming and Nikolai sure but she's a long ship with a large citadel, she doesn't have great armour and she has pretty much no AA defences at all. She wouldn't fit at tier V.
  7. Why should they ever do that? You aren't owed anything regarding this. WG doesn't owe you another premium at a higher tier than the one you already bought for nothing. The sense of entitlement is unbelievable.
  8. It's more of a dark purple/blue than black but I know what you mean. I still find her light grey 507C scheme the most visually appealing. Dunkerque's historical dark grey looks pretty amazing too and I think she performs pretty well, despite what a lot of people say about her
  9. zFireWyvern

    [] Wyvern's Historical Skin Workshop

    Yeah I still have plans to do HMS Kenya in her Mountbatten Pink camouflage scheme, it's just finding time in which to do it as I am currently studying for my last year at university so that obviously takes priority. I'll get around to it eventually though.
  10. No the Last Conquest skin for Hood is not historically accurate in the slightest. The closest she ever got to that colour was between 1939 and early 1941 when she carried an overall 507A paint scheme which looked like this; When she engaged the Bismarck at the Battle of the Denmark Strait she had been repainted in an overall 507B paint scheme which looked like this;
  11. zFireWyvern

    where is prinz eitel friedrich?

    Can't tell if being sarcastic, that's just someone's fantasy thing they uploaded to DeviantArt. It's not grounded in any sort of reality whatsoever.
  12. zFireWyvern

    Bourgogne Yellow Bellied Battleship?

    It's not really yellow though is it? It's just discoloured from the weathering that has been put into the texture, no different to Montana, for example.
  13. zFireWyvern

    A couple of minor things I would like to see happen.

    Is that the case? Just look at the state HMS Hermes was in when she returned from the Falklands.