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  1. Update 20/05/18 Added Asashio-class Destroyer skin to post #2: HIJMS Kasumi, Operation Ten-Go, 7 April 1945. (Yes I know Kasumi had her X turret removed before Ten-Go but I was halfway through making this skin when I remembered this fact so we'll just have to pretend a bit)
  2. Brooklyn Class CL

    It's pretty clear that it'll be renamed to Nueve de Julio and moved to a Pan-American branch when ready for release and is just being tested under the name USS Boise. A special Argentine flag has already been added to the game files for Nueve de Julio, nothing has been added for USS Boise.
  3. ARKANSAS BETA FOR even arward /sale

    Good. There's no shortage of ships for WG to add as premiums and there's no reason to sell the two ships that were awarded to early testers of the game for completing a specific requirement.
  4. Update 29/04/18: Added Camouflage Remover to post #1 - if it is still crashing the game after installing let me know and I'll try and find a fix
  5. Update 26/04/18: All mods updated and working for Update both here and on my subreddit I apologise for the lack of skins recently, I'm just far too busy with university work to do anything else at the moment, once I'm done for the summer I'll have some new skins on the way
  6. As long as it takes. What a surprise that giving people that bought the thing the ability to take part in the re-working process that ultimately resulted in the point and click adventure it is now. Something something vested interests.
  7. British Battlecruiser Suggestion

    Exeter was a Heavy Cruiser, not a Battlecruiser
  8. Looking for name of German Destroyer (63)

    This postcard would suggest the Destroyer you are looking for is Z9 Wolfgang Zenker, a Type 1934A-class Destroyer.
  9. Whilst that is true now back when WoWS was in Alpha testing, all testers had to sign an NDA.
  10. You're something that's for sure.
  11. Yes, tell me again how people who are vocally opposed to such collaborations are as bad as people that committed and justified the systematic elimination of millions of people. Sort yourself out.
  12. Keep your hair fur on big boy. I didn't mean to insult your American pride. I completely forgot that NA is the centre of WoWS development and, for that matter the whole universe.
  13. Yeah, you can demonstrate how NA is an embarrassment to the rest of the WoWS community for a second time.