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  1. There are multiple skins you can download here on the forum that will show Arizona in her historical paint scheme, I know, I made one when she first came out.
  2. They would only see whatever they have downloaded, it makes no difference if two people have downloaded the same files. What other people see is directly related to what mods they have, not the both of you.
  3. I've never understood what people see in US Battleships from the North Carolina onwards but there you go.
  4. Agreed Prettiest ship in the game for sure (in my opinion anyway).
  5. If that's the case I'm in a lot of trouble :c
  6. Doesn't mean anything, remember Nelson and Iron Duke also have commemorative flags, neither of which were sold in bundles.
  7. The Asian server announcement said they'd also be selling the special Halloween containers on the premium store, I expect that will be the same on the other servers too.
  8. Had a double cit on a KGV that was trying to escape my Nagato at about 16km
  9. Turret arrangement i.e. directions that some of the turrets face is different (worse IMO) on Gangut compared the Nikolai.
  10. Tier I is a IJN Escort Ship, looks like one of the Mikura-class to me, Tier II is a V-25-class Torpedo Boat, Tier III is a R-class Destroyer, Tier IV is a Minekaze-class Destroyer, Tier VI is a Gnevny-class Destroyer, Tier VII is a N-class Destroyer, TIer VIII is a Gleaves-class Destroyer, Tier IX is a Fletcher-class Destroyer and Tier X is an Allen M. Sumner-class Destroyer. The outlier being the Tier V which was a Royal Navy project Destroyer that never came to fruition.
  11. Warspite, hands down. The service record, the history, she should have been a museum and it's a tragedy that she was scrapped. Hood comes in at a close second however just because of how absolutely gorgeous she was.
  12. Nah, I won't be putting my stuff into Aslain's for a couple of reasons, partly because it'd be an enormous nightmare to work into the pack due to skins sharing various files.
  13. Check the mods section of the forum (or click my signature if you feel so inclined), there are skins that will do that job for you
  14. Currently, no
  15. Lancasters with Tallboys taking off from an Aircraft Carrier