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  1. Hold on a second....Graf Scharnhorst?

    Graf Spee's turrets have the wappen of SMS Scharnhorst (forward turret) and SMS Gneisenau (aft turret) on them as they did in real life. SMS Scharnhorst and Gneisenau were commanded by Admiral Maximilian von Spee at the Battle of the Falkland Islands in 1914 which resulted in the sinking of SMS Scharnhorst and Gneisenau as well as the loss of von Spee himself who was aboard Scharnhorst when she sank.
  2. Ensigns

    No, no it isn't. The Kriegsmarine War Ensign was adopted in 1938 and went out of use in 1945. It was the ensign of Nazi Germany's navy, therefore it was a Nazi flag. The flag used ingame is a censored version of that ensign, it is absolutely not historically accurate.
  3. How does this make sense? DOY

    I don't have Duke of York but I do have one of King George V in 1941 which clearly shows the device above the carley float. They look to be canvas tubes probably containing cork that are joined together with some netting which makes sense as they're referred to as floatnets in the game files.
  4. How does this make sense? DOY

    That's pretty much exactly what they are.
  5. Bourrasque was still lost as part of Operation Dynamo and Nieuwpoort isn't too far away. Le Foudroyant wasn't sunk that close to where the wreck is ingame either, she was further out to sea and down the coast a little. For the sake of the port WG decided they wanted a wrecked destroyer and for whatever reason they picked Bourrasque.
  6. Looking through the game files I'll tell you that it is Bourrasque which makes sense given the context Bourrasque hit a mine, L'Adroit was the Destroyer who lost her bow.
  7. flag confussion

    I don't know how it's earned, it's not been made available yet as far as I'm aware, there's also a flag for Nelson which hasn't been earnable yet. The flag to the right is the top bundle flag that came with Mutsu.
  8. flag confussion

    It's right there
  9. HMS Hood and Refit plans

    This site will give you a pretty comprehensive overview of the planned modifications and alterations for Hood had she survived 1941 - http://www.hmshood.com/history/construct/repair42.htm
  10. Update 01/07/18 Added Tribal-class Destroyer skin to post #5: HMCS Haida, 10th Destroyer Flotilla, Plymouth, UK, 4th July 1944.
  11. Ports you would like to see in the game.

    Devonport/Plymouth Sound would be nice, the largest naval base in Western Europe Totally no bias here I swear
  12. I'll get around to doing some more skins soon, I've been slacking a bit lately, I'll probably address some KGV skins first as they shouldn't take too long
  13. Update 28/06/18: All mods updated and working for Update both here and on my subreddit