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  1. YukikazeFortunateBeaver

    Forum Contest - Shipfu Showcase

    New Jersey camo for Iowa please :DD
  2. unknown.png.28ea5cd491ddd05226d11567e95168fa.png
    But Ise is a Battleship :(

    1. Rolkatsuki


      Ise is and has being a BB, not sure what historical info the wikia editors are reference their material from.

  3. *sings a parody of the batman theme song*

    Nanananananana Bugatti Battle Bukiiii!

    \ /☆.\\ /

  4. YukikazeFortunateBeaver

    Best tech tree ship of each tier and class 2021

    Battleship Destroyers Cruisers CV V Kongo Guepard? Furutaka VI Queen Elizabeth Gnevny Leander Ryujo VII Nagato Jervis Myoko VIII Amagi Akizuki Balti Lexington IX Izumo Kitakaze Buffalo X Yamato Daring Des Moines Harkuryu im not confident in my choices below t7, and choices for CV. but I've got all the t10s so feel like this is a good list
  5. YukikazeFortunateBeaver

    Let's take a moment to appreciate Yamato

    stinky cat
  6. YukikazeFortunateBeaver

    29x T10 snowflake boxes opened

    here is what i got from 40 boxes, 36 of which were the snowflakes from t10. saw you in my Khaba battle too :D
  7. YukikazeFortunateBeaver

    Santa Crates

    dum cat >:C
  8. YukikazeFortunateBeaver

    Twenty-six Inch Penetration

    ah the turret. see, OP said Armoured hull so was just messing around
  9. YukikazeFortunateBeaver

    Twenty-six Inch Penetration

    There was a Yamato class that was captured by the US? the third one too? I thought Shinano was sunk by a sub, so was never really...captured
  10. YukikazeFortunateBeaver

    Are you sure about this? Wargaming!

    read the fine print, and if you dont want to do that, at least read the forums to see that other people have said the same thing
  11. YukikazeFortunateBeaver

    The biggest deal of the day !

    Time to buy! >:D
  12. image.png.5b26c04ab2bb1c1d6343c5ee72c28e56.png

    I wasn't expecting to see you in the comments

    1. Chobittsu


      Oh I get around  :3

  13. YukikazeFortunateBeaver

    ST 0.9.10, Arpeggio of Blue Steel and Black Friday

    fair I guess. would just like to see a change
  14. YukikazeFortunateBeaver

    ST 0.9.10, Arpeggio of Blue Steel and Black Friday

    they did it for HSF collab, where the Harekaze was actually interesting, and the AL collab here they actually made the ships (excluding Lit) different, albeit by a tiny bit