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  1. ChubbyCVEGambierBaaayyyy

    got the Graf Spee

    Congrats! Heh I’ve been working my butt off getting all the phases. Aiming for Odin
  2. ChubbyCVEGambierBaaayyyy

    Mouse's Throne of Skulls

    wow this hasnt been used in awhile But i did the killings of @Lord_Zath
  3. rip me just finished the last British directive and still didn't get any British CA's xd

    1. Rolkatsuki


      awwww /;_\\


  4. ChubbyCVEGambierBaaayyyy

    World of Warships: 2019 Results

    seeing this on the wows page nearly made me burst out laughing. this year has been the worst out of all the years wows has been out so far. who knows maybe it'll be topped next year with the way its been going.
  5. ChubbyCVEGambierBaaayyyy

    The Last Coo of Boom Flag, and Goodbye

    Thank you for everything, Pigeon. You and SuperNikoPower (yes I still miss him) were the best and my favorite people on the forums. Good luck in the future, and come visit some time.
  6. ChubbyCVEGambierBaaayyyy

    PSA: A Message from Sub_Octavian regarding PR

    While the apology is nice, I cannot accept it. This along with past issues that could have easily been avoided has disappointed and upset many people. My main question is why make it free only for such a small population? Why did you focus on making PR only for the top players and whales.
  7. ChubbyCVEGambierBaaayyyy


    This is what I got in one of the 4 free ones
  8. ChubbyCVEGambierBaaayyyy

    [archive] WoWS Mac Wrapper Bugs and Feedback Thread

    I did the thing you said and it always freezes at 22.18
  9. ChubbyCVEGambierBaaayyyy

    [archive] WoWS Mac Wrapper Bugs and Feedback Thread

    Ive had this issue with the launcher and every time I wait for it to auto retry it just resets timer
  10. ChubbyCVEGambierBaaayyyy

    battle outcomes predetermined?

    oh god these types of people do exist
  11. Yeah my sanity is more important than the Benham. no premium USN DD for me and I'm fine with it

    1. Chien_Lu_Anderman


      Good for you and same for me .


  12. ChubbyCVEGambierBaaayyyy

    [CLOSED] CONTEST - WIN A PREMIUM SHIP!!! Last chance!!!

    I got 50 dragon flags! :D
  13. ChubbyCVEGambierBaaayyyy

    [CLOSED] CONTEST - WIN A PREMIUM SHIP!!! Last chance!!!

    I had invited a real life friend into warships as he was bored and wanted more games to play together (we played Minecraft together usually). He wanted a USS Texas so he used my invite to get the Diane first then he saw the Blyskawica was Polish. He is half polish so he got the Blyska. Didn't like it but he said he didn't regret getting the ship. Then the US CL change was announced and he was at the Omaha and had over 100k free xp. I told him to get the Cleveland so he could have a Tier 8 ship after the change so he got Cleveland. Played it for a bit in Ops and had fun. Sadly he stopped a couple days after the change to US CL happened. I'm going to pick the number...47
  14. ChubbyCVEGambierBaaayyyy

    [archive] WoWS Mac Wrapper Bugs and Feedback Thread

    update in WGC would make WGC not open. so I decided to try to reinstall. this is what I get brilliant isn't it. not even going to send a support ticket as it'll just be "too bad" and closed