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  1. AdmSevicson

    Submarine Battles: Free Submarine Rentals

    Indeed they revived/replaced the hamsters. Coal tomorrow again. Great. I hope the tokens work tomorrow. Stupid system. In the weekends I have to focus on my kids so can't even test them. I hope I have the subs on Monday. Know that I also tested the broken Graff zeppelin on live server. PS Really easy to kill subs with depht charges. So they aren't even that dangerous like some claim.
  2. AdmSevicson

    Submarine Battles: Free Submarine Rentals

    Some claim they received the token. So we even have to wait longer? I laugh with the statement that we can test subs on the 27th of May... And again... I am pro subs but this token system is really stupid. It's cooling my enthusiasm down. I support this game really hard with premium stuff and this is how WG supports loyal customers? If everyone just plays free this game wouldn't even exist.
  3. AdmSevicson

    Submarine Battles: Free Submarine Rentals

    Nope, still waiting to get the token. So the token mechanism isn't working today. Just give us the subs cus this mechanism isn't working.
  4. AdmSevicson

    Submarine Battles: Free Submarine Rentals

    Yeah, there were other and better options. Play 10 battles in a dd and get... For example. Just to reward people to play other types. But no, let's do this and the MM will get his stress in 7days. Brilliant thinking. And I was a fan for submarines...
  5. AdmSevicson

    Submarine Battles: Free Submarine Rentals

    Bullcrap, tomorrow also coal. Just give us the subs Meanwhile it's just VS bots and the few lucky ones have a sub. My feedback: give us the subs now if you want feedback cus I'm not gonna wait for a week. Bad move with the tokens.
  6. AdmSevicson

    Golden laurel wreath or golden circle chain

    Sweet, thx Vader_Sama. Jolly, I added pictures
  7. Hello all, I know there are bigger stuff to worry about but I'm just wondering... I noticed a difference in the premium tags. There are some premium ships like the Aigle with a golden laurel wreath as a symbol of being a premium ship. Most premiums have a golden circle in the form of a chain like the T-61. Is there any other reason but cosmetic why this is different on premium ships? It can't be the shipclass.