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  1. With update 0.6.9, the game crashes when using the old camouflage remover which was basically an empty file. The game didn't like that, but I looked into how the file worked and I basically modified the values of each new camo group to be 0. Now the game is happy that it has data to load, and won't crash anymore. Replace the current camouflages.xml in /res_mods/0.6.9/ with this new one and your skins will be good to go again camouflages.xml
  2. I love the kagero, it's an amazing ship I usually get put into T10 battles, and what I do first is go straight for caps I make sure there's an escape route with cover if I get spotted by a horde or by khab or gearing Her guns are deceptively strong, if you land all your shells at 6 km, you're doing 1500 damage a salvo to enemy DDs If you have CE, then if you move right, you can just go as close as 6 km to BBs in the back of a lemming train and torp them, they won't expect it because they think they're protected by the ships in front The torpedo reload consumable is what I usually use to get me out of tough situations, I don't really ever use smoke in my Kagero because if its insane detection range
  3. Ranked meta past rank 12

    Why would you threaten them with torpedos? You'd want to go pink because you're too impatient? I always lead my team to play for picks, doesn't matter if both caps are capped, because if the enemy team is dead then we can cap freely