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  1. Well of course, if you don't ask, you won't receive. Works like that in real life and in-game. This isn't an 'every man for himself' game, you just play it like it is and as a result, you believe it is.
  2. Never asks anyone to assist him Says he never experiences people helping him
  3. Maybe it's because you hide your stats, because I have friendly DDs that smoke me, and cruisers that will radar for me a fair amount of battles. Also at tier 7, it is really easy to do whatever you want and get away with it.
  4. If you hide your stats, sure maybe they won't shoot at you, but if you want to tell a teammate to do something, they won't listen.
  5. No, your argument clearly has been, that it HELPS in your battles. My argument is, it HURTS, in-game as well as supporting your arguments in forums.
  6. "I have my own observations" is not sufficient evidence that that is true. I mean, flat earthers think they see the earth is flat, does that make it true?
  7. No you're quite special And the people that don't go on the forums for themselves learn about others through friends Also, you don't have concrete scientific proof that the turning off of stats has definitely improved the focus fire problem. Just word of mouth, which isn't reliable.
  8. When you start telling others how to play *their* game, you give up your own right to ignore what others say back to you Also, Cleveland is borderline OP right now, 3k salvos with massive fire chance To also about your focus fire issue, maybe you should probably stop antagonizing others on the forums, because I know that a majority of users don't care about per battle stats, and they're only looking at Clan tags and usernames.
  9. Stats matter because if you know what you're talking about, you can perform what you have said and gain a clear advantage over others in game. Your analogy of real life generals not having combat experience does not fit here, generals command multiple soldiers in formation, while you drive your own boat in game. Also, there are many many great players who don't hide their stats, yet they're fine with "being targeted first in-game." I don't see them complaining about it though, so what does that mean? They're good enough to shrug off a few extra shells and you're not? This is analogous to someone trying to tutor a stranger, and hiding their own personal academic records. It may not matter that what you say is correct after all anyone can look up and copy correct facts, your words just don't have anything to back them up.
  10. With update 0.6.9, the game crashes when using the old camouflage remover which was basically an empty file. The game didn't like that, but I looked into how the file worked and I basically modified the values of each new camo group to be 0. Now the game is happy that it has data to load, and won't crash anymore. Replace the current camouflages.xml in /res_mods/0.6.9/ with this new one and your skins will be good to go again camouflages.xml
  11. I love the kagero, it's an amazing ship I usually get put into T10 battles, and what I do first is go straight for caps I make sure there's an escape route with cover if I get spotted by a horde or by khab or gearing Her guns are deceptively strong, if you land all your shells at 6 km, you're doing 1500 damage a salvo to enemy DDs If you have CE, then if you move right, you can just go as close as 6 km to BBs in the back of a lemming train and torp them, they won't expect it because they think they're protected by the ships in front The torpedo reload consumable is what I usually use to get me out of tough situations, I don't really ever use smoke in my Kagero because if its insane detection range
  12. Ranked meta past rank 12

    Why would you threaten them with torpedos? You'd want to go pink because you're too impatient? I always lead my team to play for picks, doesn't matter if both caps are capped, because if the enemy team is dead then we can cap freely