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  1. That's impressive, Kidd!

    42 aircraft shot down by the Kidd! Even more bizarre is why aircraft were trying to take on a destroyer...
  2. Premium time

    Sometimes I win 24 hours of Premium time, but am often not able to use it due to other demands in life. It would be nice if I could store the 24 hour Premium time activation for when I think I will be able to take advantage of it.
  3. Fed up!

    So here I was closing the range in my Bayern towards a Fiji (cruiser). When I get close, about 3000m, the Fiji cruiser puts out smoke. I now see nothing except shells firing at me. I get closer, down to 2000m and I have the Fiji firing both mains and secondaries at me. Do you think I can see the ship? Of course not. It kept firing and then it sunk me. This game is turning into Star Trek with all the weird stuff being introduced. You see me, but I can't see you, even though we are at point blank range. Not happy!
  4. I wish the experience points would carry over to the following day. Most of the time I can only get 1 or 2 rounds completed in a day due to the other demands of life and if I don't get to 2000 points, then I have effectively wasted my time because the points reset each day. Under the previous system, I could take my time to get the rewards. The new method penalises those who are casual players and those who cannot devote a significant portion of their lives to the game.
  5. 3 and a half weeks later and there is no news about a release date or even testing. Does anybody know what has happened with the proposed Japanese DD tech tree changes? http://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/jpn-dd-sub-branch/
  6. The Super Torpedo

    Yes, I would be really upset as the NC captain. Thanks for the feedback
  7. The Super Torpedo

    I had chosen a wide spread shot with one torpedo salvo from my Fubuki and was happy to see a ship sunk so early in the round. Afterward the round I took this screenshot and I was stunned to see how that one torpedo hit did so much damage. I hit a North Carolina just once with a torpedo and sunk it by doing 53700 damage points. Can anybody comment on this?
  8. My ships don't show in port, they are always loading... And the Japanese tech tree still has my Fubuki at T8. And when I wanted to exit the game, it was trying forever so I had to terminate the application via the task manager after several minutes.
  9. Scharnhorst encountered!

    And it has the 3x3 configuration for 280mm guns vs. Gneisenau of 3x2 for 380mm. Both ships are Tier 7, which I can only take to mean that one of them (most likely Scharnhorst) will be a premium ship.
  10. Scharnhorst encountered!

    The wiki has the Scharnhorst, but it's not in the technology tree yet. http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Scharnhorst
  11. To Lex or not to Lex.

    I can testify to this. My Lexington is somewhat new and after several humiliating defeats at the hands of the Shokaku carriers (I tend to get those as opponents more than anything else) I upgraded in desperation using free XP. So with 2 fighters and 2 DBs, things are sort of okay. The problem is that I need to sink or damage a ton of ships in order to justify my "repair" bill. Even losing a handful of planes and no damage to my carrier will cost me immensely. Financially, this Lexington has been a liability and I don't know if I am prepared to play it for much longer.
  12. I must be getting old

    Thanks for the feedback. I have reviewed the patch notes and there is no mention of the Langley or dive bombers. I only found reference to Lexington and Midway carriers where there were changes to aircraft. It is odd, no complaints here, I just scored a bonus DB which arms much faster than the fighter and TB (and thats with a captain skill to help).
  13. I must be getting old

    Yesterday I tried some maps with the latest patch. I sailed my selection of carriers, first with the Independence and then with the Langley. I suddenly doubted my memory. The Langley always had two squadrons for me, 1 TB and 1 fighter but on that day, without any ship modifications, I had 3 squadrons and was surprised by the additional DB squadron. Can somebody just tell me that I have lost my mind and the Langley always had 3 squadrons!?
  14. I have noticed on many occassions now, that after using Atago AP shells for say a few shots, my shells have suddenly gone back to HE. I often use AP with my bigger ships, but the game doesn't switch back to HE on those ships.
  15. New Mexico vs Cleveland

    Thanks for that, it is exactly my point. Forget the nonsense like smaller target, upgrades and stuff, I have quoted stock equipment. Then somebody says well Wikipedia is "rubbish" in a manner or speaking. I would rather believe Wikipedia than a computer game hey