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  1. uggferron

    CV quit due to too many TX's

    I quit the other day in my cv, sailed str8 into the other team. all T 10 only 3 t8. im done with that crap. got reported and don't give a fuk.
  2. uggferron

    Full Georgia secondary build ?

    I built my GA with main gun reload in mind. at 50% health 18 sec reload. 180 turret speed is at 43.2 speed with flag 40knots with super 5 repairs 38 sec cooldown with flag sec 11.3 not manual this is a very fast build.
  3. uggferron

    p2w clan wars

    Who dont have a pay to win t8 yet?? lmbo. This is going to be fun.
  4. uggferron

    Clan Battles: “Neighbors” Season

    I agree with every point, but the t8 ship part. That's just a matter of opinion. But however 6 v6 is going to make it hard for me to cycle 17 Clan battle members that I have and not including the new ones that I've already picked up and plan on participating. However the steel rewards for this season is absolutely crap and I don't understand why. I don't feel like these were changes. I feel like these were downgrades in the competitive section of the game. This means less incentive to play Clan battles which means less Clans are going to participate. This is probably the sole reason that I created my clan and push so hard for guys to get up to tier 10. it's so that we can all play Clan battles.. However I'm not going to boycott the season we are going to show up with bells on. And we're going to lay as much smack down as possible. Come on wargaming listen to the community not the top 1%
  5. uggferron

    Clan Battles: “Neighbors” Season

    Why is end of season rewards less than last season? 6v6 will make it tougher to cycle players in Clan battles. Should have stayed 7v7. I am super excited for T8 battles though. There are a lot of great ships at t8.
  6. uggferron

    Clan Wars

    I guess when everyone is done beating this idea with a stick. Maybe just maybe. Someone will offer a real suggestion on what they think could be improved changed or added. so far no real suggestion have been made. or if they even like the idea. just trolling lmbo @crucis plz tell me what you think is missing or can be added.
  7. uggferron

    Clan Wars

    @Kami this is kinda a rough draft. what you think?
  8. uggferron

    Steel and Coal, a problem

    Not all 50 players do Clan battles. It is not my concern how clan distribute there resources.
  9. uggferron

    Steel and Coal, a problem

    A simple adjustment to the end of clan battle rewards would help this out a lot. I think it would players get over the hump with the steel wall. Clan_Battle_bonus_rewards.pdf
  10. uggferron

    Clan Wars

    no where in my post do I insult anyone. a four word sentence would equate to a bullet point. smoke another one bro... lmbo
  11. uggferron

    Clan Wars

    yet at the Yorktown this weekeng. kami and the cc thought it was a good idea. spoke to them in the feedback meeting personly. try not to be a troll. if you don't like, then move on
  12. as a recruiter, when im looking at potential clan battle players. I have no way to tell if they have ever played in organized comp play. is there a way to start recording clan battle stats for individuals? we still have team battles posted on the summary. there needs to be clan battles stats in its place.
  13. uggferron

    Clan Wars

    its a game of war. I could careless about there feeling
  14. uggferron

    Clan Wars

    after 20k battles and this is confusing. I can see why the game is coming to a stagnant holt..