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  1. goldeagle1123

    Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

  2. goldeagle1123

    Why Wows

    Nothing does, the game became awful and beyond saving a couple years ago with the sale of stupidly overpowered premiums, selling tier 9 & 10, awful CV rework, etc. I think the last time I even bother playing a game was Summer of 2019. I just browse the forums sometimes for amusement and out of curiosity.
  3. You can't. WG has been trying to for the better part of six years, and has only managed to make CVs worse or equally aggravating and un-fun to play against. It's like trying to make cigarettes "healthy". You're trying to make something fun, that is inherently not fun to play against and is bad for the game.
  4. goldeagle1123

    Photo of MM at work, no other comment.

    This "issue" (if you can call it that) has been inherent to Wargaming's Random Battles since they were introduced. Being "random" they completely ignore player skill when balancing the teams. This has always seemed like a lazy way of streamlining matchmaking to me, but it's intentional nonetheless. If WG had any intention of making it's games actually enjoyable, which frankly I doubt it does, it would simply get rid of "random" battles and introduce a properly balanced non-competitive matchmaking queue.
  5. goldeagle1123

    What should WG drop from the game?

    You do realize all of the cosmetic stuff like Arpeggio can be opted out of, right? As for what should be removed, what shouldn't be? The game is chock full of comically overpowered and unbalanced, vodka-fueled napkin drawing ships. 5+ years later and here we are with CVs still in the game, and in somehow and even worse state than at launch, albeit with their net power decreased. I thought this game had gone to the dogs before but now WG is literally just selling T10 tech tree ships. Every year they get more and more desperate for cash it seems.
  6. goldeagle1123

    How to Algerie?

    Play it like virtually every other tier 7 cruiser. Long - maximum range HE spam as long as BBs are on the map. If not, HE spam still unless you see a broadside cruiser. That's about it. Engine boost + 8" guns makes it one of the better cruisers at this tier too.
  7. goldeagle1123

    Dear WOWS I am finally out

    What does it matter? I don't care if some has 1 or 10,000 forum posts, that has no bearing on the legitimacy of what they're saying. What you're saying seems like a completely arbitrary means of trying to discredit what they're saying.
  8. goldeagle1123

    Dear WOWS I am finally out

    To voice his thoughts on the fact that the game was so unfun that he is quitting permanently? It's what forums are for, discussion and voicing of opinions. What do you not understand about that?
  9. goldeagle1123

    Dear WOWS I am finally out

    Welcome to the club, played since open beta. I called it a little under two years ago. Game devolved into too much of a blatantly unbalanced clownfiesta with things like Smolensk, and the vodka-induced napkin drawings that are the Soviet BBs.
  10. It's pretty obvious why, so they can sell them to you for real money. Wargaming is here to make money.
  11. goldeagle1123

    Can we please balance CV's

    You having myriad good players on your team is purely random, and thus irrelevant. Ship-for-ship carriers have by far disproportionate amounts of game-impact relative to the fact that they are a single "ship". If what you said was true, then matchmaking would never need to have a 1:1 carrier ratio in every game, it wouldn't matter since by your logic they are just as impactful as every other ship. Yet we all know that would be over before it even started if one team had a Midway, and the other zero carriers. You draw undue attention to the obvious fact that nothing is absolute, and that despite having a better CV some moronic teams still manage to lose. However I'd wager that in high-tier games, the team with the better CV wins at least 90% of the time.
  12. goldeagle1123

    Why did you wreck the Yamato

    Make it permanent break. This game stopped being fun years ago, and the balancing team has reached comical levels of inept ever since Russian battlecruisers and battleships added. I don't know why such a blatant attempt at apologism over the broken state of Russian of BBs has so many upvotes. Why do you presume her forgot? I've never forgotten about. That doesn't excuse or change the fact that the Yamato cannot angle whatsoever against same-tier enemy battleships.
  13. goldeagle1123

    Can we please balance CV's

    No, because you can't balance them. I've been saying this since 2015. Carriers by nature are impossible to balance, their entire existence is predicated on breaking all of the pre-existing mechanics of in-game combat and spotting. They're either going to be overpowered (like they usually are), or if they get nerfed then they're just useless because their planes just evaporate before they can do anything. The best solution, like with arty in WoT, would be to remove it entirely. But that will never happen.
  14. goldeagle1123

    Nerf the Kitakaze already WG

    Has abysmal alpha damage (among the worst of any ship tier-for-tier in the game), terrible fire chance, high arcing shells, very low top speed for a destroyer, a single long-reload torpedo launcher, requires a 14-point captain to even be playable... need I keep listing weaknesses?
  15. goldeagle1123

    Aircraft Carriers underpowered

    As I've been saying since I started playing 2015, carriers shouldn't even exist in this game. If they're going to, they should do virtually no damage. Their spotting potential alone makes them game-breaking. Upon further examination though, you seem incredibly new to the game and meta. Reassess your opinion on carriers after another 500-1000 battles.