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  1. goldeagle1123

    8.6 INSANITY

    Anyone remember the ARP event? It had it's issues but it was a simple tracked several month event where you simply needed some kills and you unlocked cosmetic ships. None of this 18 mission tabs, earn special limited token than you can spend on 10 different things, premiums only available through events, etc. WG is getting desperate and really try to milk the remaining player sand incentivize playing/grinding.
  2. goldeagle1123

    Having Played my Yoshino A Bit

    Frankly I would avoid. Mediocre ship with an extremely specific, low-impact play style. Her big HP pool, size, and guns look super cool on paper. But in reality her size in naught but a hindrance, and HP pool irrelevant because she's so massive and easy to hit, has a citadel the size of a CV, and is poorly protected. Her torps are pretty useless, you're rarely in range to use her 12km ones and you will deleted if you turn to use them, and the 20km are spotted incredibly easily and can be dodged by even a full broadside BB sailing into them. Overall I wouldn't call her garbage, because she cam HE spam ships pretty efficiently at long range and rack up damage, but she is definitely mediocre, very subpar in terms of getting wins, which is ultimately the goal of the game. Just stick with Zao, an infinitely more versatile ship capable of capping and slaughtering people in CQC, while Yoshino is relegated to "border humping" and praying she doesn't eat 30k BB salvos as she does little more than fling HE as she kites.
  3. goldeagle1123

    Italians are coming!

    Real life numbers do not always translate into in-game values, furthermore Hipper gets a heavy turtleback, and am willing to bet my car that Zara will have a MUCH larger and less protected citadel. Even with Hipper's graces she still gets deleted, so Zara at tier 8 would see death by 12 gun salvo of 16" shells every other match at least.
  4. goldeagle1123

    Italians are coming!

    How are ships supposed to be good if they get zero utility (zero special consumables, horrific AA values) outside of a gimmicky short-timer personal smoke, being massive with poor protection, and high alpha/low dpm guns with no HE? Sounds like a recipe for a really poorly performing ship line.
  5. goldeagle1123

    Italians are coming!

    Maybe in real life, but in terms of in game stats, she's not a tier 8. Hipper struggles at tier 8 and is much better protected, has a completely ahistorical buffed rate of fire and access to high penetration HE shells. Zara is massive, poorly protected, has the same gun setup, worse rate of fire (16 second reload in real life), and no access to HE. She would be awful.
  6. goldeagle1123

    Italians are coming!

    I agree, very skeptical. WG will def need to be fudging numbers to make them competitive. Massive, extremely fragile, with lots of low caliber guns with terrible shell performance, and slow rates of fire. In fact their only boon is maneuverability. The two we already have in game are in desperate need of buffs. Also they said they won't have HE, so this will be interesting.
  7. goldeagle1123

    Italians are coming!

    They won't have any HE, so there's that. Pretty big deal.
  8. goldeagle1123

    Azuma or Friesland

    Atago is okay, really not that strong though. Harekaze isn't that good either, very comparable to Kagero. Musashi doesn't count, just silly slightly worse Yamato clone that they slapped at tier 9, the same way I don't count Kamikaze as a real premium. Just a premium Minekaze clone that kept it's old torps. Neither feature unique models or gameplay, and aren't even for sale anymore.
  9. goldeagle1123

    I see the forum is back to normal...

    They're still cancer, nothing much has changed. Can start a new topic if you'd like. Only difference is the last patch removed their ability to strike at times with near impunity. Which CVs can basically still to do to most IJN and Italian ships.
  10. goldeagle1123

    Azuma or Friesland

    Dear god, Friesland. Literally any other free xp ship than Azuma. Awful ship that quickly passed the traditional torch of "no good premiums for IJN"(besides Kamikaze) to the mediocre Yoshino.
  11. goldeagle1123

    Summer Sale

    By far the most pitiful summer "sale" I've seen. Literally just WG unashamedly pushing their most garbage premiums on sale or in bundles.
  12. I think it's a very good skill, but yes is a bit overkill on "vanilla" BBs that have no gimmick consumable and just a heal, it's not common for me to burn through all my repair party charges. However on DDs and higher tier cruisers that have repair party it's a very strong skill.
  13. goldeagle1123

    Yoshino opinions?

    Yoshino plays nothing like other "large cruisers", she's an over-sized Zao for all intents and purposes. She kites at long ranges spamming HE, occasionally using AP on cruisers. She utterly fails in the close range and stealth department where the Zao can excel though. Don't expect to tank any kind of BBs shells though, almost the entirety of the ship gets overmatched by common BB calibers and she has a citadel the size of an aircraft carrier, while also being incredibly vulnerable to HE.
  14. goldeagle1123

    Done complaining......just done

    I guess quitting is a valid response, as I don't think RNG is going anywhere. It's a frustrating, dumb mechanic but games have always been a combination of luck and skill. But it is quite infuriating when you do everything right but the dispersion in your BB misses every shot on a broadside ship, however that's the nature of the game.
  15. About my reaction. Looks like generic, melodramatic garbage with bad CGI as icing on top.