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  1. goldeagle1123

    Russian BB Win Rates and Russian Bias

    She was still OP though. Literally an Iowa clone that got radar for no reason. Plus no upgrades and insane economy.
  2. And how disappointing it must be to come back for a single ship after 4 years, only to see her be a complete piece of garbage, worse even than the tech tree variant that she is a clone of, but requiring you to pay real money to play. Not to mention she lacks any sort of collab event. This is just WG simply continuing the tradition of dropping the ball with everything in favor of quick cash grabs.
  3. Oh boy, a Shiratsuyu clone that just has different torpedoes, that you have to pay real money for! Think I'll pass on this one, even if it is among the most iconic.
  4. goldeagle1123

    why is detonation a mechanic

    "bUt MuH rEaLiSm!" Seriously though, I've been asking this question since beta. Accomplishes nothing except randomly making you instantly die on occasion, for no reason other than RNG. Adds nothing good to the gameplay.
  5. goldeagle1123

    Dev Blog: Subs are here

    Ah finally, I was getting tired of the death throes of WG with their gimmicky money grab high tier premiums and event currencies. At last they're real tangible steps towards killing their own game. I guess they're at the point where they think seriously damaging the health of the game is worth it to try and breath new life into this stagnate game. It's been a good run WG, quit WoT for good years ago, WoWs will soon be next at this rate.
  6. goldeagle1123


    Considering how mediocre pretty much everything else about the ship is, I don't think so. They could at least test it.
  7. goldeagle1123

    Zao worth the grind?

    Yes, she's a really good ship. She's got so much more versatility than Yoshino the two basically aren't even comparable.
  8. goldeagle1123

    Research Bureau

    Yeah this Research Bureau crap is up there with CV rework levels of stupid unwanted changes that WG is forcing on us. At least this one is optional, albeit at the expense of having content locked away. WG seems really desperate these days, putting out nothing but high tier premiums, scam fake currency events with every new ships line released, try to shove this crap where they get us to replay our ship lines down our throat. Just reeks of desperation.
  9. goldeagle1123

    The mighty Hindenburg is mine.

    You do realize to responding to comments from a year and a half ago? And I'll stand by what I said then. Back in that meta, before Hindenburg got her 1/4 HE pen and RoF buffs she was easily the worst tier X cruiser. She had no pronounced strengths whatsoever besides her AP doing extra damage, and many weaknesses.
  10. goldeagle1123

    Revenge of the CV

    Good, they should be. A ship class that gets to hide at the back of the map behind islands, and launch endless waves of planes that ignore the mechanics of the game and gets to spot you at will while the ship itself is not at risk, all while having a massive HP pool, armored decks, immunity to fires, and being as fast as a destroyer should not be putting up numbers that compare to any other normal ship.
  11. goldeagle1123

    Revenge of the CV

    Nothing countered CVs back in the day, I don't know what you're talking about. A skilled player in a CV (especially a tier IX or X CV) was essentially unbeatable by anyone but a better CV player. The whole "multitasking" aspect is overemphasized, it wasn't that hard. This is how CVs used to be, with several points still holding true today: AA never mattered unless you were a Minotaur, DM, or Wooster as the was fire never enough to stop a strike from same tier aircraft. And at tier X and with Saipan planes were basically just one peg down from invincible. DF was the only effective way to counter strikes, which could be easily baited and waited out, not to mention even if successfully used another strike would be back before your cool-down was over. DDs were immediately made useless as one fighter squad could just shadow them for the entire game, spotting them. And they can't dodge Japanese double torpedo bomber, and US dive bombers were so OP it was just point and click for half your health. (they also spotted your torpedoes too) BBs also got shafted as they were simply too immaneuverable to dodge the strikes of an ever remotely competent CV player. Was super easy to just go in and bait DamCon with bomber fires, and them hit them with flooding, or vice versa. They stagnated gameplay as DDs couldn't approach caps, and no one wanted to venture forth for fear of incurring the wrath of the almighty CV. Games would usually quite literally become about who had the better CVs, they have so much more impact on the game than any other ship. They're just not fun to have in the game. A ship class that gets to hide behind islands and launch endless successive strikes on you as no risk to themselves isn't fun. They ruin any semblance of balance among classes by being the counter to everything. The thing that ended traditional surface naval combat doesn't belong in a game about surface naval combat. DDs will always be the most vulnerable to CVs, that's never going to change. The simple fact is that they have far less AA power than any other class of ship. The notion that CVs will ever be a balanced and not just incredibly frustrating and unfun is just wishful thinking, they're inherently unbalanced and plain bad for the game.
  12. goldeagle1123

    WG neeeds to bring Ocean map back for T7-T10.

    I'm down. I've grown tired of the unfun "hide behind islands, spam radar and HE" light cruiser/radar cruiser meta.
  13. goldeagle1123

    Whats your best game with the Kaga post patch?

    Well considering Kamikaze attacks were never launched from ships, not gonna happen. Maybe feasible back when CVs didn't have magical infinite planes, but definitely not now.
  14. goldeagle1123

    Perma HE Rain

    LOL you do realize at no point in this game's history did CVs ever "flush people out", not how that works buddy. In fact, they actively discourage aggressive behavior, DDs especially stop pushing up because getting spotted is instant death, not to mention the rocket planes that will chip you down to half health while following you, or TBs blind torping you in smoke. Don't forget slingshotting either. All CVs ever did was keep people hiding in the back huddling for AA, instead of pushing objectives. But you're a butthurt CV player who just sees what they want to see, in your imaginary world where CVs somehow encouraged dynamic gameplay, so I doubt you'll actually wrap your brain around this.
  15. goldeagle1123

    Georgia or Yoshi?

    Georgia is far better, she's straight up overpowered. Has the handling of a cruiser with more speed than most DDs in the game, with massive guns that have reduced reload, very good sigma and dispersion, and extremely strong secondaries and AA, with a capable protection scheme. Yoshino is a mediocre "support" ship relegated to the back lines and kiting because of hermassive size and extreme fragility, only real strength is her HE shell performance/gun caliber. Her guns don't even have good DPM, and the ship itself has zero utility or versatility. I'd take Zao over her easily is the vast majority of circumstances.