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  1. Truly OFF TOPIC Thread -[REBORN]-

    Keep the thread alive!
  2. Forum changes

    The dark theme is my favorite. Join the dark side of the forum.
  3. Never have I ever rammed a Ryujo in my Kaga earning a die-hard. Yet.
  4. Forum Game - Word Association

    Obligatory exploasion
  5. Forum changes

    Dang, you beat me to it. Also, Viking emojis.
  6. Standard battle sure does tend to create some rather interesting team positioning. I sorely miss the Domination caps when I'm out in my radar CA's. There's also the rare occasion in Standard where an enemy DD reaches an unprotected base early game and solo caps it with 3/4ths of each team still alive. I miss bastion sometimes. Those forts were hilarious.
  7. I really like how that Yammy camo looks.