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  1. I gotcha covered!!! There are some interesting points regarding citadels being made here.
  2. Snail
  3. Rushing down a RN CL's smokescreen just got a lot more interesting. There's a lot more spotting utility given to DD's regarding those CL's as well. If I see a Neptune firing from their smokescreen in my Fletcher, then I can just sail up within 6.58 km of that smoke and spot them. I then proceed to laugh as my friendly BB's nuke the hapless CL. The best part is the Neptune won't even know who spotted them, as their hydro range falls far short of 6.58 km. Pretty situational yes, but an interesting idea to consider.
  4. The emperor is dead!!
  5. So ships like the Atlanta and Akizuki will actually see their Fire % with IFHE increased by this change. While anything running 152's or 155's will get slammed with that -8%. LOL The 155 Mogami with IFHE will have a 2% fire chance while an Akizuki with IFHE will now have a 4% fire chance.
  6. It got worse. ... ... ... Way worse.
  7. I'd love to see this as a bonus game mode, (April Fools anyone?) but not as the basis for an entire season of ranked. Although, it would be very amusing to watch.
  8. "When one burns one's bridges, what a very nice fire it makes."
  9. Nice work OP!! That's one epic game.
  10. All according to plan!
  11. These puns are not Indomitable!! However the speed at which they are produced is quite Incomparable. (Truly an Incomparable design that last one. 20 inch guns ohh my)