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  1. USMC2145

    What's your most dis-liked feature

    The fact that bad player gameplay is rewarded.
  2. The million dollar question.
  3. USMC2145

    The CV rework is just an excuse.

    I agree, but could not hurt with a trial run.
  4. That's right the CV rework is just another excuse for players camping, hiding behind islands, refusing to engage, dying...etc. Before the rework there was a whole line of excuses players used.... the old CV, HE spam, CA being able to fire over islands, DD, torpedoes, invisible firing ships, smoke, fires, flooding..... the list goes on and on. Am i saying the CV rework is ok, not at all, but blaming the CV rework for something that has been going on for a long time is just another excuse.
  5. USMC2145

    IFHE and fire chance changes

    What i find funny is all those players begging for these nerfs and now that we are getting them and they are effecting those players also they are now complaining. WG just can't win.
  6. The bad teams in random to me seem at an all time high and along with it the disdain between good and bad players is at an all time high.
  7. USMC2145

    Should games like this ever happen?

    Well, the amount of blue and purple players has pretty much vanished from matches. MMM is easy to see that it is a fact. Most of them stick to Clan Battles and Ranked.
  8. USMC2145

    Too many CV only skills

    Well, if one was a cv player...one could say there are too many non cv skills for that matter.
  9. USMC2145

    Should games like this ever happen?

    The main problem the game is having now when it comes to matches is it used to be which side had the best players wins NOW it seems to be which side has the worst players loses. Not many of the good to real good players 55% and above play random anymore. When you look at matchmaker monitor most players in random are below 50% and i find that a sad state of affairs for the game.
  10. USMC2145

    time for assist kills ribbon?

    100% agree and doing damage (not kills) also increases your XP
  11. USMC2145

    6 more veterans that i knew quit the game last week

    I agree, but WG in many cases is not helping matters.
  12. USMC2145

    shame on us... CV gets solo warrior

    Seems to me the CV player did just what he was suppose to do!
  13. USMC2145

    6 more veterans that i knew quit the game last week

    The sad part is the fact it is driving more people away than it is keeping or bringing in new.
  14. USMC2145

    6 more veterans that i knew quit the game last week

    There is one BIG reason the game is going down hill. WG keeps catering too the bad players. When the game first came out and over the first year the game felt much better. Then came the change to high tier economy making it easier for bad players to afford playing high tier games. After that the catering has continued to no end.