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  1. USMC2145

    CV and skill gap

    I know WG was trying to get rid of the skill gap with the rework and make it easier for other players, but from what I am seeing the skill gap is forming again even in the rework. The good players with the new CV are doing the same things they did with the old CV. They know what ships they can attack without losing all their planes, they know what planes to take and where to send them, they know when to spot and when to do damage, they know when and where to drop fighters... sure, it is all just done in a different play style, but they are adapting. One again a bad CV player vs a good CV player on the other team puts their team at big disadvantage. It is showing more and more as the better CV players improve. I am not sure if this will change as WG does more balancing with stuff, but I do not hold much hope.
  2. World of Warships Development Blog 5 hrs · Dear players, We've encountered two issues with anti-air defense mechanics after the hotfix: - Large damage spikes from AA explosions in tier VIII and above (this is a bug, the damage should increase proportionally with tier); - Continuous DPS on several ships/tiers needs further adjusting (mostly toning down slightly). We're already working on resolving both issues, but to avoid any new mistakes, we will be spending a couple of days double-checking everything and preparing a small update. We plan to release this hotfix early next week.
  3. Reduction in flooding damage i am sure will make many happy while the reduction in speed will flooding will not. For flooding info go to time 9:57
  4. I like the patch and there are lot of other players who do also. You just do see a lot of them on the forums because they are in game having fun instead being on the forums. WG will only change/adjust anything in the patch if the number/stats show that they should. All this whining on the forums is not going to make them change something like this. Making fun of the devs or proposing violence be brought upon them is not the way to go here folks.
  5. Just looked at other servers forums RU, EU and Asia. Their forums have very few post complaining about 8.0/CV rework and have a bunch saying how they love the rework complementing WG. Here it seems just the opposite. Why is that?
  6. If it were BB or any other ships besides CV with scores like this being played by unicum players not one word would be said about anything being overpowered. Sure there are going to be times when a CV will be top dog, but there are times every class can be top of the scoreboard with great end of game scores. Lets see how often this happens and how often with just the average players and WG will base some of its results on those stats. But for sure that is one great score and is that one of the new Brit CV?
  7. It was like two months ago. As the OP said either deal with it or leave. I am not going to get in a back and forth argument over this.
  8. I can though because I have heard from the horses mouth that it was one of the reasons. They said it right in one of the live dev chats a awhile back.
  9. USMC2145

    Give WG some time on the CV rework.

    I find it funny how every time WG brings something new into the game or they change something those players who say they are going to quit over and over never do. So after awhile folks those threats become idle threats and not one person takes you seriously.
  10. USMC2145

    Give WG some time on the CV rework.

    Agreed, so many are overreacting at this time.
  11. USMC2145

    Post CV first impressions here.

    That may be true, but i doubt it without some changes by WG to CV. At this time i am just melting CV planes with ease.
  12. USMC2145

    rework sucks

    Then you have no clue what you are doing. Are you using the O key and setting up your sector for AA? I am having no issues at all shooting down planes.
  13. USMC2145

    Post CV first impressions here.

    The old sky cancer is dead and has been replaced with a big wet noodle. I love it. My anti-aircraft gunners are having a blast today.
  14. USMC2145

    Player skill level

    Main issue would be as in many other games that combine both. They blame one as being easier to play so that is why they do better. Creates to many issues. Keeping PC and console apart is the better choice.