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  1. USMC2145

    0.9.6 The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

    You folks had the chance to get on test and test much of this stuff and point out things that you did not like. Many refused and yet here you are complaining about it.
  2. USMC2145

    WoWS needs WGC open to run

    Like I said above. I do not disagree.
  3. USMC2145

    WoWS needs WGC open to run

    I do not disagree, but it is possible that is why.
  4. USMC2145

    WoWS needs WGC open to run

    This could very well be for the anti-cheat engine to work better. It is possible that it is part of the WGC and it scans your memory for 3rd party hacks.
  5. Seems every game it is overpen after overpen even when hitting BB.
  6. For us no, but the cost for WG will be players bailing from the game in massive numbers saying enough is enough.
  7. USMC2145

    Dear new players.....

    Sadly this is what many teams do once they figure out there is an enemy ship near....
  8. USMC2145

    Karma may not matter, but sometimes it feels so right

    Bud of mine had 170 Karma and was an RTS CV player. After the rework he kept playing CV and now all his Karma is gone. Not from being bad, just form playing CV.
  9. Will not matter here where I live in New York. All fireworks canceled do to two things. Covid-19 and drought fire chance. So no gatherings above 10 people, social distancing and red fire chance. Also, bars are still only doing take. No bars open for biz other than that.
  10. CV not being in clan battles would only hurt the folks that can't play another class and do well, but it would make a majority of clan battle players happy if they were not in. CV destroy any type of tactics/strategies that teams could use due to CV spotting. All you CV folks have won your battle to keep them in random and WG is even bringing more into the game for you. Time to just let the clan battle folks have a part of this game that lets them plan a strategy without it being blown in the first 30+ seconds of the match.
  11. USMC2145

    Growing Calls for a Clan Battle Boycott

    There is a simple way to fix this. You only play clan battles VS a team with a CV if you have a CV. If your team has no CV then the team you play will have no CV. Problem solved.
  12. Was talking about the potatoes on the enemy team.
  13. You do not have to say anything to a potato on the enemy team in chat during a game. Your shells deleting them says it all.
  14. USMC2145

    ranked experience so far

    That is not why. So many play BB for 2 reasons in ranked. That is all they are good at and/or they are out to save a star by damage farming. Also, if your DD are dying right at the start they are playing their DD wrong.