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  1. So many of you come to the forums and complain about cv being too strong. So Wg nerfs them. Then you complain AA is not strong enough. So WG buffs it. THEN in game i see players ( some who i have seen in the forums asking for CV nerfs ) complaining the CV is not doing enough to help the team win. Such as not sinking DD or doing enough damage and the best one not scout so you can do damage ( CV are out to damage farm now more than ever cuz of the nerfs ). Look folks you can't have it both ways. Either you want the nerfs to CV and buffs to AA that you have gotten or you want CV strong like they were. Make up your minds, but stop giving CV players a hard time in chat over the fact they can't do what they did before. /Rant off
  2. The thing is though there are more than you think of players who have so much free XP and already own pretty much all free XP ships that they can spend the free XP. I know a few players who have so much free XP they have no idea what to do with it. Free XP is easy to make in clan battles if your clan is good and that is where they made a lot of it.
  3. I doubt to get it he spent anytime in the lower trees to get it and did no regrinding. There is an exploit using free XP that lets you pretty much not have to do anything at all. I am not going to say how it is done on here, but if you care to find out it was talked about on reddit yesterday. I am not sure the post is still up though.
  4. Matchmaker We’re introducing strict limitations on the tiers of battles that you can be sent to. For each player, the matchmaker will take into account the number of battles they have played with ships of the same tier as theirs, as well as the number of ships one or two tiers higher. After a short calibration period that will last up to 20 battles for each battle type and ship tier, the matchmaker will ensure that the percentage of battles with ships of the specified tier does not exceed the set limits. For example, for Tier VIII ships, the limits are expected to be 40% of battles with ships two tiers higher. This means that out of 20 battles you play with Tier VIII ships, a maximum of eight battles will include Tier X ships. Another advantage of this change is that series of battles will be reliably interrupted, because the matchmaker will analyze the last 20 battles each time. This means that when calibration is done, long series of battles with ships of higher tiers will not occur when repeatedly using a single ship tier. Source https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/game-updates/update-087-french-destroyers-part-2/
  5. USMC2145

    the state of MM ruining games.

    This is so true. All you have to do is look at how so many players play at tier 8-10.
  6. Want to change the meta... get rid of RNG.
  7. I understand there are players who do care to be good at the game and those who do not. I understand there are those who care about stats and those who do not. WG how about creating a type of ranked season for those who do care with it own rewards. Make it where you have to qualify to be in it. Like you must have at least 3k or 4k games played and a 50%+ win average. I know I am going to see some players in here saying that is unfair and bla bla bla....but if you do not care about winning, stats...etc why would you care if WG made something for those of us who do? I have talked to a bunch of players with good stats who think this is a great idea.
  8. USMC2145

    WoW replacement

    Sadly, they are looking to ban those where i live.
  9. True enough, but did it help the game.... nope. I understand what you are saying, but in the long run it will hurt the game. All it will do is make baddies even worse and increase the anger of good players or even worse drive more good players away. As far as enjoyable for all. When you have team after team tiers 8-10 filled with players who do not have a clue what they are doing that is not fun at all. There has to be a better way to handle this. Like moderators who look at chat complaints and truly chat ban offenders while protecting those wrongly accused.
  10. True enough, sadly.
  11. That's just what this game needs is less communication in random.
  12. USMC2145

    The POINT of the Game! My perspective.

    Wait till you see next patch. The OP will be right. With the new research bureau it is not about fun but all about the grind and how much you are willing to spend.
  13. I was watching some streams of clan battles tonight and was noticing that many of the top clan battle clans are just toxic or insulting to less skilled clan they meet. The clans they beat will say something like GG or nice shot..etc and the response will be either toxic or insulting. I thought you top clans would be more respectful, but i see i was wrong and people wonder why clan battles is seeing a fall off of clans playing it.
  14. USMC2145

    So Sick of the Lies of Match Maker.

    This could be wrong but i was told those numbers only show your tier and +/- 1 tier. Two tiers below or above it does not show.
  15. USMC2145

    Zao worth the grind?

    Very much worth it. Agree, the Zao is an AP beast.