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  1. Loot boxes are being looked at by a bunch of countries once again as a gambling issue. Germany, the UK, the USA and a bunch others are looking at either banning or regulating the use of them. This is just not an issue with WoWs, but other games also. What is going on now with the CC issue and WG is only putting more gasoline on the fire to push for change in how gaming companies make money through loot boxes and premium sales. Our local county executive is now pushing for change in New York state by talking to state legislators to regulate gambling through video games in New York. He brought it up in Fridays county meeting. I am now done with WoWs and wish those of you who stay the best of luck. /Salute
  2. USMC2145

    Straight to port after match and....

    WG is aware of it and it is on their end. No idea why it has gone on for 2 months now without being fixed.
  3. USMC2145

    You know what ruins this game?

    The thing that bothers me the most and truly can ruin a game for a team is DD players who charge right in at the start and die in the first 2 min of the game leaving their side with no DD or many less than the other side. This right at the start puts their team at a disadvantage. I truly do not understand why so many DD players can not understand how to play the long game instead of suiciding. Also, we can't leave out the players who just do not care and are plain bad because of it. Like the one below.
  4. Thanks I needed that and now we need Clint for a Captain. I can here him now when I point my guns at a ship "I bet you are wondering if I have HE loaded or AP, I kind of have forgotten myself.... Do you feel lucky punk!!"
  5. I have found myself playing less for a bunch of reasons. 1- Unbalanced ships 2- CV -- I understand why so many feel different and that is fine. They can be fun, just not when on the receiving end of one. 3- So many players who just do not care to be any good at the game. I will agree that is their right to play the way they want. 4- RNG -- I do not like it in other games either, but sadly RNG has to be here or baddies would be deleted by good aiming players even faster than they are now. 5- Gimmicks 6- Cash grabs - I understand WG needs to make money, but some of the prices for pixels is just out of hand. The bottom line is I once loved this game, but to me it is no longer the game I started playing when it came out. Were there issues back then, sure, but sadly somewhere along the line the game went way off into left field. These are just my feelings and I am sure many feel different and that is fine. /Salute
  6. Well, the 40 hits thing needs to be brought down to like 10-15. If someone hits a friendly 10-15 times that should be enough to go to the penalty box. Hitting friendly players 10-15 times should show the player is either doing on purpose or is an idiot. I am not sure but does the screen shake still go off when hit with a friendly shell?? If so trolls could become even more of a pain now doing just to bother folks with screen shake.
  7. USMC2145

    To the death of fun! - Rocket Planes

    I think CV should be removed from the game as trash..
  8. You have a large part of the player base that still can not deal with the basics of this game like not sailing broadside, aiming, not charging in alone...etc. They can't deal with DD and CV and now they are adding Subs to the mix. I just see a horror story coming along with Subs. I could be wrong, but will this be overload for the folks who can not even deal with what the game has now?
  9. USMC2145

    Player Abuse & Ship XP Problems

    I am not going to say this player was right or wrong. But, you have to remember to put part of this blame on WG. WG put stats in the game and any pvp game that has stats creates competition over those stats. The hardcore pvper will always be striving to improve those stats and expect others to want to improve also. I have not played one pvp game with stats and hardcore pvpers that has not created issues VS the the I do not care about stats crowd. You either deal with it or you don't. Pvp and the battle over stats in WoWs is not going anywhere anytime soon if at all.
  10. USMC2145

    Tier 10 subs are brokenly OP

    Sub just should not be in game... but as with CV rework WG will not listen.
  11. Simple fix... just don't put Subs in game.
  12. USMC2145

    Please fix Carriers

    Just wait till Subs get in game. We will have another thing that should not be there.
  13. When your game is full of 38-42% players which is pretty much what makes up this game now in random it is pretty clear why WG has done this.
  14. USMC2145


    You should have added ......No Subs option.