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  1. Well, both are getting some major changes soon if the behind close door testing goes live. We shall have to see if those changes correct some of the complaints.
  2. Potato Quality hates Subs and CV as much as Flamu and also as many of us do and he says so in many of his videos. Most streamers and youtube video creators hate them also.
  3. USMC2145

    Easy Anti Cheat

    I think they wait for enough to make it worth banning for greater amount caught. If they ban just one or two, the word gets out among them, and they stop using it till the bans stop. That is what happened over in another game that was posting who got caught. The cheaters just waited till a change was made to the cheat that could not be detected right away and it started all over again.
  4. USMC2145

    This is just too much WG! Ridiculous!

    The biggest problem with the game is not CV, subs or the MM it is the large part of the player base that refuses spent 1 minute let alone many learning how to play the game.
  5. This is sooooooo correct!!!
  6. USMC2145

    Easy Anti Cheat

    The cheats that work over there also work over here. The difference between the servers is NA does not tell the player base when they did a cheater ban or how many have been banned. It seems all the servers wait till they have a large amount of cheaters to ban and then do a large wave ban. They do post. If you go to the reddit post he posted the list that was released.
  7. USMC2145

    Very Experienced Players

    I agree was just stating what is going on :)
  8. To all the above. If it makes it so baddies run out of credits and can't afford to play high tiers... good!!!
  9. USMC2145

    Very Experienced Players

    The average win rate for the active player base is around 47-48%. It is true many of us who were here pretty much from the start play very little now with all the gimmicks and other changes to the game.
  10. USMC2145

    Armory NA not opening/down

    People are buying stuff from the website premium shop and not getting what they bought and not getting a receipt email either. Their bank account is getting the money taken though... go figure.
  11. USMC2145

    Did not receive my doubloons

    Yep, this has happened to a few players today. Like he said just wait and if nothing happens then submit a ticket.
  12. Awesome!!!!!!!!!! https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/game-updates/update-122-trouble-in-the-hot-tub/
  13. USMC2145

    Stats don’t lie

    How is it that people are saying that just because someone has high stats, it is a reroll account? I know players who started this game and have good stats right from the start that are not rerolls; they are just very good at gaming. Like some of the folks I know who play EVE, a very complicated game, who play here Pretty much all of them have a 58%+ win rate, even when playing solo.
  14. USMC2145

    Why prolong an impossible to win game??

    Only quitters quit, and quitting is for quitters.