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    My honest opinion on this is that people tend to think they are more important than they really are in the grand scheme of things as it relates to online gaming. Think about it. Does WG even care about the situation you mentioned enough to add an extra wrinkle in the already complex MM algorithm? If an individual goes on a 10 game win streak, do we hear from them about how MM is doing something deliberate to reward them? No, they pat themselves on the back and say they earned those wins. It is only when things go south that people tend to look for causes other than what is staring back at them in the mirror. I have played extensive time with both a premium and a regular account. I have had 10 game losing streaks and 15 game winning streaks. I have been pink 3 times. Yet I have NEVER experienced anything other than what my personal win rate says should happen. Sure, on occasion statistical anomalies will occur, but when I look back at a winning or losing streak, it is MY actions that played the overwhelming role in the results. If more people did this more often, myself included, they would most likely see a positive change in their skill level and stats.
  2. I want them to add a warning when you click the "battle on" button and your currently equipped camouflage has run out.
  3. Honestly I fear a well played Kitakaze far more than a well played Black. Just finishing the Kita grind and would have to say it is the most broken ship at Tier 9, if not the whole game.