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  1. Charest87

    Nerf CV AA

    It’s because CV have zero manual control (autopilot is 100% garbage). and can’t direct their driving. They also have no DC control and can’t control the rudder or their speed without the worthless autopilot. So air strikes were made difficult to prevent loosing them early. But what do I know, this is the same guy that posts this every week. Surely you know better than the guy who actually plays them.
  2. Charest87

    8.5.1 Update notes?

    Congrats... really I mean it. That's totally not a complete insult after the nerf train. It's not like every problem during this storm was pointed out by testers... oh wait, every single one of them was ignored. Every, single, one. And now we have this. This will crater numbers to the point where AA is a meaningless stat most of the time. Tell me the point of caring anymore if that's the best they can do. A whooping what? maybe a single second more before the squad gets wiped, because the point of No aLpHa bUt mUltIpLe StRiKes is gone. The heal is 100% useless. Why bother making a suggestion when nobody will even attempt to listen? No no... just wait until you end up right where you started.
  3. Charest87

    Wargaming, You Owe Me

    AA fletcher it is then. It’s whining when this thread is created every other hour. It’s not our fault that WG actively ignores the people actually playing Carriers as opposed to the usual sledgehammer tactic. Because these same people fill the chat with “skycancer, cv players should die.” When they do nothing to avoid being slapped. That wouldn’t be acceptable to anyone else but because Cv ArE bAd MkAy it’s fine to harass them. The next patch is another nerf after about four others. Neither of us here are happy but you should remember the WG just ignores the players, Cv players or otherwise.
  4. Charest87

    Wargaming, You Owe Me

    Clan mates. I don’t have as much time to play the game and what kept me from leaving altogether was my buddies. They like having me in carrier for obvious reasons. Hell, I play Arizona as my favorite BB in this airplane world. Besides, the CVs testers like myself were completely ignored by WG and this mess is what we got.
  5. Charest87

    Wargaming, You Owe Me

    Nien, I despise the rework with how limiting it is compared to RTS nuking. You didn’t bother to continue passed that point. You should try reading it.
  6. Charest87

    Wargaming, You Owe Me

    Alright, I’m sick and tired of all the whining and entitlement so I’ll tell you how it used to go. > DDs were either permaspotted or nuked with cross drops. Not smacked with 3/4 rocket squad hits, DEAD. They would be nuked with zero chance from torps on either side and if not, they wouldn’t be shooting down those fighters. >BBs had a wall of skill dropped next to them. >enemy CVs would be blocked from doing anything or worse, be deplaned and helpless. >Cruiser had DFAA and some were no-fly zones... for a time. >As for nukeable AP targets... the slap you get now would’ve been outright death from full health with no ability to avoid it. Bismarcks were my favorite BB to see on the other side. By all means, give me my RTS back so I can carry these taters called “teammates” a bit easier. I’d used to be able to ride solo and have several solo warriors from doing it but the current system doesn’t have the damage to sink several at full health in end game. Trust me, you have it better now that ever and yet you still whine like a child.
  7. Charest87

    Everyone's talking about T10 CV cap....

    You make plane boi sad but I will admit that 3 CVs at tier 4, however wet noddle they are, is a bit too much at that tier. AA is effective before and nasty after the attack, not during. So the ships will get hit anyway. If there’s enough of me, I can bully you like I do at 8/10. Blame WEGEE wisdom for that but it’s being limited to two soon so this won’t happen in the future. Also for the potatoes..... This ship is a CV. This ship is a carrier. A carrier that carries airplanes in order to strike at a distance. Why? Because it needs to be built in a certain flat way and cannot have guns for self defense. Are you aware that it’s a carrier yet? Go and play a cv at tier 8/10 and tell me how OP they are. Go on, tell me. I’ve got Langley slow wet noddle torps for the entire line and rockets that are just as impotent. You smart guys made us switch to the death bombs because they’re the only ones that actually do something.