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  1. Destroyer_KuroshioKai

    Z-52 in the current meta

    A video on dealing with these new DDs that have a lot of DPM, HP, and a frigging repair. The TLDW is you need to fight really smart to avoid getting bled dry.
  2. Destroyer_KuroshioKai

    Gearing Mark 17 torps

    It depends on how I'm playing. If I am solo in random I prefer the quicker reloading 10.5km torps. If I am working in a div, particularly with CA I tend to run the 16.5km. The reason being if I am playing smoke [edited], and in a Gearing you should, I might not be able to get textbook torp positions on an enemy target. It is likely however I can target multiple ships paths with my torps increasing my odds of smacking something. If I am playing competitive I almost exclusively run the 16.5 option, there are some really dirty things you can do to guys sitting in pretty fixed positions from half the map away.
  3. Destroyer_KuroshioKai

    Hindenburg nerfed

    Nothing wrong with Hindenburg. First game in her in months and still dumps on everything spotted.
  4. Destroyer_KuroshioKai


    Game two in Haida shows off some nasty moves fighting other DDs. As this captain develops I suspect she's going to get far more lethal.
  5. Destroyer_KuroshioKai

    Asashio Review, A Better Understanding

    I'm sure i would do well in it, but I prefer Kagero to her. A large part of my game involves torping DDs and CA. I always said if she got a standard torp option I'd snap her up. I'm glad my work is helping you. Let me know if there is anything specific you'd like to see.
  6. Destroyer_KuroshioKai

    Suggested Torpedo Fix for high tier IJN DDs

    Its cool. I guess you dont know thats what I do. Let me know if you have a change of mind.
  7. Destroyer_KuroshioKai

    Gearing, Why would i play this over anything else

    I had some requests for an in depth Gearing review. I'll get a video up soon.
  8. Destroyer_KuroshioKai

    Grozovoi — Soviet Tier X destroyer.

    From Russia with Love. One of the most blatantly OP DD in the game. Grozovoy, also known in my household as the alphabet soup DD since it has the kitchen sink too.
  9. Destroyer_KuroshioKai

    Radio Location Captain's skill for Tier 8-10 USN dds

    On the contrary on RPF. Torp boats like the IJN DDs you want RPF. You want to know where the enemy DDs are so you can pull off spotting runs on them. By not having RPF you tend to blunder bow into the enemy DDs and will be forced to smoke or lose a ton of HP. The gun boats mostly care little about where precisely an invisible DD is. A Russian DD is just going to try to kill the DDs support then push the DD out of the area. Of course if the DDs gets spotted the Russian will farm him. Other gun boats are much the same.
  10. Destroyer_KuroshioKai

    Suggested Torpedo Fix for high tier IJN DDs

    Serious offer. Watch some of my videos in the IJN DD line. If you have any you want a detailed commentary I will put one together for you. Just PM me with details of how I can help you.
  11. Destroyer_KuroshioKai

    Harugumo - Reload vs Range

    Usually range. She plays mostly like a CL. Range lets you use more cover options to engage targets without using smoke. You can kite targets safer with range as well. ETA: The difference in DPM is more than made up by keeping your guns going more consistently.
  12. Destroyer_KuroshioKai

    Z-52 in the current meta

    Wet your whistle on some CUTER on CUTER violence in a scrim we had while CB was dead. Very refreshing to have freedom of maneuver and not be a smoke [edited]. If teams give her the freedom to work she can work this CB season.
  13. Destroyer_KuroshioKai

    Tashkent - the new russian trollboat

    I was really sad to see that too. Could have picked up a bit more in damage, but he could have really bolstered that flank too.
  14. Destroyer_KuroshioKai

    Advice on how to make Akatsuki do anything positive

    I dislike EM on IJN DDs. I'd much prefer AR/BFT/TAE/SE/RPF. Instead focus on your positioning and maintaining your turret angles on likely threat areas. During a fight incorporate dodging with bringing your guns on target to shoot then evade for most of the reload. This level of dodging makes you a very hard target when you kite away correctly. Watch some of my IJN torp DD videos to see how I do it if thats difficult to understand.
  15. Destroyer_KuroshioKai

    Advice on how to make Akatsuki do anything positive

    She is one of the few that I do not feel TAE is worth it. Its better to buff HP pool with SE or gun DPM with BFT as you can knock almost 3/4 a second off the gun reload, but very little time off the torps. JMO. I do this on almost every IJN DD with triple tube mounts.