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  1. BB AP vs DD?

    LOL good luck in the future mate.
  2. BB AP vs DD?

    The change increases the attractiveness of Expert Loader. That skill would get the ammo switch down to 15 seconds in your example. That's CA level reload. A side benefit of using HE is you break just about every module on the DD. Will he even have torps to launch? Can he rush you fast enough with a busted engine and rudder? Its not quite so cut and dry. If a BB drives in a line for 30 seconds he deserves to get wrecked. Thats what they say about CAs right? The Devs are on my side. They think the AP is the best ammo type on most BBs so thats what you use every salvo was not what they intended. It is their stated desire as recently as a couple months ago to have encourage HE usage, to do this they will likely nerf AP performance on DDs, which is where they agree with me that pen damage from AP is too much for DDs. I am arguing with you guys that believe the status quo is fine.
  3. BB AP vs DD?

    Outside 12km the CA represent a minor threat. Inside you dont want to get hit twice. BBs the issue is almost a consistent threat throughout their range in a single volley. Incidentally the slower shell speeds at range make BB pens more likely to occur in DDs. A single AP shell at max range has the potential to take a quarter of the DDs HP if the happen to get hit by it. A CA cant do that. There in lies a large difference. I'm good with BB HE wrecking a DD. I'm good with module destruction the whole nine. BB HE was supposed to be the ammo type used from day one. They balanced the alpha to DDs and added a ton of module damage to go along with it. That has been what the Devs have stated several times. Not my issue if you dont keep up with news on the game. This really is old news. Again, take it up with the Devs. This is what they have told the competitive community when we brought this to their attention. I dont design it, but I happen to agree with a lot of the new ballistics stated goals.
  4. BB AP vs DD?

    I'll try this again. I dont care if a CA shoots me from beyond 12km. They are not going to do crippling damage in 1-2 volleys. A BB will. King of the Sea is running right now. Go watch Flamu's or one of the other streams to see just how much more impact BB AP is on DDs than a CA. They literally call out the BB shot from across the map on the DD because there is a good chance the DD is going to get hammered. Do you think they would waste the words and attention on these events if it was not something that can turn the tide of the game in a single volley? Why are they not calling out when a CA shoots at a DD like that? I get you are happy with the status quo. The Devs are not and will be changing things in the future. They are taking the time to make sure its not going to cause new issues, or make BB AP worthless on CAs, etc. So enjoy it while it lasts.
  5. BB AP vs DD?

    Please talk with the Devs then. They have a drastically different vision for the future. I think that shifting BBs away from AP on everything is healthy for the game. It reduces pressure on CAs that a BB might not have AP loaded, and increases the need for little used skills like Expert Loader.
  6. BB AP vs DD?

    Per the Devs BB AP should only over pen DDs. They want to encourage HE usage, which in turn makes things like Expert Loader more important for BBs and other ships with long reloads. Again that is their words not mine. Then quite frankly you should work on your aim if you are not seeing these results in game. The ZR Yamato is one of the best BB players on the server. I have been shot at by him numerous times. It is a frequent occurrence.
  7. BB AP vs DD?

    Try reading my post again. In a perfect world DDs would not be spotted. Except its the job of enemy DDs to locate them for their team. And CV spotting and attacking DDs is a major priority. And a little thing called radar that gets used to control caps where the DDs are supposed to be near. Of course DDs doing their jobs are going to be spotted. If they werent the game is already won because the enemy threw. At no point did I say anything about not playing for the team. I said if the intent is not to be spotted a good DD would just play for damage. Inflicting damage without being detected is easy. Apparently you have missed the dozens of posts I've made in the last couple months including several replays saying the DDs job is to spot and control caps first and foremost. Threads that you happen to have posted in. My post specifically takes down the point that a DD should never be seen, and that because the DD was seen we ignore the several glaring deficiencies in the current ballistics system. Deficiencies that WG themselves admit exist and is working towards correcting.
  8. BB AP vs DD?

    An angled CA mitigates that damage. Yes you might take 1-2 cits, but it will not devastate you like if you were broadside. This is balanced game play mechanics. A DD going broadside is just as likely to eat as much damage as one that angles. The idea that you should just not get detected is a cop out. You have it in your head that this is acceptable, when the devs themselves have said multiple times that this was not intended, the pen damage on DDs was too great for their HP, they are looking into a way to eliminate this issue. Eventually the new ballistics system will be here if the game wants any chance of being an E-Sports. BB AP performance on DDs is literally one of the biggest memes in the game. Everyone whos anyone in the game recognizes it as a flawed design, including WG themselves. You obviously do not grasp the issue at hand. DDs doing their jobs will be seen. Either from another DD, a spotting plane, or radar. I could play like a piss poor DD player, ignore the objectives and obliterate players like vengeful god, but that isnt going to win games. The issue is when DDs are spotted, a BB from over half the map away can take 50% of their HP in a single volley. That according to WG was not intended. BBs being able to punish DDs so heavily have pretty much eliminated the need for CA support beyond being a radar spotting [edited] so the BBs can farm DDs. Ship types have to have weaknesses to encourage team work. Without team work, you fall apart in the face of something that counters your ship. So yes, a BB should not be able to handle a full HP DD on their own. This will force BBs in closer to their CAs, and be another check against the camping meta.
  9. How to Shimakaze

    Shima F3 replay on Shatter B cap Basically doing my best Gandalf impression against a sea of red pouring into a confined space. Torp DPM for days.
  10. BB AP vs DD?

    So your position is that while CAs can angle to mitigate damage from their counter, DDs who counter BBs must have to risk taking massive damage no matter their actions if they are detected. Is this good game play? No wonder the place is crawling with BBs.
  11. BB AP vs DD?

    This crap about it being lucky or just bad RNG is baloney. I've played competitively for a few years now as a DD main. The real issue we have is the BB fire. CA fire is nothing unless its from sub 10km for most CAs. To the extent most of my dodging effort is expended against any BB shooting me at any range. Watch some of the competitive streams. It is absolutely commonplace to see a BB blap a DD for 7k or more every couple of games. If you are within 15km of a competitive BB player, you should expect to lose a third to half your HP in a single salvo, and plan accordingly. Further this nonsense of BB AP must travel the length of your ship to get a full pen is a fallacy. I've sent WG replays and screen shots of my Shimakaze receiving a near broadside hit of 3 shells from a Yamato at almost 16km. I've attached one of the screen shots of a clan battle against ZR this season. The three Yamato AP shells did 8449 damage, almost 40% of my HP. The most likely way the damage was calculated one pen for 4,884 and three over pens at 1,480 each for a total of 9,324. Saturation reduced the damage to 8,449. At least one of the shells double dipped for damage. The pen hit just short in the water then entered below the water line. As it has been explained to me that shells hitting the water will slow increasing their likely hood of detonating inside a ship. I suspect the double over pen occurred passing through the aft and mid ship compartments before exiting. The hit appeared to have occurred close to the compartment lines and was just able to make it across. My best guess is the ballistics calculator says the shell over penned both compartments and counted it twice. The double dipping of a single AP shell is a clear bug that needs addressed. This bug effects all AP in all ship types, however it is most notable in BBs due to the higher alpha values. This is a separate issue from DDs receiving AP pen damage. The belief that BB shells should be permitted to score pen which comes to roughly 22% of a DD HP with each pen is contrary to what one of the Devs has stated. To put it into perspective Yamato will deal 14,800 citadel damage to a Des Moines that has 50,600 HP. That works out to 29% of the Des Moines HP, however the DM can heal 33% of that back reducing the damage to 9,916 Hp which works out to almost 20% of the Des Moines total HP. It should be noted that BBs are intended to directly counter CAs, and DDs counter BBs. Also note that I am comparing percentages of damage for citadel damage to CAs vs pen damage to a DD. If the CA can heal, the pen is more damaging to the DD percentage wise. At the heart of the issue is a BB shooting at a DD leaves the DD with no real counter play options. Do you remain broadside and risk taking far more over pens, or do you try to angle and hope you dont receive one or two pens for 20-50% of your HP? Either way you are probably going to lose 20-50% of your HP. Please explain why you feel BBs need to be more effective against DDs (their counter) than they are against the ships they are intended to counter?
  12. How to Shimakaze

    I was watching on Pulicat's stream when you did. Nice torps on that Conq. Congrats on ranking out.
  13. T61 and z 39 whens the t61 for sale?

    I also have a thread here answering questions on Z-39. I also have a couple replays so you can get a feel for it. The torps are very good in my opinion.
  14. I think giving a T7 ship T9 hydro is just as busted as Lo Yangs [edited] hydro. Lets not break the game further by doing things like this more. If you want to make the argument that German Tech Tree Ships should receive the proper German hydro for their tier, I agree with that. But Z-39 should only have the T8 hydro, two tiers difference is just too much. Radar is always the counter to the smoke/hydro at any tier. That said it is a powerful tool in the German DDs tool box regardless of caliber. Its up to the user to use it in a safe position.
  15. With her concealment she is a good cap contester, and against T7 MMing her hydro is king. When I say not a knife fighter I mean in open water engagements where smoke and hydro are not used kiting away against most foes is to your advantage. Particularly DDs with US 127mm guns. I have both ships, but have not had the opportunity to fight either one against each other. That said in open water I think Leningrad will take the upper hand in most situations, particularly if team mates are providing supporting fires. Leningrad will just evade more of the fire from the Z-39's team and that will be most of the difference. I think Leningrad will have more DPM, and is still easy to land shots at range. If I were the Leningrad I would try to keep things out of smoke, unless I had the smoke advantage, and pick away at her over time until the Z-39 is easy to tackle safely. Z-39 has a ton of HP, that will work in her favor a bit, how much depends on how well the Z-39 can evade fire. That said, if I were the Z-39 I would arrange a date in a safe place with my smoke and hydro. The damage you do in that one engagement will cripple her making any future engagements heavily in your favor. Another tactics is borrowing a page from the IJN DDs and spotting the Leningrad in front of team mates to let them soften him up for you. Who wins mainly comes down to who gets to fight to their strengths, and who plans to have more friends with guns coming to the party.