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  1. Destroyer_KuroshioKai

    I Give up capping and spotting

    I only had a little time yesterday with two sick Dinosaurs. I did make this Kiev video that might help get you thinking about Russian DDs in the correct light.
  2. Destroyer_KuroshioKai

    Tips for DD Duels

    Just my experience but players tend to learn best when I take one of their replays apart second by second, shot by shot and discuss what they did wrong, what they did right, and what could have been better. Just about everything mentioned would transcend his fight with the Z-39, because you are using the same tactics and techniques. Being in a youtube format he would be able to refer back to his video as often as he would like. My feedback from guys I have helped in the past has been they prefer this format instead of written out findings that can be hard to get the idea across well enough for them to understand.
  3. Destroyer_KuroshioKai

    Tips for DD Duels

    Send me the replay. I'd be more than happy to look at it and tell you what could have been done better.
  4. Destroyer_KuroshioKai

    I Give up capping and spotting

    Lets analyze this screenshot. You have two threats very close that are likely to inflict sever damage, as well as being dropped by at least one, but potentially both enemy CV DBs, and two far threats that have the potential to land minor damage. Your support appears to be maybe one BB, but I think he might not actually have shots right now. Basic math and geography (you are closer to the enemy support than they are to yours) tells me you are over extended significantly. One of the primary strengths of DDs is your concealment, even on a Russian boat like your Kiev. You control, or should control when you want to pick a fight against larger ships such as these. If your team does not have effective shots, you need to chill a bit until they do, or go elsewhere. You are 4 minutes into the game, not even to the mid game and have already lost 10k HP. You are not managing your HP loss rate, another factor in controlling your aggression. I'm not trying to pick this apart, I normally do this level of coaching privately, but since you posted it publicly I figured I try to point out a few of the big issues, I hope you dont mind. The screenshot is small, but it looks to me you might not have AFT, this makes me wonder what build you are using. If you could send me a PM with the details I could help get you set up correctly. I will try to get a Kiev game in tonight to upload to my channel going over her for you. If you would like more detailed help, PM me some replays, and I will send you back a private youtube video to get you pointed in the right direction. If you would like me to remove my above comments, just let me know and I will edit them out.
  5. Destroyer_KuroshioKai

    Just got the Minotaur. Any suggestions?

    I have a mino video I still need to do the comments on. I'll try to get it done for you tonight @Snargfargle Position wise depends on if you are running smoke or radar. Radar, play it like an Atlanta using islands for cover in and out of areas. If you do smoke dont stay broadside in the smoke, always angle, lots of guys are good enough to hit you if you stay broadside, but angled and moving in the smoke offers adequate protection. I prefer to run AA heavy builds and get in close to caps to help my DD cap. Try to position yourself where you can take advantage of ships that need to angle to your BBs, get on their broadside, smoke up and farm them from the cross fire position. My smoke Mino build
  6. Destroyer_KuroshioKai

    Mainline IJN DDs

    Or bait them into a fight beyond 7km where their guns will hit you less than you hit them. You almost always want to kite away when fighting DDs.
  7. Destroyer_KuroshioKai

    Mainline IJN DDs

    I love both lines enough that I kept everything from T4 up in both lines. I prefer the torp boats to the gun boats, especially since they got the HE alpha buff. If you would like send me a replay or two in a PM, I'll take a look and send you a private video analyzing you position, things you have right, things you have wrong, and suggestions on how to do better.
  8. Destroyer_KuroshioKai

    Im not sure what wg has done to ship torpedoes but they are well off.

    In the game folder titled replays.
  9. Destroyer_KuroshioKai

    DD mains - Think CVs are your worst nightmare?

    I torp them just fine, thank you. AP works well in lieu of HE spam, bonus they heal a lot less back too.
  10. Destroyer_KuroshioKai

    Im not sure what wg has done to ship torpedoes but they are well off.

    Send me the replays, I might be able to help.
  11. Destroyer_KuroshioKai

    How to Shimakaze

    I prefer my Akizuki or Kitakaze captain on my Harekaze. Along with TRB in most situations, the gun range is so short it’s easy to kite out of range.
  12. Destroyer_KuroshioKai

    Shimakaze Pure Torp Boat

    Move to your next torp position, try to cap, shoot someone. Always something to do. My issue is not just getting hits, but being able to punish even good players on the enemy team. I like torps that are mathematically able to land due to reaction times being inside the rudder shift time. I don’t recommend LU with F3, but if I ran the 20’s I’d be running them with it and TA.
  13. Destroyer_KuroshioKai

    DD v CV

    Correct purple means little for one game. I place 3rd or 4th in this game I cant remember. I pulled the game because I have been trying to show how you can still get things done in the game even in a worse case scenario. I think we might agree TRB Kagero might be the worst DDs to have against a T10 CV match, let alone facing a Kitakaze, Fletcher, and Akizuki supported by a DM. I see replays that guys send me saying they are struggling, most of them have very little positioning beyond pushing way out there and getting hammered by CV, radar, or a gunboat DD. If I really cared about stats I would only play the in meta ships like a lot of Unicums do. Instead I have been working on teach players how to play DDs now instead of wait for WG to "balance" things. One of the things common to being good at DD play is knowing your limitations. Its no different than if there were several radar ships at that cap. You have to play around the threat that goes for any ship. I do find it interesting you mention torp buffs to counter death balling. I mention that in a video several weeks ago. IMO torp boats help balance out CVs because they can do exactly what you said, punish tight groups of ships. I just dont see WG doing that. Anyways, maybe you can understand who that video is intended for, if not I'm just going to agree to disagree. I have better things to do tonight.
  14. Destroyer_KuroshioKai

    DD v CV

    The result was good enough stats wise, especially in a game that was pretty unfavorable match making. Spawning with a Moskva was not ideal either, hes not able to really get up close to the cap for AA support either. My intent is not to post massive games like other channels, but to focus on my thought process, and doing the best I can in a situation. Instead of just dying like a lot of DDs do, I think I did an alright job harassing DDs (probably around 12k to 15k of my damage) and harassing the DM with fires and resetting him when he was capping. Unfortunately I had OBS issues which is why I didnt have the usual replay. I'm not in the habit of taking screenshots of every game I put on my channel, I dont care enough to do so, you can get a pretty good idea of what I did in the video. I do believe DDs are fine, just once again DD players need to adjust their play style to deal with a new threat. Besides, its not me crying about CVs now is it?
  15. Destroyer_KuroshioKai

    Updated my Blyskawica build based on Lessons from my new Gremy Build

    Send me the replays. I'll do a private video analysis for you, maybe I can see a different path.