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  1. No no no. Watch my videos. I enter zoom mode first thing in the battle, then scroll out one click to set the field of view I most often shoot from, and then its a matter of pressing mouse+5 to zoom in to shoot or inspect any target. By the time people scroll into shoot I have already gotten two shots off in most DDs. Same reason I run the X key function on mouse+4, its so I can cycle through spotted ships to verify their courses for torps. It also helps quickly fix the infamous lock on bug that pops up every now and then.
  2. I'm a little confused. I use a Logitech G502. It has two buttons just above where your thumb rests (mouse +4 and mouse+5). I assign one to binocular mode and the other the lock target/unlock target function in the settings of the game. It was just a matter of going to settings > controls > and changing the buttons as needed in the controls menu by selection the field for the particular control and pressing the button you desire it to be. Unless something has changed recently they have had this function for a long time.
  3. Destroyer_KuroshioKai

    Black has been nerfed

    Thank you for what you could share. That does not give me a fuzzy feeling about Neustrashimy's status as she is over performing Black on the publicly available stats.
  4. Destroyer_KuroshioKai

    Black has been nerfed

    What statement? The dev blog has nothing 12/8 and the game news entries for 12/8 discuss Twitch drops, community tokens and German BBs. I understand you have internal tools and stats not released to us, I was a CC and did clan testing for a long time before that. I do find it curious you say only average players were over performing. Over performing by what metric?
  5. Destroyer_KuroshioKai

    Black has been nerfed

    I dont see it. This is top 5% of players for the Black. The closest peer is Neustrashimy, being a steel ship she has mostly very experienced competitive players making up her player base. Black has a superior WR, but even then Neustra has a slight edge on WR and avg damage. Damage wise Black is quite middle of the road. Do you see something different?
  6. Destroyer_KuroshioKai

    Black has been nerfed

    Not really because of the ships prior status as a reward ship for players that had ranked out five times its player base would tend to contain significantly more skilled players than other peers. My hunch is when the ship is more open to average players they are going to see just how difficult the ship is to perform consistently. The ship before was significantly weak enough I would not recommend Black to buyers unless they were looking at her specifically for competitive purposes. ETA: I suspect there are going to be some unhappy people that dumped a significant amount of coal based on hype from a ship that was considered good several years ago.
  7. Destroyer_KuroshioKai

    Black has been nerfed

    Anyone who has played Black seriously in the last two years has not come away thinking the ship is too strong, I've seen more agreement on buffing Black than nerfing her. The game is more than clan battles. I guess I just dont see the rational behind the decision, and that spreadsheet must have changed its tune suddenly. I just dont see the reasoning, and normally I do. The decision to apparently nerf a ship based on its competitive and team play abilities is precedence setting and disturbing considering the ship should be looked at also to earn its keep in random and ranked battles where such team work is rare no matter how hard one tries to make it happen. I've been around the competitive side of the game a long time. Its always toxic and unfun to play against because its hard, but something happens during the season where teams see the meta, devise new strategies and defeat the old meta. That evolutionary process is precisely what made competitive play interesting, exciting and addictive. WG is moving on a path that strips the freedom of teams to decide what is actually the strongest comp for them by imposing draconian ship restrictions forcing teams to bring lesser choices, and eliminate scores of potential strategies. Simply put the six second render delay on radar stripped the real fangs from DD radar. I've played clan battle seasons against radar Yue Yangs for example that were backed up by three cross firing Zaos that would practically one shot your DD the moment you were radar detected. CUTER defeated that meta by deciding to run a smoke DD just in front of a radar Mino, and let the Mino scout the Yue Yang when it got spotted with its radar. The DD would smoke our Mino while everyone worked over the enemy YY that couldnt repair the damage while our Mino could. We finished very well that season thanks to our unconventional strategy. This cause, effect and adaptation cycle happens less and less under WGs heavy hand of ship restrictions preventing many strategies that proved successful in the past. I hope WG considers this in the future. Smaland and Ragnar are fundamentally different than Black because they use radar to negate the spotting balance points in the game. Their builds often permit these ships to open water gun boat, and use the radar to prevent a close in smoke ambush by an enemy DD. It makes no difference if you are a Yugumo or a Z52 or a Harugumo, your concealment often means nothing against the new EU radar boats. As soon as you spot a Smaland or Ragnar they can counter detect you and use their superior combo of high gun DPM and repair parties to recover lost HP to out trade you, where Black hopes to use a vision advantage to win their trade against the enemy DD and has little chance of open water gun boating for any consistent time. Worse Smaland and Ragnar have guns that trade very well outside 10km against DDs where as Blacks DPM really starts to drop off at 7km for most players, a much smaller window. I know many people hate smoke and radar combos. They IME matter less and less as more players develop the skills to shoot tracers and blind fire accurately in smoke. Are there plans to nerf other ships that use radar and smoke? Plymouth comes to mind immediately.
  8. Destroyer_KuroshioKai

    Black has been nerfed

    Wouldn't you agree that a ship should be balanced on its individual strengths, and not what tactics might be employed? Your initial sentence flies in the face of the history of balance discussions I've had in my time here with WG. If not, why not nerf DM radar because it might have a smoke it can use to get in a nasty position. Besides you wouldnt run a Black in front of a DD wolf pack anyways because its too squishy and slow. Blacks are seriously easy to kill. You would run a better scout like Jutland to pick up the initial contact and absorb the hits, while the Black comes in after the enemy DD smokes up to provide a vision advantage. That advantage now lasts at maximum 19.1 seconds. All of that is moot anyways because we dont balance based on competitive play. The truth is old Black's radar was seldom long enough for it to kill a DD unless the enemy DD was perfectly dumb. Its radar was long enough to get a good trade that would give it an advantage in a future fight. Its not like Fletcher guns are carry worthy with any consistency. Black is slower and without engine boost options a Fletcher can slot so she could not open water nearly as well either. These were prior decisions made to balance Black against Fletcher. And that 25 seconds translates into a mere 19.1 seconds your team can help shoot at a detected target. In exchange for that you have a DD with some of the worst performing torps in the game, and Fletcher gun performance. Reduced trades on enemy DDs, among the poorest torp DPM and mediocre gun carry potential, is the fate WG gave her. Its disgusting such a ship many of us toiled thousands of games to earn has been gutted in such fashion just so WG can offer her for sale for coal. This has undermined any faith that a ship on works for will not be broken later. Black was IMO balanced as she was. Why would someone want to bring Black compared to her peers because I just dont see it.
  9. Destroyer_KuroshioKai

    Black has been nerfed

    Garbage decision. This guts much of Black's ability to function as a support DD. The ship was balanced along the lines of having tricks to tilt a DD fight in their favor but struggled against CAs and BBs with its poor torp armament. Even Black's ability to tilt a DD fight has ebbed as more dangerous gun boats have been introduced. I hope consideration is given to improving her torp efficiency to compensate for a mere 13 seconds of team focus fire on it's radar. Fletcher 10.5km torps might rectify this decision.
  10. Destroyer_KuroshioKai

    Black has been nerfed

    I disagree. Black is a DD that excels at fighting enemy DDs historically, and even this has been undermined by newer DDs that just dominate a Black in a DD fight. Neustrashimy for example. These newer DDs also are light years ahead of Black when engaging larger ships. Black is just horribly inefficient at fighting CAs and even BBs with some of the most unreliable torps in the game. Black is far removed from the most OP DDs at T9, simply Fletcher DPM just doesnt impress anymore. Those that say different just dont know how to beat them. Here's a video of me pretty much running over a Black in my Neustrashimy for example. The Black player is far from a potato too. This adjustment leaves Black in a broken state if other options to shore up her ability to fight larger ships. Black performance in stats is the result of larger percentage of unicums making up her player base due to the fact she was a reward ship for ranking out I believe five times.
  11. Destroyer_KuroshioKai

    CV's should not be in ranked

    The problem I have with CVs in small team formats is the CV is balanced on random battle sized teams. When surface ships start at half of the size CVs were balanced around you end up with the potential for CVs to be much stronger than they are in random battles. IMO WG should look into a way to reduce the hanger/regen rates of CVs to balance them in each of these small team formats. Doing so would solve a lot of problems the competitive community has with CVs.
  12. Destroyer_KuroshioKai

    Torpedo Aiming

    They miss behind because likely because most players turn away slightly as they are under fire. This increases the distance and time your torps need to arrive meaning you need more lead than when projected when you launched them. You can get a better solution waiting a bit for your teams fire to arrive to see how the target is going to react, then calculate your lead needed for that ship when it will be more predictable. This video opened my eyes when I was a noob to what my torps were doing, and how leads adjusted by what ships were doing. This is just the basics, how you launch your torps (the fore or aft launcher, lead in relation to target, your speed and direction in relation to the target etc) all have impact on how your spread of torps arrive. Some rough sketches I've made a long time ago to illustrate how the launch order can change the pattern. This isnt a huge thing at close range, but it has more impact as ranges open up: I only use the "aiming indicator" as a reference so I can see what the target is doing. I dont care what it shows when I take my aim, I am right and it is not because ships turn, speed up, slow down, etc. Just like a BB holding their fire for a ship turning to show broadside, its the same for torps. BBs are locked in a course for a substantial period of time when turning or changing speed/direction. You have to know your target, how it moves through the water, your torps and their spread dispersion, time to target, the reaction time on your torps, etc to begin to have a solid torp hit rate. I happened to drop a new TRB Kagero video just a few days ago. Maybe it helps. One thing I note in this game is its always nice to get the kill, but its more important to get a good piece of the ship to leave it an easy kill for your team. Few things change a fight like a couple torp hits. Not only is there a good chance it forces them to DCP, but it erases a large amount of HP that cant be easily recovered, while leaving their superstructure unsaturated for HE spam and fires to follow up.
  13. Destroyer_KuroshioKai

    DD Tip/Trick video: Smoke YOLO ambush

    Nice work. I especially liked how you circled a bit further from the smoke than most would go so you had room when you turned in to put your stern to the Pod's support making yourself a harder target.
  14. Destroyer_KuroshioKai

    Khabarovsk for FXP Worth It?

    Khaba isnt worst, its apples and oranges. I prefer playing Khaba to Tashkent, but that's just me. I love the idea of an armored DD that can bounce and shatter certain shells. Khaba is still one of the best CLs in the game.
  15. Destroyer_KuroshioKai

    Lack of New Maps

    This game has changed much since Ocean went away. Cyclones and storms effecting vision were introduced in randoms and night battle simulation in Co Op for starters. These are mechanics that CA players can easily use to be successful in an open water map.