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  1. Underwater citadels

    [edited]. Bad BBs cant get any further from the fight, and the good ones know how to use their armor to mitigate this.
  2. Kagero Problems and the sub 10k damage games

    Regarding below server average damage numbers, you are not using your guns enough. Even with TRB loaded I just about meet the server average with my guns. Remember you can disengage quickly once all enemy ships are outside of your maximum gun range, just plan ahead. An argument can be made for running the stock GFCS on IJN DDs to reduce this range, though I personally do not run this. Far too many people play scared in IJN DDs. Regarding the skill floor, why is it an issue? Some ship line is always going to be in that position. I do not feel that IJN DDs are weak against the other lines, they feel pretty balanced to me. They each have their own play styles and IME the people that struggle with a line is most likely trying to fit a round peg in the square hole. Thats a player issue, not a balance issue.
  3. How to Find a Clan

    Good general info. Too add when you are looking for a clan lots of them have public Teamspeak or Discord where you can get a feel for things. Look for the links in the recruitment threads in clans you are interested in.
  4. Whens Season 9 of ranked coming!

    At least a chance for some to rebuild some signal flags. We have a few guys that have just about burned through the critical flags. Last seasons lack of signals left a lot of guys feeling the pinch with two CB seasons and one ranked season.
  5. 1750 base XP a bit...overboard?

    1750 base XP is not a big deal. I dont see the issue.
  6. Clan battles what next

    I prefer the 9v9 format with 1 CV, 2x BB cap. KotS proved that CV is not OP with this many team mates. In actuality CVs are mostly regulated to spotting because the AA values get so crazy they cant anything except to finish off a crippled ship or DD that is not Grozovoy. Good luck getting it though.
  7. Kagero Problems and the sub 10k damage games

    Bingo. Torp boats need good positioning if you want to be successful consistently. Some times this might mean flanking a cap to spot and get some good torp shots off, then coming back immediately to cap. I spend about half the game watching the mini map when in torp boats. Its critical you be able to be one step ahead of the enemy. The games everyone is running from you, just play the objective to force them to come back, or you get an easy win.
  8. Discord

    Good luck with things. Heres a bump for you.
  9. Just Got Akizuki, Need Advice

    Akizuki really needs a high point captain to really come together. I took my most experienced IJN DD captain and dropped them on Akizuki. 14 points minimum, while the other IJN DDs can get by with 10-12 points.
  10. Caln wars battles activity

    Thats the thing these lower league clans have not experienced. Having a bad night in CB and losing to just one lower league clan requires two to three wins against other Hurricane clans to recoup the points lost. I think that is very balanced. Winning against low tier clans usually provides under 10 points for the win, and also can hurt your team because its very time to points inefficient. Too many clans in lower leagues just admit defeat from the start of the battle, not realizing they have a chance to get tons of points for little risk to them.
  11. Clan Battles DD comparison

    The radar is a wrinkle. The lack of smoke makes her really vulnerable though. Teams are still developing tactics to deal with it. We had a really good night shredding YYs tonight. Hurricane teams running 1 DD are almost all running radar YY at this time.
  12. Caln wars battles activity

    The incentives are already there. This season alone I've received about 600k FXP and almost 4 million elite commander XP. I could unlock and buy a T10 in a line I have not touched then print two 19 point captains from nothing. We still have a long way to go in the season too. CB is a huge boost to peoples accounts that play them.
  13. Caln wars battles activity

    Thats the sound of the OP smashing into a brick wall of logic. Shame it wont stick.
  14. Caln wars battles activity

    Its called survival of the fittest. Its a normal. Clans rise and fall like wheat. This is the natural order of things. Other clans will rise. I do not see the problem.
  15. Caln wars battles activity

    No man. Doing it all wrong. Some guy in a low level clan says thats cheating. We need to be punished.