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  1. Destroyer_KuroshioKai

    Sunray in the Darkness: Not Really Hard Mode

    CUTE ran some divs tonight. The only battle out of 5 that was not 5 stars was when one of my Dinosaurs DCed me by unplugging the surge protector powering my modem. They finished with 4 stars on that one. I wish it was harder too. Hard mode should include team damage too.
  2. Destroyer_KuroshioKai

    Shimakaze has been heavily buffed

    The current reload with the old alpha is OP IMO. Need to offset the DPM increase a bit. Besides DPM isnt as critical in Shima. You can trade better dodging harder on a long reload against US, PA, and RN DDs then hitting them with a heavy volley a couple times then disengaging before they can equalize the damage with a higher DPM.
  3. Destroyer_KuroshioKai

    Shimakaze has been heavily buffed

    The same reload would be OP IMO. I am itching for Akatsuki to get the same treatment.
  4. Destroyer_KuroshioKai

    Shimakaze has been heavily buffed

    She needs no further adjustments to be balanced. The only thing I would like to see is reworking the guns, giving them their old alpha and reload back. The hit and run play style from earlier times contrasted nicely with the more DPM oriented fighters.
  5. I'm going to upload commentaries and supplemental videos here. If you have a ship request or question please ask it below. Lightning: Icarus: Acasta:
  6. Destroyer_KuroshioKai

    Daring. Why?

    So why arent you positioning yourself close to support? You are allowing yourself to be outplayed. The gun range isnt too long. I dont have issues shooting BBs and CAs at max range. With the high DPM and good fire chance I use my smokes as a zoning tool to pressure ships out of my max gun range. When done consistently you can start to gain control over your area of the map. This is a mid to late game tactic I do once the question of DD superiority has been settled. I tend to not take RPF in my DD hunter killers. I'd rather buff my DPM. I will play for the cap or hunt a torp angle on an allied ship and beat up the enemy DDs that inevitably make there way over there. Daring is well suited for bullying DDs.
  7. Destroyer_KuroshioKai

    Shimakaze has been heavily buffed

    Shimakaze torp detection was nerfed because they were too punishing to DDs and CA. Buffing them to 1.4km is ridiculously OP. The IJN DD torps are perfectly adequate. I have watched replays from many different players trying to improve their torp game. Every one wasted multiple spreads on low probability targets when waiting another minute would give them near text book positioning. Watch my ranked videos below. I have numerous examples of predictive torping CAs with hydro and or radar running. I lost count how many Worcesters and Minotaurs died to my F3s. Regarding the DDs, play in front of your team. Zone the enemy DDs out by positioning yourself on the angles you would like to torp your team mate from. Doing this you turn that 1v1 fight into a 2v1 or better. Amateurs fight DDs 1v1. Any 1v1 DD fight where you dont exploit some advantage to tilt the deck in your odds is a poor fight for you. With Shima you can out spot what you dont really want to have a 1v1 fight, often times are able to get a good torp drop off on the offending DD. Learn to fight smart. Regarding Shimakaze in Randoms, Ranked or Clan Battles she is well suited if a player understands to how to play her. I know this because I have done it. Clan Battles is probably the most intense stress test a ship can have in the game. With only seven ships any weak link is going to be exploited. I took my position that Shima was superior for our comp than Gearing, YY, etc to CUTER and they agreed to try it. We havent stopped it since. I ran Shima the last two CB seasons for CUTER. Both times we finished well within the top 10. Just want to echo this statement. The last few CB seasons and this ranked season I have been perfecting my scouting game. If I can passive scout it like Moskva and DM I can hold position outside radar range indefinitely letting my allies farm them from cover or my smoke. Its Worcester, radar Minotaur, radar Yue Yang and their ability to radar from concealment that give most players a hard time. I push them and force people to shoot at me while making them miss so my team mates get good opportunities to shoot them. Done correctly the enemy wastes potential damage on me that could have been used on team mates not as agile as me. Shimakaze is well suited to avoiding and mitigating damage.
  8. Destroyer_KuroshioKai

    Daring. Why?

    They will never be a competitive DD unless the meta shifts permitting DDs to act more alone, but they are fantastic pub stompers.
  9. Destroyer_KuroshioKai

    Shimakaze has been heavily buffed

    I love them in my Shima. I beat the pants off most Gearings and Yue Yangs 1v1. Killing your gun DPM just makes it even easier. Shimakaze is still the best real DD in the game IMO.
  10. Destroyer_KuroshioKai

    Daring. Why?

    The issue with her concealment is if it were better it would absolutely finish the IJN torp DDs. Its just too much gun power for the concealment, and with a long lasting hydro you have little chance at the old ace of torping them. Daring is still a goddamned monster with the AP, and while some think the torps are too short ranged I had no issues using cover, gaps in radar, etc to get in close and rip things apart. I still do more with the torps than the guns, but its close to 50/50. The entire line is a master piece. One of the most consistently line of good boats. I dont think there is a bad DD from T5 to T10. You just need to realize they play completely different than any other DD line. Learn to hit and run with torps, smoked up HE spam, AP on broadside targets etc while healing up after disengaging. RN DDs is all about a very fluid play style that I have come to enjoy.
  11. Destroyer_KuroshioKai

    My thoughts on BB AP changes (and my suggestion)

    HE also has a much lower alpha than AP. HE will not typically one shot a full HP DD either like AP will. If a DD gives a BB with HE loaded a shot he should be punished. Fair is fair. I'm not even opposed to a 20-30% buff in secondary dispersion on all ships, more if yoloing DDs becomes a thing. I am not saying BBs can not have counter play options, but I do think we need to remove a BB AP mechanic that punishes a ship for angling to a threat in an attempt to mitigate damage from every other type of shell type in the game. I understand its not realistic, but allowances must be made for game play. I am not someone that promotes my favorite class over all others. I try to promote balanced game play to the best of my ability.
  12. Destroyer_KuroshioKai

    My thoughts on BB AP changes (and my suggestion)

    Actually AP hitting the water near your ship is one of the ways you get full pen damage when you are perfectly broadside to the BB. If a BB planned ahead to or just happened to be spamming HE, no issues with them deleting a DD. Torps are fine. If you are eating a lot in a DD work more on positioning, or include Vig in your build.
  13. Destroyer_KuroshioKai

    My thoughts on BB AP changes (and my suggestion)

    So what if it did? Why should we accept this level of poor play as justification? I spend a lot of time teaching people how to play DDs well, I'm sure some BB main can do the same for the BBs. Remember there is time compression in this game. A naval battle often took most of a day/night or longer. Still some of the quick reload systems on for example Hatsuharu and Shiratsuyu really enabled in battle loading options with the wire/wench system able to reload a tube in as little as 23 seconds according to some sources.
  14. Destroyer_KuroshioKai

    My thoughts on BB AP changes (and my suggestion)

    The realism argument. Ok lets play. Good bye 30% average main battery hit rate hello to 1-7% hit rate. Most IJN DDs did in fact carry reloads, so they should be able to get multiple torp drops off with much better torpedo concealment too. Not many are going to take that, and they shouldnt because it is a game. Sacrifices in realism are made for the enjoyment of the game. The intent behind this move to to eliminate the one instance where DDs dodging shots and torps correctly by angling at the threats is not punished heavily by a certain ammo type. The intent is to encourage BBs to use different ammo types, which will BTW help break up the bow on meta. Its a common thing in competitive for BBs to use HE on BBs that are locked in a bow in position to jump start the BBQ, or if a BB has just used its DCP. Its not just for DDs. Why more secondary build BBs dont open up with HE on a bow on BB to jump start the DCP process I have no clue. Seems to me thats a strong way to force that BBs hand. Quite frankly BBs have been permitted to get too dumb and lazy compared to other ship types that had to really learn how to play into punishing metas. Forcing them to realize they have HE and its good on some types on shots is critical for a average BB to learn to become good. A good BB should be thinking what is the next shot and whats the best ammo type for that shot.
  15. Destroyer_KuroshioKai

    Finally got it done , i think im done ....

    She is a keeper. I'm keeping T5 to 10. Already have three 19 point RN DD captains set aside. Probably print another with the upcoming Clan Battles season.