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  1. Are you taking more damage recently in DDs?

    Nope and I get shot at a ton and track it for competitive purposes.
  2. Still pissed about this game after a few days.
  3. As Much As I Look Down On Asashio...

    Maybe I'm missing something, but she has been in hte shop for several weeks. Sassy Ho
  4. DD Lesson of the Day.

    I understand that mentality, especially in Randoms where all sorts of stupid happens. It's still worth the effort IMO, if nothing else, its great practice for deploying a smoke properly. A properly laid smoke should take into account the smoke firing concealment of the ship(s) you intend to assist (this usually makes the ship safe from radar threats), methods to protect against torpedo threats (island safe zones or positioning yourself to physically spot the torps early), and ideally a way to safely disengage once the smoke wears off. Dont forget you need to spot to make sure the enemy pays the full price. As you can see there is a lot of thought that can go into it, and needing to read the situation and position and time the deployment correctly require practice. Done well, its devastating to the enemy. Because of its strength and scarcity I do not throw smokes out there as a decoy. A DD can often get away with playing without smoke by, shooting at near max range, or when the enemy is looking the wrong way, on the enemy's reload, or by using island cover to get safe.
  5. Mean Z39

    The replay if interested:
  6. DD Lesson of the Day.

    Todays lesson is on knowing your limitations. Dont over extend and get yourself killed or crippled. Stay in the fight and be a thorn in the enemy's side. This game is a little different format since I was on stand by and the original OBS file had CUTER's voice comms in hte back ground. This is the replay recorded with my voice added so that's why there are a few odd things like torp lock on targets not showing etc.
  7. Mean Z39

    Just did this: Only lost because a DD crashed mid game and couldnt cap B cap while I killed everything on my flank. By the time I killed everything I was too far from cap. I agree she is a very strong boat.
  8. DD Play is NOT dead.

    DD play is not dead. Just need to know your craft and your limitations. I murdered almost everything on my flank. Only lost because a Farragut AFKed and couldnt cap B, and I had been pushed so far out it took me too long to get to B to cap. I call the next screenshot "I have become Death". Everything I touched I killed. One of the worst heartbreaking games I've had in a while. Mostly because the AFK. We had this. Watch my youtube for the replay soon. Might need to re record it because I was on standby in CUTER team comms for CB.
  9. How to Fubuki

    This game I am confronted with ships that will make it hard for me to be effective. The Solution? I went elsewhere where I could be effective. I ended up bullying battleships trying to move around the center of the map rather than fighting it out with a Minsk for control over a flank.
  10. Lately I cannot land a Torp to save my life.

    Bad streaks happen be patient. Focus on the basics. Get good torpedo angles to the targets, even better if they are locked in by allied ships and must angle a certain way. This video I did last night has a lot of different torpedo launch styles I talk about.
  11. How to Fubuki

    Just checked and something was wrong. The new upload sailed through. Hot off the press:
  12. How to Fubuki

    I'm a little miffed at youtube right now. I had a second video that goes more into positioning so you get help dealing with gunboat DDs you cant fight. Left it last night at 41% processing, and its still the same right now. I just deleted the video and am trying to upload it again. I have not seriously played Fubuki after she moved to T6. I had a handful of games in her, but I was quite found of her at T8, and the loss of the gun power really just turned me off. My preliminary thoughts are something is wrong with the guns. I am an above average shot with IJN DDs, and the dispersion I was experiencing yesterday was confounding me. Its not like there is much difference in the guns between Hatsuharu, which I do very well fighting other DDs in, and Fubuki other than the longer reload and Fubuki having more range. The way I fight other DDs in IJN DDs the reload does not matter as much with other nations DDs and that does not explain why I am seeing so many 1-2 hit volleys at DDs well under 7km. When I looked at them in the fitting tool I think its a vertical dispersion issue. I guess they were concerned Fubuki might be too strong with 9 torps at T6 and felt the gun reload was not enough. A good buff for her would be matching Hatsuharu's dispersion and leaving the reload difference alone as a balancing factor. People need to be able to hit what they shoot in IJN DDs, your DPM is just too low to accept anything else. So instead of buffing the guns with BFT (taking a whopping .8 seconds off the reload compared to 8 seconds quicker on the torp reload with TAE) I opted for a full torp build. By giving up on the guns with this build I am forced to play in front of my team frequently for close support. I do this a lot anyways in all DDs, but I do feel constrained at this time until my primary rivals are killed or crippled. This is increasingly important for all T6 DDs as you are bottom tier a lot.
  13. How to Fubuki

    Indeed. My favorite memory with her was catching the flank of a major push on a team in an early SL battle. What I didnt smash my team had easy broadside shots.
  14. How to Fubuki

    This thread I will dedicate to attempting to master Fubuki, a ship that I have hardly touched since her move to T6. Video one shows a lot of different ways to launch torps, from targeting single ships with a tight spread, to more wide spread area denial torps, and torps targeting multiple enemy ships. This is just beautiful. Hope you guys enjoy this section on Fubuki. Let me know what you think.
  15. DD Lesson of the Day.

    Hell if I dont know why people dont do this. Most DDs wont bother to smoke team mates since the change made to spotting inside smoke. That video is aimed at them.