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  1. Rylos007

    Check your EMAIL! (Bonus Codes)

    Where do you put the code in? Where am I!
  2. Rylos007

    Right mouse click Team Score tab

    Well. Somehow, after 3 reboot, it fixed itself. Not sure how.
  3. Team Tab - I lost the right click on players to invite, view profile, compliment. I had to reinstall with last update. Now I cant right click to view player options. Any ideas?
  4. Rylos007

    [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer

    Hi. I lost the enemy targeted ship in the compass rose. Anyone know how to get it back? Also lost the direction line for the targeted ship on the mini map that you put the circle on. Anyone? :| Please and thank you!
  5. Rylos007

    [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer

    Start button works for me. But if I miss it I have to kill WOWS and start it and it drops me in 3 min late... :\
  6. Rylos007

    Dead Eye

    Finally, a responder that gets it!
  7. Rylos007

    Dead Eye

    This upgrade made Legendary modes useless for many. For Republic for sure.
  8. Rylos007

    Dead Eye

    Created skill that rewards players for staying back +15km so that even more BBs don't engage? Awesome Idea.... :| Created
  9. Rylos007

    Correct way to play the Thunderer?

    Not sure that is what he said. He said "Did you just quote yourself and sign it? " That is not the same. But I will give you my quote and see if it gets any traction. Maybe 6 months ago. "R...... S......." Not putting in the whole thing as that would be part of making it active from forums. I just use it in games and maybe a few times in forums. not sure.
  10. Rylos007

    This was fun. But what do you call it?

    Hey, you have 20/20. The problem is compounded. You enter a game. Start play. Move to take caps. WTFlip! Thats like 20 torps? crapno. 30? 40? WTH is going on? What is the range of that swarm? How much damage do I expect. How fast are they? Why would I want to play this particular game knowing I have 60 torps coming at me? Who created this monstrosity and why is it being test on me and my team? My team is already horrible enough. Oh. Look. High PRs in a div, testing a new ship that puts out 20+ Torps that I know nothing about? Thanks for wasting 15 to 20 min of my time. Its the experience as you encounter it for the first time. 1/2 my team just kind of gave up right then and there. Some people, do not enjoy having certain things tested on them. And that is OK. Not every test is a good one or enjoyable.
  11. Rylos007

    This was fun. But what do you call it?

    SteelRain. You are kind of missing the point. Would you ever in your life expect to join a random game and have 60 torps come at you? That opens up a lot of question. How soon again? How fast are they. How long a range? How much damage is this going to be. I think you are missing the point of all of that. Regardless if the ship is stupid. I dont expect to join that game. WTH?! One can say this needs to be tested. One could say don't piss in your own cereal either. If they want to make a game with such stupidity, and force me to know what is going on with how stupid they can get so that I know all the stats on a new ship that is in testing that a Div plays and wrecks the game for me, I think I can find a very valid complain in there.
  12. Rylos007

    This was fun. But what do you call it?

    Correct. It is not their fault they have no class either. No sportsmanship. Nothing.
  13. Not sure what I should call this? If you have not played vs a Kitakami, you may not understand what 30 torps coming at you means. Speed, range, damage??? So other than calling it an Auto Loss, I would call is a gross and disgusting (terms that should be acceptable) allowance by the devs. I guess it is fun for the juveniles playing the ships that were allowed to leave port as a team. Like when Kramer was the best in his martial arts class on Seinfeld. + Sorry, you only had time for 3 games today? And 1 was an autoloss. Tooo bad!
  14. I was being obscure... ;)