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  1. Snoopys_Odyssey

    I want to buy multiple copies of a ship!

    The Warhammer clones and all of those Black Friday clones
  2. Snoopys_Odyssey

    USS Halford (Fletcher class DD)

    Did WG listen to me??? Or is this just an coincdence?
  3. Snoopys_Odyssey

    How do I recall port chat messages ?

    I can send you the replay of the game.....He tried to be controlling of my game, and I told him to "piss off". it was after the game when he messaged me in port chat where I got colorful with my language......
  4. I want to submit a ticket for a player whom keeps harrassing me (for 2 days now). He thinks he is in the right because I wouldn't play a match "his way". I keep telling him to "piss off", but he keeps coming back. Now, he said that he reported me twice......sheesh. This guy is a piece of work. I did use colorful words to get him to go away. The reporting system wants screen shots of the conversation, and I don't know how to bring up a chat history. That is what I need to know.
  5. Snoopys_Odyssey

    Picture's Say A thousand Words

    6000 word post, and I don't know what he is saying
  6. Snoopys_Odyssey

    Delaware, to keep or not to keep question

    She is worth 75 steel in December.....
  7. How do we add the Fritz X guided bomb into this game?
  8. yeah, you learned the hard way. I learned that about 20 collections ago. Don't worry there will be more to purchase later on, that's how WG makes money. I just need one more "King of the Seas" crate......then I will have enough dupliicates to finish the collection. Thats my only hole in the collections genre. I don't even care about getting a tier 7 premium crate for completing the collection, I just want to satisfy my OCD and finish the collection
  9. Snoopys_Odyssey

    Special Name Tag?

    HAAA, nevermind. Delete this thread. the player is pink.....it just looks important with the purple clan name tag.....sheesh. I am up too late.
  10. Snoopys_Odyssey

    Special Name Tag?

    I have never seen a name tag with a special color. What does this mean? This is a unicum player....
  11. Snoopys_Odyssey

    Fix your awful matchmaking

    I tried that add-on. it is like peeking at your Christmas presents as a kid, and I stopped using it.
  12. Snoopys_Odyssey

    Fix your awful matchmaking

    hehe....I am not the only one that feels this way.
  13. Snoopys_Odyssey

    What Part Of This Game Truly Sucks???

    there is always some "jack hole" that says this crap
  14. Match maker. There should not be losing streaks like there is in this game.....HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? In this game you can get a 10-12 game losing streaks in randoms.....this shouldn't be mathetcially possible. If I flip a coin 10-12 times it should be a true rarity that I get 10-12 heads or tails in a row. So why in this game does it happen so often? This is a serious concern. I mean match maker is truly broken when the crappiest players are concentrated on a single team over and over, and over. I just had a 4 game losing streak with 5 blow out games in a row. The first one I just happened to be on the winning side, after that.....just crap team mates. But still even being on the winning team during a blow out match is not fun.....it's rather boring. These random games aren't even competitive. Currently I say that 3 out of 10 games are close and could be won by either team. The rest are just blow outs that are over in 10-15 minutes (or less)..... I am currently ending a four game losing streak by not playing anymore until another day (is this what WG truly wants?) Otherwise I will be having a 10+ losing streak as if match maker is purposely programmed to have the deck stacked against me.....where is my tinfoil hat. I mean, would it be too much of a stretch to think that a programmer is bored and just wants to use match maker to screw with an individual? It sure does seem like it..... Match maker needs to be redesigned to place the crappy players and the "unicum" players evenly on each team. And not by total win rate, but with the win rate with the current ship played. It can be done as it is already done with brawls. <<<<end of rant>>>>
  15. Snoopys_Odyssey

    American Battleship Tier 11 or supership candidates?

    you left out radar and DFAA