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  1. db4100

    Wait, WHAT? (snowflakes)

    NO, just play....and hurry.
  2. db4100

    Wait, WHAT? (snowflakes)

    Wow, you must have been in a cave as the "snowflakes" have been around since before Christmas. Better hurry and collect as many as you can. Just win a game to collect.....I suggest CoOp ***in addition too, you can only collect one "snowflake" per win of a ship. If I remember correctly the T9s/T10s give out steel, but the T8 premiums will give out steel too. The rest will just give you coal.
  3. Yeah, I do that too, but a lot of times the rounds splash in the water doing zero damage
  4. Well that was a vague and condescending remark.....where should I have aimed?
  5. I don't know, but there is something satisfying about calling someone a troll. To be honest, I am not even sure of the correct definition or usage. to be back on topic, the PEF has good armor for a battlecruiser, tuttleback or not. It is the guns that suck [edited]. Kind of like a T6 Mikasa.....
  6. I remember a post a while back where someone got over 10 million in potential damage playing a Khab.....that was impressive.
  7. yes, you are a troll. my response: there you go.....read the whole thread. Otherwise you are nothing but an internet troll.
  8. Here is evidence of the crappy guns of the PEF. 5.7km away is an Italian cruiser Abruzzi giving me a full broadside and is stationary.....you can see where my gun's reticle is aimed. and after I fire.....here are the results. I should be able to punish this ship to the bottom, but NO.
  9. Katori is a DDs nightmare....she has laser accurate guns.
  10. Well, after a few more games her, I have come to the conclusion that the guns needs to have reload times of 24 secs or so......that will make up for the lack luster AP damage.
  11. West Virginia if one of my favorites, and I do well with her. Being raised in WV, I am a little biased. If I want to do death by 1000 cuts, I will play a cruiser. The PEF can't punish anyone whom gives you a full broadside, at any range.....sad. Nah, I don't AFK when dealt a crappy hand. I was just putting a little bit of dark sarcasm in my rant.
  12. I even liked the Ashitaka (pre-buffed) when everyone hated it. I did good with it, and more importantly I enjoyed playing her. This new German tub is truly a chore to play. I will finish the missions, get the PEF for free to get my doubloons reimbursed. Hopefully when players start to get the PEF for free, and will be playing her.....then they will see what the hub bub is all about. Hopefully WG will listen and buff the crap out of this POS. No power creep here....
  13. I just watched the NoZoupForYou post.....yep. Ditto what he said, except I didn't play it in ranked battles.....oof