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  1. Let me say it again. Buy. The. Musashi. Because it won't be there much longer, and you will be here next Christmas buying crates in hopes of getting her. Besides that she has the best sounding gun fire in the game....they sound beastly. The Musashi can eat a whole salvo of torps and still not sink. I once put 7 torps into a Musashi and knocked her down to only 1/2 life. Those guns are just devastating that can reach out to like 30km. Buy her now, and you will still have time to save up coal again to get something else that is currently available for coal now.
  2. db4100

    Quitting until Belfast comes back

    Belfast isn't all that. If she smokes up, just charge into as she has no torps. A couple of days ago I did just that to a Belfast with my Myoko, and I sunk that full health Belfast in less than 30 seconds. I would like the opportunity to get the Arkansas B, and Iwaki Alpha.
  3. db4100

    Doesn't Dusty Rodes Look Exactly Like

    Kenneth Toby was already mentioned, but here are some younger pics of him.......I do think this is Dusty Rhodes
  4. OK, Mr. "Naval Architech". What is your opinion of the tier 10 Russian destroyer Khabarovsk. 30mm armor all around and can do almost 50 knots.....explain that. That is what pisses me off the most....THAT ship as it defies physics.
  5. db4100

    I Am So Tired Of the Stat Shamers

    Yep, I knew some [edited] would say the ole "get gud". Well, guess what? Not everyone has a high speed internet connection. I just do what I can with what I have. I have a 330 ping rate....yeah sucks. My stats have steadily improved, but the win rate hasn't. I also have over 240 ships in my port and like to play them all. I am sure if I pick a class of ship and stuck to it exclusively that I will improve even more, but that is so [edited]boring. This isn't "world of destroyers", "world of cruisers", or "world of battleships". It is called "World of Warships". How in the hell is that fun? And, I like to play solo, and I am not going to change MY FUN just so I can impress jerk-off stat shamers. I concentrate on having fun, not to have high stats to compensate for the lack accomplishments in reality. So you can take your advice and shove it.
  6. This is getting old. When a jerk-off player wants to win an argument they will look up your stats and say "you only have a 48% win rate, so shut up, I win" I am tire of being told to shut up because of my win rate..... You know what? To hell with this, I am going to hide my stats. Those stats are for me and for me only. No on else needs to see my stats. In fact, is it possible to erase my stats? I don't need stats if others are going to use them to constantly put me down.
  7. db4100

    Black Friday Black Ships

    that is a lot of money for something I already have
  8. What is the advantage of the black ships? Especially if you already own the originals they are based off of.
  9. db4100

    data useage

    I have satellite with a 50gb limit. This game uses very little data compared to video, Facebook, movies, etc. Just have to watch would for the 1GB+ updates, but if you have a terabyte you will definitely be fine while playing this game.
  10. db4100

    Why I will lose interest

    What if that was CO-OP?
  11. I lost 7 out of 9 games just grinding out 20K xp to move on from the Lyon to the Richelieu. It could have been only 3-4 games if my teams had won. THAT is the complete waste of time....playing over twice as many games to advance through the tech tree because of crappy teams.
  12. db4100

    Gutless heavies

    I was pushing into a far west cap with a DD and cruiser. I had 2 Iowa's behind me that were divisioned up together. The enemy contested the same cap with 2 battleships, cruiser and a DD. We had the advantage, and I in a Grober Kurfurst to tank for my team. The two idiots in the Iowa's whom where like 3-5 km behind me just turned around and left, leaving me with a 2vs1. I just went the off on those two idiots, berated them the whole time they were still alive (back on the A line). Both of those idiots ended up at the bottom five of the team ranking and they lasted 2/3 of the game. I was gone in the first 5 minutes, but managed to be 5th in the points ranking......would have been an butt-kicking at that cap had they not left, and lost the game for us. Yeah, I told those two idiots off, and it was worth the 3 day chat ban. Players like that need to stay in CO-OP.
  13. db4100

    WG Launcher is GARBAGE

    I had problems with the Game Center too. After 2+ weeks of tech support and numerous"do this, do that" to fix it, it finally got resolved, after I deleted it and went back to the basic launcher. Unless I have to, I won't be using it. I got invited to do the CV testing, and NOPE, I won't do it if I have to down load the crappy WG Game Center......it is buggy as [edited].
  14. db4100

    Finding Nemo

    I just learned something new about nautical navigation and I thought I would share in the form of trivia. What and where is Point Nemo? ANSWER