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  1. db4100

    CV Dive Bombers Are Weak and Lame

    NO NO NO NO Dive bombers suck....period. I would rather take my fighters for a rocket attack than use those unreliable dive bombers. It is stupid how WG implements dive bombers. I mean you put ALL of your planes in harms way for a couple of planes to dive? STUPID. They should all dive at once. With the current meta you only get one pass anyways, so why not? Dive bombers need to be fixed.....they are broken and do a disservice on how the dive bombers did in reality. DIVE BOMBERS NEED A BUFF
  2. db4100

    What is this?

    it C = (some sort of flag)
  3. I got 3 SC worth of Det Flags....come on. I use them, but come on....300 freaking flags
  4. "Restless Fire" camo....Please, please, please, WG remove this from the super containers. I am so tired of getting this. AND IT IS THE UGLIEST CAMO THEY HAVE......
  5. and 5 lines will take over a year to complete because the research credit bonus is only issued ever 3 months. Otherwise it is more like 8-9 lines to reach 62K.
  6. If you are targeted for a rocket attack, then you are doing it wrong. Smoke up or get in a group.
  7. db4100

    CV Dive Bombers Are Weak and Lame

    I will try dropping from higher altitudes to see if the damage improves.
  8. They are so weak and lame I barely use them, and they seem to get shot down easier. They need to be buffed to at least equal to the damage output of the torpedo planes. Even fighters with their rocket attacks do more damage than dive bombers. Is the damage for the dive bombers design to be gained by fires? Lame. IJN dive bombers are AP, and even with a couple of citadel hits it is still lame. Does WG notice the low damage output by the dive bombers? In addendum: BUFF THE DIVE BOMBERS
  9. db4100

    Morse Code Heard While in Port

    You can hear it while in the Hawaii port too....
  10. Does anyone here know Morse code? If so, what is the Morse code saying that you hear while in port? Knowing WG, it is probably a message that says "buy more doubloons".
  11. Coming from all those whom have to play with AFKs, you got what you deserved, and not enough justice if you were playing ranked.
  12. Alright, I am nick nit picking here. WG you have the order of the type of aircraft sitting on the deck of CVs all wrong. You have torpedo planes and dive bombers in the front with the fighters sitting at the end of the flight deck. It should be the other way around with the torpedo bombers last at the end, then the dive bombers, and then the fighters sitting midway of the flight deck in front. The planes carrying the heavier ordnance loads needed more flight deck for take off.
  13. The IJN had "Bee hive" rounds in their main guns for shooting down aircraft. Not sure how effective this type of round is, but I did see it used in a Japanese movie about the Yamato. 18" AA rounds....wow.
  14. I think I know the answer as I have seen my secondaries and AA fire simultaneously but I could be wrong or am I? Does WG programming let the dual purpose guns shoot at both aircraft and ships at the same time? If so, this is very wrong. The player should either have to prioritize or the let the computer decide which to shoot, but the guns should not be shooting twice at both an airborne target and a surface target at the same time. It should be a bonus to a team when they "overwhelm" a target with both a brawling ship and air attack.
  15. db4100

    AFK's in Ranked

    I didn't know that...good to know.