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  1. NO, NO, NO. You did not have a losing streak like the one I had two days ago when I was grinding Russian DDs to finish that mission for the upgrades and to get those free containers. Horrible, just horrible. But I pushed on and continued to play those Russian DDs even though I had loss after loss. I had a lot of average games with some games crappy, and some games great. But overall out of 60 games I ended up with a 28% win rate. About 1/2 of the games were doomed to lose with stupid, selfish, and just plain crappy players. About a 1/4 of the games were close and could have gone either way. The common denominator of every game was my presence, but how can a single, small, and easy to destroy DD makes such a difference? I did what I could by spotting and capping and sometimes doing some serious damage. Nothing like laying smoke for team mates and they don't use it. Twice the other team had two AFKs (I am not exaggerating) and they still won. The first AFK instance had a CV and a BB AFK.....we still lost. That is how bad some of these teams were. Granted, Russian DDs are not my strong suit, but how can I be such a huge detriment to the team and result in all those losses? There are 11 other players on the team. Do I have to always be good enough to carry these teams to boost my win rate?
  2. I miss the Presidential election times.....the "war chat" got heated with political debates.
  3. yeah, valid point. I can deal with the game "as is". As long as I know the "rules" of the game. What I would like to see, and it would not be that hard to implement, is that when you are spotted by radar that it would be a different "spotted indicator" other than re-using the spotted by sonar indicator. Knowing what technology spotted you helps to know which ship will be on the cool down.
  4. WG already having radar blocked by islands would be difficult to put into the game.....so they already kind of admitted that islands should block radar, but they don't know how to do it.
  5. Two days ago I started up my first game after taking a few days off. I was running the Ohoknik Russian DD as I wanted to do those missions. The first game was domination, and I went to cap. A IJN DD showed up at the same time. Yay, a DD knife fight where I have 7 knives and 12 pistols. We exchanged fire, then BOOM. only one round from a wimply gunned IJN DD took me out. It was so devastating that even that IJN DD driver had the compassion to "apologize". It pissed me off, but I moved on to the next game. My second to last game of that day I was detonated again, but that time I didn't care as I was on fire and about to burn down my last bit of HP. Detonations are NOT rare, and they ARE game changers. Whether or not they are needed in the game, that is still up for debate.
  6. I do think it is only fair for a radar equipped ship to be out "in the open" for the radar to work. Hiding behind an island while using radar through said island is a broken mechanic of the game. Land masses block radar....period, end of story. WG needs to fix this absurd violation of the "law of physics", meanwhile many a DD (or any ship for that matter) is paying the price for this unfair broken mechanics when they should not be detected by radar behind a land mass. Let me guess.....WG never studied law?
  7. Run like I do when I run into them with my T8 New Orleans
  8. Dilution is bad, I agree. BUT, why can't WG make match maker adaptive? Large population = +1/-1 and low population = +2/-2. This very simple to do, and almost everyone will understand the +2/-2 with a low amount of players.
  9. It is called "Torpedo" and made by Sierra Nevada. It is pretty good. World of Warships should get some sort of sponsorship from Sierra Nevada then we can have missions that will get you downloadable coupons towards the purchase of this torpedo beer.
  10. The main reason I play to win is because you get more XP and silver. Every year the NFL has the "Pro Bowl", the winner gets a big payout as the loser gets a lot less. Otherwise it would be a very boring game, worse than it is now.
  11. You want to citadel german BBs??? Get the Enterprise.
  12. The worst part of working your way up a tech tree is at that you don't know the capabilities of the ships that are of a higher tier then you, and you haven't played them yet. Experiencing radar for the first time while playing a destroyer was an eye opener. The first time I attacked a Cleveland that used a defensive AA consumable on my aircraft from my Bogue was another eye opener too. It is that kind of crap that will knock you to the ground. Being in a T6 destroyer getting too close (15km away) to a Bismarck for the first time and experiencing that hail of secondary gun fire (the first time I saw that I was in awe, and wanted a Bismarck). There are quite a few tier 9 and 10 ships that I don't have yet that just own my butt, just because I don't know what their capabilities are. I used to have problems by getting killed off by destroyers, so I learned to play destroyers, and that helped me a lot to know how to counter those little pests. You just have to get back up, knock off the dust, and keep on playing. Life's a Dance, You Learn As You Go
  13. I would like trying to play the Dunkirk scenario solo with my Atlanta.
  14. The thread is on the 2nd page and no one has mentioned USS Alaska/Guam?
  15. Says the guy with a 19 point captain......