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  1. We all know the Russian ship's guns have the BEST performance, but why do the Russian ships also get (not the best) one of the best AA guns? I tested a Petropavlovsk's AA guns recently in random battle with my FDRs aircraft.....you know the toughest aircraft in the game. The solo Petropavlovsk melted my planes like they were nothing.....WHY? Why do the Russians get such OP guns? Kremlin with the AA rating of 99......really? Petropavlovsk has the AA rating of 96......really? Must be nice to just make up fantasy stats for these fantasy Russian ships. The ole Soviet propaganda is still lingering in the minds of those at WG? Just make crapup to boost the morale of their fellow Russians? WHEN IS [edited]WG GOING TO PROPERLY NERF THE PETROPAVLOVSK???? [edited]WHEN??? THE [edited] BIAS IS SO "IN YOUR FACE" BLANTANT. BEST GUNS, BEST AA, BEST ARMOR, BEST RADAR...BLAH, BLAH, BLAH.......SO TIRED OF THIS RUSSIAN BIASED crap
  2. db4100

    Are CVs worth taking to T10?

    I have resetted my USN CV line numerous times, and the IJN CV line once. I am currently grinding out the USN CV again for more RPs. My biggest gripe about tier 10 CVs is that once you finally get one.....yay.....you will still end up with a "stock" tier 10 ship that needs over 100,000 more XP to make it competitive at tier 10. The upgraded tier 8 aircraft are better than the stock tier 10 aircraft, which makes for a crappy experience at tier 10. This is the only class of ships at tier 10 that you need to spend over 100,000 XP for upgrading to make it competitive. I don't know why WG does this other than to screw over CV players......
  3. What the title says. Neutrashimy and Flint availability were changed to the coal currency. Black was brought beyond the steel curtain and promised to be available to coal also. Bourgogne has been behind the steel curtain since December of 2018 (a few months after Stalingrad). WG keeps putting more and more ships behind the steel curtain, and I can currently accumulate enough steel to get one of those ships about once a year with the coupon. I passed over the Bourgogne for the Austin this time and I have my eye on the Plymouth as my next purchase. One of my deciding factors is that the Bourgogne has been sitting behind the steel curtain for a while and I would hate to spend precious steel on a ship only to see it available for coal a few months later. I know there are quite a few players out there that have already been burned by purchasing the Neutrashima or Flint for steel......It takes me a long time to accumulate steel, so I don't want to be burned in that fashion. I do want the Bourgogne though as I have heard nothing but good things about her, and I have figured out how to play high tier French BBs.
  4. db4100

    Get Stalin while having Petro?

    Well for one, the best advantage is that you can put the Petro's captain (or any other captain) in the Stalingrad for free. But yeah, they both play the same. Stalingrad probably has slightly better guns. I don't own the Petro, but I have been penned by it many a time, more than I want to admit. She is a bow tanker, but that play style is about to be countered hard with the new Dutch cruiser's special ability........
  5. db4100

    average damage per ZF-6 AP shell hit

    mouse over the "shell hits" icon and it will tell you how many shells penetrated vs overpen/bounced/shattered. Subtract the bounced/shattered from the hit total and use that number to figure out average damage
  6. smaller impact area would be nice too, and more round instead of elliptical Those German torpedo planes with the 55knot + torpedoes do a wonderful job on destroyers. Why even bother trying to torp a DD with 35knot torpedoes......just a waste of time. How about a 10knot buff to all aerial torpedoes???
  7. this is an unnecessary post.. FACT
  8. Way too many DDs in ranked without any camo......just stupid.
  9. db4100

    How to get free xp fast

    Don't forget that you get bonus FXP is your clan is advanced enough......25% more FXP is nothing to scoff at
  10. db4100

    CV moan

    the Goliath has her strengths in setting fires from a distance. Goliath is a pure support ship that has little sway in the win/loss outcome. Just sitting back and slinging HE and causing fires. She has torps, and her AP is good at close range, BUT her light armor is typical British and she is a floating citadel. If Goliath is within 12-13 KMs from a big gunned ship, she is in trouble.
  11. db4100

    This is the end.... Soviet CV's Announced

    oh let me guess......the Russian CVs will be able to do 45 knots and 50 knots with speed boost. Probably the first CVs to get repair party. Why not throw in 15km radar to boot.
  12. db4100

    USS Texas 1892.

    Another one of my fav's.....the ole turret stacked on top of a turret USN battleship This is USS Kentucky BB-6 back in 1898
  13. I got my eye on the Plymouth and the Austin Which one?