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  1. This could be because of the clan battles as there no aircraft carriers allowed. My Des Moines is spec'd AA....which needs changed for clan battles.
  2. I love to use the 7 gun broadside into a light cruiser or CV.....talk about a citadel machine.
  3. I keep coming up with cool submarine ideas like this one...... Not just submarines, but flying submarines......
  4. I predict that WG will make it a +1/-1 matchmaker in the future as they already conceded with that for tier four and below.
  5. This too. I have been preaching this for a while....an adaptive MM based on population.
  6. Those are crappy torpedoes at best.....
  7. yep. He was also one of the planners for the invasion of Cuba with President Kennedy......the closest we came to WW3 he said.
  8. I had an old and grizzled WW2 retired army colonel as a history teacher. He taught us things that weren't in the history books like the US Army passed out amphetamines with the food rations so they can go on the move all night. How do you think Patton arrived so quick to relieve 101st airborne at Bastogne? Mr. Savage was a 1st Lt fighting his way up the Italy. RIP
  9. USS Olympia has more fame, but is only an armored cruiser. And, it too is an museum ship. edit* I didn't know it also had 6 torpedo tubes. USS Olympia
  10. This sub can launch aircraft.....
  11. There also the pre Dreadnaughts USS Mississippi and USS Idaho that were sold to the Greek navy. They served with distinction too.
  12. I beg the differ....a sub doing 15 knots, equipped with eight 8" guns, and a squadron of attack aircraft would not look like this.
  13. There is enough hangar space for at least a squadron of aircraft.....
  14. yeah, but this would be easy to implement. to have it submerge, just have it disappear instead like the DDs do currently. They just can't shoot their 8" guns or launch aircraft while invisible (submerged).