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  1. I have been bringing up this idea for years, and it fell on deaf ears. Fighters should be able to strafe and damage unarmored ships like destroyers and light cruisers. They did rocket attacks on ships too. Machine guns and rockets would definitely knock out a capital ship's AA if only temporarily.
  2. This coming from someone with only 1000 battles.....put him on ignore. Don't worry OP, you posted in the correct place, and we are here to discuss.
  3. USN = Best AA, good guns. No torpedoes after T5. Probably best for turret rotation.....and radar. Lofty arcing shells. 8" guns have a good punch. Royal Navy = AP shells, and hiding in smoke. Good torps, OK AA. Has radar if you give up smoke. I forgot to mention they get a heal like a battleship early on. Everyone fears a Minotaur... Japan = Great torps, Great HE, crappy AA Russian = Stalinium AP shells, and HE that will set you on fire often. Best guns with flat arcs. Slow turret rotation speed.....worst torpedoes. AA is crap. French = I find that their cruisers have good AP, and HE that will set you on fire often. Good range for guns. They are all about speed and stealth. Torps are few but good. I only got up to T7, do they have radar above? German = I love the Konigsburg. Great AP, OK HE. The Roon and Hindenburg have battleship like armor...freaking bruisers with respectful torps. Best sonar. please feel free to correct, add, or debate my assessments.
  4. USS Phoenix .....where is she? A Pearl Harbor survivor and she was sunk by the British during the Falklands Island war in 1982. She was a Brooklyn class cruiser. The Brooklyn and St. Louis (1936 design, not the 1905 currently in game) are missing in game.
  5. Petition to buff cesare

    Guilo Cesare needs 7km ranged 2x4 torpedo launcher just like the Graf Spee. For the range buff, just add a spotter aircraft module. Also, she could use the DFAA module with 3 charges.
  6. My Opinion on the Gascogne

    for [edited]'s sake....that soup recipe looks delish. Almost got me to forget how terrible MM is at tier 8. At least I am not as pissed off as I was earlier.
  7. Whoopee. If you think you are doing the African-Americans communities any favors...you are not. Unless it is Martin Luther King, Malcom X, or some foul mouthed rapper, most blacks will just consider this good man as a "Byrant Gumble" and lable him "white" by their standards.
  8. 0 wins and 10 loses with this "meh" ship. I can't tell if it is a good ship or not because every game so far the patented crap-for-programming "Match Maker" has put me against tier tens. WG can make a great selling point for the selling of Gascogne as a "[edited] Magnet" (rhymes with wussy magnet), as almost every game was a blow out due to [edited] (p>wussy) team mates. I am really not happy with match maker, and the fact that their latest premium ship is about useless against T10s. Oh, here comes the "get gud" responses....so here is a "get bent" to you. No T8 is going to save a T10 team from a loss....nope, not going to happen, especially the Gascogne. So STFU with the "Get Gud". WG....you really need to fix match maker. Not once did I wait more than 10 seconds for a match with this ship. I don't mind waiting a minute or two for a fair [edited]game.
  9. My good latency is between 300-400 on my satellite connection. Two years ago it was playable, but you had to aim your impacts 2-3 ship lengths in front of the target (watch your rounds hit the water, but still registering hits). WG somehow tweaked the game where satellite players can now play and still be competitive where the rounds actually land where you want them too for a hit. The only disadvantage I now have is when I come in contact with another ship, they get to see me first by a second or two. They always get to shoot first. I would probably have way better stats if I had a good cable internet connection.
  10. British aircraft carriers

    Throwing indirect insults. You don't know who you are debating, and yet this? I do know British aircraft carriers, and name one that had the aircraft capacity of a USS Midway or USS Essex? I rest my case.....
  11. British aircraft carriers

    Great Britain didn't have the large aircraft carriers like the USN and IJN had....and still don't. Maybe have the Brits aircraft carriers go up to T8 only? they will see lots of T10 action, I am quite sure.
  12. Ah yeah, that's right. Accusations that he is a sexual predator.
  13. Some Advice?

    Only 19 games? Keep playing around with different ship types and other nations as they all have different play styles. For a completely different game play, try playing aircraft carriers. Eventually you will find the ship type that fits your style of play.
  14. WG did bring the USS Kidd into the game, which was name after Capt Kidd.