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  1. db4100

    Nerf The Russian Guns Already

    I haven't played the lower tiers much since the CV rework.....no seal clubbing here. And what is wrong with occasionally playing lower tiers? Go throw stones somewhere else..... you are just a troll with nothing to contribute to the discussion.....just name calling.
  2. db4100

    Nerf The Russian Guns Already

    at the 14:20 mark into the match is when a T10 soviet cruiser Petropavlovsk blaps me through the butt....taking big chunks of damage. Can't get any more angled than that. 20200712_232922_PASC208-Cleveland_38_Canada.wowsreplay In this recent CC video the Stalingrad soviet T10 cruiser gets a devastating strike against a T9 battleship.....just wrecks it. I never seen any other nation's ships do the same. Can the Puerto Rico do that? Could the Venezia do that? How about the T10 Goliath? Or the Des Moines? Heck, T10 battleships have difficulting doing what the soviet Stalingrad did. The soviet Kronstadt maybe or the Petropavlovsk would do that....both soviet. Biased. These are just the soviet cruisers, I am not even mentioning the OP soviet battleships. At T8 and up the soviet battleships are just stupid biased. Watch and decide for youselves. At the 8min 50sec mark is where it insta deletes a battleship. World of Warships: Stalingrad - Deleted
  3. db4100

    Nerf The Russian Guns Already

    I rarely play the Campbeltown or Okhotnik anymore. As for the Lexington, I reset the US CV line twice......Of course I am going to have a lot of kills with that T8 CV as I spend the most time there for the reset. I have over 350 ships in my port and I play everything. My other top ship was the tech tree T5 german cruiser Konigsberg before the CV resets and the Lex's rise.
  4. db4100

    Nerf The Russian Guns Already

    yep, I have replays to prove it
  5. Again, I am getting tore up by the ridiculous russian guns on high tier cruiser and battleships. They can get citadels no matter how you angle....bovine excrement. The high velocity of these (never built) guns are unrealistic and a slap to the face by the russian designers.....they just have to be the best. Kremlin with an AA rating of "99"....how? and why? Best guns, best armor, best AA, it just goes on and on. The higher up the tier, the more ridiculous the russian bias becomes. The soviet union if they had built these fantasy ship would have realistically found out that such high velocities of their guns would prove impractical as they would wear out the barrels within firing a hundred rounds or so. So since these guns where never built, the russian designers are taking liberties to make them the best of the world. And why, for national pride?......if so it is a false pride. Nerf the velocities of those soviet guns already. They are over powering.
  6. db4100

    Hotel Yankee FTW

    having a russian battleship or cruiser getting a citadel on an angled ship is bull......and they do so routinely with it's OP accuracy and OP penetratingly power. Best performance, best armor, best AA....etc with nothing to back it up with That sir is called russian bias
  7. db4100

    Hotel Yankee FTW

    Just more proof of russian bias with these OP battleships. 13K damage to an bow on Bismarck? [edited]
  8. db4100

    So.......about the Graf Zeppelin in 9.6

    I will take the GZ's secondary guns as they will shred anything that gets into range. The 1 vs 1 sprint ranked battles was a breeze with the GZ.
  9. USN are a unique play style as you don't have an alpha strike in the form of torpedoes....so brawling is out. The style to use is a "leaf in the wind" tactic. It is hard to hit a "leaf in the wind", and you don't want to be hit. You need concealment to get away (by not firing) and going "dark". A big part of playing USN cruisers is going "dark". Captain skills are much needed especially for the "Concealment expert" for 4 points. For cost of one point of capt skills, get "priority target". You need to know at all times how many enemy boats are targeting you. Shoot close to your maximum range. USN cruiser have crappy range, so at T9-10 use upgrade Gun Fire Control System Modification 2 to increase it. At lower tiers you will have access to Steering Gears Modification 1 upgrade.....use it. Early in game help spot enemy DDs and support you DDs. Hide behind islands close to cap and use radar to expose enemy DDs. After the enemy is mostly seen and you know where they are try to focus on a lone battleship or cruiser. Preferably the ones that are headed towards you, they are harder to hit when they are running away from you and it shortens your max gun range. Feel confident to burn down a battleship at range, while you kite, zig zap, etc. Never give your broadside.....NEVER. The worse scenario is you going head to head towards each other with a superior ship (battleship) and you need to turn around....sucks. Best you can do is time your turn right after the enemy battleship fires and hope another ship doesn't have a bead on you (why priority target capt skill is important). You want to be sailing away from your target kiting back and forth enough to fire your front guns. Time you turns to be in between the target's shooting of its guns. You will find yourself surprisingly hard to hit while you burn that battleship down. Light cruisers can use "Inertia Fuse High Explosive" (IFHE) capt skill to do more penetration damage. Using this kiting method will frustrate the enemy battleship and eventually he will give up firing at you if another "better" target presents itself. You will get hit from time to time, depends on how good the enemy player's aim is, but you can disengage by ceasing firing and going dark. The biggest enemy of USN cruiser are those damn Russian battleships. They have short range and crappy dispersion at their max range, BUT, your USN cruiser gun range (fully upgraded Dallas is 14.3 km gun range and 14.6 for Helena) is the start of their "sweet spot" for range. Their guns will destroy you faster than any other BB nation....The best penetration, best penetration angles, most damage, etc. Their armored decks will shatter most of your hits, and so burning it down is the way. Aircraft carriers spotting you with aircraft is a big problem when you want to stay concealed....so go max AA when possible. DFAA over the 4km ranged Hyrdo. and most of all be patient. So what if the enemy caps first, you can always go back and cap it after they leave. Don't try to sway the game with your cruiser as you will just end up sunk. The only sway in the game you have with a USN cruiser is to deny cap (by kiting and resetting cap with gunfire), and hunt destroyers. Just survive to the end of the game when there is less chance to be caught in a cross fire. You might have to take a shot at a ship, then when they start to train their guns you you (using priority target again), go dark....after they train their guns on someone else, do it again. Yeah, this frustrates the enemy battleships, and you can see why they complain all the time about HE spam.....how else is a light cruiser going to do damage? You are never going to get a devastating strike on a battleship, and rarely on another cruiser, so you have to be patient and do chip damage. You have to have patients and wait for a window to open, otherwise you will just end up as someone else's score board.
  10. This is why teams fail. When you get too many of these types on the team, there starts a competition inside the team to be the furthest one out to the point of finding them on the A or J line. DON'T DO THIS.....DON'T BE THAT GUY THAT NEEDS A "MEAT SHIELD"
  11. db4100

    BB's Like the Fuso?

    Come to think of it, Fuso is one of the IJN BBs that WG has not cloned. Her and the Izumo. If WG created the sister ship Yamashiro I would buy her, as the Fuso class is a fun ship.
  12. db4100

    BB's Like the Fuso?

    It has been a while since I have completed the IJN BB tech tree, but if I remember correctly the Nagato was let down coming from the Fuso. I love the Fuso. Only 8 guns for the Nagato with shotgun accuracy, and see a lot of T8s/T9s. For the amount of T8 CVs you will see, the AA is crap too and you will be food for CVs. Then comes the Amagi, with it's even worse dispersion where you will be fighing T10s 40-50% of the time. The good news about t he Amagi is there are several premium clones (T7 Ashitaka, T8 Kii, T8 Ragnarok, and T8 Ignis Purgatio). The T6 Mutsu is a scaled down version of the Nagato with much worse gun dispersion (aimed at the waterline of a broadside cruiser at 5km....only 1 hit, an overpen) The Izumo which has pretty good dispersion and accuracy is a true improvement over the Amagi. but the Izumo mostly gets you ready/trained to properly play the Yamato. Why Izumo when there is Musashi? Of all the Japanese battleships, only the Kii has respectively good AA.
  13. My money is on the Italian battleship line