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  1. Wichita is Here

    WG, when are going to realize that you can't attract more needed players to T8 with more and more T8 premiums? T8 is broken and this is not going to fix it. T8 needs to be +1/-1
  2. But in the story "of mice and men" the smart one shoots the "dumb" one in the head when he is not looking....to save the "dumb" one for a horrible death from an angry mob. Sorry, I fail to see the analogy.
  3. The pic is from "Of Mice and Men" and if you know anything about that particular point in the story it does not prove your point . try this one instead
  4. Ranked is just so....ugh...

    At least WG changed the rewards so that you earn steel for each progression so that you can eventually earn the USS Flint or Black without actually reaching rank 1.
  5. Halsey campaign is so hard.

    At least you can earn stars in CO-OP unlike the Yamamoto campaign. It is not hard at all, just long.
  6. Yamato Legendary upgrade

    or the BBs aim is so bad they hit you anyways as you are kiting your [edited]off.
  7. You can't play an arcade machine for free. If everyone played WoWs for free, WG would go out of business. And, money spent into this game is not a typical investment as there is no return what so ever. The only "return" for this game would be for the game to continue and improve, of which WG is actually doing.
  8. "Yammy" rhymes with "whammy", which is very appropriate for what her guns usually do.
  9. Battle of Midway Movie

    Say it isn't so....reminds me of "Thin Red Line"
  10. Battle of Midway Movie

    What really chaps my hide with the original "Midway " movie is that you can not find the made for television version on DVD or any format. The made for television version differs from the theatrical version in that they went back and created extra scenes to include the Battle of Coral Sea. You can not buy the "Midway" television version that includes an extra 20 minutes for the Battle of Coral Sea.....it still pisses me off.
  11. Battle of Midway Movie

    I just saw a post on Facebook that a new movie is about to commence filming at Pearl Harbor in Oahu about the Battle of Midway with the US Navy overseeing the movie to held to historical accuracies. Hopefully this movie won't have a romance interrupted by attacking aircraft like the 2001 movie "Pearl Harbor". Sheesh. I would like to let WG know about this movie, but it seems they already do as their banners are all over the movie web page. This would be a great collaboration between the movie and this game just like what was done with the "Dunkirk" movie. It will probably take a year or so for the movie to be finished, and I am figuring about the same time frame for the CV rework for World of Warships to be completed. Coincidence? Get more premium aircraft carriers? USS Yorktown and IJN Akagi with 1942 configuration and aircraft as tier 7s? Yeah, I know we already have USS Enterprise, but that is her in a 1945 configuration. IJN Kaga is already at tier 7, and tier 7 is a much sweeter tier than tier 8. Impatiently waiting for the first movie trailer. Battle of Midway Movie Link Another source for Midway Movie
  12. Super Container Flops

    THAT is a super container.
  13. Super Container Flops

    I have never seen the combat flags for sale, otherwise I would buy them.
  14. Super Container Flops

    Yeah, those are ugly too. That camo reminds me of the linen material used for pillows and mattresses.
  15. It seems to me that WG programmed this game to go through your inventory, find what crappy flag or camouflage you have the most of (and don't use) and put that into your super container. The last four of my five super containers have been pure crap. I just got 50 "restless fire" camo, one of the most gaudy and ugly camo in the game. That bumped me up to over 500 of that crappy camo. Before that was 250 "zulu" flags (gives you +20% credits per battle) and I know have over 1100 of those. Before that it was 250 "zulu hotel" (+50% commander XP), I now have over 1200 of those. It seems WG just gives me what I need the least of....conspiracy? Have I been singled out by WG? Do I need to wear a tin foil hat? On the bright side one of those super containers weren't so bad.....250 doubloons....meh. Why can't I get the flags (battle flags) that I actually use and can't buy? It seems super containers are rare, but it is even rarer to get something good out of the super containers. And yes, I do sell off excess stuff I don't use. Time to do it again.