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  1. db4100

    Now this a good way to finish directives

    When things go right in battle you can have huge game with the Mass. My best game with the Massachusetts was with 7 kills, a double strike with secondaries, and the usual awards like confederate, dreadnaught, high caliber, etc. Yeah, she be OP.
  2. db4100

    Moskova - Worth FXPing

    It took me less than a week to grind Dimitri Donskoi to the Moskva (casual playing). Use all the XP bonus flags you can mount and try to get the wins. Easily done.
  3. The Russian battleship guns can penetrate like no other at any angle. It is the Russian guns that I have a problem with....that is where the bias starts.
  4. db4100

    Russian Bias: Truths and Myths.

    The editors of "Pravda" would be proud of you to spin this Russian bias like you just did. The Kremlin is overpowering.....period, end of story. Oh, so the rest of the battleships need to be like the Kremlin? Oh jeez....yay for the battleship players, but the cruiser of the game, especially the light cruisers, will be rendered useless against battleships. You are saying to make all of the battleships overpowering, but to be completely changing the game. Russian bias is real. Do you want proof, just look at the top ships chosen for clan wars or ranked battles.....Yes, they are Russian. what you said is pure yerunda
  5. oh for fuchs sake....there was no yolo'ing. I was with two other ships....is that a yolo? All of us cruisers/destroyer except for that Moskva got sunk.....we realized too late that we were nothing but meat shields for those [edited] battleships. A Khab that I supported capped B, and he then went to A and got sunk.
  6. db4100

    Is there Russian Bias by War Gaming?

    USN didn't have the best ships, we had the most. There is a difference. The WW2 soviet union had neither best or most. They had the worst and least.
  7. db4100

    Is there Russian Bias by War Gaming?

    Fixated? Yeah, you will get more "fixated" with the barrels of a Kremlin pointed at you than you would a Yamato. The Kremlin's guns and armor are stupid over powering, yet WG only nerfed the Kremlin's AA survival. Zoup's video has a good theory on the Russian bias.....
  8. Since I have them all (twice), it gives me a nice little break from the game. Just waiting for the next WoWs event. The thrill of chasing these ships is more thrilling than having them in your port. Though the Japanese voice over for the captains is the hidden prize as they are all unique. The cat captain that burps.....etc.
  9. This is the 3rd time these ships have been offered. They will be back again.
  10. db4100

    Is there a USN bias in this game

    The M2 50 cal was soooo inferior that the USA still uses it till this day.....hmmmmm
  11. db4100

    Is there a USN bias in this game

    Puuleese. Russian guns are ridiculously BETTER than any other navy.....on purpose, by design for no other reason other than it is Russian. It is like the ole Soviet Union is still spewing it's propaganda of "USSR is #1". If I was a betting man, I would bet that in reality the USSR guns were the worst in the world and firing obsolete, inaccurate, and unreliable shells. I cringe when I see a soviet battleship within range because no matter how I angle, it is going to hit my citadel even when I am in a battleship. And it is riduculous how my shells just bounce or shatter against their armor. Try bombing a soviet battleship with a British aircraft carrier.....nothing but shattered bombs. Ridiculous pure and simple. And now the Soviet's new cruisers are able to stealth radar after WG nerfed the USN for being able to. Yeah, no bias here. This continued russian bias is about to get me to leave the game.......it is way over the top.
  12. Those BBs were back there the entire game. Me and a Khab capped B, but those big heavy tanking ships never moved up....unlike the other team. The Khab got sunk, and I got sunk trying to defend B from a Fletcher. I was the last of the "frontline" ships that were doing the spotting and as soon as I got sunk, I saw those cowards hiding while the rest of us were dying.