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  1. So would this ship get HE and smoke like the HMS Belfast? At that point the HMS Delhi would be a USS Flint light. Would the defensive AA consumable be too much for a tier 5?
  2. Just stumbled upon this beauty. It is the HMS Delhi built in 1918 and rebuilt in 1941 in the USA that modified the ship into a AA cruiser using the 5"/38 USN guns. This ship could possibly be a T5? HMS Delhi on wikipedia
  3. or a T7 BB, 1944 USS Pennsylvania
  4. Yes, I always move around in smoke, as I WILL get fired upon, especially when I am firing from within, but they usually miss when firing at me, hitting were I was. Quite often I will sit in smoke and stay hidden by not firing my guns for various reasons like letting my repair party timer reset or to avoid having torps fired in my general direction, etc. Usually when I get hit in smoke it is from a few stray rounds, but lately I have been getting hit with a full salvo while undetected and moving as if I was still visible. A DD can't usually survive that kind of hits. Mind you this is at tier 5 and 6. Unless more and more players are becoming "unicum", I don't expect that kind of competency at that level. Right now I have doubt. Remove the mod and lets see if it is the player's skill that is improving or that mod enabling said skill. Either way, it is sapping the fun out of destroyers, and I just won't play them. It is much easier and more fun to play battleships, and much more rewarding.
  5. I called out a player whom blasted my DD while hidden smoke, his buddy whom he was in a division with (and in the same clan) defended him by saying "almost all DDs move backwards after hiding in smoke, so you were easy to hit". I don't recall what clan they belonged to, but that is when it jarred my memory about this mod. I wasn't even shooting my guns, and I was intent on just staying "invisible" at about 6km away from enemies, but with that mod all he had to do is line up the "X" a little behind where my "last seen" silhouette was....and wham, bam, thank you ma'am. Even with a spotter plane it is hard to gauge depth in a smoke screen for proper shot placement at an invisible target, as most of you already know. So for you guys saying that this is not a cheat, then tell me how you can shoot 20km and hit a area where there is nothing to aim at except to move an X on to a silhouette that is on the mini-map for a last seen enemy. Or hit anywhere in the empty ocean in a certain spot. Sorry, but it can't be done without this mod. And if it can't be done with the unassisted eyeball, then it is a cheat. Otherwise WG needs to replace the aiming reticle with a small circle on the ocean's surface that would indicate where your rounds will impact. Then that mod wouldn't be a cheat. Another fix would be to make this mod included into the game as a standard feature so that everyone can use it, and be aware of it.
  6. Every five games or so, I get booted to the log in screen as soon as match maker puts me on a team. My internet is not down or anything, I just get booted. I log back in and play the match with a little late start. This never happened before 6.14 update. You are not the only one OP
  7. Another discussion about this mod at Aslain's. http://aslain.com/index.php?/topic/9284-x-marks-the-spot/ Here is a recent YouTube video: YouTube Video of X on map mod
  8. My DDs have been getting nailed hard while "hidden" in smoke recently. NOT SPOTTED AND ACCURATELY SHOT AT, AND THE SHOOTER WAS usually 10KM AWAY. Then I remembered this post a few months back https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/139244-lets-talk-about-mods/ . Ten pages about the mod where the X on the mini-map is used to help you aim in on ship that just hid in smoke...all they have to do is put the X on your ship's last known position silhouette .....coming to a halt in smoke it wouldn't be that hard to line up the X over where you should be. HOW IN THE HELL IS THIS ALLOWED? THIS IS A CHEAT...PURE AND SIMPLE. It is hard enough being a destroyer in this game without this little cheat to help blow you out of the water while undetected in smoke. Why even have smoke for destroyers? It is near useless at higher tiers because of radar, and sonar. What I have been experiencing is getting nuked in smoke at tier 5 and 6. In the past couple of days it has happened about six times....accurate fire while undetected in smoke. I have never seen this happen so often. At first I thought "he got a lucky shot on me", but this has happened way too often by different players. Lucky shot my [edited], players are using this mod/hack that lets you put a X over your last know position. Until this hack is removed, I am done playing destroyers or anything else that relies on smoke. This is just bull crap. WG, how about a refund for all of the destroyers and smoke using cruisers that I bought, since you let them be "hacked" to death.
  9. Learn sarcasm....[edited] bag.
  10. Oh Jesus Christ.....get your mind off the lower tiers. I wasn't even talking about tiers 4 and 5. Why you so stuck on that? What I typed stands as is....and is meant for those CVs that have manual drops. You are not going to win an argument with you nit picking logic. What next? you are going to try to win the argument by pointing out mistakes in my speling n grammer? Sheesh.
  11. WASD has no effect on expertly dropped torpedoes at very close range.....when the torpedoes arm right before they hit you. Some CV drivers can nail you with torpedoes no matter how you WASD. I still suck at manual drops, especially when the target turns hard. Yes, those expert CV drivers are out there, and they are that good. The only defense is group tightly together to provide AA defense for each other, which changes the tactics for the team. Edit: I will also add that it is fortunately rare to come across such expert CV drivers.
  12. I might also add that the PADD's smoke is excellent with quick reloads.
  13. I gave up this radar imperfection. Just keep in mind that it is an arcade game. So what if radar works through islands and spots a destroyer. That same spotted destroyer can shoot over twice it's weight in torpedoes....now that is stupid.