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  1. WG needs to make more use of the "ocean" map.
  2. Sometimes I think they use the old WW2 German terror tactics where they pick a target and chase it down (no matter what) until it is dead. It is weird sometimes as I can be 2-3 km away from a bot ship and it is busy firing away at a teammate 10-12 km away and ignoring me. Those bots will also go after you hard if you are actively capping an objective.
  3. Wrong. I just earned the Russian captain and he is not listed on the WG's website as for sale. One of each no matter how you get them. Quit making stuff up.
  4. Would You Join a Union?

    funny thing about "unions" is that you never have the option not to join once they get established. Hopefully a US Supreme court case will reverse that union mob mentality.
  5. Would it not make sense for when an aircraft carrier gets damaged from enemy fire/bombs that there should be a good chance of the aircraft carrier's stored aircraft in her hangar be destroyed? It would be like destroying AA and secondary guns on a battleship. I am quite sure a DD driver gets pissed when his torpedo tubes gets destroy, and the same for a BB driver losing a main turret. This would punish a CV player for letting the ship get too close to enemy ships and/or letting enemy planes attack her. If this is a yes, then the second part of the discussion is how often and/or easy should the aircraft in the CV's hangar be destroyed by incoming fire? It is just an idea that came to me....don't beat me up too bad.
  6. Ranked MM Unfair

    I would have to disagree with you. Any green noob can buy a T8 and enter the ranked battles, but at least at T10 you have to earn your way there. There will be the occasional exception of those with more money than skill "buying" there way to T10, but more the most part those with T10 have experience. I do hate the play style at T10 as you make one little mistake and you instantly will have a million points of potential damage coming your way.
  7. Karma currency

    If you make Karma points into currency it will be abused. What is to stop an entire clan giving each other Karma points all day?
  8. I think she is worth the buy. She is very fun to play in CO-OP, and in random battles she does fine as long as you don't get in close to brawl. She really suffers when playing versus tier nines, but MM has gotten better in that regards.
  9. I am a average player and I can do alright in it. I haven't even been using flags yet. It is not that bad.
  10. yeah, I can see the sarcasm now. You cool.
  11. yes, it was on. And, with the ship targeted I had a clear shot.
  12. I am not asking for my shells to pass through the terrain. You obviously don't get what is going on here. If my target was visible and locked on, my shells would have automatically passed over the island and land behind it. But since the target disappeared, the game mechanics won't let you lob shells over the island if your reticle is not "over" water with an island in the way.