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  1. So I haven't played this game for probably close to a year. Thought I would give it a try thanks to all the extra time I have thanks to the Corona [edited]... Three games in and I get detonated from a random shell. How can this game think it will be taken seriously when it gives a completely random kill to players? Seriously, if you want to be a legitimate game you might think to remove the random crap from the game.
  2. BugFreak72

    Longhorn hood ornament

    WG please give me the ability to add the longhorn from the rogue wave skins to my normal ship skins! I don't want all the other parts of the camo or the saw blades, just the longhorn. For some reason I feel adding that thing to my Kurfurst just gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling all over. That is all.
  3. BugFreak72

    Santa Crate Saturday - Best Prize

    Not a bad season for Santa crates for me. I picked up a couple ships and a few thousand doubloons but the best so far was yesterday. 5 pack of mega yielded 2000 doubloons, a couple random flags and an Alabama w/ 10p captain.
  4. BugFreak72

    Premium Ship Review #116: Prinz Eitel Friedrich

    Before you talk someone down, consider reading the post. I didn't say Mouse gave it a good review. I said I felt Mouse was way too nice, and that is even at the Meh rating. It by no means should have been given anything over garbage.
  5. BugFreak72

    Premium Ship Review #116: Prinz Eitel Friedrich

    Sorry to drag up an old thread but the more I play this ship the more I am puzzled by this review. Mouse, were you purposely nice in this review or did you just phone it in to be done with it? The secondaries are terrible without the manual fire on them while you said it was unnecessary. AP has zero pen and is pretty much worthless while the HE at least starts fires and gets damage. Oh and that accuracy... at best is decent. Like I said in my original post I usually like your reviews but this one I think you got totally wrong. Except for the AA, you got that right. Just a terrible ship and WG should be told that by trusted reviewers like yourself.
  6. BugFreak72

    PSA:Cossack has reappeared in premium shop.

    What makes it better than the Lightning in your opinions? I encounter a number of Cossacks with my Lightning and seem to outgun them pretty good. I only need to pick up a couple extra Gs to get her and have been contemplating buying them. Thanks.
  7. BugFreak72

    Premium Ship Review #116: Prinz Eitel Friedrich

    That is meaningless when the hits can't do decent damage. I do hope this ship becomes useful when the games get CVs again. For now it will be used for the PEF missions and collecting dust in my harbor though.
  8. BugFreak72

    The carebears have broke the game

    Well the only way I've ever received that is going into co-op so is he calling himself a carebear?
  9. I took it as extend. Previously if I won or bought premium it would just stack on my existing so I assumed it was that. Not sure but my .02 on it. I still have 200 days so I didn't buy any yet.
  10. BugFreak72

    Premium Ship Review #116: Prinz Eitel Friedrich

    I usually like your reviews Mouse and think they are pretty close to my feelings about a ship but I have to call you out on this one. This ship is terrible and not worth any amount of payment even considering you can earn it for free. Other than grinding co-op for low payouts it has no good side that I can find. The AA can be easily avoided by flying around it and the secondaries couldn't light a match on fire but. Oh and those pitiful guns it has...At least you commented on those. Regardless I think you went a little easy on this one and I'm not sure why. I have a number of premiums and while there are plenty I'm not necessarily good at I don't feel they were a waste of money but this one I completely feel was a waste and I bought the cheapest version in the shop.Steel opportunity or not, this is a waste of a ship. Not a review worthy of your reputation. Duke I agree. Torps would have helped it but I feel it needed a lot more.