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  1. ddoubletapp1

    1 000 000 Credits CLUB

    With Missouri, its not difficult to rack a cool million. This was a recent one for me in Atago - 10% credit flag - but no special signals or camo - and in a loss. Atago loves T10 MM - ha ha!
  2. ddoubletapp1

    Be Quiet

    I'm an adult (and assume the rest of you are as well - given the member rules) - fairly well adjusted, fairly intelligent, fully able to distinguish the difference between real life and a video game - and the relative importance a fairly well adjusted person should attach to each. I enjoy saltiness, I enjoy being called out, I enjoy a good argument, I enjoy accusation and counter accusation. I'm not a confrontational person, nor do I live a confrontational life - but I do enjoy some confrontation in my MMO, apparently! If you screw it all up - you'll likely hear from me - if I screw it all up - I'll expect to hear from you - for me its part of the fun - don't take it personally - I don't know a thing about you - you don't know a thing about me - which should put the entire thing into context, no? If you really are so sensitive that criticism from some random guy you don't know hurts your feelings while you're playing a video game - well - feel free to turn off the chat. I won't think the less of you - though I will think your parents did a very poor job of preparing you for the world. Part of my fun is slinging salt and having the salt slung at me (so - please feel free if you see me in-game - just be aware I'll give as good as I get - ha ha!). I'm an adult - have a stressful emergency services job - and can distinguish the online world from the real world. And my parents did a pretty good job of preparing me for the real one.
  3. ddoubletapp1

    Khaba or Groz

    They are very different boats, with very different playstyles. Khab shoots the entire match, and is capable of some pretty respectable damage numbers - but can be challenging to use in traditional DD roles, and objective play. Groz plays more like a high-bred - capable of open water gunboating, but with 6km concealment (with CE and upgrade), perfectly capable of traditional DD play including stealth torping and objectives. As others have said - they are very different boats- so you'll probably want both. My preference is Groz - as I find her playstyle more interesting.
  4. ddoubletapp1

    Z-52 - Top of the board = minus two karma.

    I find it to be a challenging boat to play, as well - I'm certainly not lighting the world on fire with my stats in her - ha ha! But for all that - I really enjoy playing her - she can be such a powerhouse under the right circumstances. I recently re'spec'ed the Commander and added RDF, and have found that it works pretty well.
  5. ddoubletapp1

    Oh my God! The Udaloi!!!

    And theres the beauty of Udaloi's torps. She has 15, pretty fast, pretty stealthy torpedoes - and I try to make use of them whenever the opportunity presents. I love dropping on the red push flank - two racks as I cross the T ahead of their course, and a third rack from the other side, as I egress back to comfortable kiting range - all from stealth. No one expects a 15 torpedo wall when its just a Soviet gunboat guarding the flank - ha ha!
  6. ddoubletapp1

    My Atago T-10 CA

    I'll take your word for it - I'm sure you remember your WR 1836 Atago matches ago - ha ha! Look - Captain - this is not a new argument. I played WOT Blitz before I played WOWS and was active on those forums, as well. The games are different - but there are similarities. One of them is that Blitz was heavy with T8 premiums, as well - and they often saw T10 MM. One of the similarities of the forums was the number of posts in regard +2/-2 MM and how unfair it was. For whatever reason - WG has found that its a working formula (and I guarantee they have more data to draw fro than any of us) - and I doubt very much threads like this one are going to change anything. No more likely than all those threads I saw on the Blitz forum changed anything. It is what it is. For what its worth - I don't mind it. I didn't mind it on Blitz, either. I don't fully agree +1/-1 or even MM will solve more problems than it creates. But thats just me. I like a variety of ships and tiers in a match - and I like the switch in tactics that being bottom tier versus top tier requires. But again - thats just me. Anyway - one always has the option of playing T3/4 or strictly T10, if being minus two is such an issue. We know the equation - there's no mystery here - we either choose to push the battle button or we don't. But if you choose to push it - knowing full well the MM equation - perhaps we could hold the whining (apparently requiring CAPS, no less) as though the equation was somehow a surprise.
  7. ddoubletapp1

    Oh my God! The Udaloi!!!

    Fair enough - which was why I was wondering if it just might take a few matches to find one's "groove" in her. My first matches in Udaloi were quite a long time ago. I concur completely with your Skipper build - with one caveat. If you plan to advance the Skipper to Groz - then you will absolutely want to add SI. When Groz received her recent round of buffs - the balancing nerf was the loss of one charge of heal and smoke (iirc) - so using SI to get those back goes a long way to further her utility. If you plan to keep that Skipper on Udaloi - then BFT is a more useful skill than SI, imho. I run dedicated Commanders on Udaloi and Groz - so they are spec'ed differently due to this. I applaud the choice of CE - so useful on both Udaloi and Groz when paired with the slot 5 concealment upgrade - it allows both boats to be far more than khab-esque mini-cruisers. As to slot 6 - its hard to beat MB mod 3 - especially when paired with BFT. While she is more than an HE spammer - Udaloi is certainly capable of contributing to a win with her guns - especially when they are employed against any red DD she can range in early match. Interestingly - I recently watched a replay of a Groz match in which the player had spec'ed the ship for torpedo strength (TAE on the skipper, TT Mod 3 in slot 6) and it showed strongly enough to be a viable option. Not my choice, necessarily - as I find spec'ing for guns to be of more (perceived) utility to me - but I might just give that a try one day, should I find a pile of dubloons burning a hole in my pocket!
  8. ddoubletapp1

    My Atago T-10 CA

    Everyone's opinions and perceptions will vary - but I find Atago to be more than capable in dealing with T10 MM. Truth be told - I would far-and-away rather take Atago into a T10 heavy match than Ibuki! Atago has excellent credit earning potential - especially when up-tiered ...and when played to her strengths - is quite capable of meaningful contributions under those circumstances. In those matches she is top tier - she can absolutely be a match influencing force to be reckoned with.
  9. ddoubletapp1

    Level With Me, Comrades

    It would mostly be whispering into the wind, anyway. The perceptions - in regard Soviet DDs - that setting BBs afire is job one, or that unless spotted the entirety of the match one isn't playing the boat to advantage, or that HE is the Soviet DD's primary damage dealer - are ingrained and strongly held.
  10. ddoubletapp1

    Leningrad needs Buff

    Please understand I'm not discarding or belittling your opinion - however - at 707 matches, a T7 DD - played in random - is beyond your experience level. This is not a case of the boat being bad - just that the experience one gains entirely through number of matches played, is not high enough to be effective when exposed to the average player in this spread, who likely has a thousand (and will often have considerably more) matches under their belt. This is especially true with DD play. Lack of experience can sometimes be mitigated by the survivability of BBs in upper tiers - but DDs get no such concessions. Your stats in Harekaze speak to the same truth. My best advice would be to start up the Soviet DD line, and use Leningrad as she was intended - to help build the Skipper you are driving up the line. By the time you reach Groz or Khab (and my advice would be Groz, as she is far more interesting than Khab) - you will very likely have the experience required in this type of boat to make full use of Leningrad's borderline OP-ness. At this point, though - you are doing extremely well for your experience level, well above the curve from what I can see. However - the effective use of T7/8 DDs is still a thousand or so matches ahead of you.
  11. ddoubletapp1

    Level With Me, Comrades

    You should let him know. Udaloi and Groz (those two in particular) are so much more than "HE spamming mini-cruisers". Playing them strictly as such will not wring out their true strengths. Its just my opinion, of course - but I would suggest Groz is the most interesting DD currently in the game - with a range of strengths, and tools that can exploit quite a number of match situations.
  12. ddoubletapp1

    Oh my God! The Udaloi!!!

    I find it interesting, as evidenced by a number of topics recently - that Udaloi is such a polarizing boat. Its possible you have had some matches that didn't feature favorable match-ups - or perhaps its just a boat that takes a number of matches to find one's groove with. I'm not entirely sure - but comments like "No speed, marginal guns and crappy concealment" makes me wonder if you had two bad matches and made up your mind based on that (very) limited experience - because those are pure perceptions and not based on any stats attached to the boat in comparison to her T9 contemporaries. No matter - the grind is worth it, as it leads to Groz - though if one "hates" a boat as strong as Udaloi, there's no reason to believe Groz will be any more enjoyable for you. If one is looking for the simplistic play-style of the Tash/Khab mini cruiser-HE spamming - then that branch is definitely the definition - however Udaloi/Groz are so much more complex than that - and when spec'ed correctly, offer a more interesting blend of high-speed gun-boating and traditional DD tactics. For my part - I believe I'll re-purchase Tash (sold before the split, when I advanced to Udaloi) and give it a run with the new buffs to see what the fuss is about. I don't have high hopes it'll catch with me, though - as I find Khab to be one of the least interesting DDs currently in the game, and I rarely sail her - despite the 19 point Skipper moldering on her bridge - ha ha!
  13. ddoubletapp1

    Leningrad needs Buff

    Theres a lot of incredulity expressed in this thread - but a quick look through any of the topics in the "Discussions About Warships" will show that not every boat will work for every player, and impressions will vary greatly in regard various strengths and weaknesses. I find the Leningrad to be a very strong DD at tier 7. She is the bane of camping, bow tanking BBs - and capable of wrecking any DDs in her tier spread, due to the impressive speed and the relative difficulty in hitting her. I like my Commander with EM, BFT, DE, AFT and CE. She is more than just a Khab-esque gunboat - and with CE, is capable of capping and the occasional DS with her torps. The boat is also a natural for the special SB module - running around at just shy of 48 knots - she is one of the first boats that teach hate of the Soviet DDs to new BB players - ha ha!
  14. ddoubletapp1

    What is the conclusion on T-61?

    I get it - its late, I missed it - ha ha!
  15. ddoubletapp1

    What is the conclusion on T-61?

    Its in the shop now - bought mine today.