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  1. Repair Party consumables or Smoke?

    That wasn't an option when I played through Tash - I sure like it on Khab, though (I also enjoy it on Kidd - and will be taking it on Groz when the buff comes in) - I dumped smoke a long time ago, and never looked back. Fly the 20% repair party flag, as well - it really makes for a strong combo. Give it a try - I don't think you'll be disappointed. The problem with smoke, on these boats - is that you are too slow off the start, with too big a turning circle - to shoot from smoke for more than a few seconds (as smoke in the higher tiers is a torp magnet - nothing I love more when in Shima/Gearing/52, than when a Khab drops smoke and shoots from it - easy kill) - and if you are far enough back that red torps aren't a worry, then you aren't being as effective as you should be - in regard shell hits. Repair party is the go-to for the vast majority of those that play these ships well, would be my guess.
  2. Theres a lot of hypothesis based on numbers and other people's reviews, in this thread. I have all the T9 cruisers, with the exception of Neptune and Donsk - I also have Kron. I'm not a great cruiser player, nor am I terrible. The Kron is in no way OP, in the hands of a middle-of-the-road, solo, random player - and unless you've actually played some matches in her, basing such a strongly held opinion on nothing more than some numbers and some reviews by folks that need to find something to make their daily, monetized, youtube video about - is a poor way to substantiate an argument. Play a couple dozen matches in the Kron, and come back with an opinion based on your experience. Opinions otherwise - for the majority of thinking folks, are merely wind. To be perfectly honest, I'm hoping Kron finds a slight buff to her dispersion, at some point down the road - as her accuracy (or rather - the lack thereof) makes her - for me - less engaging than sailing the other cruisers at her tier.
  3. Faith

    Nice one. Its a good ship - but kinda needs a Commander with perks that don't cross the board with the T10 Russian DDs (Grem really does need EM - which is a waste on both Khab and Groz - and Groz will play best with SI, once the buff comes in). Luckily - she shares pretty much the Commander build that will work best on Leningrad - so a shared Skipper will work well. So many ships, so many Commanders, so many builds!
  4. I can not join a clan?

    38 Battles?
  5. I rarely finish a session with any reports or compliments in the bank - though I must admit that there are days in which I use all the reports first - ha ha! I don't think there's anything wrong with complimenting a player on a strong performance, thanking a team mate for assisting you in a tough situation, or a group of players that pulled a match out, against the odds. But thats how I roll - not everyone is going to agree, or feel its worth their time - no problem. I don't worry - or even give much thought - to my karma number - but its rare that I don't notice a compliment after I've had a good match. Far from not getting participation ribbons, as a child - I was somewhat driven to bring home trophies and medals, and did so in a number of sports and disciplines. I do believe its that personality type that cares about accolade, even on such a minor scale as a post match compliment. And I freely admit that i am of that type. I often wish that when the compliment logged, it let you know if it was from a teammate or foe. Whatever - it is what it is - I only wish I had more to pass around in the session!
  6. The thing about both the Kidd and the Kaze is that they both need a high-skill Skipper to get the most from them - and the T8 MM for DDs is not a forgiving one, ATM - and its about to get worse, with the US CL line about to release. I hope you won't think me presumptuous - but I had a look at your stats, and if they are correct, your highest tier ships are a couple of T5 BBs - and not a DD in your port. I absolutely guarantee you that both the Kidd and Kaze will frustrate you absolutely, at your experience level. The Atago will not be a lot better, for you - given you have no cruisers in your port, and it often sees T10. I would echo another poster's sentiment - if you're set on a premium purchase - have a look at the Scharnhorst. Its a great ship - capable of making good credits, and much more forgiving of your lack of experience. Otherwise my best advice would be to spend that money on premium time, and start grinding the German BBs - it would be the line I'd most recommend to a new player, as they are very competitive, capable of good damage, and tanky enough to be comfortable for new players.
  7. Don't disparage the toxicity - revel in it. Just like Hax accusations - it means you are doing it right - and the tears of the fallen are nectar-sweet.
  8. Its a worthy line, for sure. Honestly, though - by the time I finished it, I was bored of the HE spamming - I hardly sail Khab, anymore. I do enjoy a spin in Leningrad (fitted with the special speed boost module), from time to time - it more than satisfies the urge to harvest salt from BB mains - ha ha!
  9. Kidd/Fletcher build help

    I just received Kidd yesterday - so haven't had much time to experiment with builds - I just put my 19pt Fletcher skipper onboard and gave her a go. http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/1000000000000001011010100000000119 It seems to work pretty well - you could optimize a build specifically for Kidd, which likely wouldn't include TAE - but I consider that a "must have" on Fletcher, so it is what it is. I might consider a build like this, down the road - spending points to increase Kidds very strong AA suite http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/1000000000000011010010000000010119 - but I have a number of newly purchased special commanders that I'm currently spending elite Skipper XP on - so working on a Kidd commander is a project for down the road. The rest of the skills are offensive in nature (with the exception of SE and LS) - and I feel increasing the rate of fire, AA effectiveness and fire chance worth the points, but thats just my take on it. I like both TAE and TA on my Gearing skipper, so it be a less than ideal build for Kidd - as that single rack of slow-loading torps isn't worth spending many points on, imho.
  10. Excellent write-up - exactly what I was looking for. I received the Kidd mission in one of the Freedom containers, I purchased - bought 5 and received the only ship I didn't have/was interested in. Lucky me! I'm about half-way through the mission - and am very much looking forward to Kidd in my port - it looks like a fun boat, and especially so for those odd sessions when CV population in the queue is high. Thanks again @Falls_USMC - Bravo Zulu.
  11. Cruiser line question

    KM line is likely the one you'll enjoy - with Hindenberg as your goal. There are a few fragile ships in the line (Nurnberg maybe especially) - but just be careful about at what point of the game you move up to the front line, and be aware of ships on your flanks with an eye to not showing them a broadside - and you'll be just fine. I found the higher tier US heavy cruisers to have pretty good armor, as well - but again, a broadside cruiser of any nation risks deletion from a BB, as well as some of the other cruisers with good AP. The skills you will learn running up any of the cruiser lines translate to BB play, as well. A broadside ship is vulnerable in this game, regardless of type and armor.
  12. The super modules really are very good - there are multiple ships in the game that can benefit from their use. Disappointed with the special hydro module? Huh? Those things are the bomb on KM DDs and cruisers - capable of giving you a real advantage in random play. I run one on Z52 and one on Hindy. I'd be curious to see how the special DC module would stack with the special Russian commander and his abilities - I might give that a try when the Russian BBs get into the game. Special Speed modules - I never have enough of those - I have one on Henry, one on Leningrad and one on Khab - worth their weight in dubloons. Special Radar module - tough to come by - I only have one - purchased during the Fire and Water event - wish I had purchased a dozen more. Currently switched between Kronstadt and DM - but will go up the US light cruiser line when it releases. Special DFAA module - I have been running one on Baltimore, but will be switching it to Cleveland for the grind up the rest of that line. It can make CV players cry... Special Spotting plane module - pretty handy on Hindy and an awesome counter to bow tanking BBs - in fact Hindy gets two special modules - the hydro and spotting plane. Gives an already borderline OP ship a touch more advantage - ha ha! I often think folks don't realize the strengths of these special modules, because they have never tried them. They really are worth replacing the usual modules with.
  13. Scharnhorst - Blunting The Push.

    The Tirp is awesome - probably my favorite BB I've played, so far. To be fair, I'm a DD main - with cruisers being my second most-played type. I'm not very good in BBs, comparatively - I tend to push a little too hard and get focused early - or I hang back too far and don't have the impact I should. But the Tirpitz is just plain fun. The guns are KM BB straight up - good damage, but poor dispersion - however, she has great secondaries, torps and is pretty tanky. She does see T10- and sometimes struggles against T10 BB armor - but I just concentrate on the DDs, cruisers, and any other T8/9 BBs- and leave the red T10 heavy armor to the T10 heavy armor on my team. When she is top tier, she is virtually unstoppable - and one of the reasons I like her so much is that she is very forgiving of my tendency to push too hard. Outfitted with the Gamescon camo, and Zulu flag - a reasonable victory will net in the 500-600K credit range. Bottom line - if you enjoy Scharn, I would be shocked if you didn't enjoy Tirp. Heres a couple of replays from my channel:
  14. Recommended modules for Kronshtadt?

    Ha ha - "increase the speed of the main battery reload" - "decrease the length of the main battery reload" - whichever you are more comfortable with. Good catch - still barely started the first cup of coffee!
  15. Recommended modules for Kronshtadt?

    Whichever of those last ones increase the main battery reload, would be my pick.