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  1. Lyon

    Lyon is a pretty good ship - not OP - but more than capable of holding her own even when up-tiered to 9 (which is the real test, imho). So many guns means salvos on cruisers have a pretty good chance of putting at least one citadel home - and she is very, very good at chipping large chunks of health from DDs unwise enough to allow themselves to be detected inside 8km! Word to the wise - she is also an awesome fire-starter when loaded with HE - and its my go-to round when I get up-tiered into an 8/9 heavy match. She has fairly small caliber rifles - but more than enough to get some pretty tasty superstructure penetrations on more heavily armored opponents. I enjoyed the Normandie, and the Lyon grind to this point - strong line, for sure.
  2. I'm loving how disappointing some of you are in your special mods - radar, speed boost, hydro - all awesome on the right ship. Even the DFAA - on the right boat, it can be a very useful item. I have 7 or 8 of the special modules (mostly purchased during the Fire-Water event - wish they would run another of those - I'd love to be able to purchase a few more of them) deployed through my fleet - and they make good boats great. I got 25 hydra pennants - and I would trade them (plus 25 more) for any of the above mentioned special modules. Heres an example of the special radar module in action on the DM.
  3. Ha ha - this is the same chump that was boasting yesterday about haw many Iranians he had killed. Ima guess you worked in the galley, bud - or changed the sheets in the XO's cabin. I grew up on a military base - many of my father's friends had fought in the Vietnam war (this was in the 1980's) - not a single one boasted about how many Vietnamese they had killed - not a single one. Personally - I think you are absolutely full of crap. Now it turns out you're a whiny little muffin, as well. "The cabin boy, the cabin boy - the dirty little nipper...."
  4. I don't much care if you like anime cartoons, or not. Its not the watching or liking of over dramatic, poorly drawn, poorly voiced cartoons that I don't care for. What I don't care for is that I can fit all you weebs into one stereotypical box of failure - the confines of this box are as follows. You can't change the tire of any motor vehicle other than your scooter. Likewise - the mechanical difference between 4Xlo and 4Xhi remain a great mystery to you. You can't load or clear a firearm correctly - and are unsure of using any firearm sight that isn't guided with a mouse. You believe its OK to wear both backpack straps on any pack that isn't also carrying a stove, sleeping bag and tent. "Severe hardship" is defined by three days without your phone. The very outside limit of your endurance is a hike of less than 10km. You are comfortable riding public transportation, often while still wearing both straps of of your backpack while seated. You cannot cook a steak to the varying points of "doneness" - and in fact are perplexed by any cooking requiring more than a toaster or microwave oven. You could not change a chainsaw chain if your life depended on it. Likewise - the merits of log cabin and teepee fire-starting methods (and under what circumstances each is best used) are unknown to you. You are unable to differentiate North American predator scat - and what each variation would tell you about the danger (or conversely - the lack of danger) you are possibly in. You could not correctly clean or prepare any wild protein you might procure - nor would you be able to subsist on foodstuff that didn't come in packaging. First Aid methods - beyond applying anime themed band-aids - are completely beyond you. This includes (but is not limited to): the proper placement and use of a tourniquet, the pace and count of CPR, when and how to trach someone, which end of an epi-pen to apply, and how to deal with evisceration in a still-living patient. For all these reasons - and at least a hundred more - I have absolutely zero use for weebs. Your lack of knowledge in regards anything useful - marks you as nothing more than "low hanging fruit" - ripe to be picked by the more prepared and capable than you.
  5. Gotcha - I don't think I've tried my PE (received in a Santa crate the Christmas before last, as well) in COOP - I'm going to have to give that a try.
  6. Henry IV - Double Rudder or Concealment.

    I watched a number of videos - seems like most people play the ship in the same manner, which is how I was playing it - HE at range, trying to make BBs burn their damage control. Then I happened across this guys review of the Henry - he plays the ship as a bow-on, speed boosting, AP firing, torpedo slinging, wrecking machine. I think I'll try that - seems like it can work pretty well - and would be more fun than shooting HE at range.
  7. T4 is awash in very strong DDs, for sure. Clemson, izy, Iso, V-170 - and now Shenyang - an embarrassment of riches, for sure!
  8. April Mission Briefing

    Any thoughts on what the "free premium cruiser" might be? I saw a Makarov in randoms, the other day...
  9. I had been holding off running up this line, as I've been working up a few of the cruiser lines, of late - and its mostly been a credit issue. Those of you grinding multiple lines know exactly what I'm talking about - ha ha! However - after a watching a few videos of the gameplay the PA DD line offers - I decided to kick it off. Wow - to say I'm impressed with their relative strengths would be an understatement! Great gunboats, excellent torpedos (speed, range, alpha, detectability, reload - all really strong), excellent stealth, excellent speed - and that access to smoke just makes them arguably the strongest line in the game. I really do feel this line has usurped the US and KMS DDs as the best "all-rounders" in the game. I wondered how having torps that don't hit other DDs would effect their ability to contest caps - especially in early match - but I haven't found it to be much of a weakness, to this point. I kill most DDs in cap knife fights with guns - and the guns on these boats have been very good, so far - and I would put forward that in the higher tiers (T8+) - its very rare to catch a red DD with torps in smoke, as most DD skippers have learned that sitting in smoke can be a quick trip back to port to choose another boat! I'm currently at the T6 Fushun - and am very, very much looking forward to the T7 Gadjah Mada - it looks to be the strongest T7 DD in the game, and with the MM to make it shine. Anyway - without further ado - my final match in the Shenyang. Not a spectacular match, necessarily - but one that shows the boat's insane ability to ambush BBs with close range torpedo attacks. This boat was made to play aggressively!
  10. I agree 100% - I'm just curious as to why you think its a "great" boat. I think its barely a "good" boat for the following reasons: Good torp arcs - but range that makes them situational, at best. Getting close enough to use them is a huge risk, unless you're finishing up the last couple of red ships in a match. Giant superstructure that takes melting HE damage, and full pen damage from even same tier cruisers. Very mediocre HE and AP rounds - and coupled with the loooooong reload - makes the DPS on the low side, compared to her competitors at tier. OK AA, and very good hydro (with the special module) - but you are forced to choose between them. Like the torps - getting close enough to use the hydro in an offensive manner can see one back in port early. Don't get me wrong - I don't think its a bad boat - just very mediocre compared to the other T8 cruisers.
  11. Tips and Advice for new Gunboat DD Player

    Both lines (well - technically all three, should you include the IJN DD split) - are very strong, when played to their strengths. There are going to be very nearly as many skipper-skill recommendations as players that play them - but the following is how I set them up. US DDs up the Fletcher: T10 Gearing: IJN torp boats: Akizuki: Again - these are just the ways I choose to set up my skippers for these particular boats - there is always more than one way to skin a cat! Have fun running the lines - I think you're going to enjoy them very much.
  12. One thing the PE has never been - is a "great ship", especially at tier. She is a good ship, in her current configuration - but not more than that. I just finished the AH grind, and while I managed not to embarrass myself too badly (37 matches - 55.7% solo WR - 55K Ave. Dmg.) - I certainly didn't find the ship to be much in the way of a stand-out. In fact, if I had attempted the grind earlier in my days playing WOWS, I might have even found it frustrating. As top tier in a match - she could be a force - but as mid or low tier - she was food. Agreed - the heal is a boon, to be sure - but its the PE's ability to deal damage that I find to be one of her main weak points.
  13. POLL: Remove BB Reload Horn

    Like it. Check out the sound made when you go sight-zoom mode in Cleveland - I'm enjoying all the new sound reworks. Far and away my favorite is the rework of incoming and over-flying rounds - now that is a serious upgrade. Makes it almost worthwhile to charge a cap in early game, while driving a NC - just to hear that incoming focus fire. I absolutely love it.
  14. Fushun Captain Skills Tradoff (LS or EM)

    I'm going to have to agree with what others have said - LS should be considered a mandatory skill for all DDs, especially on boats that rely on their guns as heavily as the PA DDs do. Theres nothing I love more than seeing a red DD take damage to their engine/rudder/prop - when they obviously don't have the LS skill - it makes them so much more vulnerable to BB and CA/CL main battery fire (even when they pop smoke) - and almost a guaranteed kill when I'm in a DD capable of putting torps into that smoke. When I started up the line, I had 10 skipper points to play with (courtesy of a Lo Yang commander that came in a Santa box two years ago) - so I went PT - LS - TAE (bit of a "flyer", but I consider torps to be the primary weapons systems on all but the Russian DDs, and I'll always take the skill that shortens their reload) - CE (also a mandatory skill, along with LS, on all DDs except most boats in the Russian line. Its usefulness should not be underestimated in capping, setting up torp attacks, and disengaging from focus fire). I have the luxury of having a few 19 point commanders, so I ground out some elite skipper XP and added the EM skill next. Now - at this point I should clarify that I'm currently playing the T6 Fushun, and EM is a handy skill to have on the boat (but certainly not over LS, as stated) - but I'll very likely respec the skipper when I move on from the Fushun, as the rest of the line will play just fine without the EM skill - and I'll likely put those points into another level 3 skill. I should be approaching the 19th point by T9 - and I'll be aiming to have my skipper spec'ed thusly - PT - PM - JOAT - LS - SE - TAE - DE - CE.
  15. Competitiveness

    I'm finding this line - frankly - ridiculous, and awesome! I'd been holding off on it, as I was working on some other grinds - but kicked it off last week. Now - its partly that I'm still in the lower tiers, and have nearly 2300 matches in DDs - but these boats can win games nearly single-handedly. I wondered how the deep water torps would effect my strategies, as not being able to target DDs in smoke seemed like a huge weakness - but I haven't found it to be an issue, at all. The higher up the tiers one goes, the less likely it is you'll catch a DD sitting in his smoke, anyway - as by the time they get to T8, most DD skippers understand that sitting in smoke - especially in a cap -can earn one an early trip back to port! That smoke, though - it more than makes up for the lack of DD torping ability. I get that one actually gets about the same number of actual smoke seconds as the US DD line - but you pretty much have access to it for the entirety of the match. Such an awesome line "flavour". Anyway - I sure have been enjoying the ships to this point (currently playing Fushun).