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  1. Atlanta is a good ship - but pretty situational. Try playing her in a T9 match on Okinawa, or one of the other larger, open maps - its very difficult to be effective in her, under those circumstances. Interesting side-note, OP - you earned yourself a -1 from me, last night - for your endless berating of teammates, and calling out of opponents in all-chat. Try toning down the language a bit, my friend - the result page showed that you're not half as good a player as you seem to think you are.
  2. I believe it was available, during the Fire & Ice event - definitely one of the two best modules (along with the speed boost module), imho. Mounting it on Baltimore gives 45 seconds of radar - and has allowed that ship to completely wreck a match for many a DD and RN CLs. It should be rare, though - as it allows a significant advantage for those players that are willing to forego the traditional slot choices, and whose play-style see them playing VMF and US cruisers in a cap supporting role.
  3. This might surprise you - but I can. It might also surprise you (and apparently still does) that its not all players that don't want special modules in their SCs. Its nice getting useful stuff that I can't purchase with my open wallet, or earn through regular game-play. Anyway - thats it for me. Thank you for the exchange of opinions.
  4. Listen - we could bandy this back and forth ad nauseam - in fact I believe a strong argument could be put forward that we already have. You don't want special modules in your SCs - I do. I don't want purchasable/earnable camos and economic/battle flags in my SCs - you do. I guess we'll both just have to contain our spectacular disappointments and remember that this is just a game we play for enjoyment and relaxation. The fact that you are sensitive about your mostly PvE experience, and the fact that its lack of competitiveness pretty much negates your opinion in this particular argument - doesn't make it any less true. I actually agree with you - the special modules don't make a great deal of sense in PvE play, as your advantage over the bots does not require any sort of "edge" - hence the near 100% WR that is pretty easily obtainable for anyone playing that mode. I'm not making fun of you - but I am invalidating your voice in this argument, due to your lack of experience in a competitive environment. And thank you for adding me to your ignore list - you are obviously too sensitive for frank truth and it would be better for your delicate psyche that you limit your exposure to it.
  5. But thats not the point, is it? You don't find the special mods useful - so be it. I have no idea whether you have based your findings on what others have told you, a reluctance to trade in the "tried and true", your own assessment of which modules lend advantages to certain ships - or perhaps your own style of game-play. Hell - I have no idea whether you have even tried any of the special modules. I do find the special modules advantageous on certain ships - the speed module on my Leningrad, Udaloi and Saint-Louis - the radar module on Balty, the AA DF module on Kutuzov, the hydro module on Z-46 - I find them far more valuable than any of the traditional choices available for these module slots. Our mileage varies - so be it. What I have attempted to point out is that there are many of us that find these special modules extremely useful - and would very much like to continue to receive them in the SCs. In fact - personally I find these special modules advantageous enough that I wouldn't like to see them become a purchasable item - and thereby available to anyone willing to spend credits or dubloons for them. The majority of the special modules offer enough of an advantage that they should be rare items - and SCs are a good way to ensure their rarity - but again - this is just my opinion, but its one based on actually trying the special modules. I very much contest the assertions that "most players" don't wish to receive them in SCs - I'm not saying its not true - but I strongly feel as though this is based on very anecdotal evidence, at best. There are those that will never be happy - regardless of what WG does in regards SCs - and are only too happy to chime in their bitterness and disappointment in every thread that offers the opportunity. Case in point - did you really sell all your T10s in a rage of disappointment at finding "useless special modules" in the SC you received? Its absolutely your right - and I could hardly care less what you do in your port with the ships you purchase - but it's hardly a rational, considered decision - and in my mind, absolutely invalidates any rational position or argument you might put forward. And that, my friend, is the point.
  6. I've been working on my IJN cruiser captain, recently - as I'm just about to purchase the T9 Ibuki - so have been sailing him in a few Atago games. I've had the ship since I received it in one of the Santa-Boxes I purchased, last Christmas - but admittedly, hadn't played her very often recently (so many ships - so little time!). Recent exposure has reminded me just how fun - and effective - she can be!
  7. Agreed - I was put off a bit, by all the complaints I had read about the ineffectiveness of the higher tier US cruisers. However - I've found those complaints to be greatly exaggerated, to say the least! I'm very much looking forward to the DM - with the right commander skills, the special module for radar use, and played the right way - I can see how she can be a ship that dictates the outcome of the matches, perhaps more than any other T10 currently in the game. I found the Balty to be a very large step up from the NO - and I enjoyed the NO very much. The extra armor and heal give her the ability to stay in the fight longer, and to take that fight right to the front line. For anyone that enjoys playing their ships aggressively, the Balty is a pretty fun (and effective) ship to play - I think you are going to enjoy her!
  8. I'd be interested in your pointing me towards the stats that indicate that "most" players don't wish to receive the special modules in SCs? Is it possible that you made that up? Because I'm pretty sure that most registered players of this game are not members of any of the regional forums - so I'm just curious as to where the statistics came from? Were one to simply compile anecdotal evidence from just the posts on the NA forum - is it possible that the anecdotal numbers could be skewed by the fact that unhappy folks are only too willing to post their complaints - while those that are happy to receive the special modules remain silent on the issue? Kinda human nature, don't you think - and wouldn't be too surprising to anyone who is a member of this - or any - game forum, would it? Same question for you, my friend - I'd be interested in seeing the numbers your assertions are drawn from. But killing bots is hardly a challenge, really - even were one to leave all the module slots empty on any ship played in PvE - so I see why you don't find the special modules all that handy. However - for those of us that play the majority of our games in Random (where 95+% WRs are not the norm), the special modules can give certain ships a real advantage, in this more competitive game play (for those that have tried them, and understand how to best take advantage of the strengths they offer). Enough of an advantage that I - personally - would not care to see them end up as a purchasable item - and thereby obtainable by anyone willing to spend a few dubloons or credits to take advantage of them.
  9. Really? Even after all this reading and replying you are not getting the fact that there are many of us (who are also well versed with the game, the meta and the lines) who find these special modules useful and advantageous? You don't - fine - whatever - I want them - and don't really need more camos and flags when I've already purchased or earned what I need in that regard. What I don't do is whine about it endlessly, or want your ability to receive these items removed from SCs, just because I don't want them. Are you picking up what I'm laying down here? Chacun a son gout, my friend - its the way the world works.
  10. Fair enough - and I don't much need camos (I purchase as many Restless Fire as I figure I'll need, as its the most useful to me - when they come up for sale), and I can purchase all the economic flags I need, and get the combat flag rewards for FB, Conf, HC, DS, Kraken, Arsonist, Witherer and FW often enough that I can pretty much run them on any ship I choose - so I don't much want them in my SCs. You don't need to worry about Premium ships - if you have all of them, you won't get a duplicate - so moot point. I do, however, recognize how much value there are in some of the special modules (having tried all of them) - and don't want them to be a purchase item - lest every DM and Donskoi has 45+ seconds of radar, and all the French CAs and VMF DDs are running around at 45+ knots. So - we all have the same odds of being disappointed by the contents of our SCs - not just you - so its "working as intended". This!
  11. So - I had a quick look at your stats - and see you have the British CL line to T7 - but the next highest tiered cruiser in your port is the Svietlana, in which you have exactly three matches. This makes your argument based purely on perception - rather than experience - and not very valid, all things considered. I'm really digging cruiser play, at the moment - and am grinding all the lines (except the VMF cruisers - saving them for last, though I have a 19 point skipper ready to work his way up the line) - having the RN to Edinburgh, the KM to York, IJN to Mogami, the US to Baltimore and the French to Saint-Louis. Please take it from me (and this opinion is based on experience, rather than anecdotal evidence) - there is plenty of variety in cruiser play - and they are all a blast to play in their own ways. My best advice is to keep going - the lines get more interesting as you go up. But perhaps consider whether an argument you wish to forward is valid, before taking the time to type it out. This would have been a far more productive thread had you asked "What are the main National differences and "flavors" of the cruiser lines, as one grinds up them?" - rather than forwarding an invalid opinion based on nothing more than perception.
  12. So - you're saying you have tried the special modules and haven't found them useful? 4 minutes of speed boost on the Saint-Louis, extended periods of 45+ knots on the Udaloi, a significant extention of hydro use on Z46, and 45 seconds of radar use on Baltimore certainly make trading in the traditional slot choices more than worthwhile, imho. But I guess everyone's mileage will vary. And some folks aren't going to be happy, regardless of what is contained in the SC's - judging by the last line in your signature - Ima guess you're one of those folks.
  13. I began the US CA grind early in my WOWS "career" - and very much enjoyed the early tier grind - then got to Pensacola (pre-buff) and couldn't make it work for me. After the Pensa detection buff, I decided to go back to it - and though I still found the ship to be a bit of a chore - am I ever glad I did. The NO was a blast - and the Baltimore ranks right up there with my favorite ships in the game (along with the Fujin, Murmansk and Bis/Tirp). Its a ship that is almost never bottom tier (unless the player pop for high tiers is very high) - but can still be a game-changer when it is And in those sweet, sweet matches where she is high tier - can afford to be played right up at the front line, taking a very aggressive stance - thanks to her armor, workable heal (especially with the 20% flag), cap stealing radar and face-wrecking AP. I have Stevey Seagall commanding and find his perks to be quite complimentary (quicker turret traverse, and ability to switch ammo types in 2 seconds on the Balty) to the US CA line. Anyway - I had a couple of fun games in it the other day, and thought I'd upload them to my Youtube channel - I hope you enjoy them!
  14. But thats the rub, isn't it? You say no one wants the special modules - however, thats not quite true. There are plenty of us out there that are smart enough to understand the value of the special modules, and use some - if not all of them. So - I guess you're not speaking for everybody, are you? In fact - other than premium ships and dragon flags - there is nothing I'd rather than to receive more of the special modules in super containers. I have all the premium time I need, have more than enough dubloons, and all the economic flags I will ever use - besides all those things are available in the store. I very much like getting access to things I otherwise couldn't, through the SCs. Currently, I am using radar, DF AA, Hydro, Speed (X2), and DC special modules on various ships in my fleet - and I am hoping the SC I receive today will give me a few more. So - to sum up - I guess you're not speaking for all the players, but rather just for yourself. My best advice is to try a couple of the special modules on an appropriate ship (radar mod on a US CA, hydro mod on a KMS DD, speed mod on a French CA or VMF DD) and see if you don't find it a very useful addition. If you haven't actually tried out any of the special modules, well - then your opinion isn't worth much, is it?
  15. Got two SC yesterday, for finishing the third set of Yamamoto missions - the first one was the special module for spotting aircraft, which isn't really useful to me as I'll usually select the fighter aircraft if given a choice. The second was the special module for radar - which is a huge bonus, and was put directly into use on Baltimore (though I had to remove the special module for DF to do it) - giving her 40%(!) longer radar use! No DD will survive being lit up in cap, now - using it almost feels like cheating. Almost!