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  1. Did someone say "Cat hunt"?
  2. I didn't mind La Gal, at all. Spec your skipper for DE and run about at range, lighting fires and dodging return fire - I think it kinda sets you up for the rest of the French line. I'm currently at the Martel, and none of them - to this point - have had particularly good AP, or tanky armor profiles. I managed a 46.5K average damage - which is kinda middle of the road - but lets be clear - the La Gal is just a ship to grind through on your way to the Henry. My grind was 21 games - hardly worth wringing one's hands over, wouldn't you agree? I've very much enjoyed both the Algerie and the Martel which follow - and am looking forward to the SL.
  3. Keep going - Myoko and Mogami (particularly with the 155s and an IFHE skilled commander) are great boats. More than perhaps any of the other cruiser lines, these ships excel at HE shelling from range - using their stealth to break engagements when they decide to - then re-position and re-engage from a different quadrant. If I remember correctly, the Furu has the largest guns at tier - load AP for any near broadsides at 10km or less - otherwise, spam that HE using the useful arcs and high fire chance.
  4. I'm not hell on wheels in the Khab - but I do OK with it (still has my highest damage game at 197K). Khab is a DD - but don't try to cap right away. Pick a cap another DD is going to, and cover him. If he lights up a DD - rip it up, if you get focused - pop smoke and disengage - then re-engage from max range. The Khab excels at setting fires in the early game, then using its speed to reposition and take caps in the late game. The Khab isn't a great capping ship - and random isn't ranked. If you choose to take smoke, use it selfishly to break focus fire (but don't sit in it, early game - though its usually safe to do so after the red DDs are dead). Your job is to burn down BBs, and make cruisers turn away from close support - the smoke is for you first - because you can't fulfill your role if you're dead. Jink and jog at your near max range and shell any BBs that push up to support the caps. The Khab is a difficult target to hit at range - use that, and the speed boost (if you have the special speed boost module - give it a try). Keep working on the long range shelling. Two games is not enough to judge a ship by, nor to get a real feel for how it plays. Less angst - more determination. The Khab is - pound for pound - the strongest ship in the game. Use your guns, use your speed - and most importantly - use your range. If you're getting "shredded" by a Harakaze, you're either too close, or you need to work on your gunnery. Just stick with it - it'll click.
  5. I'm not the most perceptive person I know - but inferring from your reply (and your sig, by the by) - I'ma guess it might have been your own team that left the negative karma. Post a replay of it? I've seen plenty of players having a good game, do some trolling - both of their own team and the red team. And I've left negative karma when I've seen it. Not saying thats what happened here, but it does happen - and the negative karma is well deserved when it does, imho.
  6. My pleasure, OG. For myself - I find the higher tier IJN DDs have usable turret traverse without EM, so prefer to put those points elsewhere. However, the guns on the Yugumo are pretty good, and putting points into optimizing them makes good sense - I know I don't use them often enough, given their strengths. And thank you very much for that. Making youtube vids is pretty clunky, for me (record replay, transfer to USB, edit in potato laptop, then upload) - so I don't do it often. I honestly don't mind the low view numbers - I enjoy making and watching them, and so a good portion of the pleasure I derive from them is purely to satisfy the narcissistic part of me - ha ha! Lets just say there will never be ads in my videos, as its not something I'm even remotely interested in monetizing. I option for "National" voice, and given how often I run IJN and KM boats - find it to be the best choice. I'm currently running Steven Seagal up the US cruiser line - he is hilariously understated in condition and battle assessments - but his buff to traverse speed and the EL skill is no joke. He has grown on me!
  7. Thank you for that, OP - good information, right there - and well compiled. Agree with the 4 star reward - for those of us that take advantage of the semi/annual PT sales, its not much of a bump - personally, I'd much prefer a signal or consumable package for that level - but it is what it is. Hope some folks that don't generally run PT can take advantage of it.
  8. I ground my way through most of it pre-buff - didn't enjoy it, but I was a new player then with skillz to match. Put it on the back-burner, but finished it up last week. I can't say I did all that well with it (unless top tier) - as my perception was that I was a priority target for all T8/9 cruisers and BBs. Some easy XP points - ha ha! But it was on me, as I like to play my cruisers up near the caps, supporting DDs. I have a handful of games in the Nola, now. What a difference! Radar, hard hitting AP and some useful armor - I very much enjoy playing it forward, and I feel like I have much more impact on the game in her. I'll bet you'll do very well in the New Orleans, given your enjoyment of the Pensacola.
  9. Ha ha - you guys know that Communism (in the twisted form we know from Russia and China, in particular) is pretty much dead, right? I grew up on a CDN forces base in (then West) Germany in the 1980's - waiting for the baby-eating Commies to come pouring through Fulda Gap and destroy the world. What a revelation to find out - years later - the intense dissatisfaction the average Russian had for the for their governmental and social systems (much the way I feel about aspects of my own county's democratic and corporate systems today). Spouting "Better Dead Than Red" in today's world just means you haven't been paying attention for a few decades - ha ha! Anyway - OP - DDs are a blast. I started with BBs as well, and switched up to DDs at about 1K games - and haven't looked back. Much like CV play - there is a lot going on with a well played DD - and I personally find them to be a far richer and more satisfying playing experience than the ponderous BBs (don't get me wrong - theres room for BBs as well - diversity is the spice, however).
  10. I experimented quite a bit with the TA skill (and spent a fair number of dubloons in the process) - and found it to be a pretty ship specific skill. There are certain ships that benefit from it, and ships that don't. I prefer the 4 by 3 skipper build on my IJN commanders at the higher tiers (as the guns make investing points into their optimization worthwhile), and on the mid-tier premiums I have in my port - so for me, TA just wasn't a good fit for commanders I was pushing up the two lines. My favored IJN DD Skipper skills. So - my answer as to whether TA is a useful skill on an IJN DD commander is: it depends. If you're pushing a commander up the line - then building towards a 4 by 3 build would be my recommendation. I like the F3's on the Yugumo - and the trade of 5 more knots for 20% less range is not worth it (for me) - as the F3's move plenty quick enough, imo. I much prefer to land a torp or two, pop smoke and use BFT and DE to get a fire or two going. Same for the two mid-tier premiums I have in port - I find the reduced range on the Fujin and Shino to make them much more difficult to use effectively. So if you using a higher tier (Yugumo/Shima - Zuki) to double into the mid tier premiums - you might find the TA skill makes those premiums more difficult to be effective in (as I did). However - I did find the TA skill to be fairly useful on the Shira - so if you are building a commander specifically for this boat, then there might be an argument for adding TA - but I still prefer my standard IJN skipper build, and the two points needed for TA won't allow for it on a 19 point commander. The Zuki is a whole different kettle of fish - and I prefer IFHE on it - with the core build being: Core Zuki Commander Which leaves a spare two points on a 19 point skipper - making TA a viable addition. But honestly - the Zuki is primarily a gunboat, and I would rather put those two points towards AR, than to have marginally faster torps. Anyway - YMMV - but I haven't found the benefits of TA to make diverging from my favored IJN DD skipper build worth the two points required. However - all that said - I really do like the TA skill on my Gearing commander!
  11. Yup - missed that entirely! Nice one.
  12. Thank you for the clarification - that sounds right.
  13. I'll add my (TT) picks - acknowledging they are my favorites at T4, not necessarily the "best ship" - noting as well, that my "favorites" have skilled commanders aboard them, which adds to their usefulness. DD - an embarrassment of riches - the Clemson, Iso, Izy and 170 are all very good ships. My nod goes to the Izy - and especially with a commander spec'ed for BFT, AFT and DE. CL - hard to beat the Karlsruhe, which is a pretty useful ship when played properly. BB - I enjoyed the Kaiser even more than the Nikolai (which falls far down the list - given her lack of speed, and AA). Can't comment on CVs, though - as I don't play them.
  14. HMS Gallant releases in two days - seems a good fit, as I have one Brit commander spec'ed for BBs (currently Warspite) - and one going up the CL line (currently sailing Edin). Is playing the Dunkerque mission how he is earned? NVM - looked it up - earning four stars in "Operation Dynamo" (which also releases on the 19th) is how he gets drafted into your service. Looks like I'll be playing my first mission! Edited to add: Its a little unclear as to whether the 10pt commander with the unique abilities is earned with the 4 star operation - or whether he is only released when the "collection" is completed. Operation Dynamo
  15. I work two weeks on (8 hour shifts - then pager for call-outs) - then have two weeks off. Coming up on the last week of a 6 week holiday, as I took a patrol off (annual leave - but didn't burn all of it, and still have my comp bank - as I tend to bank a lot of my over-time and stat days). Oh - wait - we were complaining about our crappy schedules - wrong thread - sorry about that!