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  1. Ha ha - you're wife is absolutely right. Use your money for real world things. I once enjoyed this game very much, and had an idea I always would. But the one constant in life is change - and the rule with online multiplayer games, is that the more and longer you play them, the more frustrating they become. I got to a point that the game wasn't fun anymore, it was just a point of frustration (be it in my performance, RNG, my team's performance or my stats). I don't think I've signed in for more than a year, maybe more like two (I just logged in today, on the forum to see what was up in the community) - and don't think I'll be doing so anytime soon (same for [edited] - another game I don't play anymore). I spent some money on the game, though - I always had premium time, bought camos, dubloons and flags, as well as all the best premiums. Now all those items sit in an account that never gets used - and that I can't sell to recoup the costs. I'm not rich, but I'm not poor (about 90K CDN/year - 130K household) - I carry a car payment and a mortgage - as well as food costs for my partner and I. Now I'm in late middle age and find myself looking at fancy, red sports cars - ha ha! However, the payment on the "sensible" vehicle we have doesn't leave any room for it in the vehicle budget. If I'd saved all the money I spent on this game, though - I could have put down a payment on one a few years old, and could have wiggled the rest into the budget. Lesson learned - I won't spend another dime on MMOs (even were I to log back in and play a few matches) - and will put my money into real world things that have real world value. I'd recommend the same for anyone else, though YMMV.
  2. ddoubletapp1

    Players who disable game chat....

    I'm not ignoring you - I'm just chat banned again.
  3. ddoubletapp1

    Is Ägir Worth the FXP?

    I played my first 15 or 20 matches in Siegfried, set up for full secondaries (BFT, AFT, Man Sec and both secondary modules). It worked pretty well - even managed to kick off Lutjens' secondary perk a few times. But I find that Siegfried is one of those boats that gets special attention from the reds, if you get detected too close to the front lines - and she melts pretty quickly when focused, especially in a TX heavy match. I switched up my build a bit - and left the secondary skills on Lutjens (as he's a busy guy, and also commands GK, Tirpitz and Scharn) - but switched the secondary modules to accuracy and MB reload. And after a number of matches with this build, I feel like that's the way she was meant to be played - a little further back (12-15km) and looking for main gun opportunities on cruisers. I honestly didn't think 7% accuracy improvement would amount to much, but it's very noticeable - and has turned a lot of those overpens I was getting into citadels. Turns out I much prefer it, as it's the main guns that do the damage with this boat - the secondaries are mostly a bit of a sideshow. However, with the captain's skills and secondary flag - the range on this build is still 10.1km - and works very well on any DD that mistakenly gets too close.
  4. ddoubletapp1

    Siegfried - First Impressions.

    Good news - I flipped the build a bit, and changed from the secondary modules, to accuracy and reload. It's worked out just fine - in fact, I much prefer it - much. I'm not a numbers guy - at all - but though 7% might not sound like much, it really makes a difference with these guns. I played a number of matches today and managed citadels on Soyez, Iowa, Monty and Stalingrad (which was a particularly gratifying moment - ha ha!) - some from farther away than I would have thought possible. Still have 10.1km secondaries with the flag - just less volume and accuracy - but more than enough to make DDs careful about getting too close.
  5. ddoubletapp1

    Is Ägir Worth the FXP?

    I enjoy the Agir - it's a good boat - but I don't feel it has a great deal in the way of match influence - especially in a TX heavy match. I don't do well in it - but I've faced a number in randoms, and have seen some captains perform very well in it. I recently picked up Siegfried, which I have been enjoying very much - so the Agir in my port is not likely to see much sea time, in the near future.
  6. ddoubletapp1

    Siegfried - First Impressions.

    Interesting - I haven't been paying much attention to the upcoming change - guess I'll see what happens. It wouldn't be the end of the world, for this boat - if it doesn't work out with secondaries, I'll just go full gunboat (accuracy and reload) - it would prolly end up more effective - ha ha! The secondaries are just for kicks, at the moment - it's those main guns that do the damage.
  7. ddoubletapp1

    Siegfried - First Impressions.

    I had watched a couple of YouTube videos, focused on this boat - and thought it looked pretty interesting - interesting enough that I reset a second line (KMS cruisers, appropriately enough!) to get enough RB points to purchase it. Finally repurchased Hindy yesterday, and swapped the points for Siegfried. I was right - it's an interesting boat - ha ha! I set it up for full secondaries, and dropped in my Tirpitz/Scharn/GK skipper (full secondaries plus concealment) and took it out. What's not to love about it? TIX MM, 11.5KM secondaries, torps - and that accuracy! I was prepared to drop the first secondary module in favor of the 7% increased accuracy - but it's just not necessary. Siegfried is the absolute bane of red cruisers - and with the special module for hydro paired with secondaries and that accuracy - will chase DDs out of a cap as well as any ship in my port. Favorite ship? Yes, I think so - well worth the RB points needed to acquire her. If you're on the fence - have a love for battle cruisers, and an equal love of KMS secondary builds (but always wished for more MB accuracy!) - then I'd be very, very surprised if you were disappointed in this boat. There's not a boat in my port that's tickled me like this one has off the hop.
  8. I always enjoy these events (as a regular player) - corgis, turkeys, pumpkins - love seeing them out there - so thanks to you folks that participate as "targets". After all these years, I finally bagged one during this event - have been close in the past, but it's usually a bit of a crap shoot as to who's shells will finish the job when 6 folks are raining them down onto the same target! Anyway - thanks again to those that participated as escaped pumpkins.
  9. ddoubletapp1


    Agreed - the Petro and I played a cat and mouse game, through the first half of the match (we were our respective team's farthest flung flankers) - but when he got tired of my long range HE showers and decided to chase me down - I was surprised at how quickly that AP went through my HP pool. He finished me off, then charged a 2/3 health Repub and came within a few hundred HP of finishing it off as well, before succumbing to DOT secondary fires. It was an impressive display, for sure. How do you find IFHE on your Nevski commander? Does the increased pen make up for the reduced fire chance, on this boat?
  10. The nice thing about T4 is that if you are a good player, you have a real opportunity to influence the match outcome. The same can't be said of TIX and X - if you get stuck on a bad team, it's pretty much an assured loss.
  11. ddoubletapp1


    I don't have Petro - but one absolutely out-gunned me yesterday, in a one on one while I was driving Nevski. I tried to kite him with HE, and managed to get a few fires, as he aggressively chased me down - but that AP just ate up my HP, despite angling and wiggling. Petro will definately be my next TX, and will complete my TX cruiser collection. Gotta see what the hype is about - ha ha!
  12. ddoubletapp1

    Alexander Nevsky or Minotaur

    I like them both - both are very strong in their respective roles. I have to say, I find Mino to be a more match influencing ship - she can absolutely deny caps to the reds, while being quite capable of taking caps and quickly deleting any red DDs within range. Full disclosure, though - I only got Nevski yesterday, and only have a handful of matches in her. I've been playing her in a traditional role (at range), and she does a great job of it - but setting BBs on fire is not much in the way of match influence. So far, while I've had some good matches in terms of damage numbers - both my WR and PR numbers in her are pretty low (solo randoms). I need to try some matches with aggressive positioning - try to exercise a bit more cap influence and use her AP to more advantage. Anyway - get both - they are both fun ships to play, in their own right - but I think I'd tip my hat to Mino strictly in terms of overall effectiveness. She is a fragile ship, but that can be absolutely mitigated by positioning and selected skipper skills. However - this is a line that should not be free XP'ed - you'll need to grind through those lower tier ships to learn how to play Mino effectively - there is no substitute (and no short cut) for hands on expieriance with the British CLs. I feel like some of those that struggle with Mino may have rushed up to her, without learning the lessons taught by the lower tier ships.
  13. ddoubletapp1

    New year snowflake are meh

    My favorite part of this is how some folks are so quick to change "I" to "We". "I need steel and RB points - so we all need it". I don't mind the Santa boxes, at all - but I don't need steel or RB points - I just think the boxes offer a greater variety of items, that might appeal to a larger number of folks. Camos, flags and pennants ("I" need a top off of GC black for Miss - ha ha!) are always welcome - the chance of a ship, never a bad thing (though I do acknowledge that most of us that have many TXs, likely also have most of the premiums we want already - interestingly, most of mine came from the first year Santa boxes were offered, the ship drop rate was spectacular!), with coal, steel, doubloons and premium time as a possibility - would love to see a chance of special moduals in them, as well.
  14. I didn't use any duplicates, can't remember how many I accrued, but it was a pile. Like you, I was down to a single item needed for completion - and was hung there for a surprisingly long time. Two days ago, the last item dropped in a recources container and the collection finished. The duplicate trade in resulted in somewhere around 980K credits - and though I was happy I could finally mount that second flag and alternate camo on KMS DDs, I have to admit there was a modicome of sadness that my duplicate collection was finished - ha ha! Absolutely keep collecting those duplicates - keep it going as long as possible, if not for you - then in remembrance of my duplicate collection, now ended. For my boy Blue!
  15. ddoubletapp1

    One thing to change on new BBs

    Haven't had an opportunity to play one, yet - but have seen lots in randoms. In something near 50 matches, I only remember one on my team that topped the XP board, and only a handful that cracked the top three. I've been playing TVIII and IX cruisers, recently (Saint Louis, Brindisi, CM, Riga, Donsk and Atago) - sure do love seeing those huge, slow boats on the red side - they burn pretty well!