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  1. ddoubletapp1

    Alaska or Agir?

    Alaska AIAEC. Don't get me wrong - I enjoy Agir as well, it's situationally a pretty good boat - but it has nowhere near the consistent match influence that Alaska is capable of.
  2. ddoubletapp1

    opinons on atago cruiser

    This is purely a personal opinion - but I think Atago is the best cruiser currently available for dubloons. Really good torp angles, great HE alpha, well above average concealment, and surprisingly good survivability. She's an absolute match carrying monster when top tier (due to how devastating she can be versus red DDs with good hydro and accurate, hard hitting guns, as well as enough concealment to stealth steal caps in late fame) but really shines when bottom tiered, as she harvests FXP and skipper XP when you make tier 10 BBs your focus. Her strength is getting on the weakside flank and kiting a push with all that fire starting potential and those rearward torp angles - but it's a great jack-of-all-trades ship - and one of the most versatile in my port. I've had mine for a while now - and have 158 matches in her, with a WR of 63.9, while averaging 2743 XP and 68.7K average damage. For clarity - I have a 55% overall WR - so she outperforms my average by a fair margin.
  3. ddoubletapp1

    Amalfi vs Albemarle.

    Both are fun lines - and you'll likely finish both, at some point. I didn't really enjoy Albe all that much, though. Drake is a pretty good boat - with Goliath being the gem of that line - and the only boat I kept. However - Amalfi is a really strong boat in her tier spread (I kept mine and gave her a dedicated skipper) and it just gets better with the T9 and 10 boats. I'd recommend the Italian line first - from T8 up they are very competitive in their spread, and I personally enjoyed that grind more than the Brit CAs. Edited to add: Read back through the thread - and see you went with popular opinion - good choice - enjoy the grind!
  4. ddoubletapp1

    Second League Flag Removed?

    Ha ha - what was the point of giving it out, I wonder? I wouldn't have bothered putting it on my ships if I'd known that (bit of a waste of time there) - guess that 10% savings just breaks the economy! Oh well - time to spam Miss in the Gamescon Black camo - make WG regret their economy choices - ha ha! thanks to all for edumacating
  5. Ground up to rank 9 - with the intention of receiving the "Flag Of The Second League" (10% post match cost reduction) - mounted it with the Military Contributor flag o every ship in my port capable of carrying two. Logged in this morning - and it was removed from my inventory. Was this really only something available during the ranked season, to be removed at the end - or was a mistake made onn my account? TIA for help rendered!
  6. ddoubletapp1

    I am in love with T9 and T10 European DDs.

    The torps don't hit for much alpha - but they are fast in the water and the reload is pretty quick (spec the ship and the skipper with all available torp perks - these boats are all about the torpedoes). Flooding is where you rack your damage count - so don't forget to mount the flooding chance flag. Had a match yesterday on Brothers (in the T9 Ost) and dealt 200k DMG to pushing BBs. Still lost the match - but isn't that how it goes? If my teammates had been competent, there would have been far less damage available to me - ha ha! I'm just finishing up the Ost grind - and looking forward to Halland. I've enjoyed my trip up the line - especially the T8 and 9 boats.
  7. Of the destroyers, I really enjoyed Lightning and Jutland. Fiji, Neptune and Mino are standouts - of the CA line, I most enjoy Goliath.
  8. Absolutely true - she is a bit situational in that she needs spotting to make use of her smoke.
  9. I don't know about the second part - but Indo believe the average Belfast player would have as much influence in a match, regardless of which ship they chose for any particular match - just based upon the fact that they will (on average) have more experience and skill - based strictly on the number of matches, and length of time they've been playing the game. The fact that the Belfast is a very good boat with a useful assortment of tools is icing on the cake.
  10. The stats are skewed somewhat for Belfast, as she hasn't been available for an awefully long time, ergo - anybody playing her likely has quite a bit of experience to draw on. I believe they would be a fair bit lower if she was still available for purchase today. The radar she brings can't be under estimated, though - especially on maps as small as this season features. I'm doing well in Indy, despite the fact that I don't top the board often in her. Hydro to spot torps and radar to spot DDs for the rest of the team are the difference makers - even when I don't manage to get a shot off on any ship I reveal with radar - it's likely someone on the team will have angles.
  11. Of the ships you listed, I would far and away recommend Atago. It's such a solid boat in its tier spread, equally capable of solid team contribution when bottom tier, and carrying a match when top tier. One of its pluses is that it's a strong premium that embodies the strengths of the line - which means it can make use of the IJN cruiser skipper from nearly any ship in the line (exception being the 152mm Mogami, of course) - without any unique attributes that require a specialized skipper skill set (as so many other good premiums require - ie Belfast and Mass). I am a solidly average player - and in 153 matches in Atago, have maintained a 63.4% WR, with a PR of 2705 and an average damage of 68.2K (bear in mind that much of that battle count was racked up when T8 saw TX a whole lot more than it does now). Atago is definately one of strongest premiums in the game, but like any ship - requires the player to click with it to some degree - but it sounds as though it will be a good fit for you.
  12. I have Belfast, and played some matches in this season of ranked with it. It's a good boat, for sure - but for effectiveness - I've been finding Indy to be my go-to ship.
  13. ddoubletapp1

    wheres the Belfast ?

    And very doubtful it'll be back for purchase. The only hope is Christmas containers now ( though, wasn't it included in that package for a "donation" of some hundreds of dollars?). It's a pretty good ship in randoms - but situational in that it needs spotting to use that smoke (beyond its radar consumable, of course). It's been pretty good to me in ranked - but honestly, I've been doing better in Indy (whoda think that?).
  14. ddoubletapp1

    Mighty MO earning potential

    Tested one match - a 22.5k DMG steamroll win (ended so fast I barely got any salvos in!). 650k credits. Still producing like she always did!
  15. ddoubletapp1

    Really not a rant but...

    All fair points. I went from 13 to 10 this morn, using Indy exclusively. Got that minus 10% cost flag to fly with the MMC on ships that can fly two. Four stars needed to advance from 10, though - I'll see how it goes, but that might be good for me.