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  1. Leningrad needs Buff

    Theres a lot of incredulity expressed in this thread - but a quick look through any of the topics in the "Discussions About Warships" will show that not every boat will work for every player, and impressions will vary greatly in regard various strengths and weaknesses. I find the Leningrad to be a very strong DD at tier 7. She is the bane of camping, bow tanking BBs - and capable of wrecking any DDs in her tier spread, due to the impressive speed and the relative difficulty in hitting her. I like my Commander with EM, BFT, DE, AFT and CE. She is more than just a Khab-esque gunboat - and with CE, is capable of capping and the occasional DS with her torps. The boat is also a natural for the special SB module - running around at just shy of 48 knots - she is one of the first boats that teach hate of the Soviet DDs to new BB players - ha ha!
  2. What is the conclusion on T-61?

    I get it - its late, I missed it - ha ha!
  3. What is the conclusion on T-61?

    Its in the shop now - bought mine today.
  4. What is the conclusion on T-61?

    Bottom tier match? Otherwise, you pretty much cleared all the available HP on the red side! #oneshipteam
  5. What is the conclusion on T-61?

    The 61 is a really good boat - but just shy of OP. This was the second match (of two I've played). Its nice to have a premium KMS DD that I can drop my 52 Commander in. I have the 39, as well - but BFT is a wasted skill on her, so I'm working on a separate Skipper for it.
  6. Fletcher

    I'm not a big fan of AR - I just don't find the benefit to be worth the price - especially on a DD that already has pretty good reload on both torps and guns. In fact - I think the only Skipper I run it on is a French Commander (J.J. Honore) who gains a slight AR advantage, thanks to his "unique" skills (currently on Alsace) - and even there, I don't find the upgrade to be worth much until my match is very nearly over. I feel like those two points are better invested in a skill that is useful for the entirety of a match, rather than just the last couple of minutes. Other's mileage will vary on this, though. I like a 4X3 build on my Fletcher Skipper:
  7. No apology necessary - I wouldn't say we are disagreeing - just coming at it from different angles. Fletcher is an awesome boat - I liked it enough that I moved my 19 point Gearing commander back down to Fletch after a couple of dozen matches - its the jewel of the line, imho. However - I would contend that Udaloi has more reliable match influence than even Fletcher - when played to her strengths. There were plenty of boats I struggled with in the beginning - that once I found my groove with them, became trusted losing-streak-breakers. 11 matches is barely enough to get much of a feel for a boat - let alone get a solid handle on reliable tactics. Hence my posts, in an attempt to short-track that learning curve. As to beyond either Udaloi or Fletcher - I strongly feel Groz is a great deal more interesting than Gearing. A great deal more. It was over-buffed, recently - and need to be played before WG looks at nerfing her back to a level comparable with the other T10 DDs. For all of these reasons, I would recommend the Udaloi over Fletcher in the short term.
  8. Like I said - I'm sorry you didn't find Udaloi to be a good boat. The Soviet line was the second DD line I ground through - must be a couple of years ago, now (with probably fewer matches than the OP has currently) - long before the split, and I enjoyed Udaloi off the hop. Not every boat is going to fit every player, or their style. However - Udaloi can be a really fantastic match securing boat when played to her strengths - which is a blend of open water HE/AP spam, and traditional capping/scouting/torping. She's the predecessor of the Groz (which is - undoubtedly - the most versatile DD currently in the game), rather than Khab - so a blend of guns and traditional DD tactics is where her strength lies. I think many players are frustrated with her because they think she should be played primarily as an open water gunboat - and are missing out on her true strengths. Hence my recommendation with a summary of set-up and tactics that I have found to work pretty well with her. Bottom line - if a player is having trouble making Udaloi work for them - they are likely going to struggle with Fletcher, as well - case in point.
  9. Udaloi Buff?

    It surprises me that folks find Udaloi to be a difficult boat to play - I find her to be a rather strong, rather versatile vessel. That said - if I've noted anything in my time on these forums, its that not every boat is going to work for every player. Play-styles vary - and luckily for us, so do the relative strengths and weaknesses of the boats in the game - so there is - literally - something for everyone. I spec for full concealment, using a Skipper shared with Grem and Lenin - as well as rudder shift and guns. Udaloi is all about speed - so taking DFAA over SB wouldn't be my choice - and this boat is a great choice for a special speed boost module. She is a great boat for spamming HE - but when spec'ed for full concealment, she is actually pretty good at capping (especially middle/late match) and using the stealth to close in for torp ambushes, or to finish off low health DDs at close range. You're not going to out-spot many other DDs - but using cover to advantage, - it can be enough. Don't be afraid to go dark in Udaloi, if you think repositioning will earn you a DS, or an unguarded cap - which is exactly what Groz is so proficient at. In that respect, she is a perfect trainer for the next-in-line. I think lots of folks play her like Khab - running around firing and spotted the entire match - but she is so much more versatile than that. Don't get me wrong - when you find yourself in the open on the red-push flank, she can do that just fine - but if you aren't looking for opportunities to play her more strategically, in regard match objectives - then you aren't playing her to full advantage. High damage in a DD is only rarely a factor in a match win. Killing (or hurting badly) red DDs in early-match - then stealing caps in mid/late stages is a better recipe, imho.
  10. Is anyone else feeling burnt out?

    How much we play this game is entirely up to each one of us. Blaming a second party for hours spent playing a video game is an interesting concept - but does nothing to mitigate the responsibility in the eyes of folks grounded in reality. Feeling burnt out? Its summer, man - go outside and play. Any impulse to play video games beyond the point they are no longer fun is a sign one needs to take a good, hard look at what is important in one's life.
  11. I actually log off the server if I lose three in a row when I begin a session - then log right back in. Its probably a statistical fluke, but I've found this can turn that three loss start into a winning steak far more often than it doesn't. Results may vary with a larger sampling size - ha ha! I'm sorry to hear you didn't care for it - its one of my favorite boats in the game. Fast, agile, great guns and arcs, and very usable torps - I find her to be a very versatile boat.. I play mine with a Skipper shared with Grem and Lenin - so he has CE, which might be a little nontraditional - but I find it works well on all the boats this Captain commands - but perhaps Udaloi most of the three (getting her detection down to 7.3km - which gives a small stealth torping window). I rarely attempt to cap, early match - unless theres two (or less!) DDs per side - but under those conditions, she caps just fine. Otherwise I like to follow a capping boat - staying just out of cap, if a contesting DD lights, hit SB (and this is a perfect boat to run the special SB module on, of course) and take advantage of that reload and those arcs. Her torps are pretty handy, too - make use of them. Like I said - Udaloi has a stealth torping window - its small, but works great for dropping against a red push. Two sets as you cross the T, and a third set from the other side - as you retreat back to a safe kiting range. I see Udaloi being used quite often to bring fire on the second and third lines, in early match - but her primary job, in this phase - is to do as much damage as she can, to any red DD she can range. Use her speed and don't hesitate to go dark if you think it will allow you to close up on any damaged boats (another plus for 7.3km concealment) - getting those early DD kills will swing a match right out of the gate, and Udaloi is great at it. I have a spare 19 point Soviet commander, and I've been toying with the idea of spec'ing him for RDF and putting him on Udaloi - make her an even better DD hunter. Since the neutering of Khab's rudder - I've found Udaloi a great deal more fun to play. Unwieldy DDs just aren't really my thing - I would have preferred a reload nerf, if balance was something being looked for. Hope some of this helped.
  12. Agreed 100%. I don't remember a grind I enjoyed less than Ibuki - my stats in her aren't terrible, but I don't find her to be an enjoyable boat to play. Feels lie that grind has been going on forever - and it has, as I can't bring myself to play more than a single match per session in her - whether that gets me the first win bonus or not. 60K to go - ha ha! And the random thing is - my stats are a little better in NO than I've managed in Atago, over the same number of matches - especially compared to the server average (gained when I ground through her as a T8) - 48 matches, 64.5% solo WR, 2.5K PR, 56K Ave Dmg. Just goes to show - some boats just work with a player's style - some don't.
  13. Interesting. I looked up Atago on WOWS Stats and Numbers - and she comes in at low middle of the pack, there. Couple things to remember - the Atago was one of the first premiums introduced to the game, and is often recommended as a premium to newer players (or has been historically, anyway - a couple of years ago - before MK, Belfast, Miss, Eugan, French CAs, British CLs, etc - she was recommended on this forum pretty frequently for new players because of her heal and credit earning potential). According to WOWS S&N - Atago has more matches played than any other T8 cruiser - aiaec (@2.2 M matches played) - thats going to skew the stats some. Is Atago OP at tier? No - but she is very, very strong at tier - and more capable than most T8 cruisers at handling up-tier to 10, given that stealth and heal. Atago is a floating citadel in the hands of a poor cruiser player - and she has been ill used as a high tier premium by folks playing TT @ T4/5 and needing credits, almost longer than any other premium in the game. Stats aren't going to tell the tale of that. However - in the hands of even an averagely good cruiser player, she is capable of some pretty outstanding feats. I guess everyone's mileage will vary on what constitutes a good boat, and not every boat will suit every players style.

    I can't help but wonder why he wouldn't have filed the report from London, like every other reporter covering the landings did? Calais to New York on a 20 knot ship must be what - a week or a week and a halfs crossing?
  15. Hindenburg: Range or Reload?

    I prefer the reload mod - but run mine with the special module for spotter plane, as well as a special module for hydro - one of the few ships I run two special modules on.