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  1. I purchased the year of premium last Christmas - it seemed a reasonable value to me , at about fifty bucks (when considering what I was paying for - which is a subscription to a video game). I was waiting for the sale with the intention of purchasing another years worth - but at double the price? Nah - I don't think so. Not all that disappointing, though - as my recent battle count is pretty low. Other MMOs and a PS4 Pro have been competing for my video-game time - ha ha! I would have purchased the years worth - as its likely that I'll continue to play a few battles, here and there through the coming year - but not at double the cost of last years discount. Best of luck, WG - I hope the loss of veteran player premium time purchases is made up for by the influx of new player's purchasing. Though I don't think it will.
  2. Is the game rigged or not?

    I'm always entertained by those who answer threads like this using popular terminology like "entitled/entitlement", "snowflake" - and the ever popular "tinfoil hat". Clearly - thinking folk's replies, all! I think "rigged" is too strong a word - "manipulated" would be more apt terminology, I think - and even then, its just conjecture. Is it possible for WG to "manipulate" MM, to more evenly balance teams? Yes - it absolutely could, using pretty simple algorithms, at that. Do they? I'm not sure - but neither the "Yes" respondents, nor the "No" respondents know for sure. Only WG knows - and if they do manipulate MM, they are keeping a pretty effective lid on it. I tend to think they might - not based on any perceived evidence - but rather, using logic. WG provides a product - they want it to be as entertaining as possible - the skill level of the player-base is extremely diverse - why would they allow random selection to set the teams? I know if I were in charge of that aspect of an MMO, I would lobby that manipulating the MM to more accurately level the playing field would be in the best interests of "entertainment" - and therefore ensure that players of all skill levels kept pushing the "battle" button. No-one likes steamrolls - and anything the server provider can do to ensure a more even skill/experience balance surely would do nothing to hurt gameplay. I have no clue whether they do this or not - but it surely must be acknowledged that they might.
  3. I didn't mean insinuate the lakes don't get rough weather - or had any "real" shipwrecks - as I stated, I've been bemused by the attention paid to the EF for many years, thank you for your take on why. Lets face it - compared to the Atlantic, neither the lakes, nor the North Pacific has seen much in the way of ship wrecks (I'm going to guess your assertions that the lakes has had more shipwrecks than any other body of water, was probably per square mile?). I've sailed the Arctic, Pacific, and Atlantic - and while the Arctic and Pacific have their share of fury - none of it really compared to the 100 plus foot seas I saw midway between Newfoundland and the British Isles. That was the two-ticket rife, for sure - especially after those enormous seas snapped off the port side stabilizer! I imagine in your career steaming on the Lakes, there has been some pretty bumpy miles, as well - and I've sailed with enough navigation and engineering cadets that acquired their sea-time on the lakes to know those shallow waters can stack them up sharp, close and steep - but I always enjoy the look on their faces when they get out into the swells and wind-waves that have a thousand miles of fetch behind them. About the Fitzgerald's "classic lines", though - we're going to have to disagree on that - ha ha!
  4. Hello, I have thougts for you.

    Um - no, you don't. Your country is fairly free, when compared with some - but the "freest on earth"? Not by a long shot. Freedom in your country (as well as mine) is determined directly by your social/economic station. Doubt that? Put on your painting/camping outfit - grab your sleeping bag, and try to catch a nap on a bench in front of your local government buildings to see how long that freedom lasts. Freedom in our societies, is a relative thing - and an illusion in large part. You are not free to do anything you want, nor are you free to say anything you can imagine (except amongst trusted confidants - most certainly not in any public forum). "Freedom" is something we are sold as a consolation - and compared to N. Korea we have a good deal of it - but if you really do believe you are a citizen of the "freest country on earth" - then I can think up a few dozen scenarios (much like the one above) in which you can put your "freedoms" to the test. Reality is often quite a bit different than perception, for folks willing to consider beyond the very simplest of terms. And I gotta ask - whats with the signatures? Reading them was a flashback to those full page ads for crap T-shirts in the back of a 1980's edition of "Soldier Of Fortune"! "Better Dead Than Red"? Really? Dude - the "Red Menace" went bankrupt in the early nineties - ha ha! And as a thinking man's expression, it ranks right up there with "Peace Through Superior Firepower" (another one of those crappy SOF T-shirts). Please tell me the caricature is ironically intended, rather than ironically accidental.
  5. I'm always kinda amazed at the romanticized attention the Fitzgerald received in its sinking - I guess Lightfoot's song had much to do with it. As tragic as the sinking was, the reality is the ship was a poorly designed ore carrier (and about as ugly as any ship ever laid down - though that is in the eye of the beholder, of course!), likely sailing with substandard hatch integrity - into a well forecast storm front that should have been avoided (and not much of a storm, at that!), or waited out in port (understand that this happened on a lake - not the middle of the ocean - safe ports were very much available) - and the final consideration being that the loss of life was confined to a professional crew that fully understood the risks of a life "at sea" (so to speak - lets bear in mind that this again - happened on a lake). As someone that grew up working upon the waters of the "Graveyard of the Pacific" - with a 23 year career spent on aids-to-nav tenders, lighthouse supply vessels, ice-breakers, and SAR vessels in those same waters - the circumstances and sinking of the EF seem a bit of a "tempest in a teapot" (in a fully literal sense). Our coast's have seen some real maritime tragedies: SS Valencia SS Pacific And of course the HMCS Galiano - a far more compelling story than the EF, imho (loss of ship and all hands in a "real" storm {and anybody thinking the great lakes have "unique" sea conditions - has never seen Hecate Strait in a 70kn SE against three knots of flood tide - it truly is the very definition of maelstrom} - only three bodies recovered, the location of the actual wreck remains unknown). HMCS Galiano I'm not downplaying the sinking of the EF, just expressing my bemusement that such a minor incident has received so much attention. Thought I'd edit this to add a photo of what an "Alaskan Bomb" (intense low spawned in the Gulf Of Alaska, that spin ashore on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, this time of year - and responsible for the bulk of the carnage that is the "Graveyard of the Pacific"). I took this shot from the bridge of the Coast Guard Ship Narwhal (260' buoy tender) while engaged in SAR operations (two broken down deep-sea vessels in danger of being driven ashore on that remote and unforgiving coast) off Brooks Peninsula, a particularly ferocious location off the west coast of Van Isle (due to its tendency to "corner" SE hurricane winds, adding considerably to their strength). Wind speeds, at the time I took the photo - were a sustained 90 knots, gusting to 115kn (165kmh - 212kmh) - with seas running to 50', with larger "rouge waves" occasionally sweeping through.
  6. I really like PT - and use it on all my ships - from low tier DDs to high tier BBs. Knowing when I can push in, when to angle hard, when to wiggle, and when to go dark - all that for the cost of a single point? For me its an obvious choice - even on my DDs, I don't find I lose guns or torps often enough to justify trading that access to information for a 30% decrease in the chance of losing those modules. I do have PM on my 19pt KMS BB Skipper - but only because I was left with a single spare point after a full secondary/concealment build - and PM seemed the obvious choice for that last single point (took PT for the first single point), On cruisers, I'm far more likely to take EL as a second level one skill - but only in conjunction with PT. Everyone's mileage will vary on the first skill level "must have" - but thats what works best for me.
  7. how to DD?

    Other posters have pretty much summed it up - but the most relevant answer (imho) is to play more matches in DDs. Nothing else helps more in understanding the DD meta, than more time in the water. Pick a line, start at the bottom - and grind your way up. The lower tiers will teach you much about knife fighting, torp prediction, positioning, and cap contesting - without having to constantly watch for radar cruisers (and the Miss!), the way you do in higher tiers. DDs have probably the most unique play-style in the game (excluding CVs, of course) - and the number of matches you've played in CA/CLs and BBs are only a minor help in understanding how best to play a DD. Jumping directly into T7/T8 DD play would be an exercise in frustration, I would imagine - you will need a good understanding of how to play DDs to wring the most from those ships. I'd recommend the USN and KMS DD lines, for beginning DD Commanders. Both offer a well rounded play-style, meaning you can work on capping, torps, and gunnery while grinding either line. The VMF and IJN lines are also fun - but both are a little more specialized in their respective strengths (guns for the VMF - torps for the IJN) - and offer a less rounded play-style to gain experience with. If pressed - my nod would go to the KMS DDs. I'm rapidly approaching the XP required for the Z-52 - and have enjoyed the grind up the line very much. If you have a special hydro module kicking around in your inventory - the higher tier boats are the perfect place to use it. KMS USN VMF IJN
  8. As with all the ships in the game - different ships "click" with different players. The New Orleans was one of those ships I "clicked" with - can't really explain it other than it worked well with my play-style, and perhaps I ran a little luck into the equation - and had better than average MM? I really did enjoy the NO - though I will add that I didn't grind her "stock", and fully upgraded it's modules before taking it to sea. As well, I ground up the line with Stevie Seagal, and he offers some real advantages to the US cruiser line (very rapid shell type switch when spec'ed for expert loader, as well as improved turret rotation). Anyway - keep grinding - Baltimore is on the horizon - and that boat was the highlight of the line, for me (just slightly ahead of Cleveland). I very much enjoy the DM - but its a somewhat vulnerable ship that will always see T9 and T10 BBs - meaning she mostly needs to be played stealthily and carefully - paying much attention to positioning, and thereby limiting the number of red ships that have a shot at you. The Balti doesn't care so much about that. Its anecdotal - but I feels like it's armor is very much more able to withstand tanking shots, compared to the Des Moines - allowing it to be played much more aggressively. And in those matches where she is top tier? That ship can absolutely run amok!
  9. Z-46 or Z-52?

    Thank you for the considered replies, gentlemen. I believe I'll hold off the purchase - and just enjoy the 46, for the time being. I'd like to purchase back the Balty (which I actually enjoy more than the DM), and I'm also nearing the XP required for the Montana - credit availability is always the issue in my port - ha ha! I also have the XP required for the Groz, but have been holding off the purchase due to the fact that I enjoy the Udaloi so much (especially with the special speed-boost module). Maybe tier nine is just where its at, for me.
  10. Ha ha - hilarious! So bent outa shape over such a small thing - which didn't cost you a dime, incidentally. I'm not going to throw around phrases like "snowflake" and "entitled" - but dude - just relax - it'll likely show up in good time. Writing a dozen emails - each one a little angrier than the last - will not get this done quicker. Put yourself in the CS guy's (or gal's) shoes, for a minute. Re-read your emails and ask yourself how far down the list you would push a fix, if you were sitting in a cubicle, making $11.50/hour, were you to receive an email string like the one you've been sending. Man - were it me - I would troll you along for a week - and post your best salt on the coffee room cork-board. I'm going to guess that you are very young, judging by the fact that you believe your choice of language will be the best tactic in having your problem seen to in a timely fashion - and by the fact that you believe CS will drop everything to solve your issue of a free award - not now but right [edited]now. So a little advice - just chill - give them some time - and if the time-line stretches, just remember that its an item that didn't cost you a penny. Try to keep some perspective - work on understanding what could be construed as important - versus unimportant. Please also work on understanding that "loose" does not mean "to lose" - this is an important consideration, especially when you are throwing around phrases like "I thought you were smarter than this" in the same email. The irony of that is delicious - and likely one of your emails pinned on the aforementioned cork board. The phrase "You'll catch more bees with honey, than vinegar" is never more accurate than when dealing with Customer Service (regardless of company). Try being more pleasant, and a whole lot less demanding, next time - and see if it doesn't get your issue resolved more quickly.
  11. Z-46 or Z-52?

    I had a bit of a rocky start with the 46 - but I've found my groove with it, recently - and have been enjoying it very much. I don't always rack up a ton of damage - but it sure piles up the XP spotting from smoke with hydro - as well as spotting into smoke from smoke, which is a pretty awesome trick, I find! The hydro is its strength, for sure (well - that and the quick torp reload) - and capping while knowing you will spot torps in plenty of time, sure makes things easier. I'm rapidly approaching the XP required for the 52 - and I'm wondering - for those that have played both, which do you prefer? I ask because I ground to the Gearing - and after a few dozen matches, realized I preferred the Fletcher - and moved my 19 point commander back down to it. Is the 52 enough of an upgrade to make it worthwhile - vis-a-vis moving my only high point KM DD commander up to it? TIA!
  12. I will state that I have both, and played enough matches in each to have a feel for them (131 in Tirp, 128 in Scharn) I like them both - they have similar play-styles, imho - especially when top tier. However - one of the main differences is how they handle bottom tier. For me, the Scharn struggles against T9 (and some T8s) - while the Tirpitz does just fine against 9s and 10s. However - to really make the Tirp shine, ones needs a good Skipper - and I run mine with a 19pt Commander (shared with the GK) spec'ed for secondaries and concealment. My KM BB Skipper Honestly - you can't go wrong with either ship - but the Tirp with a 19pt commnder, 50% commander XP flag, a dragon flag, and Restless Fire camo - absolutely farms Commander XP (that can be used to level-up other Commanders). My nod goes to Tirpitz.
  13. Just got my Hipper!

    Nice one, OP - I just picked up my Hipper yesterday. Funny thing, though - I wasn't at all looking forward to it. I received the Eugan in a Santa Box, last Christmas - and while I've enjoyed playing it - I didn't find I could have much influence in the match while playing her (32 matches - 52.1K ave dmg). I didn't find the Yorck to be particularly enjoyable - the floaty arcs made it difficult to hit targets at range, and the lack of armor made it vulnerable playing in the second line (keep in mind, this is just what I found - others mileage might vary). All that combined to put the KM cruisers low on my grinding priority list (have the DM on the US line, Ibuki on the IJN line, and Saint Louis on the French line). However, after watching a few recent Hindy game play videos - I decided to bite the bullet and finish grinding the Yorck, and purchase Hipper. Am I ever glad I did! Not sure why, but the ship is just clicking with me. Early game, I've been playing Hipper in the second line - finding a soft spot where I can use the good arcs to fire HE on BBs approaching the caps (while remaining mostly undetected), while opportunistically switching over to AP for any broadside cruiser shots that might present (I find the Expert Loader skill pretty handy, given the long reload). Middle and late game, I use her good armor combined with the enhanced hydro module to push caps and spot any remaining red DDs hiding in smoke. All in all, I'm finding the Hipper to be a very handy ship, indeed. Bear in mind I'm only 10 matches in, but have managed an ave dmg of 72,2K - and have felt there is always the opportunity to have a real influence on the outcome of the match. I "only" have an 18 point skipper on her, and have invested points into AA effectiveness and fire starting (BFT and AFT combined with the AA module give Hipper an AA rating of 87, iirc). My Hipper Skipper Skills When I move up to Roon, I'll likely change out the Demo Expert skill for Superintendent for the extra heel, and invest the 19th point into Preventative Maintenance to keep the AA guns in the game longer. Anyway - congrats on the purchase - and good luck out there!
  14. Zao or Des Moines?

    The DM is a pretty fun ship - and my first T10 cruiser (at T9 with the IJN and French cruisers). Hard to argue against that DPM - but I would agree with what others have said - don't miss the Baltimore grind. I know I've posted this clip before - but its an example of what the DM is capable of under the right circumstances.
  15. Concealment or secondaries on the GK? Why not have both? This is how my GK Skipper rolls.