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  1. ddoubletapp1

    MM proposal: Tier IV+ ONLY for Tier IV CVs

    Easy solution - start TT CVs at tier six, where ships actually have some AA to defend themselves with. The only other solution I can suggest is to restrict all tiers less than six, to a single CV per side. 3 CVs a side should never be a thing, and especially in tiers where the majority of ships have no defense against them.
  2. ddoubletapp1

    Jean Bart is $78???

    Its a pretty fun boat - not $78 worth, though it might be for someone else. I received mine through coal, the day before yesterday - running it as a secondary hybred with my Repub skipper. Second match resulted in 178K dmg and 50(!) planes shot down. That CV skipper really wanted me dead, but I think he ran out of planes! Well worth saving that coal for, if you enjoy Dunk and Richy.
  3. ddoubletapp1

    Jean Bart

    That's a good plan. The Warspite is a formidable boat, these days - so much better than when I bought it, a couple of years ago! Another mid tier BB I've been enjoying is the Dunkirque - just in case you were looking to build up a Skipper for the JB - same turret config, as well - so double the preparation! I've been saving coal for the JB, as well - realised this evening that if I applied the coupon (I thought it was an automatic thing) - I'm sitting on enough to get it with coal to spare. Looking forward to taking it for a spin!
  4. ddoubletapp1

    Cleveland tips?

    I kinda feel like Cleve is where the line begins to play like Worcester. I'm currently grinding Seattle, so can't speak with any real authority on the issue - but I think that if you aren't enjoying Cleveland play, you're not likely to enjoy either Seattle or Worcester. The old Cleve was my favorite T6 ship - hands down - in fact it still holds my dmg record at that tier (179k). When it shifted to T8, I lost a bit of interest in it - but with the new MM at that tier, I decided to put a dedicated Commander aboard and play her more often. Its great to see she is still a powerful ship, even with the tier increase. I don't have any pro tips for you - I find I'm most effective in Cleveland when I rush to cover at the beginning of a match - close supporting a capping DD - using the firing arcs to interdict any spotted targets from cover, and using radar to spot any cap contesting red DDs. Overall I enjoy Cleveland quite a bit, as an alternative to open-water HE cruisers - but I'm finding that I'm most effective in seattle when I play her like Cleveland - and I don't see it'll be any different with Worcester.
  5. ddoubletapp1

    Concealment or Radio Location for Des Moines

    I'll fully admit that I've never tried it - I can't see why it wouldn't work - but it seems like the advantages would be pretty situational. Most matches I find the special module for radar to be worth it's weight - and a close second behind DM's raw DPM in contributing to a team's effectiveness.
  6. ddoubletapp1

    CV's are ruining WOWS

    Been playing this game for a while - took a year off when other things came up. Came back a couple of months ago to find CVs have become a real balance problem, primarily at the mid tiers. Too many matches either decided by CVs (especially when at least one [or two - or three!] of them are experienced CV players) - or finishing with just the CVs remaining alive on each team. I'll fully admit that I am a DD main - and currently working my way up the FR DD line - but I'm finding CVs are a hard counter to DDs in a way that no other ship class is to another. I mean, they have always countered DDs to some extent - but they do so now with near impunity - especially in the mid tier (rockets are a bit of a problem, for sure - three passes are enough to erase a tier five DD, when the CV knows what they are doing - and most mid tier DDs will struggle to shoot down even one of the aircraft in those three passes). Anyway - I'm not going to get caught up in the whole "provide data, where are the numbers, git gud scrub" arguments - my absolutely subjective impression is that things have changed with how CVs balance in the game - and not in a good way. This is a ship game - and the matches should be decided by ships - not airplanes. I very much wonder where the base would play, were they given a choice to play randoms without CVs -but I have a pretty good idea. I know I would opt to play in no-CV randoms. Edited to Add: I added a poll - since when are polls stuffed into a sub forum? Does anyone look in there to see them? CV/NoCV Poll
  7. ddoubletapp1

    Concealment or Radio Location for Des Moines

    Agree with the others, and your own course of action. Concealment on the tenth Skipper point - Radio Location for the 14th point.
  8. ddoubletapp1

    Video - Le Fantasque - The ship grows on you

    Running Radio Location can be helpful (I've found) - coupled with last known position, it helps to use an island to run between line of sight - until you are suddenly right in their face and too late for them to do anything but die. The other Strat I employ is to use that base speed (45 knots in Terrible) to close on a cap - hit speed boost as soon as you are detected (taking you to 53 knots, I think?) - then running the reload boost as soon as you've detected the red DD. Your speed will give that DD absolutely no chance of avoiding you - and often just enough time to begin a turn, so often you will catch them on a broadside. If they smoke up right away, just put your torps into the smoke and disengage immediately. But using all the concealment you can muster (skipper skill, module and camo) will mean there is very little time for a red DD to react between his detecting you and your detecting him at the speeds you are capable of.
  9. ddoubletapp1

    Commander skills for upcoming French DDs

    So - I believe I've settled on the skills I'll be using, based on my grind to T7 and a number of matches in Le T. I earned the special French Skipper and currently have him at 16 points' Priority Target - indispensable for me. Expert Marksman - I've never, ever felt that my turrets turned too quickly on any boat in my port. Besides - the special FR commander has boosted EM, making it an easy choice. Last Stand - My personal impression is that the FR DDs are extremely vulnerable to engine and rudder damage - and I would rather always have the ability to sail away at a reasonable rate when that damage occurs - rather than just a reduction in the number of times I end up dead in the water - just my opinion - but the extra point I would gain in taking PM over LS gains me nothing in y Skipper build. BFT - like fast turrets - there are no ships in my port I feel reload too quickly - ha ha! Concealment Expert - I strongly, strongly feel that if you're not playing these boats at their max concealment (skill and module), you really aren't using them at their full potential. Radio Location - I've been playing these boats as primarily red DD hunters - and RL is invaluable in this role. The last three points I'll be putting into Survivablility Expert - which is another buffed skill on the special FR commander, and that HP boost will be a boon in those initial skirmishes at cap. I really have been enjoying the FR DDs - and set a personal best XP record in Le T at 4860 - beating a personal best thats had stood for a few thousand matches.
  10. ddoubletapp1

    French DDs - What for?

    I'm currently at the T7 - and have been enjoying "the grind" very much. I was lucky enough to receive Le Terrible in an earned loot box - so had some idea of of how the line improves in the upper tiers - and it really does improve (as most of the DD lines should, and do). I've found it most useful to accept a different role, than that of the traditional DD - focusing on hunting other DDs first and foremost. Killing the red DDs as quickly as possible means an almost assured win, in randoms - and the FR DDs excel at the task. I built my Commander to suit - spec'ing him with BFT (for reload), CE for better close range ambushes, and RDF so I know where the red DD is likely to pop up - and to hunt down any stragglers later in the match. I thought hard about foregoing AFT - but I've found there are benefits to not having it - as the range without is just fine (I use the ship primarily for ambushes - getting as close as possible before launching torps and opening fire) and it cuts down on the number of ships that can spot me when I do open fire. Sometimes I get nuked in the initial exchange - when I end up with a well supported red cap push (no smoke makes disengaging a little more difficult when the "targeted by" counter gets to five or six!) - but more often, that initial exchange results in the death of at least one red DD and quite often that can set the course of the match. I have been enjoying the line very much - and the Terrible most of all, so far (it recently set a new record for XP for me - going from 4500 to 4880 - which is a significant jump on a personal record that has stood for a few thousand matches) - when played to their strengths they can be absolutely devastating and have real match carry ability.
  11. ddoubletapp1

    Commander skills for upcoming French DDs

    I received Le T in a crate, and finally had a chance to play a couple matches in it, yesterday. It has made me rethink my practical Skipper build, as I spent both matches wishing I had a little more range - I think its about 12.5km without AFT? I guess I'll be dropping RDF in favor of AFT - glad theres a free Skipper reset, at the moment! Otherwise, I find it to be a pretty effective boat - and pretty fun to play!
  12. ddoubletapp1

    RB - Reset Question.

    Awesome - thank you for that - exactly what I was looking for and my last reservation about resetting quelled. Off I go!
  13. ddoubletapp1

    How bad can a team be....

    I often find myself wondering about this, too. I am often perplexed when, in a random match - I get my head down dealing with either taking or contesting a cap early in a match and get a chance to take a breath 8 or so minutes in - to find the other flank has completely collapsed, and the reds are rampaging through the center uncontested (despite the fact that our side had a numerical advantage on that flank). I had WOWS Numbers open, one day - as |I had been looking at the stats of a couple of ships I had recently acquired - and decided to randomly check the stats of posters on this forum (mostly - but not exclusively - the loudest complainers). It was absolutely illuminating - and I recommend you give it a try sometime - you will wonder about those five ships no more! How the heck does anybody have 30 matches in a Kremlin and only 20K average damage in randoms? Its out there, though - and far more prevalent than you probably think it is.
  14. ddoubletapp1

    RB - Reset Question.

    So - my apologies if this has been dealt with before, but I have a quick question about line resetting. I've decided to reset the RU DD line - as it was the first line I played to T10 (long before the line split and the ship "adjustments" that were made to the mid tiers). Which brings me to my question - I have two ships that I kept from that trip up the line - and each has a reasonably high point Skipper aboard - what happens to these Skippers when one resets? My feeling is that they would likely transfer to the reserve, keeping their skill assignments - but do they keep their ship specialization, as well (can the Skipper that has been sitting aboard Izy, be reassigned to Izy after the reset - without the need to retrain?)? I've read quite a bit of griping about the RB - and honestly, I find it to be a bit of a tempest in a teapot. If you don't wish to participate - don't. As with everything in this game - there is no "must". There are quite a number of "musts" in my life - but not one associated with a video game - thats the whole point of video games, isn't it? Honestly - if you feel as though you are associating "musts" (or outrage, or indignation) with your recreational activities - its probably an indication that you need to look at your life priorities, because I honestly think you're doing it wrong. I had to give up golf for this exact reason - ha ha! It was a good decision, in the long run! I'm actually looking forward to resetting and regrinding the RU DDs (Minsk and Tash in particular, I think). I really enjoyed my first trip up the RU DD line - but I'd be very unlikely to repurchase ships from the mid tiers, just to play a few matches in them - unless there was something more in the offing. I won't be in a rush - I likely won't use any FXP (certainly not to bypass any ships - though I might FXP some modules) - and I'll very likely only reset one line in each three month "season" (the US DD line net, I think - that was the second line I ground through). I feel like thats what WG intended when they introduced RB (in its current form). If you feel like you absolutely "must" reset four lines at the same time and have them all reground to T10 within the week - well - that is 100% on you. We'll both end up with Colbert in our ports, it'll just take me a little longer - but it'll be cheaper for one of us, and likely more enjoyable too. And thanks in advance for the answer to my question.
  15. ddoubletapp1

    British Skipper - IFHE Vs.RDF

    As an update: I finished grinding through Lightning, this afternoon - and moved on to Jutland. Another strong ship! I only have one match, so far - in a T 10 heavy affair - and came out with two kills, two caps and 85K DMG. The AP is as good as I've heard - absolutely shredded both a Gearing and a Shima as they tried to turn out after RDF led me to ambush them as they cleared islands (on seperate occasions). The heal is a nice bonus. It's a slow boat, though - even with the speed flag, I think it topped out at about 35 knots - not going to be chasing much down in it - ha ha!