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  1. ddoubletapp1

    "Can't handle application files..."

    I did - but this is a fresh load of GC and WOWS to a freshly formatted drive, so there's no old pathways it could be confused by. I set speeds to unlimited, in settings - but there don't seem to be any other relevant settings that might impact a clean install. Or might I be missing something? I haven't tried limiting any of the upload or download speeds, but surely unlimited is preferred?
  2. ddoubletapp1

    "Can't handle application files..."

    I looked into this - "full control" wasn't checked for either the GC file and app, nor the WOWS file and app, but checking the box didnt make any difference, same failure at the same point. I did a fairly thorough search online, tried everything I found and tried all the suggestions in the WG help and troubleshooting pages - no luck, unfortunately - but thank you, anyway. I've sent in a ticket - but you're right, without thier knowing all my machines particular particulars, it seems a nebulous ask. My hope is though - the fact that the GC/WOWS fails at the same point virtually every attempt (regardless of which drive I'm loading it to) - 57% complete with 17.60gb left to download - might indicate exactly what needs a change in my system to get the loader/installer through whatever gate is reached at that point. If i get a fix through the ticket, I'll post it to this thread, with the hope it might assist someone else googling for the same info.
  3. ddoubletapp1

    "Can't handle application files..."

    I wondered about that - which is why I mentioned it - but I've had no problem with a number of other applications and media files being loaded onto the drives. I'll do some reading about that.
  4. Just wondering if anyone found a solution to this, before I escalate it to customer service. My old 530gb ssd gave up, a couple weeks ago (built the computer three years ago), and I replaced it with a 1tb ssd a couple of days ago (the computer also contains a 1tb semi-ssd from the original build). Everything seems to be working pretty well - loaded Win10 from a bootable USB, put Qbittorrent and Plex back onto it - and they are functioning normally - communicating via the local network to the PS4 downstairs (wifi). However, I've had no luck loading Warships back on to either drive. Everything starts off normally - but the download and install gets to 58% with 17.60gb remaining to download (and I've reached this gate multiple times!) - then the game center downloader throws an error - "Can't handle application files....blah, blah, blah". As noted - this has happened multiple times - and I've scrubbed the machine of wargaming files between attempts (and deleted all preferences). I've created an exception in the firewall, and I've tried turning the firewall off completely (it's just the Windows firewall, and I don't use a VPN). I've also attempted the Warships install on both drives, with the same error at the same point. I've attempted to verify the drives have the right permissions (they are both "read only") - and as I said, Plex is working just fine with the program running on the drive containing the OS, and the media files kept on the other drive. Has anybody run into this (full install of GC and WOWS, rather than just an update), and did you find a solution? My knowledge of computers and how they operate - is on the lower side of intermediate (despite the fact that a Commodore 64 was my first computer - ha ha!), but I can only assume the problem lies with my computer, and either a setting, settings, or how my drives are configured. TIA!
  5. ddoubletapp1

    Question on battleship lines/Vermont

    I hope you find the Kansas, Minnesota and Vermont more to your liking. I still have NC in my port (as I don't sell ships higher than T8) - but I don't even remember the last time I sailed it, as I have Mass with a secondary specced Halsey to scratch that itch. I remember having some good matches in her - but that was a long time ago, and I imagine she's been power crept pretty hard, over the years. One other thing I've found with the alternate US BBs - is that they're not good at pushing caps. They are a big target, have next to no secondaries, and a glacial reload - the only time it makes sense to join a push with them, is late game - or if you have lots of support - and even then, hang back a bit and use your concealment values to drop off detection between salvos. The best matches I've had in them, were when I managed to get into the "soft-spot" between two caps - so I could look at broadsides on both sides of my ship, without attracting a lot of attention (as a lot of players tend to focus on ships approaching the outside caps). Anyway - have fun with them and be patient with those salvos - better to hold for fifteen seconds and find a ship showing her side, than dump the shots into something bow-on (unless it's something you can overmatch, of course).
  6. ddoubletapp1

    "Superships" - Premium or TT?

    Thanks guys - that's too bad - I'm not sure I'm willing to move Yamamoto off the Yamato - but perhaps a few matches may convince me.
  7. I didn't play any of the "superships" when they were available for rent with tokens - but recently, I've been tempted to dabble with Satsuma. I'm just wondering what status these ships have - specifically, can I drop any Skipper onboard, or does the skipper have to be trained to the boat? TIA!
  8. ddoubletapp1

    Question on battleship lines/Vermont

    I've been grinding the US "heavy" BB line, as I secured Monty years ago (it may have been my first TX). I had been holding off the alternate line, as I don't remember enjoying Colo, at all. Had to repurchase it, though - to grind Kansas - and I enjoyed it a good deal more than I remembered! I've just purchased Minesotta - and have learned a few things from the grind, so far. A full survivability build is a good call - but one with the concealemnt modules - for both skipper and ship. The reload is long, and you want to drop off detection between salvos, at the shortest possible range. The speed flag is a must (and the fire duration flag a very good idea) - the rudder module (just the first one) makes these ships surprisingly nimble, and you'll need it - as you will be a popular target for subs, and sneaky, flanking torp destroyers! Patience is key - with a 40 second reload, you'll want to make your salvos count. And don't hold those salvos on the first ships spotted - you have great range (with the module) and you can do some surprising damage, when the stars align! You'll be doing a lot of shooting at ranges of more than 20km - so some practice in PVE, or a training room is a good idea - to get a feel for the shells at long range, as you'll only get so many salvos per match! I've been enjoyed my grind through Colo and Kansas - and my first couple matches in Minnesota. Its a pretty laid back and relaxed form of WOWS, and a nice break from the frantic manouvering of cruisers and destroyers.
  9. ddoubletapp1

    Unlocking the Preussen

    Ahh - but one person's stats in a ship, are often not like another's. I'm quite looking forward to it - I've seen a number of them in battle, and some showed a fair amount of match influence.
  10. ddoubletapp1

    Unlocking the Preussen

    Luckily for us - both FDG and TK are excellent boats at thier tier - and pretty fun to play, as well - so the regrind isn't all that arduous!
  11. ddoubletapp1

    Tier 10, No Thank You.

    I think you might have hit it on the head, here. I honestly prefer the gradual build-up - the slower building of tension. I also like the immediate action of T5-7, as well - but when the roll of the dice fills your team with players playing thier highest tier boat in that bracket - I just find that that same immediate action can result in a lopsided win/loss in a very short period of time. Not that it doesn't happen in TX, as well - it just seems rarer. Folks with ships to tip tier generally know that rushing in willy-nilly will often result in a quick trip back to port. Honestly - for me TIX is the sweet spot. Lots of really good (meaning relatively strong) boats to choose from - that compete quite well against even the "TXI" superships - while absolutely bullying TVII match-ups!
  12. ddoubletapp1

    Tier 10, No Thank You.

    I just don't get all the T10 hate. I generally find T10 matches to last longer, and are more entertaining - than mid and low tier matches. Now - don't get me wrong - my average tier played in 12K matches is 7.8, so I do enjoy low tier matches as well. But often those matches are over pretty quickly - I think mostly because those low tier matches are populated by less experienced players (especially newer DD players) that have a tendancy to overuse the W key, and die pretty early - leading to early wins/defeats. I also see folks complaining about the cost of T10 matches - and while the games economics aren't something I pay much attention to (with 210M credits in the bank) - I've recently started to pay attention to my T10 net earnings, and in 43 matches in which I played a T10 cruiser or BB - I've yet to lose a single credit (a 23K net credit positive was my lowest earning in a match). At the end of the day, I can say I've learned a great deal more about being an effective team player in T10 matches, than in T5/6 matches. YMMV!
  13. ddoubletapp1

    I have to grind Pruisen? Really?

    I just happened to be grinding P. Ruprecht - so have been alternating with Freddy - and enjoying it very much! It may not be the very best T9 BB - but it's more than capable of holding its own.
  14. I'm just finishing up the PR - the ship's from T5 up are all competitive in thier MM brackets, and pretty fun to play as well. One of the quickest grinds I've done, I think - these ships are pretty good at earning XP. I'll probably leave the 21pt Skipper on Ruprecht, and take advantage of those sweet T7 matches - ha ha!
  15. Ha ha - it's hilarious to me, how humor goes right over so many heads! It must be exhausting, taking everything so very literally. I do agree with you, though OP - Repulse does struggle in a full uptier. But so does Bayern, Colorado, Dunq, Andrea Dorian (which I just finished grinding through). But I enjoy Repulse so much more than any of those other boats I mentioned. She can hit what she's aiming at (unlike Dunq and AD) - and she can actually get around the larger T8 maps (unlike Bayern and Colo) with her jauntyness. In fact - the only other T6 BB I enjoy as much, is Warspite - but on a large map, when the red push is on the other side - she can struggle to get into the fray. Like all the ship's in the game - Repulse has features to "balance" her. I'll take vulnerable armour scheme - but speed and accuracy over the opposite any day! Tanky but inaccurate I find no joy in at all.