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  1. The USS Sullivans is a historic ship that today is taking on water in Buffalo and is partially sunk. If we can add her to the game it would be a great honor to the Sullivan Brothers who lost their lives on the USS Juneau during WWII.
  2. blackpanther339

    The USS The Sullivans is taking on water

    I live in the Buffalo area and today I found out that the USS The Sullivans DD-537 is taking on water and is partially sunk. This is a sad day for the area as work to patch her hull was scheduled to begin on Monday. They started the repairs last year and had to stop in October as the weather was getting to be too cold to continue the work. Here is a youtube video from today. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4q7uFtpvw1k
  3. blackpanther339

    Help the USS The Sullivans

    US WW2 Fletcher class DD The Sullivans which is in danger of Sinking and they need help. I believe Wargaming did a Navel Legends on this ship. Also wargaming it would be cool to make The Sullivans a premium Ship with maybe torp reload booster or heal? https://www.wgrz.com/article/news/local/uss-the-sullivans-is-in-danger-of-sinking/71-eb9c6223-3986-4427-96c2-e966fbbdaad3