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  1. Takru__NA

    A message to all CV-haters

    May be what we really need is a super unicum guide by yourself and other excellent CV players. This way you'd slowly but surely multiply the number of CV players that know what they do and thus multiply the issues CVs cause to a level even WG will have to notice them.
  2. Variety of ships isn't a bad thing, is it? Obviously there'll be endless complaints, regardless of what next line WG introduces. Even if WG would introduce another US BB line, there'd still be complaints why it's ship x instead of y and whatnot. There's so many things to complain about, the decision of which ships to introduce when is increadibly far down the line.
  3. Takru__NA

    No balance in sight

    There might or might not be some substantial irony hidden in this statement, considering the guy who made it loses more games than he wins.
  4. Takru__NA

    No balance in sight

    Again, you're not the kind of CV player I'm afraid of.
  5. Takru__NA

    No balance in sight

    Is this a rethorical question?
  6. Takru__NA

    No balance in sight

    Sorry to say so Caliph but I do doubt you'll be able to teach me anything that'll work against good / very good CV players and for me, those are the only actual issue. If I can dodge strikes by miniscule juking, then that guy just isn't any good.
  7. Takru__NA

    No balance in sight

    I keep reading statements such as these from CV players and now from you, I am still waiting for any kind of extensive strategy guide, video or really anything of that kind from WG or CCs. PS: Bringing up RTS CVs as a comparison doesn't help, as the rework was meant to deal with those issues. It did in that it replaced CVs nuking ships and having huge downtimes in between with CVs that will smack ships over and over again with nothing those ships can do. Neither is an enjoyable experience.