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  1. Thunder_GP

    Double commander purchase

    File a claim through customer support for lost and found resources and see if they would refund it, or at least swap it out for another captain.
  2. Thunder_GP

    In need of assistance purchasing new gaming laptop

    Spoiler: I work at a Best Buy Location for any bias At my Best Buy store there are few laptops I recommend immediately. There are a few good selections, my own suggestion would be an MSI with either a 1060 or maybe a 1070 in that price range... On the lowest edge we have a Acer Nitro that’s on sale for 649: it’s a i5, 8gb Ram, and a gtx 1050 with a 1tb hard drive. To the lowest level when it’s on sale in100% recommend that one. (Link:https://www.bestbuy.com/site/acer-nitro-5-15-6-gaming-laptop-intel-core-i5-8gb-memory-nvidia-geforce-gtx-1050-1tb-hard-drive-shale-black/6212601.p?skuId=6212601) I have seen this laptop drop as low as 519 on Black Friday and other short sales from time to time. Looking higher, I do recommend most from MSI, as for Razer it will be expensive, Dell is inconsistent with Hard drive space; except if it has an optane accelerator drive, Alienware is OVERPRICED; avoid it, and I will still suggest a ROG Laptop could still be worth an investment but only as a comparisons for price... My go to MSI is: https://www.bestbuy.com/site/msi-15-6-gaming-laptop-intel-core-i7-16gb-memory-nvidia-geforce-gtx-1060-1tb-hard-drive-128gb-solid-state-drive-aluminum-black/6230058.p?skuId=6230058 ...But it is sold out most of the time, you can probably find something similar to it on amazon, but it is in the right ballpark... As for ROG this is my comparable recommendation: https://www.bestbuy.com/site/asus-rog-gu501gm-15-6-gaming-laptop-intel-core-i7-16gb-memory-nvidia-geforce-gtx-1060-1tb-hybrid-drive-128gb-ssd-brushed-black/6207900.p?skuId=6207900 ... I know you don’t really like ROG, but as a reference it’s not bad for the price. Both of these laptops are right in your budget, and will play anything from World of Warships maxes out above 60 FPS with ease on normal load, to GTA 5 on medium settings. I only pull from Best Buy because I work there, and I know that they go on sale regularly, and we price match all major first party competitors... but if you find it cheaper elsewhere I can’t stop you. There are a few good Dell’s but they usually sacrifice storage for a lot of cost.... A decent rig for 999.99 usually comes with a 256gb HDD or maybe a 512gb if your lucky. Some may have more but again if you find something with a 1TB HDD amd is listed as either a hybrid drive or with octane, go for it. Optane in a laptop from dell is a great thing that increases speed for a cheap price instead of chunking out for a dual 128GB and 1TB system
  3. Thunder_GP

    5x Air Supply Results

    I got myself a Kaga, a Saipan, 20 Oroboros flags, 12,500 coal and 20 Sci fi camo’s..... not bad. I wanted a Saipan. I already have the enterprise. I love them. The Kaga isn’t my cup of tea, I’m not a huge fan.
  4. Thunder_GP

    Premium Naval Aviation containers for sale?

    May have been 0.8.3 I don’t want to have to go hunting for a quote from other server people.
  5. Thunder_GP

    Premium Naval Aviation containers for sale?

    The premium Air Drop containers will be with the release of 0.8.2 I know it has been said before, they are coming... Be patient, I want them too...
  6. Thunder_GP

    Wargaming goes on copyright rampage against guys 3D printing tanks

    Honestly for more information about the basic type of this argument you can reference the Game Theory video on this:
  7. Thunder_GP

    Wargaming goes on copyright rampage against guys 3D printing tanks

    To follow this up with understanding and experience, the models themselves; I.e. if the same files found in the games core are part of a free to play game, they may be subject to inclusion under the games EULA, being listened to the user as files needed to play, and no conflict. But if the files are listed as being given for the exclusivity of plying the game, any further; printing, exporting and selling the models may/and SHOULD be considered copyright infringement. I talked to @Femennenly at Pax about printing models from WG games, like for world of warships. For personal use this is fine. But in all sorts of legal explecitity, any selling of them is illegal. You are taking assets from a company and selling them. It doesn’t matter the way you make them, just the origin is illegal. In terms of making it legal, you would need to have the same idea of parody in some cases and it’s a argument at court to decide it it’s infringement. ***Important: Most legal teams will take this as depending on the site the models are posted on, and if they are selling or downloading copies of them; through advertising and other methods. You personally are fine to take the game files like models of the Minotaur, a NPC or a tank raw from the Sketchfab or .3d file from the game and print them to your hearts content, but in a case... I should mean ANY case, where you sell them you are ripping off the designers at WG who go through more work than anybody I can think to find, discuss, imagine, and create a model of a historic vehicle or in the warhammer universe, any creative design, you are breaking copyright. This may be a case as well if the service giving them out haveing a membership fee to, depending on how it’s written in court or deep in the Eula that you probably didn’t read all the way. -Thunder
  8. Thunder_GP

    Did Azuma ever get Buffed prior release?

    No, the ship received buffs to accuracy and it’s reduced heal reload time. As WG described, having 30mm of armor in japan is a T10 exclusive, so Azuma will only have 25mm plating.
  9. Thunder_GP

    Wg, give us something nice to use copper

    Fresh off the Dev Blog there is another copper camo in the works. It’s known as the rhino camo for the Bergogne. Link: https://medium.com/@devblogwows/new-yamato-961d7739ef46 edit: there is a Merlin camo for the black that is for Molybdenum, but has not been released... also listed on dev blog
  10. Thunder_GP


    Honestly the Lyon is a troll boat. It’s got 16 guns. That’s “it’s” thing. Don’t aim waterline, and dead center slightly above waterline... Spamming HE is a good strategy. At close range AP hurts like hell.
  11. Thunder_GP

    Are Midway AP just that good?

    Midway doesn’t get AP bombs anymore only HE, and the planes drop like 2 bombs or so each... If you are lucky to land 5/6 bombs it will always be an easy 10k salvo. The downside being, if you miss you miss.
  12. Thunder_GP

    When do you open your daily containers?

    I keep hitting “try your luck” until I get a supercontainer. Sometimes it takes 40, sometimes over 100.
  13. Thunder_GP

    Great Event at Battleship Cove

    Maybe I saw you there! I was one of the 3-4 guys running around to solve that scavengers hunt. I’m glad you enjoyed it too. o7 See you on the seas!
  14. Hey, I’m sorry about the event. I arrived around 9:30, met up with about 20 or so players, and spent most of the time running around the ship, trying to solve the scavenger hunt. I had a great time. I was there for a few of the raffles, made a few mistakes answering questions, but had the best experience running bow to stern trying to solve the scavenger hunt in the attempt to win another player a Roma. I also took my grandfather along as a late birthday present. He enjoyed the displays and the lunch we went to afterwards. I am sad I left around 1pm, I would have loved to talk to you at the event. I felt the event was nice, but my only negative statement was that maybe you could have arrived earlier. I understand it was a 70 mile road trip for you, but enjoy the little things. Take in the sights. Don’t just go because its a “Wargaming Event”, go to these thing to enjoy the sights, talk with the people. Enjoy history and education “hint” for the friends that ran around crazy with me. I should have gotten you IGN written down. That’s my only regret. Maybe I’ll see you at the PAX Event.
  15. Thunder_GP

    World of Warships @ PAX East 2019

    I will be at Battleship Cove this weekend. And I will be seeing you guys at PAX EAST. I’m happy to have you guys back doing some stuff on the east coast!!! I would love an invite to this event.