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  1. Thunder_GP

    They are nerfing Missouri.

    They are nerfing Missouri. At least its coming back. How long until they remove this “permanent” mission? They would totally try to do that.
  2. Thunder_GP

    Dutch Air Strike Spot Question

    The planes do not spot. But if your fire your AA guns your surface detect will only go up to that listed value: “detect while firing AA Guns”, and you could be spotted from that range on the surface.
  3. Thunder_GP

    I really want to like the Tone, but.......

    Tone is a questionably high skill level ship. Its completely unlike the Ise. Ise is a battleship where you WANT to be dropping planes at every time you can. Its a fast reload for the planes at 120 seconds. And your speed, armor and range allow you to make any aggressive plays you want. And not be screwed over as much for a poor play. Ise is a very strong ship. It’s borderline OP in my opinion because the plane reload is so fast. Tone on the other hand is a skilled katana. Its got alot of usage under its belt. Its not the strongest armored cruiser, but its sneaky. Its fast. Its got a heal; nothing really strong but that heal means you can quickly recover if you make a mistake and get hurt in a turn. You have a huge arsonal of weapons to be able to do crazy things like force a ship to avoid arial torpedoes and turn into your ship launched torpedoes. You got great firing arcs, and a nimble rudder shift. But the difference between the 2 is that the Tone is a technical and skilled tool. Your not going to be wanting to drop planes on colldown like Ise. You want to wait. Exploit cover and use your own ship as a support tool. Crosstorp. Spotting. Flanking. But you have to play it in a way that you use those planes when the opportunity arises. Personally, I wish the plane reloads were swapped. I wish Ise had slightly worse accuracy and a longer plane regen time. While I wish tone had slightly better turret traverse and a faster plane regen to combat the higher dps of the AA she faces. She gains some speed in her planes to reduce the time in the AA damage zones, but its still going to be tough to traditionally strike like Ise. Also if the Tone had a fighter consumable or a spotter, it would be really good. But thats my dream. I love both ships. And I hate the Kearsarge as its honestly looking like garbage. If they ga e Kearsarge HE bombers, I would be far more interested.
  4. Thunder_GP

    Premium Ship Review - Yukon

    Hey, I know I don’t speak for most of the community, but what you did right there was one of the most respectful statements I think we have ever gotten. *Applause* o7 Personally, I accept your apology. And I dont think you should cut ties and leave. You screwed up, and did what nobody publicly does anymore... accepted it, own it and apologized. It means more to the playerbase if you stick around and be more clear with these things in the future. Showing a side of humility and humanity is whats needed especially when people think the company behind this game does not listen. We know its not just you, but having more like you will make this better. Acceptance is the first step to recovery.
  5. My favorite line of the blog post is this: ”With the release of Update 0.10.6, Dutch cruisers will start battles with the "AirStrike" armament on cooldown, just as with the main battery and torpedo tubes.” Like who the thought that was a good idea? I could see them having it loaded for testing of damage conditions, but its not realistic. They can do that sh*t against bots.
  6. Thunder_GP

    Update 0.10.6, Friesland and the Netherlands.

    The would like to see what feedback they used to make this decision. Its not uncommon to literally have changed the ship to the new tech tree, and make any captain trained to it moved over to the new tech tree. To be honest and up front, this sounds like them being lazy and not wanting to do the work to do this correctly.
  7. I don't know? They deleted a few posts about it already. I heard it was about a joke post picture of David Cameron and some quote that most people did not understand the context of and did not bother to investigate more than a quick google search on. Context means anything, and some other ex-CC decided to throw some spiteful remarks at it out of context to weaponize his fan base. Most people jumped on the band wagon before they did look into the context of it. They read 3 sentences and decided to be judge, jury and executioner.
  8. Thunder_GP

    Golden Week in World of Warships!

    Hey @Hapa_Fodder can we get a clarification on the standalone price of the Golden Lacquer camouflage for the Hyuuga, if we do not want to buy the whole pack and save a few bucks, I assume we can still buy it separately in game for doubloons? I understand the price as is, but $40 is a bit more than I would want to spend on the ship, but if the sexy camo is another $20, I would want to consider it. Otherwise, sadly I would rather spend the money on one of the T9 premiums.
  9. Thunder_GP

    Just to let you all know about "Kiwi1960"

    My thoughts and prayers. I played a few games with his clan a few weeks ago, but I did not know about it. They were a good group of guys; caring and fun. To Valhalla my friend! Cancer is a b*tch.
  10. Thunder_GP


    I will not jump on the band wagon of hacks, but I have seen plenty of bot programs through ranked and randoms. I have a few replays that I have cataloged actions as suspicious... 1. No use of A/D keys for active movements, ONLY straight movements using autopilot. No changes in speed or angling. Priorities for sailing directly for caps and returning to others. 2. Guns aiming is scanning. The guns are locked into a few degree arc of scanning as the guns focus on the center map position. The guns scan an area looking for a target before firing. If you see a ship making barely any movements and the guns are constantly moving left and right there is most likely a bot running the ship where it scans for enemies and the turrets keep turning left and right as it cans 360° around for an enemy. 3. No response, as dumb as it sounds. If the player in question does not respond with anything from a quick F3 on target or an angry message about not being a bot, it could be a bot.
  11. I am going to take my shot. From the words of iEarlGray... “I don't know where this notion of "WG cares only about new players" is coming from, but it's far from the truth." iEarlGray's video "So in a sad way it make sense that these players will be ignored by lesta..." Followed by *paraphrased* ...These players will happily be ignored and happily sacrificed by lesta, in the interest for 100 new players for every veteran. Experienced players will be listened on the forums, reddit, etc... "They are not the priority" You can argue that iEarlGray is independent now, but his words do strike me as honest. And he does throw the [edited] under the bus and I honestly wish people could say this, but contracts / jobs / NDAs etc, break.
  12. Thunder_GP

    Strategy for Russian cruiser split?

    The best guide for profit and progress is to research and purchase the Donskoi. As well as having researched the Moskva, but not purchased it. You WILL get the Moskva as a reward ship with the perma camo, regardless of if you have it purchased or not. ALSO have around 250k xp on the Donskoi to be able to research the Nevsky when it is released. As a final reminder have the Kirov purchased. They will be giving a premium replacement of it with a perma camo as well. As for researching the new heavy cruisers, you should grind xp on the T7 to be able to research the new heavy cruiser line if you don’t plan on getting enough tokens by playing the game normally.
  13. Thunder_GP

    Shells falling short: Lock-on bug is back with a VENGEANCE

    There is actually a bug, but I am not able to replicate it in a live setting outside the training room easily. And I don’t think anybody noticed it... 1. Load up a training room, put in the maximum amount of bots; not active or movement enabled. 2. Sail perfectly broadside to where your guns could shoot at multiple targets so they line up where you only have to change the elevation to hit specific targets. Mainly so your ships are all parallel. 3. Aim at any target farther away then the ship that’s closer and make sure you are locked on. Such that there is a ship between you and your actual target. 4. Watch all of your shells land short. They will not hit the ship you are aiming at. They will not hit the closer target, UNLESS you are close enough I.e. 1km - 1.5km that they hit anyway. This is true. I can even throw up a training room to give video. The game is artificially lowering salvos that have multiple targets on screen that are between your desired target. I think it has to do with the same mechanic of aiming behind an island, and it recognizes a hitbox of something closer and throws the reticule off.
  14. Thunder_GP

    French T6 DD Special Camo Taken

    It’s a known bug. They have been replaced until they fix it.
  15. Thunder_GP

    Lego Rebuilt Battle of Britain Class 34111 'Princess Royal'

    I go ALL or Nothing. (I'm actually at the cusp of 20k pieces) It takes a LONG time to round out the hull correctly.