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  1. Thunder_GP

    Strategy for Russian cruiser split?

    The best guide for profit and progress is to research and purchase the Donskoi. As well as having researched the Moskva, but not purchased it. You WILL get the Moskva as a reward ship with the perma camo, regardless of if you have it purchased or not. ALSO have around 250k xp on the Donskoi to be able to research the Nevsky when it is released. As a final reminder have the Kirov purchased. They will be giving a premium replacement of it with a perma camo as well. As for researching the new heavy cruisers, you should grind xp on the T7 to be able to research the new heavy cruiser line if you don’t plan on getting enough tokens by playing the game normally.
  2. Thunder_GP

    Shells falling short: Lock-on bug is back with a VENGEANCE

    There is actually a bug, but I am not able to replicate it in a live setting outside the training room easily. And I don’t think anybody noticed it... 1. Load up a training room, put in the maximum amount of bots; not active or movement enabled. 2. Sail perfectly broadside to where your guns could shoot at multiple targets so they line up where you only have to change the elevation to hit specific targets. Mainly so your ships are all parallel. 3. Aim at any target farther away then the ship that’s closer and make sure you are locked on. Such that there is a ship between you and your actual target. 4. Watch all of your shells land short. They will not hit the ship you are aiming at. They will not hit the closer target, UNLESS you are close enough I.e. 1km - 1.5km that they hit anyway. This is true. I can even throw up a training room to give video. The game is artificially lowering salvos that have multiple targets on screen that are between your desired target. I think it has to do with the same mechanic of aiming behind an island, and it recognizes a hitbox of something closer and throws the reticule off.
  3. Thunder_GP

    French T6 DD Special Camo Taken

    It’s a known bug. They have been replaced until they fix it.
  4. Thunder_GP

    Lego Rebuilt Battle of Britain Class 34111 'Princess Royal'

    I go ALL or Nothing. (I'm actually at the cusp of 20k pieces) It takes a LONG time to round out the hull correctly.
  5. Thunder_GP

    Lego Rebuilt Battle of Britain Class 34111 'Princess Royal'

    Not bad. That program takes some patience. Nice work. Meanwhile I can’t finish my USS Worcester model with 30k pieces or the program crashes..
  6. I still wanna see a USS Hull; a fletcher with 4-5 single 8” guns, same mechanism from the DM... Basically a t10 fletcher with worse rof and a better alpha, has the ability to citadel cruisers. With a reduced smoke fire penalty and a AA suit similiar to the kidd with the DM 3” AA mounts... It would be totally competitive by being balanced by bad guns and concealment.
  7. Thunder_GP

    Meanwhile in World of Warships Blitz

    Yes, I am just saying that the math is not incorrect... no matter way you do it, its the same. Whether you factor out or convert the values to decimal or keep it as percents... I am just quoting the irony of the total % not being 100% And technically speaking doing a conversion for each number from percents to decimal is more steps... So if your going for a straight answer one is less work.
  8. Thunder_GP

    Meanwhile in World of Warships Blitz

    I got a forum upload limit issue from a while back.... it doesn’t like me posting too much these days until it clears after time.
  9. Thunder_GP

    Meanwhile in World of Warships Blitz

    It’s a percentage... the total percent is 105.87% The decimals are included.
  10. Thunder_GP

    Meanwhile in World of Warships Blitz

    I get the “you reached maximum file size” response...
  11. Thunder_GP

    Meanwhile in World of Warships Blitz

    Hopefully fixed it.
  12. Thunder_GP

    Meanwhile in World of Warships Blitz

    The Devs for this mobile game are bad at math... Evidence: They made a Azuma box: https://imgur.com/gallery/M7yiPl6 But the numbers don’t add up?! Reason: https://imgur.com/gallery/WjwkRla
  13. Thunder_GP

    I Need A Moderator To Answer This

    I will admit, that I am guilty to the random cat call to the cash whale spotted on the horizon in a Puerto Rico and question their intent to buy the PR immediately without trying to play for it a bit. But I don’t think it’s ever correct to harass somebody beyond that. I do also want to mention a side topic, that mistakes do happen. And if you ever want to see some actions where mistakes happen, for a bit of laughs and experience (more for explaining not insults)... to look for the World of Tanks issue they had a bit ago with a specific word that created issues with it sounding insulting and may have been due to a language barrier. I do not want to spread insult by bringing up this topic, but some of the videos of it are hilarious, The word in question being: Oxymoron. Which the definition is about how something contradicts an idea and can more commonly be used to describe that something is kind of stupid because it makes no sense... i.e. saying that WG would not pay for somebody to live stream the Puerto Rico free to play version missions because they have a job. This could be considered an Oxymoron because to complete the missions, you could only be able to do so IF you didn’t have a job, or anything to stop you from playing, and yet the people who made the missions won’t be able to do them.
  14. Thunder_GP

    WG recent announcements

    They don’t got any PR people, but you can APPLY here: https://wargaming.com/en/careers/vacancy_1027538/
  15. Thunder_GP