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  1. > Halloween 2015 By Hakabase, Goldpile & Zakuul >Halloween 2016 By GoldPile > Yokosuka By Goldpile >Night Jacuzzi By GoldPile & Blackpredators >Jacuzzi By GoldPile & Corpsecat All these guys trying to take credit where it is due. GoldPile fixes these ports and these guys come around with a simple space.ubersettings change and suddenly it's all them. No-pe. Fix the authors please.
  2. What if I want to face against 3 Taiho to test the AA on say.. Musashi. Oh wait, can't do that. Not to mention the limit of CV is also limited in there. It was a mistake to disable bots in training room, it does nothing but annoy us, we're not going to use co-op and we're not going to go through the hassle to get a bunch of people together just to test something small..
  3. I like waiting for Roma & Haida feelsbadman
  4. As warmongering as some countries may seem, the leaders want power & to show their power but the last thing they want to do is die.
  5. WG will not take action unless the IPs line up. It's unfortunately easy to play the system.
  6. Banned

  7. New Contest: Museum Hunt

    inb4 it's the Duca Delgi Abruzzi lul
  8. Yeah, it would take longer. Look at how many people play this game. Of course, many potatoes so a potato match would be easy to balance since that's 90% of games. Still, we're not even getting into the detail of skill-based balancing aside from WR and damage.
  9. MM only throws a balanced(mostly) lineup to fight, it does not take into regards skill level. It would take significantly longer to find a match if that were the case. In the words of God: Git Gud?
  10. It's nice and all to have your own advertisements on TV, but oh boy after seeing them for the first 1000 times, it gets QUITE annoying. This mod disabled the Hotspot Clan Battle Winners text, fire and tooltip on the bottom right of the Hotspot map loading screen E.g. [OMNI], [SMILE], 501ST, [BRO4R] etc... Download and drop into res_mods\VERSION\ Permission to add to modpack: Granted.
  11. Wargaming Funsies A community to engage, banter and stay up to date on Wargaming News Q Is this another WoWs-NA clone discord? A Nope! We were here first but didn't advertise publicly. Q What is the purpose of this discord? A A community of World of Warships players engaging in a number of different topics, from history to that interesting ship that just got teased on WoWs Dev blog. Q Why should I join this discord and not ####'s? A Well, we have multiple channels for many different topics, our channels include: One main thing that is not seen in any other discords is a dedicated #dev-news channel, some say the epic @Zaffy_Sama stays awake 24/7 refreshing the WoWs Dev Blog facebook constantly for news.. but this is only legend. Q How do you expect me to behave? A We expect you to not to make enemies of everyone the moment you join the server - common sense is what we expect everyone to have. Q Can I speak other Languages? A We accept everyone from all servers, this is meant to be an international discord server. If you are more comfortable speaking in say Italian with your friend then sure thing. Do note however; the majority of us speak English and will be wondering about what you're saying. Q Salt allowed? A Well, we're not going to ban you if you get salty, we have a dedicated #general_salt channel if you want to vent. However, personal attacks against staff and other members is a quick way to find yourself with one less discord server on your list. In short, Staff tells you to stop, then stop. Wargaming Funsies Discord Invite Link (Click me)