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  1. Sums it up nicely.
  2. Valid argument, I'll concede.
  3. Ok cool. However, I still see NO WHERE in this 39 post thread where I even mentioned my WTR or whatever, I simply said "6000 battle experience, I feel like this is very skewed" Maybe you should take a deep breath? Because I am not stat shaming like you think for some reason I am.. Likely the case actually. You get these god games somehow with 25 fires and then next game you have a whopping 7.
  4. More people but your average player do not.
  5. I don't see anywhere where I used stats to imply I was a better player and did not need to "test". Hmm.
  6. Could do that but then again, it would be a boon to have data going back say 4 months to compare, I do not have that.
  7. On the Atago thing, when I played the hell out of the ship I got a fire basically guarnteed every salvo or two but now it's like reaching for a dream. Sure you can say "tin foil hat" but again, from a player with a lot of experience, something is fishy and it's simply not people running fire prevention. Speak what you want, a large percentage doesn't even run it.
  8. There's no reason.
  9. Sorry I didn't spend a couple hours constructing the thread with small and simple words for you. It's pretty clear on what I'm saying.
  10. The 53% fire chance is referencing the Lion and the Atago point are two separate things. I may not have proof but for a player that's played this game for two years, I've noticed. Also come on, this is Wargaming, they're literally the company to pull something like this.
  11. Not upset, merely facepalming at WEEGEE decisions. Nope
  12. Sure people run it more but not everyone, it's as I said if you read the post before contributing nothing; not a thing for everyone to have it. I cannot be bothered to spend 100hrs in the training room or whatever, it's simply experience from a player with essentially 6k battles. Yes it is funny, you responded within 20 seconds of me posting, unless you're the fastest reader or read the first word of every sentence, I know you didn't read it.
  13. I'm not one of those pathetic greasy trolls. I'm not the only one that's noticed this. Edit: Also it's funny you didn't even read it lol
  14. Oh look the popcorn spammers, gotta farm those forum posts, eh?