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  1. 100 of every signal? lmbo can't tell if serious or joking. I hope it's the latter..
  2. Just play a T10 CA :P ez.
  3. Exactly. There's a difference between being pink and being chat banned. "Oh great we have a potentially toxic player on our team" I can even imagine players insulting others from this..
  4. For the love of god, can we PLEASE lower the damn chance to get these "special upgrades" to 1% from supercontainers? I don't run them except for engine boost and even then I don't care about it. I want something super, IMO these "upgrades" are trash and getting them out of every. damn. supercontainer. is so damn annoying. I spent a week grinding the VMF DD Equip your ship mission for a damn engine boost.. oh wait, I already have 2 extras! Great. So basically I wasted a week for a pointless upgrade. I literally cannot get anything but these upgrades..
  5. "In addition, we introduced an algorithm that forcibly puts a player into an optimally comfortable tier of battles (equal to the tier of their ship), if they have played several battles in a row against higher tiers. It will undoubtedly increase the general comfort of gaming and efficiency of powerleveling for all players. ERROR: ALGORITHM NOT FOUND.
  6. Lol. O Great Prophet! xD
  7. Didn't read that part I guess
  8. Amen. You truly are our saviour.
  9. You sir, are a prophet of Canadialand!
  10. Yeah ok but OP was clearly playing the victim card, by no means innocent.
  11. Oh my god, it's glorious! *Crying tears of maple syrup*
  12. This interests me as a Canadian.. go on.
  13. I really want some bacon and popcorn now, not even kidding.
  14. I have teams that tend to try and sail to the legendary E cap..