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  1. ManWantsSteel

    Stream starting up!!!

    weird looking bird @Lord_Zath
  2. ManWantsSteel

    Website WIKI link missing

    Can you show a screenshot? I can click services and see Wiki there, where are you looking at?
  3. ManWantsSteel

    ST 0.9.7, Kitakami

    T8 many a years ago
  4. ManWantsSteel

    ST 0.9.7, Kitakami

    And thus, God said "let there be team killing"
  5. ManWantsSteel

    Hey mods... Can we confirm re Colorado?

    @Taichunger The split starts at 8 but branches from 7 - so yes, you would need to get XP from the 7 for the 8. Probably will be the same XP as from Colorado to North Carolina. Though no one knows, it's a good assumption.
  6. ManWantsSteel

    Canada Day and US Independence

    USN Smolensk
  7. ManWantsSteel

    META_ a new clan looking for newer player recruits

    I'm not sure I understand what you mean, here is the forum guidelines (rules) https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/132269-2020-forum-guidelines/
  8. ManWantsSteel

    META_ a new clan looking for newer player recruits

    @Meta_Man I will move the thread to the correct location.
  9. ManWantsSteel

    Aircraft Regen mechanic help

    You can press "ALT" and look at the bottom right of the Aircraft UI bar.. thing to see the remaining time until you will regen a plane.
  10. ManWantsSteel

    Growing Calls for a Clan Battle Boycott

    Hey guys, just a reminder to please keep this thread constructive & without personal attacks - following this will keep the thread up.
  11. ManWantsSteel

    What's wrong with this picture?

    It's simply easier to list all gamemodes
  12. ManWantsSteel

    So fighter planes...

    Everyone can become better at what they can do, CV play is rather.. particular. Don't feel offended when players complain, your team usually expects you to kill the whole team in a CV and carry hard, it's not always possible. As for fighters? Yeah they do what they want.. whoever's fighters react first to the other's kills them because it's like a minigun when they start attacking. Maybe if yours die all the time, others are probably playing other CVs which "react" faster? Never thought about it but it's possible since that would be a factor, never heard anything about it being different but I don't really look into that myself. I think fighters can definitely be improved but we'd have to wait and see.
  13. ManWantsSteel

    Le Terrible or 6 months Premium?

    You know Le Terrible is actually pretty good but you need to like the play style of it. Premium makes playing so much easier, if you'd have to sacrifice Le Terrible for premium - get premium in my opinion.
  14. Join the army of Lord Hamsterius! (bless his soul)
  15. ManWantsSteel

    Odin 'Dockyard' is WORSE than PR event!

    Wait. There's a problem to almost have Odin then spend 3500 doubloons to get a tier 8 ship instead of the 13000 doubloon cost? Nobody knows but if Graf Spee is compensated with doubloons, then it is free. I see zero things to complain about, you play the game actively and you'll be at 18th progression point. Personally, I'd be fine with spending what is basically a subway combo to get a T8 ship. I suppose WG should spend many days paying their employees to create only free content from now on. The company certainly doesn't need any profits, right? TL;DR 80% discount - and there's complaints? Lolwut