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  1. Kousatsu

    Empty Message Box

    Overtime messages are deleted. For example, if you are messaged, in a hour or so it will be deleted. As for this happening immediately? Bug smash!
  2. Kousatsu

    Caption the profile image above you.

    stare staaaaaaaaaaaaaare
  3. Gobble gobble! Hehe, good times ^^
  4. Kousatsu

    A New Combat Idea

    Why aren't my torpedoes hitting anything? :D
  5. Unfortunately, this is unknown.
  6. I've been wanting to apply!
  7. US BB line, very solid and consistent. I enjoy playing these ships.
  8. Kousatsu

    Scharnhorst or Kii

    Both IMO are solid ships but Scharnhorst is a very great and fun ship. I would recommend buying it first!
  9. Kousatsu

    Premier ranked BB choice?

    Jean Bart with reload buffs and MBRB. evil laughs. Missouri isn't a bad choice either! I probably prefer Missouri.
  10. Kousatsu

    Yugumo. Hmm. Decisions

    I have a rule myself - always keep all T10s. Personally, I prefer gunboats. I have Yugumo but I am a gunboat player so I don't really ever play that line. It's all about personal preference!
  11. Kousatsu

    Flotilla Friday - The Weekend Lineup

    I will certainly try ranked out! Finally got some time to myself this weekend.
  12. Kousatsu

    The Coo of Boom Flag

    New CVs are fun ^^
  13. Kousatsu

    How the CV Rework Saved WoWS

    I wouldn't say save tbh, it certainly has its pros and cons though. Even though I do like it, hopefully though the CV population goes down within a few updates as projected because it is a little too much.
  14. What I'm saying is I'd rather go and actually hit torps guaranteed than attempt to snipe them all game. Also yes, Midway flooding chance is poor.