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  1. Odd client / server version mismatch (fixed)

    Check integrity, if that doesn't work delete some key files then check again and it should force update.
  2. I thought the new guy initiation involved how many coffees the guy can bring to the office in a specific amount of time? When did y'all change? Hehe. Welcome to the team Mr. Marvin. Thank you for your service, mad respects from Toronto.
  3. What's your average damage?

    Last 333 days W.TD says 96k.
  4. Maah, playing for fun here :)
  5. I will not lie, immediately after playing my first match I thought of this.
  6. Only CBT people got to play that, missed it by 3 or 4 months, happy WG brought it back :D
  7. SPAAAAAAACE! Back from the dead of CBT.. back from popular demand! This was a lot of fun, I cannot wait for the whole event to be released as there's more ships than the 4 we are allowed to play.. great job WG. Might I suggest every couple months there's an "Arcade Week" where we get to play these fun events? That would be wicked :) Here's a preview of what is to come, it features me on the PTS playing the Tier 7 Cruiser Galaxy
  8. Akizuki, Atlanta, Belfast & Kutuzov definitely. Other than that I don't use it.
  9. Lo Yang or Harekaze?

    Lo Yang is amazing! Dominates in T8 ranked, the best pick you can make.
  10. RIP Stephen Hawking

    Ever since 2016.. too many famous people are dying.. now Stephen!?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
  11. Ain't no snow-in days here in Canada!