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  1. Kousatsu

    The Best Advice I Can Give

    A Tactician must know how his enemy will react. Even if you prefer a class over the other, play it sometimes so you know how the enemy will play, this inside knowledge will certainly help you succeed. The best advice I can give which has not been said - always evaluate your position, the enemies positions, their composition and evaluate the impact you can make and therefore, what positioning you should take. Never overextend but never be out of the battle for too long.
  2. Kousatsu

    Your very first Premium was?

    Molotov! Great little ship.
  3. This ^ That and it's supposed to be a grind.
  4. Kousatsu

    German or US cruiser?

    Personally liked the Seattle more due to DPM. However, Buffalo can certainly smack ships around! Roon is a solid ship but just wasn't my taste.
  5. Should certainly return, they're not OP.
  6. Kousatsu

    mino vs rental shimakazes

    They have 3 Kitakami! :O
  7. LindyBeige is definitely great been a few years sub myself
  8. Kousatsu

    Thanks Wargaming

    Indeed.. Santa didn't even give me coal :(
  9. Kousatsu

    Thanks Wargaming

    No ships for me sadly, I bought Huang He to feel as if I got one haha
  10. Kousatsu

    Single space text

    @ReddNekkYou hold shift and press enter to make it not 1.5 space because if you do it looks like this Shift+Enter Shift+Enter :)
  11. Kousatsu

    Coal For Christmas

    Hey, I'm definitely OK with Santa giving me coal too :P