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  1. If a VPN doesn't let you connect to the game under the premise of "harmful" or just wont work - it's a bad VPN. What VPN is it, by chance?
  2. Pigeon's Weekly Thought May 8th, 2018

    18 - 22 ships, I'd enjoy this gamemode. There's bound to be many gamemodes that were thrown in the trash, but what if they could've worked? We have Halloween and April fools event, why not a community event (not like CoE) in May/June? Three a year where WG can make the whole community guinea pigs! I do not think there should be special requirements. However, instead of a separate game-mode, 1/6 times you are likely to be "IN QUEUE: Epic Battle" or something, that'd be cool, it'd be a sort of "rare" event that people are bound to like, I think some maps would need to be cut of course but some already work.
  3. O7 Discord Community

  4. O7 Discord Community

    O7 Discord Remember to drop an O7 in chat! What O7 Discord offers you: A community of chill & competitive players A place to find divisions Fast advice for ship builds, strategies etc.. Developer News (Game News) channel Lax rules Shiptoasting - memes galore! Rules: Pretty much be civil and chill :) These are the accessible channels to normal members: Join O7 Discord: https://discord.gg/8hDysfg
  5. Kousatsu Mostly plays cruisers, especially high-tier and is excellent in them Deals a very large amount of damage Rarely uses torpedoes Key vehicle - Atago
  6. @JessieTheKitty Some phones are known to have this issue when switching from apps (likely due to low ram/processing power available). I had a LG x Power and it did this sometimes. Is your phone laggy? Delete some junk files e.g. large apps, close those 1000 chrome tabs your phone has open(I've done this) and close apps that are still "open" in the foreground. Restarting your phone from time to time helps remove glitches. Remember, computers usually need around 1 gb+ storage available to work at their best speed or else they get too clogged up. Also need space for cache and pagefile.
  7. Haven't got time, liked playing on the PT though.
  8. Rest in Peace dseehafer.

    A great person, I remember bothering him for his ship picture collection hehe, he had so many. I didn't know him well but he will be missed.
  9. T-61 prediction

    T-61 looks awfully similar to a Gaede, I don't know/think WG is going to do anything with it except wait for the right moment to sell it.
  10. Bad dispersion happens with all ships, unlucky. Missouri is a great ship.
  11. A Question About Asashio

    Pretty much, just because a YouTuber posts a video about getting extremely lucky with kills & damage doesn't mean it's going to happen - those games are extremely rare. It is not a game breaking ship, use hydro and you'll be perfectly fine. Shrug. We had Shiratsuyu TRB and it wasn't really a big issue imho.
  12. Just like the last two collabs they will be here, why wouldn't they? I'm not speaking for WG but it's just logical it would be on all regions.