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  1. Yes it can absolutely. It also plays similarly to gearing because it has workable guns. It is a fun decent ship and absolutely worth the cost.
  2. Czevak

    Supertest – FAQ

    You are not forgotten, this process takes time and everyone who will be accepted and rejected have not been fully contacted yet. We have said this process takes time so we ask you to have patience.
  3. Try a different browser, this is typical autofill/cache error. If you do not wish to reinstall your browser or remove saved passwords/clear cache, you can only use another browser.
  4. Czevak

    Jets inbound!

    Wow, that was fantastic! Great job!
  5. Hi, SuperTest Coordinator here. Test ships are allowed - and supposed to be used in random battles on the live server as this is where they are balanced.
  6. It will re-open. Keep your eyes open for an 'Enrollment' thread for SuperTest Academy in this section: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/forum/373-supertest-academy/
  7. I used to have a I5 2320 + GTX 950 and it ran WoWs at max settings, though it was running hot. You don't need the best computer to run the game at high settings, it is optimized pretty good.
  8. Czevak

    USS Fletcher surprise cameo

    That's awesome!
  9. Czevak

    SWEET RNG-ESUS!!!!!!

    Grats, you got the good luck
  10. Czevak

    So much SALT today

    Hi everyone, for comments by other players like these, please create a support ticket and they'll handle it. https://na.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wows/help/ It is never acceptable to make these types of comments - there are consequences and just because you are 'Generic Username' and not your real name on the internet, doesn't mean you're immune.
  11. Congratulations on your new job
  12. Czevak

    Genshin Impact Sightseeing

    I really like the music too! It's not what you expect from a game developer.
  13. Czevak

    Windows 11?

    There shouldn't be any issues, overall 11 is 'supposed' to be more optimized than any of the other Windows versions. Keep in mind Windows 11 does have a lot of changes but any program you have shouldn't theoretically have any issues running.
  14. Czevak

    allgemeine runtime

    You should be able to uninstall it, it's just a package. Whatever program uses it will probably just reinstall it unless you get that program. I'd research it more and look at your programs more carefully, to get to the bottom of it. Mind as well. I personally think it's safe to remove.
  15. Czevak

    Server lag issues? Is that happening atm?

    The game has known connection issues, assume it'll be fixed tomorrow or on Monday. I imagine it wont take extremely long.