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  1. Hello, I would like to know when the next selection process for SuperTest will be? Unfortunately I missed the registration deadline !!!

  2. Captains! Applications are now complete for SuperTest 2020 Bravo! We received just under 300 applications and we thank you for your interest with the World of Warships SuperTest Program! Our next step is applications review. We will be reviewing the applications of those who passed the background check and select those applicants that we feel are best suited for our program. Once the applications are rated, I will invite a number of you for the interview! Please note, accepting the ST-Invite is time-limited as there is a schedule that needs to be kept. Keep your eye out for a Direct Message VIA the Forums from me. Tentative schedule is to invite all the applicants by next Wednesday and hold interviews shortly after. Those who did not pass background check will be notified after the SuperTest Overall Recruitment is completed. Just because you didn't pass background check/get invited THIS TIME, doesn't mean you can't try again! We welcome you to try again next year. SuperTest invites have been sent. If an applicant does not accept the invite within 3 days, we will move down the list.
  3. Captains! The NA SuperTest program for World of Warships is searching for a few good testers - do you have what it takes? Applications will be accepted during this time: Start: 010/23/20 - 12:30pm ET October 23rd End: 11/01/20 10:00pm ET November 1st Extended End Date: 11/05/20 - 10:00pm ET November 5th As SuperTesters (ST) you will help test out new content and mechanics as well as other in-game items and features. Testing and feedback are critical for balancing new content to ensure it blends with current gameplay. Willingness to try out new ships, maps, scenarios, and other test cases are core functions of a ST. Some of the tasks performed by an ST may include the following: Participation in SuperTest sessions playtesting a variety of content, interface, and mechanics Search and review test content for bugs and unintended game behaviors Specialized activities focused on player experience and user interface quality assurance Perform special tasks and playtests on specialized TST (top secret test) sessions Provide feedback, suggestions, and overall experience reports on playtests Frequently Asked Questions The content and versions covered in all activities is covered under a non-disclosure agreement and all materials and content are not to be shared outside of ST. All accepted STs are expected to have the following: 1. Competency in reading/writing English 2. Good standing on their chat and Forums accounts 3. Able to participate with activities scheduled on the SuperTest server 4. Active Discord account (primary method of communications for ST activities) 5. Have signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and adhere to strict policy on confidentiality To apply, please complete the SuperTest application here: https://bit.ly/342Pr7K Once we have collected a sufficient number of applications, we will stop accepting them. It is important to complete your application in a timely but thorough manner. The screening process consists of the following: - Review of applicant’s Forum and game/chat records - Evaluation of applicants application - Notifying selected applicants via Forums private message - Verbal interview via Discord - Final selection and approval of ST applicants - Onboarding All applications will only be viewable by SuperTest core team and not available to the public. Please keep all freehand comment sections clear and concise (max. 150 words) Once we have notified the approved ST applicants, onboarding will begin to include agreeing to the ST NDA and coordinating communications. If you do not make the cut, you will be notified. You can apply next time! If you enjoy playing World of Warships and want to help shape the future of the game, apply to be SuperTester! On behalf of the NA Coordination Team, Good luck!
  4. Micro patches could put the actual clients on different technical versions. This could've happened. It's my understanding nothing has changed in terms of globalizing the clients - I could be wrong and missed this.
  5. I'm assuming the region-changer mod you're using isn't working properly. Of course, it isn't ideal - but installing the other client for a 100% solid & supported realm is how you should do it.
  6. Czevak

    Tirpitz 360 turrets

    Yup, it's a rare but funny bug. I think the bug has been here since at least 2016.
  7. Czevak

    PSA: Clans trading steel in CvC 9

    Would be cool if these rule breaking players also got their server transfer revoked. Great job!
  8. Czevak

    Proof: chat bans triggering without chatting

    I wont hide the thread - but you should contact support to find out exactly why you were banned. Making a forum post does not get you answers as no one except staff have access to relevant information. For example, one doesn't have to talk but they can get chat-banned if they are reported for spamming the F-Action keys.
  9. Czevak

    Royal Navy versus IJN

    Thread moved to proper section.
  10. Thread moved to the appropriate section.
  11. You cannot play the game without game center installed. The old legacy launcher was discontinued. Uninstall steps: Settings > Apps & features > Search for the programs You can also uninstall the game VIA game center.
  12. Czevak


    Pensé que estaba bien. Hayate no está mal, pero no es genial
  13. I believe all the mods that changed wave size are broken.