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  1. Ataeru

    NA Clan Embassy Now Open!

    so someone suddenly disappeared from the real NA WoWs Clan Embassy (which was made what, twoish years ago?) Linked here: https://discord.gg/Qa6RtS3 and decided to rename their clan discord to NA Clan Embassy... Interesting.. it's getting pretty crowded with "embassy" servers. To be honest. There is not much need for "embassies". Find a home in a clan community, O7 discord for one is a nice community. There's many others too, I Infact - have a list of discords on the above linked discord, find a home! There's also the NA Community discord which is lively https://discord.gg/C5YNnbH
  2. I think there was some damage bugs recently.
  3. Ataeru

    WoWS TST Client question.

    If it's trying to update but you can't this means; There is an update which you cannot access because you do not have permission. There actually isn't any reason to keep the old TST client btw
  4. Volunteered for two days, I really enjoyed it! It was nice meeting the community and helping out
  5. It was nice meeting you guys!
  6. Ataeru

    Russian destroyers, S.O.S.

    Kiting in high tier gunboats is the best way to play. Let the enemies shoot at other targets.
  7. Ahh yes, that was very amusing when I first saw it
  8. Ya but the fun is when you have the tiers above locked and you have to make the effort. Idk, might sound weird but it was fun grinding certain lines.
  9. In any case, no matter what is implemented. I would like to regrind the lines tbh.
  10. Ataeru

    Sooo.... disapointed in Savage Battles

    What about the crazy people hanging on from the sides with chainsaws and stuff?
  11. Ataeru

    Yamato Gun Sounds

    Yamato gun sound didn't change
  12. Ataeru

    Guess the better Shima won...

  13. Ataeru

    Clan Special Test: General Information + FAQ

    Don't talk about THE CHAIR, it's listening... mumbles about mahogany gods
  14. Hi all, The person in question is not part of any test programs. There are other ways to get Test Ships. The data will go straight to Wargaming.
  15. Ataeru

    Is Georgia...

    It is a prototype-Iowa design.