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  1. Jesus WG. Absolutely EVERYONE loved Shikas guns, in fact that was her most praised aspect of a very expensive ship. And you guys replaced her guns?!? Something that didn't effect gameplay but was universally loved? Please bring it back. They were amazing.
  2. Thanks, I'm actually using that through Aslain but I am still getting occasional doubloon bleeding, IDKW Thanks Taylor3006 for your reply, I agree with all of your points. I'm a long time player as well, and have seen over time what I feel are practices that are not very honest in order to profit. I'm all for supporting the game, which I have and still do to a point.. But I have also hit a turning point; Mine was the Puerto Rico event. I purchased the boosters, probably a week into the event, played a good amount... And fell hours short of being able to get the PR, literally by hours... I'm not even kidding, I took screen grabs Which forced me to buy the rest out since I already committed to boosters.. I was so angry, felt so cheated and deceived. It confirmed to me what I have been feeling about WG for a while now, I now also have lost much faith in them. But anyways, about the flags, thats a good tip you make about the armory, except Papa Papa flags are one of the few flags that you spend silver to buy, only Doubloons.. Sucks.
  3. Hi, I'd like to suggest there be a better mechanism implemented to handle what I call, bleeding doubloons. Flags that are mounted on ships that run out, and get resupplied for doubloons. It is so aggravating to see my total doubloons slowly bleed away, and me spending time after time trying to find the ship that's causing it. Also, personally I find the whole "Auto Resupply" and "enable in game currency" options confusing. I want to resupply flags after each battle, but I do NOT want to spend doubloons on them when i have run out. There should be a global way to set resupply rules if you want, or to show what ships are going to use doubloons so we players who pay and support the game aren't feeling cheated out of doubloons that erode away unintentionally. There are hundreds of ships in the game, please work on managing the bleed easier for us, so I can spend my money where I want it and not spend my time constantly having to discover another ship that I didn't set properly before battle on the supply. Again i have Hundreds of ships and the game has way more. Regarding PAPA PAPA flags, you used to offer individual flag bundles of these, can you please bring them back? There are so many ships for freexp now, and i don't want to buy these flags bundled with other flags as I have a ton of the others. Please consider doing 50x and 100x and 300x papa papa flags by itself. Give us more freedom to spend specifically on what we want. Regards, Vas7eel