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  1. Kamikazes

    the USN have sooo scary that WG ADD kamikases, make most damage than bomb AP.
  2. Is Texas THAT Bad? (Or Me?)

    the texas need buff, because is is : SLOWER SPEED, NOT CATAPULT PLANE (BLIND) , WROST RELOAD MAIN GUNS 34,3SECS , SOFT ARMORE HULL, ONLY 6 SECONDARIES SLOWER GUNS, he can to have radar as defense of destroyers, or add catapult in the turrente N°3 some soo simple for ADD as a simple catapult plane
  3. Konig Albert ideas flags

    Add the flags as third flag the kaiser marine, or kriegsmarine the konig albert looks great with 3 flags as WW1 other idea most real: NETS ANTI-TORPEDOES: It is possible to add as consumable the nets anti torpedoes, with a duration of 20 seconds, only available 1 or 2 consumables per battle. how to use: to use this consumable the boat must be completely stopped and you can use it for 20 seconds. and reload 180 secs its advantages of using it, the net anti torps has a resistance of + 50% to the damage received. you can perfectly use your A defense, mains guns and secondaries guns. disadvantage: you have the boat in full stop, which means that you can receive damage from different projectiles from other ships. boats that can use it mikasa, KA, oleg, kawachi and other have that technology battleships can carry 2 consumables and cruisers 1.
  4. Premium Ship PREVIEW: Kronshtadt

    it cruiser has bad AA, but has radar? smoke? hydro?
  5. Konig Albert ideas flags

  6. Konig Albert ideas flags

    historic flags ww1 add: Options: 1- or for all ships T2, T3,T4. I do not think those 2 flags offend anyone and in NA server much less, after 1 century the first world war ended. FLAG of ship: the German ships during the ww1 had a coat of arms and a unique flag. It is possible to give them away to those who have that bank and put it in the mast of the ship's stern second flag for example
  7. when buff for the duke of york

    https://na.wows-numbers.com/ship/3742316496,Duke-of-York/ what do you talking about??? DoY =61???? lol the NELSON the best BB T7 with 55% high % but 61 doy?
  8. when buff for the duke of york

    duke of york. 30secs + 2 health (NERF OF YORK) king george V. 25 secs = 5 seconds vital + 3 health
  9. when buff for the duke of york

    when buff for the duke of york??? we all know that the battleship is inferior in several ways to its brother king George V, and we know that the duke is a more modern version and should be slightly superior to the duke, but it is garbage! if your AA has shields because it breaks so fast? Why is it so poor? because only 2 health ?? when all BB T7 have 3. I want a solution for this nice battleship
  10. ARKANSAS BETA FOR even arward /sale

    I do not understand what the problem is, if WG puts the arkansas beta on sale or event rewards. many here criticize the ones have the battleship clear this, but many players would like to have it and can not.
  11. I want to have the arkansas beta, but it is impossible as they were given during the beta of wows.
  12. lol the duke of sh1t is real garbaged! need buff
  13. WG dont give 2 battle cruiser sister, they enjoy on , but I want the Best , and the best is renown, becuase the repulse was sunk in 1941 and dont receive upgrades. is boring so, but the renown is most interesant he has double propulses and better AA and better hull. and pretty camo.
  14. I prefer the RENOWN, it is better in all its aspects compared to the garbage that you ask for called REPULSE, and that the renown is T6, the renown has better = camouflage. AA secondary dual purposes has a better SUPER STRUCTURE in my opinion you speak without knowing that what you request
  15. MUTSU fix Ranger secondaries & armor

    I want mutsu with range secondaries to 5k stock , can up en up 7k and make funny the BB , remenber mutsu not has AA, armor very weak, your his torps are slow speed short range & little damaged per hit. if you see the Arkansas beta has secondaries in stock 4.5k + 6 module abialible , and is T4 , and mutsu is T6 and only 4K. Othe example the fuso is same secondaries range as mutsu only 4k range, this is called nerfing japan. If you watch Arizona is OP battleship he has powerfull 356mm x12. Armor power, AA decent if you compare vs mutsu, protection anti torps of arizona is 39% vs mutsu 22%. mutsu has 410mm but is break or has lots ricocher and bad accuracy as nagato.