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  1. rafael_azuaje

    Stalingran & Kronshtadt 305mm 1928 HE

    it is not help if it is not adjusted check your HE 305mm is exactly the same as the stalingrand but much lower to cause fires.
  2. rafael_azuaje

    USS TEXAS looks Greats with your CATAPULT

    spotter plane ,bro but help much up range fire and watch the torps enemy
  3. thanks to WG for the work of the catapult of uss texas, now the boat was much better with his seaplane. the only thing they have to adjust is the plane mounted on the catapult, and put the correct plane An OS2U Kingfisher scout plane is seen before launch atop the middle turret of USS Texas while at Iwo Jima, February 1945 /9 WG= 9/10 POINTS excellent work!
  4. rafael_azuaje

    Stalingran & Kronshtadt 305mm 1928 HE

    I share your opinion about the dispersion of the projectiles maybe the sigling of the stalingrand helped a lot to improve the dispersion, however it should readjust the% fire of the kronsntadt to 33% as it has the stalingrand and the OTK-R, they are the same caliber but with equal% chance of fire and its speed at 950M / s. the 1928 model projectiles were perhaps very successful, when the war began the USSR could not develop a successor and continued with the model 1928. until after the WW2 ended, if you check the staligrang its AP projectile is a post-war 1948 model and if it is slightly higher than the AP 1928 model of the Kronshtadt
  5. rafael_azuaje

    Stalingran & Kronshtadt 305mm 1928 HE

    I think that if the projectile model 1928 HE has 33% and is correct it is a projectile 305mm of fire should have it for the kronshtadt equal its speed, just that! It is not nerf because it ruins the beautiful ship.
  6. I was reviewing the Kronstadt and the Stalingrad and their HE projectiles are the same 1928 model, however the stalingrand is far superior to the Kronshtadt. but why??? being the same projectile model 1928 HE the estaligrand has 33% and the kronshtadt 24% was also reviewed oktyabrskaya revolutsiya that has caliber 305mm matches the same percentage of HE with 33%, I guess that is according to the caliber of the projectile the velocity of the projectile 1928 HE of the kronshtadt is of 920 m / s and the staligrand 950 m / s. also revised the dispersion with a similar range the difference is very remarkable the kronshtadt has 271m with 21.1k the staligrand has 219m with 20.4 I think that we should have the same values in both protectiles if they are the same model, I think an unfair nerf towards the kronstadt equal its very exaggerated dispersion 271mm ??? his HE of the kronshtad is inferior in everything to the staligrand and to the oktyabrskaya revolutsiya even the margin of damage. Damaged HE 305mm staligrand = 4500 33% HE 1928 / 950 m/s kronshtadt = 4200 24% HE 1928 / 920m/s oktyabrskaya revolutsiya = 4500 33% HE 1911--------
  7. rafael_azuaje

    USS Salem

    the salem is great cruiser but he need your upgrade special as des moines
  8. yes but if boats with light armor like the seattle should also be penetrated easier, do not you think? Also in Seattle has a very superior defensive AA fire in an exclusive slot that should knock down many planes. the kron looks as musashi without AA is first target for CV enemy.
  9. The kronstadt need hydro and slot for AA defensive per serapated. I have Seattle and it has soft armored deck but to resist very good AP bombs and kron with excellent armored deck is devastating. Why?
  10. rafael_azuaje

    Kronshtadt Fix

    *wg should make a commemorative flag of the Kronstadt, here I found some of the sailors of the Kronstadt Rebellion 1921. *the mision can active when the player unlocker the cruiser kronstadt t9.
  11. rafael_azuaje

    Kronshdat hype thread

    Yeah man , kron is a great cruiser but inconplete! Need your hydro for detect torps or DD near him with smoke. Fix armored secondaries is very weak . I have ibuki,zao, Seattle, salem, hindenburg, has secondaries with small guns & armored and always suviver on battle , but kron always is destroyed all secindaries . i have Seattle and has radar,hydro, fire defensive AA, health ,repair same time. Kron only fire defesive or plane, radar . I need you to support me with my post
  12. rafael_azuaje

    Kronshdat hype thread

    The kron need only 3 thing: 1-hydro 2-armored secondaries(very weak) 3- Flag conmemorative
  13. rafael_azuaje

    Premium Ship Review #103: Salem

    the radar of salem is useless because 8.5k is nothing the des moines has 9.9k the mosvak 11k, but 8.5??? i think is better hydro so. I dont understand reduce HP both DM and salem are exactly same. I try proposal that salem put upgrade special but different to DM. I dont secondaries fast (massachusets) some different WG can add comemorative flag for salem with event (only salem use) , only active when the player unlocked the ship. comemorative flag for salem as reward
  14. rafael_azuaje

    Unique Upgrades ("Legendary" Upgrades) For Salem

    And Add flag conmemorative for SALEM , please wg .