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  1. Duke of York need fix!

    if we compare twin battleships: the missouri overcomes the iowa in AA and has radar. scharhorts surpasses in cadence of shot and has 9 guns while the gniesenau has 6 main cannons and cadence of slower shot. but the king george surpasses more so much in the survival as in turn of rudder and recharge of main guns. The AA defenses have armor and are destroyed with any shot up to a light cruiser. they are things that must be corrected. if the DYO has 2 party health, then put it as it has the HMS NELSON that heals 60%
  2. Duke of York need fix!

    which balance, the duke is a total nerf, obviously has a hydrophone, because it has no plane and more is the radar than if it had it, the iowa and missouri are exact but the missouri is totally the improved version of the iowa, in the case of duke no! Rudder turn slower than his brother, recharges slower. there it is seen at first sight of the discrimination of the ship. WG considers it garbage. when this can be much better historically I defeat the scharnhorts because I had better technology
  3. Duke of York need fix!

    hello everyone was reviewing in detail some things of the DUKE, and has a very ugly nerfed that is the recharge of the main battery, 29,5 when his twin the KGV has 25. If we compare the brothers IOWA and MISSOURI have exactly the same recharge, because they apply it to the British ship? historically the King George V class was quite Armored, in comparison to the other English ships, for example in 1941 the Bismarck defeats the Hood, because the Hood had a very thin armor on the deck, and that took the British to improve that in their next Ships. duke of york armored deck citadel 13mm poor armore BB of T7 example nelson ARMORE DECK CITADEL 165mm scharnhorst 80mm armore citadel so 13mm armore citadel is crazy, for a BB. the myoko has 32MM is a cruiser. its called (nerf) duke of nerf Why do POMPOMs break so much? the nelson has the POMPOMS AA and does not have shields, but the DUKE has anti-projectile shields to support and not be destroyed so easily. pompoms duke with amored, but is easy destroy , why? pompoms nelson no have armore and destroy easy, big difference , with amored and with amored and is same easy destroy it. double purpose cannons has a very low damage if we compare it with the double sediments of queen elizabeth which is exceeded by twice the damage. QUEEEN ELIZABETH T6 HAS 7.2k range & 107 dps DUKE OF YORK HAS 6.5K RANGE & 78 DPS BOTH IS FULL AA WITH MODULES & SKILLS OF THE CAPTAIN rudder king george V & duke of york: duke turn in 14 sec king george V turn in 12sec and are same hull. I watch that DUKE of York is a version premiun nerfed of king george V party healt duke is 2 and king george V is 3. MISSOURI IS A IOWA BUFFED!
  4. Duke of york need: reload main guns to 25 secs as your his sister King George V. put to 3 reload healt as kgv ! Or this 2 Health is as Nelson ? Súper health AA are very frágiles but sooo Fragiles, fix up! Duke of york he is modern BB with radar but i know that wg not radar because BB t7 but can Add slot 5 Target Acquisition System Modification/Concealment System Modification . this make less garbage the battleship
  5. Duke of york need BUFF in reload main guns as canto have 29,5 sec if your brother KGV reload in 25sec. It is nerf stupid ! Too to check damagen secondaries dual proposite 74 and Queen Elizabeth make 114 . The kgv class has make damaged more is modern AA dual proposite

    no brother nelson has changed , if you have nelson you can see diferences, now before the telemetres turn lelt/right , and the last update is static now! and WG not coment nothing about this!

    let's see, before I used the HE against the cruise because it was going to cidatel + burn at the same time, it was very funny to torment the enemy that was the real good thing about the battleship.

    before the Nelson could make an citadels with HE and burn the enemy at the same time without any special skills, and now that can not do more! that's what I mean

    NELSON has nerf the last update make the GOOD battleship in a real garbage pathetic. NELSON BEFORE LAST UPDATE: NELSON last update nerf: now nelson cant does any citadel to cruiser with HE this make real garbage for it BB, thank you wg for destroy nelson :( now not use this BB, I lose my time in unlocker with my xp free!
  10. they should equip the graf zeppelin bombers with the FRITZ X bombs, especially for British and American hulls, and the American CVs have their famous AP bombs and it does devastating damage to the Germans, but we are going to swing with the fritz x. * nelson was OP but the last update nelson has nerf and is garbage, if you have nelson you will see difference! berfore/after. *kaga is good but the weaks warplanes make sad vs saipan does nothig, and vs T9 warships very little. warships has POWERFULL AA. * nerf: if WG put waship on sale OP , the people go to buy warship OP dont BE next month , as always does it. NERF premiums nerf: scharhort= now with armored weak and can does citadel now. nelson = HE not cant citadel to cruiser anymore konig albert= secondaries -% fire perth= smoke nerf kaga= 90 reduce 85 warplanes pathetic T6 atago= reduce AA double/triple barrel for ADD singles AA. kutuzov = nerf smoke belfast = nerf smoke premium buff: missouri = fix bell armored for reduce does citadel arkanssa beta= up range secondaries to 4,5k and have all slot of game. enterprise = 90 warplanes historical but WG gift aditional 6 more total 96 + AP bombs + all slot of game on T8 the balance only favor NA
  11. Hello, the truth is that I do not get offended, I will stop giving more ideas to improve the KAGA, that forum is NA and simply overshadow any ship from any nation other than NA, for example the NELSON has hidden NERF and WG never said anything about it almost many British BBs were nerfed and all Germans in terms of armor and you know it's true! the great NELSON could previously do CITADEL with HE on cruisers and now he does not, inclising his projectiles AP breaks when it hits on a cruise! before request for the nelson version 1944 with full AA to have balance, since the battleship is very slow with pathetic shielding, horrible secondary batteries, frightening anti torps resistance and poor in AA, and many criticized me, but now watch the COLORADO, slow with excellent AA, the best HP anti torps brutal resistance and the best armor. continue to nerf all the ships of other nations with their hidden nerf.
  12. Americana ir can bomb AP its strike for BB, but Jajan not can to have kamikazes ? Wow that balance
  13. or other idea! kaga has hangar 90,but you can take it to 90 and those 5 remaining planes can form 1 kamikase squadron that would be just that 5 planes, they are ejected from the CV they are sent to the target and boom severely damages the enemy ship and loses those 5 planes, the kaga would be the first cv to have 1 squadron of kamikases, that squad is parta make a single attack nothing more.
  14. bomb AP send pearl harbor form kaga&akagi heavy CV. for arizona