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  1. You try up nelson to versión 1944 with full AA borfors/oerilnko vs cv T7,8,9?
  2. Here say nelson flag , I have nelson but not the flag
  3. Hey Im so happy for mutsu/perth , I only want to know If is possible the flag conmemorative. I too have the MHS nelson. How I can obtain the flag nelson conmemorative? If somebody can help me ! Thanks
  4. I have some question about the flag conmemorative ships premium. IF me to win a warships at super container with cap with 10points . why wg dont gif the flag too? It is imposible to buy! For exampler I have the Mutsu & Perth than to win on súper container yamamoto. But I Want the flag besucase are conmemorative with the ship. Here the flag perth/mutsu
  5. I speak of secondary guns range as graff zepelin! some time ago I had mentioned about the possibility of taking the kaga to 90 planes in his hangar, as well as the pressing WG that later he retired 5 left him to 85. remember something the Kaga has T6 planes and the CV is T7 where you will have T8 / T9 enemies. and its planes are papers there, the BIG E was equipped with SLOT 3 that is exclusive of T9 / 10. You do not say anything about that? You worry about that? but I see that in every game update I always see BUFF for American ships.
  6. is it possible to put the secondary kaga to the same rank as the graf zeppeli? the kaga has many secondary cannons but its range is garbage
  7. battleships mutsu buff

    Mutsu is not popular because nobody has proposed it! if the secondary range is increased and the precision of the main battery is slightly skipped, that may raise the boat's popularity. The dunkerque is most popular, the arizona is a beast spiner. the new mexico / fuso are respected, the bayern is a very armored BB
  8. battleships mutsu buff

    I would like to improve the firing range, all the T6 BB has 5k in stock, minus the ijn mutsu. and the users of mutsu can not be trusted the torpedoes as they would give the whole side and would be terrible choice. because it will receive citadel and its shield is weaker than that of the nagato
  9. nelson can to have garbage AA/secondaries but put ADD all AA version 1945+ camo of 1945 , and keep camo 1943 (optional) as missouri
  10. NERF PERTH??????' ARE YOU FINE? PERTH IS PERFECT MAN , he need health party as yours beother leander , he has few HP is a cruiser weak!
  11. friends as Krupp says the secondary of mutsu are sigles increasing the rank. only give with the objective 2 of 10 guns per side for the bad accuracy and it is well, but increased the rank can do something of miracle if we see a enemy very damaged, while the main battery recharges, but to 4k is nothing
  12. it's just rank! not cadence of shot. but good, thank you very much, japan marginalized forever :(
  13. I have scharhosrt level 19, and not use anymore now is BB uk I have my neklson BB y all play with BB british for this WR, USA/JAPAN IS ABANDONED , tomorrow is coming italian BB and UK is donw WR, its ALL
  14. hello gray, about nelson is ONLY up version 1945 for ONLY AA ARE transh. it's one thing to be good at defeating the ships with your main battery, and another very different AA. *case n°2 kaga, kaga not is Bad , but your his plane NEED (SLOT 3 EXCLUSIVE ONLY T9-10) as HAVE ENTERPRISE THAT gave 15% hp your his planes. kaga vs SAIPAN with supremacy is horrible battle, is as send RYUJO VS ESSEX. YOU CAN UNDERSTAND IT?