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  1. I win this in my account today, but as i can use this ?
  2. rafael_azuaje

    I56 forget it

    the IJN subs Add subs Kaiten wg fix range and damage this or add hangar for Add a plane spot . the I-56 is Blind under Water Hunt other sub is Hardcore no have Hydro for detect enemy subs. Add skill capts for Up the hp as in the DD or cruiser.
  3. hello everyone, I think that the Submarines should have the agility of the captain, an expert in survival, since they are very weak and when they are attacked with ASW or depth charges they do not survive. and remove any of the abilities marked in X since they are not very useful
  4. rafael_azuaje

    Results – Chips for Treats!

    I won 7 days premium but I have not received anything
  5. *I have the Sub I-56 and he need Up time Batteries because is very short time deep Water. * Add Hydro he is total blind for hunt subs deep water. * add Decoys Subs, the it is a can that the submarine throws from the stern, it consists of making foam to deceive the enemy hydrophones for a short period so that it can escape. *decorative Crane Up in port Question the I56 had Planes? or torpedoes Kaiten?
  6. rafael_azuaje

    Update 0.11.10: Japanese Light Cruisers

    the Game is Perfect with the Subs :) , each player chooses what he likes, I'm a fan of the Cv from 2015 xd.
  7. rafael_azuaje

    Naval History in Photos: Rare and Unique Submarines

    Yeah I love the Subs i remenber when Played Silent Hunter 3,4,5. 2006-2008
  8. rafael_azuaje

    Konig Albert ADD torps Sumerged

    hello everyone, I'm here to talk about adding the submerged torpedoes of the konig Albert, since finally WG was able to add them to the New British Ships,. I have hopes that WG can do that miracle to my beautiful Konig Albert. HMS QUEEN MARY SMS KONIG ALBERT INFO WIKIPEDIA
  9. rafael_azuaje

    Maya Buff Armored

    the case of Musashi and Yamato are exact !!!! why can't maya?? I think that WG has a very critical new staff, if the Maya T7 had appeared in 2017 it would have the same armor as the Atago.
  10. rafael_azuaje

    Maya Buff Armored

    Ashitaka version 1920 Amagi Version 1944 The Big Difference is that these Battleship Classes received armor upgrades since the 1930s in the case of the Maya and Atago they are exact in all types of armor even the atago and maya are the same versions
  11. rafael_azuaje

    Maya Buff Armored

    hey here . the Colorado T7 has very similar armo of West .V, Yamato & Musashi same, Konig Albert & Kaiser very similars. but Maya & Atago it's a mockery .
  12. rafael_azuaje

    Maya Buff Armored

    Humm the penalty was very high, the armor looks like a T5 or T6 cruiser, friend forgive me but the Maya already had some nerfs: worse main cannon reloading, greater concealment, and to finish off the armor they left it Horrible. I don't think it's balance. because the Maya has combat vs T8-9 it would be destroyed dry. any DD will be able to blast it to pieces with her small cannons easily. is what I see from my point of view.
  13. rafael_azuaje

    Maya Buff Armored

    my question is: why did they ruin the armor of the MAYA, it is the sister ship of the ATAGO and TAKAO, I can deal with the range of the torpedoes but the armor is very important. The Yamato T10 and Musashi T9 are exactly armor and diferents Tiers
  14. rafael_azuaje

    Update 0.11.5: U.S. Independence Day

    IWAMI When??
  15. rafael_azuaje

    Enterprise & Hornet Superstructures