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  1. kongo

    the kongo can appreciate 2 AA double purpose mount for 1944, what happened there? or is it balance? hahahah! and simple machine gun .
  2. SLAVA BATTLESHIP RUSSIAN https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russian_battleship_Slava
  3. brother, the most important thing is to save the texas as of place, then the restorations will come, besides us. is the country that produces more weapons in the world a few borfors and oerlinko can be done again is an old technology, and success plans of their designs
  4. it can be observation aircraft or a fighter, if it is better to increase the range, and so I can get 100% AA to texas, and texas would be 100% historical, it would be good a special dark blue camo as it is seen today.. I have 2 wishes: 1- Restore the texas and fix it in a dry place. 2- restore the whole ship add the remaining AA weapons
  5. I hope than Wg can add catapult for texas it ca n help the ship detect DD enemy hide behind island.. and texas can give enjoy elecctions attack it. THE HISTORY DONT LIES!
  6. texas looks great with this camo, i want one! gg
  7. battleships mutsu buff

    well I tell you in the case of the mutsu if they are important because they help a lot in closed combat, now talking about the 410mm are very bad pressure. For example the Arizona has 12x356mm highly accurate. excellent protection against torpedo and thick armore..
  8. battleships mutsu buff

    It is a matter of balancing the mutsu for 3 reasons: 1- it is a battleship of T6 with armor of T5 comparable with the kongo. 2- does not have AA which makes the Cvs of the game a priority 3- the secondary defense is of very short range of 4k taking it to the maximum 6k. now if we see the beta arkansa it is a T4 and it has a secondary rank of 4.5k and all the SLOTs available to make the super OP ship. their torpedoes are not the big deal, each torpedo is 10000k damage and they are relatively slow, firing a torp at a new mexico would cause a 4.5k damage, also remember it has a bad angle, I just try to provide an idea to improve the vessel
  9. then I feel very disappointed, because only American boats are the only ones to receive the best buff and the latest version of the game. All American ships 1945 up. and all SLOT full, too. to give a lot of advantages over other nations. for my criteria it is not fair! the nelson survived the whole war and was modernized with powerful AA, but they put it version 1943. for example: arkansas beta has all the slot and is T4 and its secondary was buff to 4.5k the enterprise is t8 and also has all the slot including the T9 / 10. in another topic I asked to increase the rank of the secondaries of the MUTSU and I was criticized. The mutsu is T6 and it has 4k of secondaries. it does not have AA and the secondary ones increased was to compensate the AA. change the name: world of 🇺🇸american 🇺🇸 warships
  10. LOL, MAYBE gonna happen
  11. I do not understand why the warspite has 5k distance of secondary fire and QE only 4 and has more modern purpose double barrels.
  12. brother, only AA, I do not ask to improve the armor of the ship nor the secondary defense, nor protection torpedoes, nor to add radar nor plane, only to improve the AA because the nelson survived all the second war with all its updates, it hurts that the English government he did not want to preserve that ship.
  13. everything you say is true friend, but I only suggest putting the ship to version 1944/45 will only improve the AA, remember that the nelson's AA are exaggeratedly fingernails, very short range, and are relatively few mounts. a reinforcement with the borfors would not fall badly, also remember that the nelson is a premium boat as is the missouri and the missouri has all good armor / main battery / the best speed of BB of T9 and the best AA of any BB T9 / 10. and the camouflage of 1944 is also beautiful and I showed some images with that camo, it is fair to improve the ship in its defense AA, remember that the nelson is a ship of weak armor, it is slow, without radar or plane, the worst secondary of T7 equally your AA. the texas is T5 and has AA of T8 equal to the Cleveland of T6 with AA of T8. hms nelson 1944