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  1. rafael_azuaje

    Pommern Final Review

    small 380mm guns with bad sigma and poor reload , the BB germans are rapid fast reload with with a very good accurate envied by the allies. I hope that fix it, up sigma to 1.7 (decent)
  2. rafael_azuaje

    Pommern Final Review

    what is sigma montana???
  3. rafael_azuaje

    Pommern Final Review

    FDG main guns: 406mm reload 26 seconds 420mm reload 29 seconds sigma Pommern main guns: 380mm reload 33 second sigma 1.5 all battleship T9 has sigma 1.7 for UP .
  4. rafael_azuaje

    Pommern Final Review

  5. rafael_azuaje


    sigma of FDG?
  6. rafael_azuaje

    Pommern Final Review

    why Pommern has reload 33 seconds with 380mm?? why has sigma 1.5??? both NOT EXIST in the game, any ship T9 has it. the most brutal nerf for ship germany.
  7. rafael_azuaje

    Premium Ship Review: California

    hi , well to me like stile ships as texas/ny, nm /arizona/wv or colorado, i think that california funny AA :) and yes he is slower in speed,turn & reload guns , but sure has good sigma & accurate.
  8. rafael_azuaje

    Premium Ship Review: California

    hello bro time without knowing about you.
  9. rafael_azuaje

    Premium Ship Review: California

    I want the California but from venezuela I cant to buy nothing :(
  10. rafael_azuaje

    Odin Buff

    And why do nerfs seem justified to you? why is german There I am seeing the ANCHORAGE which is a T8 cruiser with the torpedoes of the Fletcher T9, so is that justified ??? https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Anchorage I only ask what is fair if the odin and agir have exactly the same guns because they cannot share the same reload? also the odin is the only ship with 305mm guns, in t8 it has VS 381mm, 406, and battles T10 vs: 406mm, 420mm, 457mm, 460mm and 510mm. That's why I say to increase your HP a little because the odin is easily erased in those tier.
  11. rafael_azuaje

    Odin Buff

    hello everyone! my post is to talk about odin. * request some improvements like increasing your little HP from 52400 to 57200 base. * improve the speed of the main battery recharge. because the AGIR has the same barrel as the Odin but it recharges in 20 seconds, in 23 seconds. (here is clearly a nerf)
  12. rafael_azuaje

    Weekly Combat Missions: Wargaming Anniversary

    broThis year there will be the event that they place every year, where for each T10 boat you get a SC? for every T9 they give you 75 steel? And from T5 to T8 coat?
  13. rafael_azuaje

    Weekly Combat Missions: Wargaming Anniversary

    ah ok ok thanks
  14. rafael_azuaje

    Weekly Combat Missions: Wargaming Anniversary

    last year 2019, aniversary event a SC play with 1 ships T10, steel T9, coats T8,7,6,5. this year not?
  15. rafael_azuaje

    Premium Ship Review #148 - Odin

    why Odin has nerf your him main guns reload to 23. and Agir in 20secs Both has same guns . Odin 23 secs - 305mm Agir 20 secs -305mm and BoTH use same guns but not afect the line tree american. North Carolina T8 30secs 406mm Iowa T9 30 secs 406mm Montana T10 , 30 secs 406mm. the never be nerfed because he has HP as T5. is as put the Kongo vs kremlin.