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  1. rafael_azuaje

    CV are RIP Rockets 10.5 Big NERF

    now I am testing the CVs with their rockets and they are now horrible, because it opens the guns and after several seconds it fires the rockets, almost all of them failing against the target. In a few words, LO CV was ruined. It was preferable that they continue as they were and add defense guns in the queue of the squads that are decorated with decorations. There imagen Before / After FDR BEFORE 10.4 ERICH BEFORE 10.4 ERICH 10.5 FDR 10.5
  2. rafael_azuaje

    Battleship Ise Giveaway — Join us on Stream!

    i want the Ise sure is good hydryd ship
  3. rafael_azuaje

    Tier VII: Nueve di Julio

    is love this cruiser..
  4. rafael_azuaje

    Boise and Nueve De Julio

  5. rafael_azuaje

    Premium Ship Review - Agincourt

    I need 2 containers beast as gift for see if Win this BB 🥲, I want This Battleship.
  6. rafael_azuaje

    Slava the Mediocre Giant

  7. rafael_azuaje


    yes but is very nerfing the armo in all ship
  8. rafael_azuaje


    MY QUESTION IS: If the Slava is a Kremlin Clone, why is the Slava totally lower in Armor? and in many other things! SLAVA : HP 91800 , anti torps 29%, armo deck 25-32mm, 100-370mm KREMLIN: 108300, Anti torps 46%, armo deck 32-60mm, citadel 150-410mm in all the Kremllin is better, I can understand the main gun different caliber ,but the armored too?? the slava is a clon of kremlin but 100% WORSE!
  9. rafael_azuaje

    Any chance the Anchorage might get a heal?

    If need Heal bro , you into Smoke when open Fire you do visible to all enemies and boom. Remenber anchorage has nerfed GUNS witn reload fron 15.5secs. Sucks AA, pathetic Hidro with Short Range Detect. He need buffed GUNS and add healt, he is a Methbote . FAR Of be OP.
  10. rafael_azuaje

    Any chance the Anchorage might get a heal?

    Brother I have the Anchorage , is an Buffalo Nerfed Versión with Torpedoes, but I try here post for buffe and add Heal. Buffalo & Anchorage has Same HULL , Same main GUNS but Anchorage nerfed reload time ! And Hit Points Too lower.
  11. rafael_azuaje

    Any chance the Anchorage might get a heal?

    fence what a scam! spend hundreds of dollars to convert it into thousands of doubloons for a ship that does not work in random battles!
  12. rafael_azuaje

    Any chance the Anchorage might get a heal?

    if it is possible that the Anchorage can have heal! is possible without heal the Anchorage is rubbish
  13. rafael_azuaje

    FLINT ! BUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I Confirme have the Black666
  14. rafael_azuaje

    FLINT ! BUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    * recently the flint cruiser received a poor range buff from 11.1 to 11.9k I mean nothing! and with a penalty of reducing -1 second .. why does this happen? if Atlanta did receive a good buff from 11.1k to 13.3. and without any PENALTY. why hate flint ?? * The Atlanta Class cruisers had better hull and deck armor. Deck: 1 + 1⁄4 in (32 mm), and ok not to put 32mm but go up those 13mm which are very horrible for its tier, to 20mm, at most 25mm his armor is very flan even a gun destroyer can easily deal great damage to atlanta / flint. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Atlanta_(CL-51) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Flint_(CL-97)
  15. rafael_azuaje

    Hayate...Don't waste your Free Exp here