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  1. rafael_azuaje

    Gnenova NEED Buff

    other thash light cruiser italian montecuccoli 152mm with reload of heavy cruiser 203mm.
  2. rafael_azuaje

    Gnenova NEED Buff

    you have right, I have only the genova , is wrost cruier T5 in many aspetcs. 20 secs reload main guns lol. I think it can be improved, but I also observe that there are many players who oppose to make the boat a total garbage
  3. rafael_azuaje

    Gnenova NEED Buff

    Currently, the Italian Genoa cruise is very rubbish, because it is a weak cruise with the worst main battery, it has a battleship recharge, there is no cruise in the game with 20 seconds of recharging. The very high turret turn that makes it impossible to have a Battle against a destroyer. Defense weapon that are torpedoes are very useless in T5, because they are extremely slow and with very low damage. their SAP & AP shells are basically the same both cause appointment, they should replace the AP with the HE. Every T5 cruiser is always equipped with hydroacoustics, it can carry defensive AA or smoke. slightly improve the shielding is too weak the genova need BUFF IN: 1- remove AP shells for HE 2-keep SAP shells 3-fix reload main Guns 20 secs to 13 secs 4-ADD HYDRO or smoke , all cruiser T5 has hydro. 5- the torpedoes need up damage becuase 9xxx is nothing vs a BB I think that it make better genova. if someone supports me in this ideas well, and if not tell me why?
  4. rafael_azuaje

    Genova Review - A Dumpster Fire Without The Fire

    the genova need BUFF IN: 1- remove AP shells for HE 2-keep SAP shells 3-fix reload main Guns 20 secs to 13 secs 4-ADD HYDRO or smoke , all cruiser T5 has hydro. I think that it make better genova. if someone supports me in this ideas well, and if not tell me why?
  5. rafael_azuaje

    Who have you seen in game

    First round, they insult me and I don't understand why, in the end I sank 2 ships and I was close to a third but I take it off: V, in the second round it was better for me and we won.
  6. rafael_azuaje

    Who have you seen in game

    It was a great battle.
  7. rafael_azuaje

    Who have you seen in game

    Hello, of course, I want to have it but since Venezuela I can't buy anything, just wait for an event or as a gift. That Cv is beautiful and has its history.
  8. rafael_azuaje

    The Azuma is Trash 8.2.0

    bro the azuma is bad cruiser, if you compare azuma Vs other super cruiser T9, the azuma is the wrost , alaska best, kron best, siegfired looks good, azuma is a version very nerf of yoshino in = armored hull, reload main guns, range secondaries. if you have both you can compare it. cheers
  9. rafael_azuaje

    FRIESLAND buff

    comparations: Black 666: an small antena radar & has radar function. friesland : has 3 big antenas radar & not havent radars funtion. kronstadth: not have antena radar BUT has radar funtion here much alpha,beta,super,etc,etc tester but not fix it BIG errors. I have other duobts...& comparations Black 666 has 17100 Hp with 2500 tons Friesland has 17600 hp with 3070 tons 670tons in dsplacement = 18350 for friesland in stock Z23 has 19500HP with 3663 tons https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_destroyer_Z23 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fletcher-class_destroyer https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Friesland-class_destroyer
  10. rafael_azuaje

    FRIESLAND buff

    I have the BLACK 666 , bro but I too i have the friesland, 466/5000 I only propose an idea of some details that were very noticeable, and it really ruins a destroyer that can be beautiful because it is modern and it is the most modern in the whole game, and it has nothing really, it is slow, it does not have the consumable of Speed engine, has 3 small radars and 2 very large radar and does not have that ability, it is the only DD T9 without health. just because it has 2x2 rapid guns that still break or get damaged during battle.
  11. rafael_azuaje

    FRIESLAND buff

    And what are you doing away from your objective, ending up being hunted by them, the black DD plays the radar + Smoke combination very well because it can hide and shoot the target correctly using the radar, but what is the use of using smoke and staying blind? ? I find that ridiculous cheap strategy quite ridiculous.
  12. rafael_azuaje

    FRIESLAND buff

    yes, but as i tell you need heath, & radar, you cant destroy a battleship with you guns, a cruiser less, a cruiser kill you quickly. smoke + radar help frieslad, and health when he is very damage, you can make fire a BB but it not kill ! the BB can repair and use health and as new.
  13. rafael_azuaje

    FRIESLAND buff

    In the world of warships today, almost all cruises, some DD, and some BB, have radar, and can tear you to the friesland, when you use the friesland and use the smoke to sniff you are completely blind to other nearby Enemies that can affect to the Friesland with the help of radar or hydro. the friesland is a DD made postwar2, 1950s with modern tech as radar and other defender.
  14. rafael_azuaje

    FRIESLAND buff

    i was looks the friesland destroyer and a The Friesland is a non-competitive destroyer VS other destroyers, since it does not have the following supports such as: Health, enginne speed, radar. the destroyer friesland Big radars but not havent radar suport. need Health becuase not has Torpdos suport. he has milils laucher but doesnt work too. friesland vs katikase : friesl loser mogador, friesl loser fletcher/black,benham: friesl loser udaloi/tashkent : friesl loser, the fries only win vs yugumo because has slow reload guns. if the destroyer does not have his main weapon that are the torps because it was designed like this, equip it with radar and health to resist the battle.
  15. rafael_azuaje

    The Azuma is Trash 8.2.0

    it is true I have this garbage.