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  1. Very good but stop seal clubbing
  2. Well it's been a day of potato teams (god bless camping BBs) but I did get another skull,
  3. Good pick up
  4. I think the problem is with the gear module
  5. It's a nice looking ship, would be nice to have her in my port
  6. Yep, so we'll treat it as even and next kill gets bragging rights!
  7. I've got 3 but the highest is this little fire starter
  8. Of the French cruisers the Algerie is probably my favourite. La Glass was my least favourite of the bunch
  9. And when you open it you get drum roll.............7 days premium (to add to the 300 days you already have)
  10. Nikolai has the luxury of protected match making, Colorado & Nagato are an entirely different affair!
  11. The boy needs to save his dancing for the ring lol
  12. I think someone just didn't program it properly. I would bet that it was meant to splash the first time you logged on and then stop. I didn't even know WG ran a sweepstake. Tickets in Super containers perhaps???
  13. One more for the Throne @Rolkatsuki I shouted out in chat but you didn't notice. Feel a little guilty killing a fellow Melburnian.
  14. Now that the French grind is over I have some time to play the Gallant. Agree completely with SalvoSanta - This is a very good little DD and quite capable of putting out some real damage. First three games were a disaster while I figured her out but since then she has gotten better and better. Give her some time and she will grow on you. It would be nice to tweak the Torp arcs though! She sits pretty comfortably with my other T6 DDs Capt skills - TAE is a must have but all other skills are your typical DD builds. My normal cruiser capt build has TAE & LS so they fit perfectly with her apart from not having Demo Expert. EDIT - You Can't carry in it !!!
  15. You don't know Jack , if you did the answer is obvious