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  1. Camo68

    The Akizuki menace

    Don't want to waste that big BB salvo cause you are waiting on a broadside cruiser? Ignoring them or expecting someone else to take care of them? That's a paddlin
  2. 500k coal & 2mil FXP currently waiting on the right DDs, not sure if I want to be a three time sucker
  3. I'm not inclined to do it, particularly because the rewards dont interest me. If it was a good DD maybe.
  4. Camo68

    TL:DR - Research Bureau

    Good luck with your research bureau Regrind an entire line 6 times Regrind credits for an entire line 3 times To make that even marginally appealing there would have to be a very large carrot at the end (and your first proposal which had a big carrot caused an uproar) I think I will pass.
  5. Camo68

    The Great 8 Ribbons - 12th - 19th

    Any of the captains is fine
  6. Camo68

    The danger of getting to close to a Neustrashimy

    Chung Mu in ranked...........You're already a ship down/up. And why BBs think they can skip around islands with no penalties is beyond me. Nice little run
  7. Camo68

    Who have you seen in game

    Ranked hell continues just ran into @Snargfargle in a game among many others. Gunboat Yugumo just hung on
  8. Camo68

    NeuroTrashshimy, crazy in ranked

    Neutrashimy is on a similar level to most of the other t9 DDs. And if your team doesn't shoot DDs the game will be over very shortly. Maybe your next team will shoot DDs.
  9. Camo68

    I feel team play isn't a thing in coop.

    There is no real tactical game play in co-op, the bots pretty much sail forward shooting. So no real need for team work. Get into a good position quickly and farm damage as fast as you can before it's all over.
  10. Camo68

    Kitakaze, what am I doing wrong?

    There are a few basic questions to be looked at first like; How have you set the ship up? What are your captain skills? Do you have IFHE? etc. Once you have a solid build then look at some youtube vids to see how others are playing their ship. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-CVV_QxU4CesZL5pvdJw4A/search?query=kitakaze It is a very good ship but like all DDs if you expose yourself you are going to get whacked hard.
  11. Camo68

    A Blast from the Past - 5th - 12th

    My best memory would be getting 8 kills and over 200k dmg in the Kamikaze. My wish: Yoshino
  12. Camo68

    French DD Tips Guide!

    Tip No. 1 for French DDs, pack this: In case you run into this:
  13. Yep DDs are easily the strongest class in co-op. The two things that make it the most powerful class are; the ability to break contact (with smoke & low concealment) when focused, and the massive alpha strike capability of torpedoes.