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  1. Camo68

    Who have you seen in game

    Your were very unlucky, not only did you run into hydro our Worcester also pushed right up to the cap behind me. That and the torp was sent just on a predicted line based on Radio Location. Sometimes you are the predator sometimes the pray
  2. Dam now I have to figure out which one or two have no games on them.
  3. Camo68

    DDs Torps need to be nerfed in COOP

    Mmmm you sat back to ensure your ship wasn't targeted first. And then missed out on the spoils. You have to get in there fast!
  4. I decided to finish off all the tech tree ships to push my collection to 350 ships, now that I have finished the Collector : Gold emblem has not been awarded. Have I missed something with the requirements or is there a bug with this emblem being awarded?
  5. Camo68

    Ranked Battle Experience - Phew

    7v7 is far better in my opinion too, 12v12 isn't really a sprint. The buffs in the middle of the map are a trap, they aren't worth being sunk over but they always seem to attract the Yolo brigade.
  6. I had a good run, 12 in the Yammy
  7. Camo68

    How many games to rank out?

    I had a good run at under 20 games
  8. Couldn't agree more, the game on it's own is augmented greatly by the discussion and friends you make along the way.
  9. Camo68

    Twitch mission impossible to complete

    A lot is said about the early bird, however you my friend are the early worm in this scenario!
  10. Camo68

    First Battle in Ranked today

    Nice game well done. I've seen a surprising number of Benhams in my ranked games
  11. Camo68

    Best Camos for XP Gain in Line Regrinds

    The wiki page lists them all: https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Camouflage The main ones over 100% are in the table attached
  12. Camo68

    European DD event

    On a similar vein can you consider including campaigns in your suggestion? I have three campaigns still open (overall they are completed just not all tasks because I don't play CV's) and it would be nice to turn them off and remove them my home screen. My OCD won't stretch to playing CVs at a high level just to get the honorary achievement. So they are just an annoyance.
  13. Camo68

    Unknown how it works Kagero video

    Study these vids by Kuro, All you need to know about getting the most out of your new Kagero. Enjoy it is a fun little DD....
  14. Camo68

    WGC: Log in to Experience It All

    Why run a program all the time to just to open another program? So a new and exciting car would be one that has a starter motor that runs non stop?
  15. Camo68


    It's a very strong T5 DD, and very useful around caps. BBs have nothing to fear from it but cruisers and particularly DDs need to treat it with care.