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  1. Nice shots. That mustang looks fantastic
  2. This one always made me laugh
  3. Umikaze was one of the few ships that could up tier like that and contribute. That was before radar and hydro though. Now it would last one salvo.
  4. Last couple of splits there has been a heavily discounted commander skill reset period following the actual split. I think these discounts were driven by customer feedback as they were only announced the day before/ day of split. For the ijn split i retrained my captains before the discount was announced so lost out there. When the russian split came i waited! Hopefully they do this again. It lets you set up the commanders properly.
  5. Yep much fun was had.
  6. That whole industry has a long tradition with exploiting vulnerable actors/actresses going back to Warner/Mayer/Hearst days. I'm sure most people havn't actively exploited others but that still leaves a significant portion who will be very very worried over the next few months. Karma dealing out just a little taste.... Good on the brave ones who stood up and risked their careers.
  7. Had a nice little game with @JochenHeiden and a couple of other guys from opg today, he in the Z52 and me in a Yugumo. It's nice being able to control the middle ground with competent DDs.
  8. I think the cops might with the recent "Hollywood Casting Couch" revelations
  9. That's a whale of a game in a Tier 3 ship. Well done
  10. The old Kagero was a fantastic little DD. All built off the extremely good detectability. That and the ability to run the torp reload consumable. Most of the hate for it stemmed from going to a 2x4 format from the more versatile 3x3 of the Fubuki. I loved the T8 fubuki but the T9 Kagero was superior. How does it compare to Yugumo? I feel Yugumo is better but not by much and saying that i feel the Yugumo is the highlight of the current IJN DD line.
  11. You start collecting them once you have Yamamoto
  12. Caps win matches and raptor didn't say yolo in and die.
  13. Similar bridges but this is as close to a CV as we get. When you guys come to visit! Looks like everyone enjoyed themselves!
  14. Row Row Row your boat gentleee doown thaa streamm.....
  15. very interesting reading but the models all assume ships are relatively equal. We need someone to factor in different ship types (An AFK CV has far more influence than a AFK DD etc). Beyond my math level