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  1. Camo68

    Cossack-the 1 million+ credit milestone

    Nice game well done
  2. Camo68


    Plenty of detail in this review
  3. Camo68

    DD captains need a stat shown

    Do you really care what some clown says in chat?
  4. I've noticed lag between hitting the button to fire and the guns going off, but only very sporadically.
  5. Camo68

    CV Rework

    While they are at it they should put in a button to opt out of CV games entirely. Let the Cv's play 12 v 12 Cv randoms, more historical that way too
  6. Camo68

    Come Sail in SYN

    Any decent DD players with Clan battle experience looked upon favourably, so I can stop derping
  7. Gold is part consolation for having two ships exactly the same except paint schemes
  8. Camo68

    I shall stop buying

    Wait till they change the ships available for dubs. Prob solved Or maybe by some perspective with your dubs
  9. Camo68

    To: WG

    Just look a little harder it is camouflaged
  10. It's a value proposition, I certainly don't need camo/credits/flags but enjoy having a tipple. Even though I don't really need any of the free ships on offer. Steel is a straight out deal, you get X by paying Y. Good if it fits your budget and want a particular ship in the arsenal with no chance involved.
  11. Camo68

    The most entertaining thing in WOWS

    Gunning down any radar cruiser in a DD
  12. Camo68

    Where are the two free Santa containers?

    I had the same thing, I had to go into the containers screen and click on the santa crates billboard. Others have told me they got the crates just by logging in.
  13. Camo68

    What are the best cruisers?

    IMO a well played Des Moines is pretty much unstoppable. I just wish I could play at that level....