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  1. Weren't they just demounted and placed in inventory?
  2. But the point of the post is the OP doesn't want the qualifiers... ergo there would need to be a mechanism to advance or remain
  3. You still haven't addressed the question If put in a bid of 15,000 and win however the required minimum bid to win at auction was 10,000 What amount will be debited to my account 10,000 or 15,000??
  4. There is a reward for reaching rank 1, if you want the reward but don't want to go into the next league there needs to be some form of mechanism. Personally I think there should be a choice after reaching rank 1 by simply hitting a button for which league you want next.
  5. That's not the question though. In his scenario there are spots for 1000 winners. The winning pool of 1000 would be made up of: 500 @10,000 doubloons & 500 @ 15,000 doubloons What is the amount debited from the bidders accounts? Do the 500 who bid 15,000 have to pay 5,000 doubloons more?
  6. Camo68

    Gouden Leeuw Live Test

    I agree, it's clearly is far too powerful and shouldn't have gotten to this stage of testing in it's current form. On the plus side at least it's still in testing......... On the paranoia side - Is this some form of marketing to drum up interest bait/switch style?
  7. Camo68

    I'm Dreaming This Cant Be Real

    Luck's a fortune. Congrats
  8. Camo68

    Some Asashio Captains...

    Torp boat DD behind BBs - your first indicator - and it's not a good sign of the competence of the DD captain.
  9. It's a waste using it on captains, it is far harder to earn than commander XP. I'm saving mine to see what comes out next.
  10. If it annoys just one CV player enough to stop playing them it's worth it's weight in gold!
  11. There are always going to be people who exploit weaknesses to make themselves look better. I remember one guy with thousands of games in the Black Swan arguing that tier 1 was hard (Mind you when it was nerfed he stopped playing it). Just load up another game and don't give them any air time.
  12. Camo68

    An Analysis of My Current Situation

    Congrats it's a fantastic DD
  13. Camo68

    Ban Benham from Ranked

    Benham can be easily countered by most DDs, perhaps look at changing your tactics if you are struggling against them.