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  1. CV Balance

    No one was named
  2. CV Balance

    Match loaded up and I looked at the MM details and recognised the name of the CV player. Not a good feeling as I have played with this guy before and he struggles to put it mildly. Dam almost a guaranteed loss. But wait.................in the red corner Is this the new balancing mechanism at work???
  3. There is no whining about radar in this thread, perhaps read the posts before you try trolling clown
  4. Just ignore people who tell you what to do when it is bad advice. There is nothing you can do if you are sunk. Knowing when to push requires experience, the basis for this is good intel which is why using the mini map is so critical. You can take risks but they need to be calculated risks. The stealth ships/radar cruisers wont always be on the minimap but by looking at who has been spotted and where they are you can judge what the risks are for any given action. You will also get a good idea where radar cruisers are likely to go on each map and can use that to your advantage. For example if there is a large island close to cap on their side they are likely to sit behind it and use their radar when the cap starts to be captured. Knowing this you can approach the cap from an angle that prevents them being able to directly fire on you eliminating one of your threats. There are lots of little tricks you can use the only downside to this is it takes time/experience to learn them. One point I would make is to think about moving a 10 point commander from one of your other ships as CE is huge advantage. A couple of dollars worth of doubloons to retrain him may be a wise investment towards your enjoyment of the ship.
  5. The way you play is dictated by your ship's abilities. With larger concealment you need to be more cautious and avoid putting yourself in risky situations. Fubuki is slow and the guns while decent cannot turn fast enough to engage in a gun fight 1v1 over a cap. So initially you want to sit further away from the cap and closer to your cruisers. That way if you do get focused you will have back up readily available. In that position you can still spot for them, and take an undefended cap. Look to cap mid game as you will have a far better idea of where the enemy ships are. Don't feel goaded into fighting over a cap, you are at a disadvantage so leave it and come back later on. The single biggest thing you can do to improve your play is to Use your mini map to get as much information as possible about the disposition of the enemy forces. There are lots of good youtube vids about destroyer play so take some time to see how others go about it. I've picked up quite a lot from watching them. Notser, Flamu & Destroyer Kuroshiokai is a good place to start.
  6. Great write up thanks @Kongo_Pride I have just gotten this ship (2nd T10 BB) and I am enjoying it more than what I thought. I also have Yamato but find the play style not to my liking particularly as I like to play quite aggressive. I have the same upgrades as you recommend but am still wondering about Cap skills mostly over the 4 point skills. I currently have FP & AFT but will respec to CE and one of the others. Do you think AFT gives enough of a benefit to offset the increased risk from fire especially with the recent introduction of more HE spamming light cruisers?
  7. It only gives them 200 meters extra concealment so unless you are very unlucky you will counter spot any similar DD within seconds. So in the greater scheme of things it is not that bigger deal. Having said that it only costs 7,500 credits for type 1 camo and that is all they need.
  8. sold indy

    She is a very good support ship but cannot go it alone. I have done OK with her but do prefer the Atlanta for pure fun.
  9. sold indy

  10. Worcester

    It's a fun ship just have to learn not to play it like a DD
  11. Dealing with tier 10

    So if I take your statement in context in 176 games you will become Mentally Dysfunctional because you do not average over 100k damage in T7 BBs?
  12. Dealing with tier 10

    How many people are averaging over 100k damage in T7 BBs?
  13. Dear Sir, 

    I have studied your game the 'World of Warships' I also I have studied the comments of many people who have had either, had complaints, or comments about the game, and its mechanics, without fully knowing the true statistics of mathematical characteristics of what is true and what is simply a arcade 'game'.  Firstly it depends on how you are presenting the game, for instance, is the game a factual simulation, or is it based upon an arcade method of distribution?. If you are advertising and distributing the game and basing the game as a 'arcade method of play', then what is within the game and its structure, I would agree is quite satisfactorily.

    However, if you have based the game as an  factual simulation game and realism , then I am afraid you are wrong on many counts, the mathematical characteristics or the all movements of the vessels, primarily depends on each individual warship. 

    Movement: /  Movement is set by the engines type and size of power output, this once placed is then set to the mechanical characteristics of the turbines, unlike your game which allows a increase of knots in a segment format.

    Steering: / Steering of movement of some of your warships in the game is also incorrect with regards to the appliance of steering. The turning radius of any vessel depends of the action of the helmsman with regards to how quick (He /she ) takes action. Once the warship is placed Hard to Port, or Hard to Starboard, then the ship will only react to the mechanics of turn it is able to do. In your game some of the battleships turn and react far too quickly in its turning ability.

    Invisibility: / Invisibility speaks for itself  does it not?, In 1963/4 tests were carried out between the Royal Navy and the United States on this subject, the test was a complete failure. In the game you have made possible to most peoples disappoint, to allow the players to make their warship become Invisible, this action to my mind is a huge mistake and one that I would retract as quickly as possible, on the grounds that, I have heard and read that people are leaving 'World of Warships' for that one reason.

    Displacement: / Displacement of explosive armament is another topic of discussion,  again, some of your warships in the game is incorrect with regards to this matter. Displacement depends on so many factors, and I know it must have been very hard to work out the many factors of each warship. However, some of your mathematical equations I found incorrect, and some are very wrong concerning some vessels.

    I could go on with each individual factor, but I think you get my meaning here, I think the main thoughts of many people is, that the game is mixed of both truths and non-truths. The 'World of Warships' is a very good game, but it can be a fantastic game, if you argue points of fact with people, then keep it real. There are many links that I could have commented on, but most of them you have tagged, but please listen to your followers requests and make what is good, better.


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    1. Camo68


      Why don't you send this to WG who own the game.


  14. Nice well done, I haven't gotten close myself. One day..........