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  1. edit - Ocean is in second group
  2. Come Sail in Syn!

    Ice cream too!
  3. my DD stats

    Keep up your Shima stats they are very good. As for Khab it is a powerful boat when used properly, but then so is every other boat.
  4. If I sell a ship....?

    The wiki pages go into a lot of detail about this and other aspects of the game. http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Commander
  5. Rare Award

    9000 games still don't have a Die-Hard ......
  6. Ran into @Spydein the Yugumo today.
  7. Just grind out the xp task 3 times. If you are not experienced with DDs and have high tier ones it will be an excercise in frustration. Unlike others on this thread I like the Gallant but it requires a certain play style and Captain set up, so simply buying it in an effort to speed up the process might be counter productive.
  8. Nice game Any high tier torp focused DD can easily do this mission by having a good game. Having a high tier torp boat handy and more importantly the skills required to have a good game in it are the stumbling block in this scenario. Having said that having the required skills in the particular ship type/s for the other missions is also a stumbling block.
  9. Any cruiser can do well in Scenarios as long as it avoids focus firing
  10. How many Km's BBs are traveling backwards
  11. It's a fun boat if you know how to play DDs.
  12. If all the others have public stats just add their oil numbers and subtract from your total clan amount
  13. Ah - Sorry OP - I had a golden patch and finished North Cape by getting 3 high calibers in a DD in the space of 5 games. Thankfully as I suck at Bbs!
  14. From my reading you can hit all Cruisers, CVs & Battleships. You cannot hit any DDs. To compensate for not being able to hit DDs your torps are harder to spot giving ships less time to react. Tactically speaking you want to try and avoid firing through DDs as they will spot the torps for their team mates. If you target a DD with torps the indicator line is blanked out and you only get the two lines.