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  1. Camo68

    IJN DD Signal Flags?

    Don't bother with the flooding flags, old habits die hard and the majority of ships repair floods immediately.
  2. Had a fantastic game in the Kitikaze. 4 Kills, 2 solo caps, 178k damage, High Caliber & My 3rd ever Solo warrior. And one that has been earnt not just by hiding. Can't wait to get the post battle screens so I can brag to clan mates etc. And what screen do I get when battle ends? Oh and I can't do a Vid because of the update. Successful troll WG
  3. Camo68

    Good Boy Thread

  4. Camo68

    Identifying a ship's captain level?

    The only way is reading the info provided and then that only gives you a hint. ie. How much HP they have will tell you if they have SE, if your detected outside 2km in smoke they have Vigilance, etc. etc.
  5. Camo68

    So how far did you get?

    I just finished directive 4 and wont get the ship. Initially got two boosters when it started but the whole handling of the event left a bad taste in my mouth so I took advantage of the refund scheme. I won't get the PR (which isn't a ship I really wanted) but got the Bayard in a santa crate from the boosters. So happy with that and all the other goodies I have gotten getting to stage 4 with just normal play!
  6. Camo68

    Request removal of CV's

    I'm sure that they will listen and act on your request, the million other threads no, but for you YES!
  7. Camo68

    Best t7 Torp dd?

    Akatsuki is the strongest all round torp boat in the list
  8. Do you mean 42 who have finished stage 7 and are now on the Hall of Fame ladder?
  9. Camo68

    Team killer

    He will go orange if he keeps that up and be locked out of randoms
  10. Camo68

    Efficient way to earn base XP?

    You only really need two ships, while it is technically yolo it doesn't mean you sacrifice yourself. Go into cap, fire only after the bot DD is spotted. Immediately smoke up and farm him, once dead switch guns to the cruiser then to the BB. Only send torps when CA/BB are within 3-4km and showing a good angle. - Doing this most games I survive as the second you break spotting with smoke no bots target you.
  11. Camo68

    Efficient way to earn base XP?

    If you really want to smash baseXP Play Co-op in a gunboat DD like Harugumo - Go into cap under speed boost - Cap points Aggressively target other DDs (remember it's % of ship health that matters) Don't use flags it is a waste of resources as thy dont impact baseXp While XP is lower in coop you can play 3 or more games in the space of one PvP. It's boring but it is the quickest way.
  12. Camo68

    Puerto Rico Refund Drama

    That makes sense then, didn't realise they were tied to the boost not the progress.
  13. Camo68

    Puerto Rico Refund Drama

    You're missing his point, he was refunded his doubloons less the cost of the crates opened. He is fine with that. His point is that he has now gotten to the stage where a free to play player would have been rewarded with crates. He has not been given any free crates. (Remember when he was refunded he paid for the crates) and now should either get 3 more crates due to his progress or be refunded the doubloons.