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  1. I like how he complained AFTER you got the clear sky..... It takes a special person to do that
  2. Yep I was looking at getting longer range and once I have another 3 points I will equip AFT.
  3. I decided on the following build and it is working well: PT LS, AR TAE, BFT CE, RPF The Z-52 is the undisputed king of capping and bullying other DDs and the extra information that RPF gives really does make a big difference (Push into range, pop hydro, pop smoke, sink DD rinse and repeat!). I use premium consumables and that makes up for not taking SI. It would be nice to have DE as well but RPF allows me to push directly at enemies and I do more damage that way.
  4. I ended up with the following build Took TAE instead of DE to mitigate the longer reload as I went with the 5.5km torps. I find I do far more damage with torps than I can with the guns and 5.5 lets me stealth torp when in a good position. AFT would be good but CE takes priority.
  5. There are plenty of good picks, none of them are bad. It is really down to how you want to play your ship. IMO 1st pick is - Torpedo Armament Expert - This is where your main alpha damage comes from so the quicker the reload on those tubes the better Superintendent is good but you can use premium consumables to get around not having it. Demo Expert - Useful but you are at a disadvantage in a gun battles against US & Russian ships regardless. Survivability is OK but doesn't up your dpm Basic Firing training - If you use the 128mm this is good but useless with the 150's
  6. 11 Tier 10's and got mods & camos. No complaints from me all these goodies will come in handy.
  7. Nice game well done
  8. I have 11 T10s as well and got almost the exact same as above. Hydro and radar is useful and I never had the Valentines day camo so happy to add this into my collection (25 different ones so far). Harekaze would have been nice but it was not to be!
  9. Dont free xp it. The z46 is enjoyable. Save free xp for grinding those painful ships. Z52 is much better than z46 so worth the grind!
  10. There is a detailed thread here for the achievements.
  11. Mission completed, though I haven't got all the achievements yet. I still have to get "not by torpedoes alone". I used a couple of duplicates to get the figurine, So for those who don't have the ships for some of the achievements you can still complete the mission by using duplicates. Thank you for all who put in the time to list the achievements and how to get them.
  12. There is a way to avoid the 7 battle penalty, don't shoot your team mates.
  13. You are right I was thinking of the smoke changes not IFHE
  14. Not just the Charles.... "Earn a special permanent camo for completing each of the four sub-collections, and it's mountable on Kiev, Charles Martel, Z-23, and New Orleans".
  15. Your application to Seal Clubbers anonymous has been accepted........ Nice game